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HTC Vigor Press Shot Found Cruising the Interwebs

The HTC Vigor is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality.  When press shots start popping up in the back ends of websites, you know that a release could be just around the corner.  We gave you the first (and only) photos of the device in the wild, which this shot matches up to perfectly.  I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed that this phone appears to not have the red highlights all over it like the new Sensation EX has.  Those red soft keys might be the sexiest feature on a device we have seen in a long time.

According to our sources, the Vigor will have a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 1GB of RAM, an HD screen, Beats Audio technology and 4G LTE connectivity – this may very well be one of the first “superphones” ever.  And I’m now officially excited.  

Our buddy NCX put together this render to give us another view:

Via:  PocketNow

  • Anonymous

    http://www.tweetdeck.com/twitter/P3Droid/~DySv3 looks like prime isn’t going to be stock. Might as well not wait for the prime and grab this since it looks pretty good hopefully has decent battery life.

  • JoePa

    My next phone for sure. I skipped Bionic for this bad boy……can’t wait!!!!!


    +1…i want the redness on it…also a pair of beats included would be nice if it does have beats tech like the sensation ex…

  • And like every other HTC phone it will spend more time on the charger than in your pocket. And be three iterations of android behind.

  • very happy i returned my bionic.

  • Anonymous

    If this phone has the notification light behind the grill like the Thunderbolt, I will murder 10 puppies.

  • I personally love the back the way it is.  easy to hold with one hand and thumb type.  i almost think that’s what the design is for anyway.  

  • Chooph25

    Suck my dinc

  • Anonymous

    Hey Kellex, any word if this has the upgraded camera like the Runnymede is supposed to have?

  • Hmm

    If the photo shown is the finish design, I don’t like the backside finish.

  • Anonymous

    is this the old generation dual core processor?

    this or the prime, thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    I only have one comment.  Sweet!  Now where’s the press shot of the back, because it might look different across multiple carriers or even different with two different version Sku’s like Sensation now.

  • Guttatae22

    I just hope this phone still is coming out 10/6 I done did my research and everthing Im a BIG fan of HTC and there products I lke the new move they made with Beats by Dre I just hope VZW still has the trade in policy when it releases

  • I really want to hold out for the Prime but if this drops in early October and all the rumored specs are true it may be hard to to wait.

  • J Grekk

    So should I just return my bionic now? Somebody help me!

    HTC has unlocked bootloaders right?
    Beats audio too? will it come with headphones?
    Is the CPU really outdated?

    Or should I just wait for the prime??
    Or keep the bionic?? Help me please 🙂

    • tpags

      Returned my Bionic. All in for the Prime. Bionic is great phone but already have X2. Other than 4g not a big difference in MY mind.

      • Anonymous

        Prime won’t be stock. P3droid said that on Twitter.

  • Sporttster

    I’m liking it. The red highlighting would have been real nice on the front for sure. The back looks sharp. And the specs are killer. Definately gonna go check it out. It’s either this or the Prime for me……

  • Turb0wned

    I’m holding out for the Prime as. I’m a Samsung fan and I want a nexus so i can say good-bye to custom Rome and get official updates BUT this is a much better choice than that phone with a horrible screen I think they call the Bionic??? HTC makes better phones than motorola period.

    • Turb0wned

      I also hate auto correct. *Rom. And a few more mistakes I don’t feel like fixing haha.

  • Trdracer21

    3 things android need to work on BETTER FASTER SMOOTHER UI, EXTREM BATTERY LIFE, GAMES

  • FortitudineVincimus


  • Wsiembida

    That thing is still sweet looking. Front and back. And with those specs who cares.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I need this phone so badly…things are looking good for that Oct 6th release date! Now here’s hoping that it will be released at $199 (or hey, while I’m hoping, I hope it’s free!).

  • Tomp860

    how can the vigor have beats audio when the sensation xe is to be the first to have beats audio?

    • Anonymous

      because maybe the xe will come out before it? Common sense says that and since the xe was announced it makes sense that would be first.

  • Scottyb112

    HTC Usually puts out some of the best looking phones, but this one is looking more like the bottom of a sneaker.. Not really that appealing to the eye!

  • Bionic Killer. This is the phone I am holding out for. October 6th can’t come soon enough!

    • Anonymous

      Have fun with your outdated phone then, this thing isn’t killing anything. 

  • Charlie

    I just really don’t think this thing will have an HD screen.  More than likely qHD.  Just don’t see this being the first smartphone to market with an HD screen.

  • Granted

    It’s so telling, and quite depressing, when you use the word “sexy”, to describe anything phone related.

    But once again, this phone although being awesome, looks pretty much like every other phone being released. They need to get more creative! Make a phone with derringer packed away inside of it, or just something unique. I know you can only do so much with four sides and a screen, but dammit, try harder!

  • Rob Becker

    That red ring and back plate just screams Incredbile 3 no?

  • mdeblaz

    Obviously will be renamed to Incredible HD… it’s almost identical in design to the Inc2

  • sog805

    looks like every other htc…lame

    • Billyrouth2000

      And all motorolla phones look the same square and boxy with crappy software

      • iseethefuture

        At least we don’t have to keep sending our phones in for crappy htc parts. At least moto phones doesn’t break as easy as htc.

        • Anonymous

          MOTO has just as many issues as HTC does.

          • Anonymous

            No, it doesn’t. My three months with an Incredible turned me off HTC forever. 

  • Anonymous

    Boring front. No kickstand. Meh. 

  • Flip74k

    All htc phones look to much alike. Not impressed!

    • Billyrouth2000

      And so does motorola phones

    • Rbess1965

      Your powers of observation are what is truly impressive:) Last time I checked, cars of the same brand look similar for a reason. So you will recognize the auto maker. This applies to just about all products so if you don’t like HTC styling, then just say that. Of coarse they all look alike.

  • iseethefuture

    Lools exactly like the htc sensation. My sister has a sensation with almost the same spec. This suppose to be a beast? Yea I think this is more of a hype and some people are getting paid to hype the item.
    More like let’s make almost the same people. up the spec just a little then people will go nits. Then a month later htc will come out with another identical phone and up the spec just a little biy then everybody is going to hype about. That.

    I guess people don’t see a pattern there do you?

    • noway?

      Phone not people. Auto correct ftw

    • Anonymous

      maybe not everyone cares about always needing to have the newest thing? If you don’t like it then go get an iphone and you wont have to worry.

  • Anonymous

    What is the expected screen size of the HTC Vigor? Anyone?

    • Anonymous


  • Mr.joe

    Super Phone?  Really?  

    Shows how much people here actually care about their specs.  I guess numbers like “1.5Ghz” speaks more then what’s actually under the hood.

    That 1.5GHz CPU is an OUTDATED Gorgeous SnapDragon CPU.  That is running on an ARMs A8.  Hell the Freaking Bionic (which is supposedly outdated) runs on an ARM A9 based CPU.  To put it frankly even clocked at 1.5GHz this phone isn’t going to out perform an A9 based ARM running at 1GHz or 1.2GHz.

    The Droid X2 is running a more current CPU then this thing is.

    • Anonymous

      A Person of reason on the internet? Who knew??!?!

      Agree X1000, people see high numbers and jump on about anything. 

    • Unexpected62

      But it’s not single core?

    • J Dub

      Have never really been a fan of the Snapdragon period.

    • Billyrouth2000

      It does not matter what processer it has, as long as moto blur is on a phone a single core snapdragon htc phone will out preform motorola

      • Anonymous

        This is dual core and its perform not preform

    • Staticx57

      Snapdragon uses a scorpion core, not a8.

  • MJZ

    you’re going to love the battery life outta that thing.. *yikes*

    • Anonymous

      With that processor clocked so high and with LTE, it will make the Thunderbolt look like it has stellar battery life.

  • Anonymous

    “Superphone?” How can this be a “superphone” when it has processor a full generation behind that of the GSII and Bionic. Please, attempt to hype this further so it won’t live up to your expectations when it comes out. This is simply Verizon’s version of the Sensation.

    • Mr.joe

      Thank you!

  • jimbob

    That’s a sharp-looking phone. 

  • Claydos66

    I said it before and I will say it again… giggady giggady goo

  • Booboolala2000

    The good thing is that this will be on the shelf next to the bionic and the Prime. Will make my decision then. Happy with my Charge and D3 till then. Looks tempting though.

  • Wow, so pretty!

  • OG Droid

    prime. move along.

    • Anonymous

      It isn’t stock. No need to wait for that since p3droid said it won’t be stock.

    • Yep, bring on the Prime, this Vigor is just the backup plan in case something’s off about the Prime.

  • Chucklehead

    The RED soft keys would’ve been awesome.

    They use RED as the “Droid” brand color then throw the Green Android color all over devices. Let’s see something mean and RED for a change!

    That being said, I have another week left to return my Bionic and the Vigor has got me seriously thinking about it!

  • Taylor Davis

    First Superphone of this month you mean.  At least its not a superdumbbuggyphone like the Bionic.  CAn’t even get the headphone jack right.

  • Jamel Taylor

    HTC phones have the worst battery life

    • Anonymous

      Maybe the thunderbolt, but definately not all.

    • Taylor Davis

      My Incredible had amazing battery life.  HTC sure can’t get it right but the boys over at CyanogenMod had mine going for a solid 24/hrs without a charge.  I haven’t found another phone that could live up to the original Incredible.  Hoping the SGSIIE4GT does though.

      • Anonymous

        Really? I needed the extended battery to make mine useful. 

    • LionStone

      Maybe you just dont know how to work it? I just got 12 hrs on my stock TB with 4G on the whole time 🙂

      • Same here. I get at least 8-10 hours before i get down to 30-40%, and then i charge it up when i get home from work. That’s good enough for me. 

        • Peter Bishop

          Hey observer, stop stalking Walter!!

        • Trdracer21

          how u do that my incredible dies quick

          • Biblo

            Don’t use the stock rom.  CM7 with a custom backlight levels will get you 36-40hr from a full charge on an Incredible.

          • Nalpakj

            I have the stock ROM on the dinc and I easily go through the day (15 hours) before I plug it in.  My wife also has the stock ROM, I’ve got the exact apps running on it with all the same settings and she barely gets through the day.  So there are either some hardware issues that contribute to battery life, or some unreachable software settings.

          • Rctp10

            Wait….What??????? 36-40hr, Do you got your dealers number because ill take whatever your smoking.

        • Anonymous

          that’s what we mean by terrible battery life.. with no concessions I get 24 hours on my DX… my DX lasts as long as my I*4 actually.. thats why I returned the TB… no way I can have anything that can’t get me from 7am to 7am

          • Same here…I’ve gone to a day and a half or so on my X because I forgot to recharge it, on normal use. My wife can get a day tops out of her Inc2, but she doesn’t use it much.

          • Mbrooks418

            because that DX POS is slooooooooooow compared to the TB, which will smoke that phone. You use more power for a more powerful phone. The TB would even smoke it in 3G mode in a speed test. I know that HTC phones battery performance doesnt keep up as well as the rest, but look at the all mighty MOTOROLA Bioinc. pretty fast, powerful phone, right? well its battery life BLOWS too……

          • Mbrooks418

            and as far as that I*4. its a snooze fest……..

      • Mbrooks418

        same here as well.

    • Anonymous

      I would agree if it were HTC LTE phones, but my Droid Incredible 2 can go 3 days with moderate usage (5 hours screen on, everything syncing all the time, FB and Twitter  – 30 min, texts, calls, etc.)  Heavy usage I can get 20-30 hours still.

      Now as for this device, I am guessing about 1-4 hours of battery life.  Unless that dual core Snapdragon helps that much with power savings or maybe plays nicer with the modem chip, I see another ugly HTC extended battery in the future.  At least Moto knows how to make an extended battery look good.  The Droid X extended battery you would never even notice.  The Bionic is bigger, but it still looks nice.  The Tbolt?  That thing is hideous with an extended battery.

    • OreoMan

      I beg to differ, my wife gets two days of battery life out of her DInc2!!

    • Anonymous

      You just have to know how to use it efficiently, my OG DROID Incredible lasted upwards 10-12hours no problem, my ThunderBolt with a modified kernel lasted up to 14hours, but that wasn’t on LTE, we all know LTE is a battery hog when it comes to dualmode handsets. but thats besides the point.

      The Vigor is supposed to come with a bigger batter than ThunderBolt, which was a 1400mAh
      Vigor is getting a 1620mAh battery according to the FCC filing, as well as the inclusion of Beats earbuds exactly like the Sensation XE, NOT headphones.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to test this device and the Prime, and to test vs the Bionic!!!  This will be an interesting Q4 for a new device 🙂

  • Clark Andrews

    Can’t Wait!

  • between this and the Prime…..hmmmm

    • is there any question…. Prime  (Unless you want sense i guess)

    • Mr.joe

      The Prime is going to out perform this thing.

      Why?  Cause it has a more current CPU.  ARM A9 clocked at 1.5GHz is going to destroy this phone.

      • Anonymous

        The prime has an a9 not a8. No a8 supports dual core.

        • Anonymous

          Do you mean Vigor?

          • Anonymous

            Yes vigor. Lol

  • that out their skin and I am in….curious if it feels like plastic like most HTC phones, or if it will feel likes it built well also…

    • M.D.

      There is nothing plastic about the TB. Built like a tank, with nic weight to it.  I’ve dropped it a couple of times hard and thankfully nothing happened.  Snapped the battery cover back on kept going.

      • I have to concur with M.D. 

        • LionStone

          Yep, after a few unplanned “drop” tests with my TB, it still works and looks great!

  • I really need to see better battery life before I switch to 4G, the bionic is a good step towards that

    • I am very pleased with my Bionic battery life so far… that being said it will be replaced by the Prime day one 🙂

  • Mctypething

    Wow, nice shot taken at the Bionic in that post. What is with Droid Life’s new pattern of hyping phones for months, talking highly about them close to and then soon after release, and then taking shots at them? Does any phone meet your expectations once you’re done superficially hyping it?

    • eleazar

      Where did they take a “shot” at the Bionic?  Because they say it’ll be possibly the first “superphone”?

      • Anonymous

        I’m not seeing the “shot” here either…because I don’t think the Bionic is a superphone?  Not sure I ever thought it was. Maybe back in May I did, but over the last few months, it was clear that there would be phones with bigger specs.  HD screen and a 1.5GHz dual-core scream superphone to me.

        1GHz dual-core and 1GB of RAM have been out since the Atrix first dropped in March. So I guess I took shots at the Atrix, Photon, EVO3D, etc….

        • Anonymous

          You should take off those rose-colored glasses. 500 MHz does not constitute a substantial leap, especially when it’s an old A8 processor. I’m willing to bet the stock Bionic processor will perform better and I know that the Exynos will blow this thing away. It’s a Sensation with an HD screen, whoop-de-doo. Once again Verizon is late to the party. 

          • Anonymous

            First it was Bionic-colored glasses, now it’s rose.  I guess I’m a bad guy for loving new technology. 😛

          • tpags

            ^ +1

          • Anonymous

            The processor is not an A8.  It’s a S3 (MSM8660) custom processor running modified ARM instructions.  The Scorpion cores perform 60% better than a standard A9, with better power efficiency at the same time. 

            Here’s the documentation:


          • Billyrouth2000

            The bionic preforms like crap took mine back in 2the days

          • droid702

            ahahha same here that piece of junk 349 for nothing! can’t wait to get the vigor! now i’m out of a phone till then o well! lol

          • Rbess1965

             I currently have the Droid Charge because I wanted to secure unlimited LTE. It’s a pretty fast phone but there are times when I’m running the blue tooth and streaming music, it hoses up. I then look at the available ram and its way too low. Spec on the phone is 512. 328 it used up by the OS and bloat ware. Add on my Go Launcher and available ram goes to nothing. I don’t care if the processor is a year old because the Tbolt I had for 12 days before this Charge, ran smooth as silk with higher ram and that snapdragon. It just ate up the little battery so I changed to the Charge. Been pretty satisfied with it but this next group of phones are going to be next generation of smart phones, the ones to beat, and I personally am going to snag one. Hoping it sports a 1900mah battery that lasts all day and that they added an HDMI port. If those things happen, I’m jumping on it day one. 

          • Sporttster

            The ONE thing that stopped me completely in my tracks from getting the Charge or I’d have it in hand right now is the low RAM. It was SOO freaking frustrating dealing with that on the OG Droid that I couldn’t,WOULDN’T do it again…no way no how

        • Mctypething

          The Bionic screen really isn’t that bad, seriously. You guys make it like you need special glasses to look at it. Also, since when does a 500 MHZ uptick in processing speed make a phone a “superphone”? I mean, come on, really?

          • Dgomo003

            seriously? a 50% boost isn’t worth noting? if you gain 50% of your current weight, or get a 50% raise in pay, you notice the difference…

          • Actually wouldn’t it be more like gaining 100mhz?  Both cores are getting the additional 500mhz.  Here’s the equation:

            500 X 2 = 1,000.

            Somebody check my math…

          • nicotinic

            Nah, when you overclock a dualcore chip you only look at the frequency of the processing power increase. So 1.0GHz to 1.5GHz is an increase of 50%.
            Each chip can still only perform at a max of 1.5GHz. This especially holds true when comparing apples to apples, ie, same chip with a speed bump.

            I’ll assume you meant 1000MHz not 100mhz.

            Math checked.

        • Anonymous

          I would say the only superphone out now is the SGSII. It ticks all the boxes and doesn’t really have any major weaknesses, too bad verizon passed. 

          • Anonymous

            GSII is definitely not a superphone, sorry.

          • Trdracer21

            STILL A BEAST

          • Anonymous

            Based on what specs?

          • Anonymous

            based on all of them. It’s still only WVGA…SAMOLED+ or not, its WVGA….and 1.2Ghz exynos isn’t that special. It equals the performance of 1 Ghz OMAP4. If the GSII is a superphone then the Bionic is too, and since we pretty much agree it’s not, then neither is the GSII. 

            A real superphone needs an HD screen, or a quad core, or a 1.5 A9, or something not seen anywhere else yet. 

          • Anonymous

            I agree the SGSII specs are not at the very top, but I would argue taken as a whole, the phone doesn’t really fail at anything. It seems to be the phone that all others are compared against. As for the Exynos processor I disagree that it equals the 1 GHz OMAP4, benchmarks have shown that it is pretty much the fasted cell phone processor on the market today.

            See here: http://www.anandtech.com/show/4761/motorola-droid-bionic-preview

          • Anonymous

            Well it’s hard to look at that way because all the software differences, aka BLUR bogging down the results. Not to mention these benchmarks about as useless as a butterknife to a steak. But this would back my point.

            Also don’t forget qHD vs WVGA does make a difference in results.

          • Anonymous

            Interesting, there are some really big differences between the SGSII in the same tests while the other phones are in the same range. Something weird going on. Thanks for the link!

        • GotSka81

          Kellex, you hypebeastin to da max, bro.  Y u hypebeast, bro?


        • Earleepa

          NOW you finally agree with me. Bout damned time.

      • Anonymous

        Could have been a shot.  I guess it all boils down to what you would consider the qualifying factors are for a “superphone”.  It’s a very relative term.  What would have been considered a “superphone” a year ago would be considered a POS today.  By today’s standards, some might consider quad core as being a key factor.  Others might have the opinion that 1GHz dual core, 1GB RAM, and LTE = “superphone”

    • Too bad the Bionic could never live up to the hype they created, nor could any phone. They’re hyping up the Prime so much, but I really think it’s going to be somewhat of a letdown when it actually comes out.

      • EC8CH

        If it ends up being a true Nexus device on VZW, then it won’t be a let down to me.

        Unfortunately I’m only giving that 50/50 odds myself at this point.

        • Anonymous

          P3 Droid said on Twitter the prime isn’t stock.

    • Anonymous

      Why act surprised? Everyone was taking shots at the Bionic before it came out. Some people don’t like to hear “we told you so”.

    • EC8CH

      If you read this blog regularly you know Kellex has been jonesin’ since before the Bionic was released.

    • Anonymous

      Ha so true.

    • Mctypething2_Electric_Boogaloo

      u mad bro?

  • Ryanbimmer


  • Dan

    …and a battery life that reaches upwards of two and a half hours.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the obligatory “HTC batteries suck” post. We’d be lost without them.

  • Nice!! I’m still betting on this being announced on Sept 20th at the HTC event… hopefully the reviews of it will be good, and when the Prime rolls around I’ll either get the Prime, or get a Vigor at maybe even a better deal than at launch.

    That’s it. it’s between these two phones… Kellex if you post any rumors of phones coming in February that are like beastly, we will no longer be friends… I think I’m finally ready to upgrade 😛

    But seriously, thanks for all the updates!

    • shdowman

      There will ALWAYS be rumors of something coming real soon!!

      Here is the best way to look at it, if said device you are looking to get will comfortably fit your needs for 1.5 years, then get it. Be happy with your purchase and don’t think what might have been when something new and shiny comes along (because it will….FAST). Phones today are like computers in the 90’s, a monthly spec race that really won’t change much regarding how your phone operates. Now, a phone from last year and the one’s this holiday season should be night and day regarding speed.

      I digress, enjoy your new phone, whichever that may be. I am waiting on the Prime personally, but it is nothing more than a vaporphone at this point. I wont get excited until I see something concrete. I learned my lesson last holiday season when nothing was released after all the hype…

    • DroidDude

      Let’s hope they release this phone in white as well:
      Bundled with a pair of the white Beats headphones:
      Then I’ll forget all about the Prime.

      • shdowman

        If they release this with headphones (big IF) then prepare for VZW to price this higher than any phone on contract….ever!

        VZW will not let that free accessory stuff happen. The headphones will be an accessory that you can purchase separate, I’m sure.

      • yeah, so i can immediately sell the beats on ebay.

    • Anonymous

      Seeing alot more HTC love on Droid life 😛

    • ramifications

      It’s so sexy! HTC, TAKE MY MONEY!!!

      • palomosan

        It’s sexy but I need to see that HD screen and that battery lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

        I’m freaking tired of this phones dying so fast.

    • Anonymous

      It’s so sexy! HTC, TAKE MY MONEY!!! .. Heyy Guys, I just got a $829.99 iPåd2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.
      I use BÏDFiRsT. COM

    • Anonymous

      More than likely since the press images for all 3 leaked already, HTC Bass, HTC Rhyme and now HTC Vigor are all leaked in press shot form.  If you all recall, a week before the ThunderBolt was announced the press shots for it leaked as well.  Its safe to assume Next Tuesday is the announcement we’ve been waiting for.  My upgrade has been waiting since May, can’t wait!

      • Anonymous

        Let’s hope you’re right but I doubt it will be that soon.

    • diord

      Honestly, I don’t get the excitement aside from the Beats thing, which is at best interesting at this point. (I’d be far more interested in something like Nokia’s Carl Zeiss camera tech 🙂 Every HTC phone I’ve handled has c*ap battery life, and this has an outdated processor that’s been overclocked. I’d might be ignorant, but the way this site gushes over HTC phones seems like it gets paid, or has some fanboy issues I don’t understand. I’m not into rooting or roms yet either, so take my criticism with a grain of salt. 

      • I think your only valid point is about the processor. I myself really do not get why they would use the A8 chip in this. They’ve been using it forever. Other then that shit phone really is a beast. Droid-Life does not just “gush” over HTC devices. I have seen PLENTY of Motorola and even a couple Samsung (GS2) get VERY VERY VERY good reviews and ratings. So there is no “fanboy” issues going on here. I suggest you get into rooting and hacking, It can make your current device 100000 times better then its stock state. If you use common sense and read directions it’s pretty damn hard to brick a device.

        • Anonymous

          I was under the impression that the dual core snapdragons were relatively new and quite nice. Can you guys please elaborate further on this A8 point you made? Can you compare it to the bionic’s processor? Thanks in advance.

    • Anonymous

      unbelievable it I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for. I use http://lu2su.net/h5c

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I’ll give your mom something nice…

    • Shocker

      “…Kellex if you post any rumors of phones coming in February that are like beastly, we will no longer be friends… I think I’m finally ready to upgrade…!”

      You’re speaking for a lot of people my friend. 

    • Anonymous

      Not that interested.

      1. From what I have read this phone will NOT have a 720p screen rather it will be qHD. Not that that’s bad at all by today’s standards.

      2. The dual-core snapdragon is a joke. Still using the aging A8 core. Not a superphone!

      3. Beats. Sorry but Beats is almost as bad as Monster Cables. Another fancy brand to trick the sheep into wasting their money on overpriced hardware. Dr. Dre you seriously sold out!! 

  • Anonymous