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Rumor: Samsung Prime Announcement Coming Shortly After iPhone 5

We normally try to avoid blacked out emails from readers that have to do with the release of upcoming devices, but when it comes to the Samsung Prime, it’s hard to ignore.  Every little bit of info we can grab about this phone is music to our ears.  Rumored to be the first device to launch with Ice Cream Sandwich, this may be the device that we have all been waiting so patiently for.  The return of a legitimate stock Android device on Verizon –  mmmhmmm.

The email above, which is apparently from a deep-rooted Verizon HQ employee, claims that it may not see DROID branding (something we assumed as well) (it supposed to replace the Charge though, so that’s up in the air), but may get announced right around the time that the iPhone 5 is – more than likely in October.

I will say that I’ve spoken with some of our friends who are well aware of this device.  While we have yet to hear of it finding its way into the hands of a bunch of testers, we are positive that there are live units around and in the hands of select individuals at this time.

Yep, hypebeast.

Via:  Phandroid

  • And an Apple lawsuit coming shortly after announcement of Samsung Prime.

  • Anonymous

    STOP POSTING THESE B.S. EMAILS. It makes this site look uncredible and a little silly.

  • Anonymous

    Samsung Prime Launch after iPhone 5 Release http://bit.ly/nffeyl 

  • I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it didn’t get the DROID stamp. The Thunderbolt didn’t get it but it was still a high-profile device when it launched.

    • Anonymous

      The thunderbolt wasnt high profile. It should be about specs when deciding what should be droid branded.

  • Anonymous

    uuh when will we get a blurrycam picture of a prime in the flesh? im really curious to see how it will look.

  • This is going to be a kick ass phone. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • Anonymous

    Lets just hope Verizon doesn’t put BING on it! 😛

  • KeanuR

    Hey guys, I just got this news tip from a friend who works high up Verizon’s ladder. He told me the Prime was just going to be a Galaxy S II w/ a higher clock speed, and more ram. Like the Nexus S (also by Samsung, unfortunately) it will also have no SD card slot and no LED notifications. He told me to wait until Google awarded the next Nexus to anyone but Samsung.

    • Trolololol

      Hey guys, I just got this new tip from a friend who works high up in Verizon’s ladder and is also a Nigerian prince with over US$30Bn in escrow waiting to be transferred.  He told me the Prime is actually a new species of grapefruit with LED lights and a train whistle attached.  It is 6G LTE and also has no screen.

  • Michael

    Come on sammy, release the prime a week before the iPhone5, at least try to cut into those sales.

  • Nate Surber

    What’s with the 11/17-11/24 at the top of the e-mail?
    Possible release dates?  They are both Thursdays.

  • Cooksta3276

    Anybody else think this is fake? Wouldn’t the email have a different address than Gmail? This smells of teenage techies pulling a prank.

    • Nate Surber

      The gmail address is from the person asking the question.  The person who replied is blacked & whited out.

  • BigUps

    They should release this BEFORE the iPhone 5 announcement and not after it.  Not too mention, Apple announcements give firm go-live dates where many Android announcements are lax and say things like “Fall 12” or “Winter 12”.  

    I’m afraid that if the iPhone 5 is announced next month, it’ll be out in early November.  If the Prime is announced after that, we may not see the Prime until January and maybe not until March.  

    You always want to be first to the market, so I don’t get this.  

  • Ravnos CC

    Any rumor about screen tech?  I know Samsung has effectively dropped PenTile from it’s 800×400 phones… here’s hoping it goes all the way around!

  • Anonymous

    People are crazy to buy an iPhone since it will be 3g only when Verizon continues to expand their LTE. If this doesn’t have LTE either ill pass. No point getting locked down for 2 years with a 3g only phone.

    • Cooksta3276

      I could care less about the *phone, but do you really think they’re going to launch the 5 without LTE?
      They’re already late to the party, I’m pretty sure they aren’t dumb enough to launch it as 3g. The other rumor I saw is that it will only have 512mb or ram. I got a chuckle out of that, until it specified DDR3 ram.

      • Anonymous

        Yes it is apple. They wait to use new tech. It will probably be just a minor upgrade as 3g and next year once lte chips get smaller then they will add lte. If the apple people cared as much as android people do about lte then apple wouldnt be able to get away with a 3g only phone. The phone will sell no matter what because most just get it because it is an iphone. Apple doesnt need a ton of ram the 512 still is much smoother than most if not all androids with more ram. Same reason the 800mhz processor operates lag free on the iphone. Android is poorly written which is why it is essentially a specs race with all androids. That and we expect the best specs. Apple fans arent the same way.

        • The apple people are busy making their OS stable and glitch free, not installing cutting edge technology.

          • Anonymous

            That is what I said why most likely it wont have lte. Apple never installs cutting edge tech.

          • Yeah, I am 95% no LTE.

        • John

          apple doesn’t need to add LTE connectivity this round.. first off, the tech isn’t there and they aren’t going to release a thick phone.  Secondly, the ip4 has hspa+ connectivity which destroys 3g CDMA with speeds.. Iphones are running around getting 6mbps down, while we’re lucky to get 1.5 here on VZW.. So only VZW and Sprint customers will complain about lack of high speed connection, while their bread and butter (still at&T) will enjoy higher hspa+ speeds until next summer/fall.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah good luck trying to get speeds like that on at&t. I know multiple people who have at&t i4 and are in a hspa+ and dont get anywhere near that.

  • Anonymous

    There is NO god-tier phone coming. Please, get out of this vicious cycle of “I’ll just wait for the next best thing.”
    It’s not going to have a 1280×720 screen resolution, I can assure you. We’re well away from true HD screens or slim 4G radios, don’t kid yourselves.

    • Ravnos CC

      Have you seen this? http://gigaom.com/mobile/samsung-note-retina-display/

      • OH SNAP. Letz_Shake just got SERVED, SON!

      • Fake.

        • Anonymous

          It isn’t fake you dumbass they showed that phone the other week.

    • John

      HD res is not out of the question.. I predict we WILL see an HD phone by years end.. possibly the HTC Vigor, or the Dinara that, from an insider in moto (not mobility), should still be coming.  

    • Dominick DeVito

      …and tell us just how great your Bionic really is then won’t you?

      • Yeah, the Bionic, The Holy Grail in Android phones! Oh, wait, pentile screen, glitchy, data drops, bad battery. Then it will be Prime! Oh wait, glitch, bug, this that.

        • Anonymous

          Thats how every android phone is. It is the os not necessaily the phone that is buggy. Google needs to quit releasing half baked stuff and work more on producing a finished product.

          • John

            It’s moreso the manufacturers than Google.  Run a pure 3rd party AOSP ROM on your phone and most bugs will disappear..  Manufacturers are just poor at porting the OS to their devices.    

          • Anonymous

            Not really. Android is very bug filled. yes the manufacturer skins don’t help any but google is the one who needs to work on the os and getting the bugs worked out and release a more finished product.

          • Well the reason it’s less bug filled is simply becuase it’s less complicated. Not much to it, but it also doesn’t take advantage of what most of these phones hardware offers.

  • Post hypebeasting article of a random gmail chat from an alleged Verizon HQ guy.

    Calmly mention as an aside that he knows from inside sources there are live units in the hands of select individuals.


  • Anonymous

    Phandroid seems to have deleted it.  Hypebeast indeed

  • John

    This device will either:

    A) be ~11cm thick


    B) lack 4G LTE

    pick one.  will not be the super sexy lte phone we all crave.. that will not come until next summer when lte tech catches up with industrial design.  

    • Anonymous

      no shit

  • KELLEX!!!!

  • OG Droid

    I got the bionic, and its a good phone. (I couldn’t wait on droid stopped working). But if this bad boy is everything that the rumors say I will pay $600 for it and not even think about it

    • lol


    • Balls

      just hussle ur bionic on craigs list, get a screen protector on that asap + case

  • Anonymous

    TORTURE!  Why the hell not announce its bad-ass-ness b4 the ifone drops??

    • Anonymous

      Because the iPhone will sell millions no matter what. Plus once everyone is let down by something with this phone they atleast will have to wait to grab an iPhone for a few days.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “We normally try to avoid blacked out emails from readers that have to do with the release of upcoming devices”

    bwaa ha haa.. yeah right. In fact, you publish those AND everything else you get sent in terms of rumors

    Please, you don’t avoid stuff like this.. you love it and post it

    • No kidding. Any piece of scrap paper with ‘news’ on it gets published.

      • Anonymous

        Agree. Must be a slow day or needs to increase his revenue for today.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        bww ha ha LOL

    • John

      any info is good info.. 

      I’d rather here things from the rumor mill than have no info about the phone at all.

      • John

        * “hear”  😀

  • Anonymous

    I find that interesting as there are rumors floating the iPhone 5 will be next year and October will actually see an iPhone 4GS instead. Hmmmm

  • none

    If they don’t keep the Nexus Branding and Slap the Droid Tag on it, do not expect it to receive nexus style updates OTA. It’ll be behind on updates like the OG compared to the N1…

    • Anonymous

      But atleast it will be easily rootable so we can get devs on board.

  • saving my monies for this beastly god phone.

  • I wonder why they would wait till AFTER the iPhone 5 is released? hmmmm…..hahaha

    • LionStone

      Who said, “after”?

      • says you should see an announcement around iPhone 5 release. you must be new so ill explain. phones are announced and THEN released. carry on

        • LionStone

          Key word: “should” and “rumour”. You talk as if its fact…carry on.

    • Fu Manchu

      You are really a sad individual.  Nothing better to do but continually bomb an Android site with Apple sycophancy.  Your act is tired, and you never contribute anything to the discussion.  Please just go away.

  • I’ll take two.

  • Yes yes…  We need more of this stuff.

  • you forgot to say “i*hone”

    • Anonymous


  • hmmmmm

  • Murphy

    Yes, please!

  • Anonymous


  • Ron

    Google needs some damn commercials or something! I feel like the only people that are hyped about this device are us nerds who frequent sites like this one. No one else even knows the Prime exists, while millions of people are drooling over the iPhone 5.

    • and sales of the two devices will reflect this reality. 

      • EC8CH

        I heard a rumor that if isheep troll enough iOS might get widget support someday.

        It’s probably just a rumor though

        • Mctypething

          u mad bro?

          • Ssplawson

            Why do people always ask that question are you mad?

          • Rich Floresjr


          • u mad bro?

          • Anonymous

            its the newest “i’m cool” thing

          • Anonymous

            It’s the new “First”

          • Mctypething

            u mad bro?

        • yeah god knows i lose sleep at night without widget support. 

          • EC8CH

            I hope not… it’s not that big of a deal if you phone’s OS is less advanced.

      • Anonymous

        Jeff Bernard, Long Time Troll, Long Time Idiot !!!!!!  Need to go hang out with your buddies at the Genius Bar and ask :”Why is Android kicking the S*&T out of Apple” 😛

        • because they are selling them BOGO free and because Huawei sells phones that are running android for $50 without contracts. this isn’t exactly rocket science 

        • Anonymous

          How exactly was that trolling? He didn’t say anything negative about the Prime, and while I love Android as much as the next guy, or gal, I think we all know that the iPhone is going to outsell any other individual device, Android or not. 

    • Anonymous

      Your dead on, Google has MUCh better commercials than Verizon IMHO. Mayb Gogle needs to take over the AD Machine 😛