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NVIDIA Roadmap Leaks: Kal-El+ and Separate Processor Divisions Coming in 2012

A roadmap of NVIDIA’s current mobile processor plans for now through 2013 may have leaked online over the weekend, potentially giving us a look at an already-updated Kal-El (quad-core) chip and their goal of dividing the company into to separate businesses.  We had heard last week from CEO Jen-Hsun Huang that Kal-El processors had been delayed slightly, but would be available in tablets some time this year.  What we had not heard, was that there may be a Kal-El+ processor that will replace it just a few months after those initial device releases.  No details on what the + means in this new quad-core chip were made available in this leak.

The other interesting bit of info we get from this roadmap is the mid-2012 splitting of their mobile processor unit.  There had been talk of NVIDIA entering the non-superphone market to help grow this business and I would say this certainly confirms that.  Project “Wayne” appears to be the superphone and tablet division, while “Grey” could be their “mass consumption” line of processors.  So not only will we see NVIDIA producing a line of game-changing processors that match up with best of them, but we will also see a set of standard processors make their way into the average super phone.

And yes, Windows Phone is listed on there.  Would make sense for NVIDIA to jump into bed with additional operating systems.

Via:  Heisse, Android and Me

  • Always something ‘better’ a few months later…  

    I do still like the naming they are using 

  • KevinC

    “And yes, Windows Phone is listed on there.  Would make sense for NVIDIA to jump into bed with additional operating systems.”

    Ummm, processor manufacturers don’t design their hardware to work with specific operating systems.  It’s the operating systems that are designed to work on specific processor architectures (such as x86 or ARM for example).

  • I guess they didn’t want to be too obvious and name it Grayson? Will it be known as Wayne Enterprises? Wayne Industry? Batman Inc?

  • bobthebuilder

    they are just going to shrink it down to 28nm and release the same chip as +

  • shr1k3r

    is “Grey” referring to “Gene Grey” from X-Men?

    • More likely it is just short for greyson.. (ie kal-el, bruce wayne, dick greyson)

      • Anonymous

        Jean Grey, Dick Grayson.  If it was a Grayson reference, it’d be Grayson.

    • Anonymous

      Jean Grey, but yes, it seems so. 

  • Anonymous

    They have that backwards; Grey should be the superphone line and Wayne should be the mass market.  

  • Anonymous

    I second the question “what is meant by clamshells”?

  • Jimmybupasiri

    this has nothing to do with the post but i just wanted to let you guys know, SANTA BARBARA, CA NOW HAS 4G LTE COVERAGE =D i was driving to work from ventura county and noticed my Thunderbolt had changed from 3g to 4g!!  #FTW

  • EC8CH

    What do they mean by “Clamshells” are they talking notebooks?

  • EC8CH

    Kal-El Returns…not Kal-El+

  • Anonymous

    I’ll wait for the “Parker” processor.

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused about Linux being on there.  Is there an OEM making computers with Linux preinstalled?  I always thought Linux was more of an aftermarket type of OS.

    • Anonymous

      With the whole mass-market “Grey” project, those chips would be made for netbooks and other low-end laptops which would run traditional operating systems such as Linux or Windows. Many niche netbook manufacturers give people the option of having linux preinstalled.

  • J D _90

    Great, now I am going to want a new tablet after I buy a Kal-el one.

  • John Jones

    If they have plans to support Windows 8 tablets, makes sense that they would also support Windows Phone.

  • Murphy

    Looks like someone’s been playing with the charts and graphs in Microsoft Office. Hideous.