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Now this is what we call promotion. [Photo]

Massive marketing budget.

Cheers Michael_NM!

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  • that is GHETTO!

  • Tlbn43

    The two Verizon stores I went into didn’t have the bionic turned on so you could. Check it out. So I will be waiting for the Prime and the Bionic gay go suck an egg

  • Palmyra

    At least they have the Bionic in stock. 

  • AJ

    Hey “loveem” may we see some pics please?

  • Larry Jr. Lima

    Hey at least they used a red marker. Consistency.

  • Larry Jr. Lima

    Hey at least they used a red marker. Consistency.

  • Shame on you Las Cruces, NM. You are a disgrace to the state I live in.

  • I picked up mine on launch day, around noon and my local VZ had only 20 left. It is the biggest Big Red in the area, so they got a huge shipment. Pretty good sales I’d say.

  • Anonymous


    “We haz teh Bionic, with MOAR GEEZ!”

  • Anonymous

    They have money for all those commercials, but none for a poster?

  • Anonymous
  • Jamsil0877

    The VZ system was so swamped yesterday that it took a hour and a half to get my phone activated, anybody else encounter the same problem? Since I waited so patiently, VZ dude didn’t charge me an upgrade! Looks like I’ll be buying the Vigor for Christmas.

  • Gregory Mehojah

    4G has been going in and out for me today. I was able to get about 2.7megs down through speedtest. Not sure if they are just testing or if our weather is causing it to be flakey.

    Forgot to mention, but I am in Albuquerque.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I love this artwork 100x more than that corny ass “unofficial prime” logo overly used here.

    • agreed.. they took the time to go change to a red sharpie for the 3d effect on the lettering. 
      a professor once told me: “if its intentional; its art.”

  • Anonymous

    That is NM for you

  • ricky siebold

    this is better marketing than that awful commercial with the chick fighting the robot.

  • Anonymous

    That ad is about the same quality of the screen on the Bionic. Went to a store, used it for 5 minutes and instantly put it down.

  • RevolutionX

    @Michael_NM…. Dude, I totally LMAO when i stopped by Mesilla Valley Mall last night and saw that!!!! Are your from Las Cruces too??

  • Anonymous

    Looks legit to me…

  • Rawheat

    Guess no Bionic Bar for this store…

  • Firelight

    An independant reseller – who’s home office sent the promo materials via FebRex to save money…

  • now we all know that blew their funding on those over the top tv ads, lol

  • When did it become “Droid Bionic 4G LTE”? Is that the official name?

  • mtbhk44

    That is the greatest thing I have seen all day

  • haha this is so sad. My VZW store had huge professional signs

  • Anonymous

    I hope no one buys this phone, show motorola and verizon they need to work on their customer satisfaction..

    • Anonymous

      Nah, McClane will keep them in business.  

  • Bill Morrow

    The Verizon store I bought my Bionic from had construction going on their front entrance so you couldn’t even tell the store was open yesterday.  They had a similar sign that said “Yes we are open and selling the Bionic!!  Go around to the back!!”.  I was half expecting them to be in the back of an old van with watches and jewelry lol.  I was in New York afterall lol

    • Anonymous

      Alongside the Speakers and Ipods right

    • Anonymous

      You go around the corner, and they are beating people and stealing their smokes.  It’s like Goodfellas, lol.

  • I am not an Apple phan and I highly doubt I will even look at the iPhone 5.  All I can say though is that there will be a circus, marching band, fireworks when the iPhone 5 launches.  Google needs a flagship.  A single phone that dominates.  Then they can have all the other lower cost phones for people that do not want a competitive phone.  You need something better than Apple or people will take a bite of the forbidden fruit.

    • Anonymous

      Marketing does not make a phone.

      • Larry Jr. Lima

        It certainly is half of the battle.

      • Anonymous

        McClane, I KNOW you got one of these bad boys and if not, what the hell has happened to this world?

        • Anonymous

          Verizon happened, they won’t allow me to upgrade unless I change my plan and get rid of my unlimited data so needless to say, I’m looking at other carriers.  Oh and Verizon can kiss my ass.

          • Anonymous

            Photon Baby!

          • Anonymous

            Unfortunately Sprint doesn’t have WiMax in my area, at all, and their 3G is half the speed of Verizon’s already paltry 1 mbps.  🙁

  • Anonymous

    Is supposed to be “is here” not “S here”!!!!

    • Anonymous

      There is an i there it is just blocked by the crack in the glass

      • Anonymous

        Are you Superman? because I cant see sh*t!!!

        note: I was being sarcastic just so you know…

  • loveem

    I got my Bionic for $100 yesterday… The guy at Verizon even gave me a case, screen protectors and a car charger for free. I love having boobs!

    • Did he like the BJ too?

      • loveem

        Haha very funny. It pays to be a loyal customer and to be friends with the manager. And the boobs helped too.

        • loveem

          I also buy a new phone every 3 to 6 months.

        • Anonymous

          are they spectacular boobs?

        • pics?

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous


          • Nev elo Stone

            lol classic

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t know you were allowed to use a cellphone in the kitchen.

      • Wireless Hero

        Holy Christ!!!  ROFL!!!

    • Anonymous

      I dont believe you let see, LOL

    • Skew

      Pictures or it didn’t happen!

    • Droids

      Thanks for picking up the Bionic for me sweetie, now get me a beer and make me a sandwich.

    • Jose27

      Hey “loveem” may we see some pics please?

    • Dominick

       Wish I had boobies.. Guess I could grow moobs, but as a guy I don’t think that would work..

    • Dominick

      He tell you what discount he used to bring the price down?

  • That is a sign more than what my VZW store by work had today.  The atmosphere and attitude at the store I went to was as if the Bionic was not even there. 

    I do have to say I was impressed with everything on the phone except the screen and 4G LTE.  4G LTE was bad on all phones at the store, so it may be a systemic issue or something in the store that can limit the 4G LTE signal.

    • Anonymous

      This is exactly the same thing I saw at my local verizon store. One of the reps even pushed to sell the Charge over the Bionic. It felt like they were told not to push the Bionic at all even though it should be one of their flagship devices.

      As for me, I went in to check out what the hype was all about. The phone looked nice and felt nice in hand but I couldn’t get over the screen. I care more for the screen than I do the internals and even 4G isn’t essential for me. The screen, however,  is the part of the phone I will be looking at all day and I simply can not get over that pentile screen. It just does not look nice and compared to my OG Droid it seems faded and letters appear jagged.

  • Rizzidy

    I didn’t know they had electricity in Las Cruces, let alone Verizon service.

    • Anonymous

      Now you do. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Michael man that was Ghetto in New Mexico LOL!!!

        • joe1138

          NM is ghetto… just look in the dictionary.

        • Anonymous

          Pretty common here. Just look at all the white on that map. 🙂

      • Blood

        This looks like Compton.


    • Kyle

      Did Oboma just get you a job?

  • Mfg

    I went to bestbuy,frys, costco yesterday…all sold out but went to a Verizon store an hour before closing and they said they have not sold one yet…they were amazed on the deals at the other location….lol

  • brilliant. they pass the savings on to the customers…oh wait, no they don’t

  • All 6 (yeah tons) were sold before Costco in CHS opened their doors yesterday. 

  • Eliramos41

    Is that the Verizon in the Mesilla Valley Mall? How embarrasing…my home town, too!

  • Kyle

    Did they spell Bionik wrong?

    • Guest

      Uh…no you did.

      • Kyle

        yes i didd

  • Motorola and Verizon did such a great job of making it look like a local employee slapped it onto a notebook the day of the event – well played!

  • verizon is a bunch of cheap mofo’s i work for them and they are very stingy with every penny they have.  they take everyones money including their employees and never give back in return.

    plus their phones suck, only phone they had that was good was the original droid. thats it.

    • and DROID Incredible, atleast IMO

    • James_Ever

      Hey, you helped me one time get a discount way back several months ago. Thanks for that!

    • Jamsil0877

      I noticed that the VZ store had way too many employees working, like 2 per customer. I counted 12 and who knows how many were in the back? No wonder their stock never moves! 

  • LOL  Wow, they probably didn’t get there posters

  • Jrer34

    There is a new phone that comes out every other week. i cant imagine too many people are buying all of these when they come out. I like having options but maybe they should take it back a step

  • they spend too much on that bionic girl

    • I’m Kick-Ass!

      yeah, but she was worth it.

      • Anonymous

        2nd that =)…

  • Anonymous

    I have seen kids selling lemonade with more professional signs than that. 5-7 year olds.

    • I see no problem with it. It is simple and to the point. It’s not obnoxiously colored and doesn’t have any kind of noises or garbage like that

      • Anonymous

        See how to conflicting opinion above yours has 25 likes to your 1, I’m not saying it means anything, but….

    • Anonymous

      ,, i cnt believe it,, I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prîces at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.
      I use EgoWïn.com

  • Anonymous

    It’s clear and to the point. Well done. A+++ would do it again.

  • Trooper


  • Someone make an i*hone joke already…

  • Anonymous

    They’re only charging $299 for the phone.  Did you expect more professional advertising?

  • Urjefe

    bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha.. yeah this phone hasnt sold like i thought it will….we got 8 at our store the day before the launch and didnt sell any yesterday or today so far…

  • TeflonBilly

    Someone didn’t get their promo kit?

  • Keith Sumner

    Isn’t that a Droid 2? lol

    • Anonymous

      I think it is =D!

    • I was thinking the exact same thing…lol

    • droidify

      It has the Bionic red eye so I would say its not a Droid 2

    • Anonymous

      Its got that big ol lip on the front. Kinda makes it look like one of the slider phones at an angle like that.

  • Anonymous

    Epic Marketing Fail =D!!!

  • This is hilarious. Guess they didn’t get any Bionic posters in so they made their own.