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Here is Your Samsung Stratosphere, Just an Epic 4G with LTE

We were once hot and heavy over the Samsung Stratosphere as we hoped that it would turn into the Galaxy S II variant for Verizon.  But once our sources confirmed to us that it was simply a re-hash of Sprint’s Epic 4G with LTE built-in, we were turned off.  Does the world really need another original Galaxy S phone?  Think Fascinate with a slideout keyboard.  We fully understand that there are a group of users that will always require a physical keyboard, but what happened to pumping out next-gen devices?  With the Bionic, Vigor and Prime all around the corner, consider us confused.

The Stratosphere is currently rumored to be headed to stores alongside the Bionic this Thursday.  Expect it to be one of the least expensive LTE phones we have seen to date.


Via:  PocketNow

  • i want this and i have a charge. i need a physical keyboard. 

  • Anonymous

    ..woohooo.,.I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for. I use CentHub.cōm

  • People need to realize that bleeding edge technology isn’t for everyone, and some people will always take a lower-cost solution over device performance. My dad won’t even adopt text messaging still to this day because it will cost him an extra $5 a month on his plan (my friend was even getting him a discount on it!) and he’s sitting on over $1M in investments, so it’s not like he doesn’t have the money.

  • Anonymous

    That keyboard looks horrible.  No where near the functionality of the Droid 3’s  

  • CW

    Waiting for confirmation of specs (crossing fingers)

  • Dom Battle

    These comments are so funny! You guys act as if Verizon’s R&D and Marketing strategy revolves directly around you. “If x phone had a 2.9ghz dual core and 5 inch screen and  blah blah, I would be all over that.” So you keep waiting…and waiting…and waiting. Listen, the kind of people that post here are tech geeks. Unfortunately, big red has to sell phones to your parents, kids and wives too (not that they can’t be tech savvy). So no, every phone that Verizon kicks out will not be a “beast” phone marketed directly at YOU. 

  • Michael Lewis

    I think that Verizon just isn’t getting it. We don’t want phones that other carriers have. We want the latest and greatest phones, and we want phones which people who are on other cell networks look at and whine that it’s not on THEIR network. We want phones that although are probably  going to be outclassed by mid to low range phones in the future, still give you the feeling of “I made the right choice”, “There’s enough things on my phone that I can like to wait until my contract is up”, and/or “Hey, It’s not the fastest out there anymore but it doesn’t matter because it can still play all the latest games.

    I would have liked one of the 3D phones to be on Verizon, but we didn’t get it. I would have liked the S II to have an LTE version on Verizon. I also would like a phone that doesn’t have a long delay to it.

  • Maybe they’re just “priming” us for what’s coming next.

  • Anonymous

    So many spoiled stupid children here.

    • Anonymous

      I do agree, specially the people that feel that the wack droid 1 with it’s 256 of memory its a good device. The droid 3 is the best slideout keyboard device.

      • Anonymous

        The Droid 1 IS a good device, it’s just old and outdated now.  It’s time for it to be put to pasture but it would still make a good PMP.

  • tranquilbeast

    vzw is just releasing an 4g LTE that is more pocket friendly, trust me they will still release the high end shit. but its funny you guys complain if its priced $250-$300, or if this is priced at $100- $150. if you dont like it dont buy it

  • Anonymous

    It would have been a fine device had it launched with Verizon’s LTE network, but its too dated now. I guess these sort of phones are still needed though. With lower end devices, Verizon will be able to drive the adoption rate of their 4G network as opposed to just having high end devices. I know a lot of people who have avoided getting LTE phones because of the typical $100 price premium. Its also good to see a 4G LTE device for Verizon with a keyboard.

  • Are they even trying anymore?

  • bigdad63

    If they slap a nice dual core in there and have more screen and less bezel I’ll take a look.

  • Anonymous

    So this was suppose to be the phone that had similar specs to the SGSII?

    But it is not April Fools yet…

  • KG


  • Teevo0108

    Droid bionic is the phone for me. They have a guy on youtube (browley65) letting it all out the bag on this phone and it is really nice, battery is great 6 hours on heavy, heavy use. Have about 12to or 13 videos showing it off and everything it can do. I have found my new phone. And for the ones that thought Motorola couldn’t get it done, ha ha. You thought wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Yup ill be there at 9am thursday.  Getting the docks as well.  

  • Way disappointed. 

  • mylittlepony

    I’m hating the D3 is a pos and so is this pos. The OG droid was a revolutionary device worthy of competing head to head with the Iphone if these phones are what up against the iphone android should just quit. Thank goodness there the gs2 and and nexus prime coming out. Droid x, x2, charge, D2, D3 etc… all pos and wouldn’t  even be able to get me to look.

    • Anonymous

      How is this phone a p.o.s?
      Are you from the future???!!!!

      • Anonymous

        How is it not s POS? moron!

  • Djstar2k2

    how about  OG DROID for 2012? now specs? thanks 

    • myLittlepony

      too old of a design

    • Anonymous

      its called the Droid 3?   and the Droid 4 will be the same ting but with LTE and probably higher GHZ

  • Anonymous

    @EricMa777 I am not hating on the D3, just being real about the device. As a OG owner from day 1, and a member of this community from day 3.  We seen the evolution of DROIDS that were supposed to live up to the OG and flagship.  We have been dissapointed again and again when it comes to the OG. 

    The D3 is better than the D2 by far, and that Star Wars gag device.  Too avail the OG deserves a follow up like the much talked about Nexus Prime.  Pure Google expeiernce and none of the OEM junk that Veriozn puts on their devices that slows it down. 

    The D3 is a good device BUT!!!! Not the blockbuster we expect. 

  • Come on guys, at least give it a chance

    • mylittlepony


  • Anonymous

    @ J McClown  I fiqured as such, you must’ve dranked too much Moto kool Aid and jumped on the bandwagon without doing any research at all!!!!  Sorry to burst your bubble, but cmon man the D3???? I mean there are better devices out there and not all of them on Verizon. 

    You must be new to the Droid scene, because if the D3 was that great as you say it is then it would be a Beast and evetyone knows it’s not.

    Advertising has a lot to do with how much a device is considered a real flagship device and how much Verizon/OEM really wants to push that device out to the consumer. Business 101 😛

  • Is there a way to -1 instead of +1?  VZW may cater to the SMALLER statistic of people who “have to have a physical keyboard” instead of those of us who want a dual core LTE phone or even better, a Nexus phone….

    This post screams that VZW is greed+fail.

  •  LTE radio + a keyboard? 

     I bet this thing is going to be ridiculously thick and heavy.

    • hkklife

      As long as the battery life is solid and the screen is 3.7″ or larger, I bet it’ll be a pretty big hit, especially if it launches at $150 or so contract

      I personally know 5 people who recently came to me about a new VZW smartphone over the past 2 months. 1 got a TB, 2 got Charges, 1 got a Droid Pro and 1 got a Droid 3. 

      Almost universally (these are not phone geeks but heavy voice/text users) said that if VZW had a phone with LTE, a “decent” screen, good battery life, and a physical keyboard, they would have bought it without hesitation.

  • Anonymous

    Ronin X you hit the nail on the head “it could still be a good phone”  I am not jumping on the LTE bandwagon only to say Yeah, it needs to have the specs of a flagship device.  The D3 is not a flagship device or worthy of a replacement for the OG.

    If you think the D3 is, you’re kidding yourself!!!! Verizon spent little money hyping that device almost none for the basic advertising in stores, that’ll show you what Moto and Verizon actually thouaght abou the D3. Oh, and check the numbers, last time i did the device wasn’t exactly a hit!!!!! 

    You don’t see too many members who still own an OG craving to go out and pick up a D3, that device has long been forgotten about.

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you cry about Moto’s locked bootloader, we all know that’s the real reason for your trolling.  Lack of advertising has no bearing on device quality.

    • Anonymous

      Its been backordered for sometime now.
      Also, its sold out in my VZ stores.

      And some people want a phone with a nice keyboard, nice screen, and for it to work well.
      Others freak out over “LTE”, a “pure google experiences.”

  • Excellent, were moving down the leaked roadmap finally, Now we just need to see more info on the upcoming HTC Rhyme (Bliss) and HTC Vigor as well as the mysterious DROID HD and the very unknown Prime.