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HTC: Gingerbread Headed to Both Incredible and Thunderbolt in September

Looks like the wait is almost over for our dear HTC Thunderbolt and DROID Incredible owners. We have been listening to readers rant about HTC’s lack of Gingerbread support for these devices for quite some time, but it looks like all your dreams are coming true next month.

HTC is now tweeting that Gingerbread will begin rolling out to these devices in September, and as always, they are thanking us for our support patience. Everyone keep on your toes, we are almost there.

Still no mention as to why the Incredible update was pulled after rolling out to a test group.

Via:  Twitter, Facebook

Cheers black stag, Joseph and Brent!

  • Guttatae22

    I don’t care nothin else about this phone or the update I’m just waiting for the HTC Vigor to come out

  • I’ll beleive it when I see it. They will come up with another delay as usual !!!! You should be coming out with ICS for the TBolt now, GB been out for over 10 months now arrogant asses !!!!!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous