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HTC: Gingerbread Headed to Both Incredible and Thunderbolt in September

Looks like the wait is almost over for our dear HTC Thunderbolt and DROID Incredible owners. We have been listening to readers rant about HTC’s lack of Gingerbread support for these devices for quite some time, but it looks like all your dreams are coming true next month.

HTC is now tweeting that Gingerbread will begin rolling out to these devices in September, and as always, they are thanking us for our support patience. Everyone keep on your toes, we are almost there.

Still no mention as to why the Incredible update was pulled after rolling out to a test group.

Via:  Twitter, Facebook

Cheers black stag, Joseph and Brent!

  • Guttatae22

    I don’t care nothin else about this phone or the update I’m just waiting for the HTC Vigor to come out

  • I’ll beleive it when I see it. They will come up with another delay as usual !!!! You should be coming out with ICS for the TBolt now, GB been out for over 10 months now arrogant asses !!!!!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous


  • Ryan Williamson

    Yay!!!! finally. thank you htc

  • Cory

    Little did we know, HTC was referring to September, 2012

  • Anonymous

    Interesting. My Thunderbolt has been running Gingerbread for what seems like months now. Wonder why HTC is the slowest developer around? Well, them and Motorola.

  • People over on phandrod.com were all like wow HTC is going to get gingerbread on the Incredible! HTC is really stepping up. I was like yes they really are sure. Yes it is cool that the Incredible is getting gingerbread since it is a year old, but a huge fail that the Thunderbolt still does not have it. Phone been out now for a good 6 month now and should of already had it. No excuse for the long wait. If you rooted your Thunderbolt already you did the right move!!!

  • Jkid34

    i agree with all of u guys… root rooot root its the way to go. i got mi TB 3 months ago and i root it after mi first week i love it. i just root my bothers ID2 and he had 2.3.3 so now its posible to root this version 

  • Dborrero96

    would this fix the battery drainage issue?

  • Telephoneteck

    Well HTC lost me as a customer! Come October I am dropping this Thunderbroke!

  • Adam Pfahlert

    I am done pretending that GB for the incredible will ever happen. How many times has it been promised to us? Last time everyone said “but its on Verizon’s site!” Now everyone says, “but HTC treated about it!” Promises, promises…. Seeing is believing…

  • Tes

    Hoping it adds Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11n for the hotspot app.

    • Gimble

      With Bluetooth 3.0+HS, I’m hoping they add PAN support for low power tethering.

  • Steve

    Is this before it gets pulled ?

  • sog805

    damn I thought my Charge would get GB before the Bolt

  • Anonymous

    II will believe it when I have it on my phone and it is up & running.

  • Took ’em long enough.

  • davedoug

    And with this news, Q2 would finally come to an end at some point in September.  Our long national nightmare is almost over…

  • Luckyr1981

    Ginger bread on my Thunderbolt! Sure buddy, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Asfasdfads

    Believe it when see it

  • Dshudson

    Go f yourselves HTC, took way to long, going with Bionic 

    • Mr Tater

      Because the Bionic didn’t take long? Just saying.

  • Mr Tater

    About time.

  • it better have sense 3.x or i will return this fricken phone

  • hatethanet

    Coming from a relative newb (I’ve owned my TB for about 2 months): What’s so much better about Gingerbread than Froyo for the TB?

    • Anonymous

      How about the ability to use the front facing camera for skyping?

    • cardi

      Well if you root the battery life is better cause u get rid of a lot if bs apps. And it will run smoother don’t know bout the over the air. And sense 3.0 is better than the current sense on the bolt

      • cardi

        Ginger bread allows use of front cam in Skype and should be g talk with video

  • Anonymous

    I’m running Donut on my TB, suck on that!

  • Anonymous

    I’m running Donut on my TB, suck on that!

  • Anonymous

    Ditto. If it turns out to be the prime, i am ditching my TB like an ugly hooker.

  • Brdrhoppinpro

    Funny this comes out as I FINALLY decided to flash SkyRaider last night haha

  • I wonder if it will include Sense 3.5?

  • Anonymous

    How absurd!  I have been running Gingerbread on my OG Droid now for some time. 

    • Anonymous

      I would hope so… the OG has been out for ages.

  • Anonymous

    So when you say September you mean January?

    • Anonymous

      Pretty much, I know i will be holding my breath…sarcasm

  • Anonymous

    I hate this phone.

    • Anonymous

      Why?  Do you need someone to explain the functions to you?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard this before. And this might be the first Verizon has heard of it. 

  • hmm I’ve heard those kinds of promises before. I’m sure it’ll happen once I get my Bionic at that point I wont care because I’ll only use my thinderbolt to root and mess around with, and with 4G switching around phones has never been easier. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    one word- ROOT.

  • I will be happy with an update that fixes having to reboot my thunderbolt five times in order to get a data connection after going from my home to work.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, but they didn’t say what year.

  • Joel

    It will probably be September 30th

    • Jim_D

      If you had said September 31st, I would have been more likely to believe it.

      • Joel

        There are only 30 days in September…

        • Mr Manville

          I wonder if that’s why he said 31st

  • How bad does that look? HTC yes Incredible will get GB, NO, it will not get it, Yes, it will get it.

  • Zebra

    cry wolf much, htc?

  • Oh.Hells.Yeah.

  • Interstellarmind

    oh, F***, jsut when i resolved to root my t-bolt tonight (using revolutionary method)…

  • Ven727

    Well if it brings a whole slew of bugs I am calling Verizon and raising hell. The Bolt has been the best and worst device I have owned. If this release makes reception any worse and the rwboots continue I am going to try and argue my way into a new device.

    • BA_Carroll

      You mean I am not the only one that feels this way? FINALLY!! You bet your A** I will argue my way into a new device if this does not fix all the issues… even if I am rooted 🙂

    • Jak_341

      You haven’t used a Motorola device, have you?

      • Anonymous

        Yea I had a Droid X. As far as performance the Bolt smokes it but I never had data drop with it like the Bolt. Plus it is rare to see 4 bars of service on the Bolt. I also had a BB and it never had the problems I do with the Bolt. But I will argue. It is worth a shot I have spent a lot of $ on phones this year. I will gladly use an upgrade if they let me use an early one and get the phone for free due to the headache from the Bolt.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, I had five (5) yes five replacement TBs (i know bad luck on my end). I called on the 4th and complained to high heaven. I spoke to the manager and he said ‘It is no longer Verizon’s policy to allow for a phone swap to a different model’. His only suggestion was to use the upgrade from my other line.

      So good luck with that. 

      • Anonymous

        Was that at a Verizon store or through customer service? The reason I ask is the store here where I live sucks. The manager denied my buddy a trade in on his device even though customer support told him to take it to the local store. My buddy called customer service inside the store and verified it was noted on the account. The store manager told him it was on the account after looking again but since customer service made the promise they would have to follow through.

        • Anonymous

          I can only imagine that the manager would get dinged in his bonus by giving you good customer support. He is upset with corporate and the hoops he has to jump through so he follows suit and takes it out on the customer. Or the store was busy and he didn’t want to waste his time on your problem because they have quotas and all you are doing is losing him sales by wasting his time. Either that or he was a lazy rotten bastard… 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Yeah I can see the manager wanting to keep from taking back devices. That is why I’m going to try and deal with customer service and not a local store. If it doesn’t work then all I’ve lost is a few minutes. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I think everyone will be very happy. The newer gingerbread candidates that have been released are very nice. My Bolt is running the best it ever has, and that is with no overclocking or anything. And I think they have taken their time to make sure all is well with the version they actually release.

    • Marcusrussell547

      If u did the last over the air your re boot problem should be fixed as well as the data conection problem bolt did but I still rooted after it cause the battery life and HTC said its not getting sense 3.0 this band 4.9 ROM rocks gb and sense 3.0

  • Justin

    Nice, just in time to sell my tBolt for a prime.

  • Anonymous

    Not trying to troll or laugh at anyone’s expense, but I do find it somewhat amusing the Bionic is months late and will be out with Gingerbread before the T-Bolt gets it…Such a bad showing on HTC’s part. 

    • Anonymous

      You are kidding right? The Motorola D2 does not have official gingerbread yet. It had been out almost a year before the Bolt….Is that a bad showing on Motorola’s part? But then again I don’t want to troll or laugh at the expense of your silly comment!

    • MotoBolter

      sounds to me as if there are going to be seven days in which the t-bolt could beat the bionic to gingerbread..  ; ]  i wanted the bionic too, but i was’nt so into waiting. and BOY has there been a wait!!

  • Anonymous

    LET ME GUESS, ‘SOMETIME IN SEPTEMBER’………. the’ll push it to sept 30th. then the’ll look to release the HTC Vigor or what ever it’s gonna be called a week later. Trust me im happy but to own the phone for 6 months and then offically have the update for a week before i buy the new phone kinda blows….

  • Anonymous

    I smell bullshit.

  • Murphy

    Who cares… PRIME anyone?

    • Anonymous

      Prime Rib?   right on.  love that stuff

      Or did you mean prime number?

      • Anonymous

        Excuse me Howard…  This isn’t a hangout for Mensa members.  🙂

    • well most of us DINC owners are on contracts and have to wait.. 

  • Hopefully this will happen soon and make the t-bolt the phone it should have been in the first place.

  • i wonder if its going t be as buggy as the gingerbread for droid x…

  • As I told HTC in a reply to that tweet, they’ve told us that before and yanked the rug out from under us, so I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s go find there tweets that said it was coming this summer shall we?

  • Anonymous

    Everyone please spare me the gloating that you’ve had gingerbread for months already. I get it. You root. Move on 

    • The Observer

      I’ve had Gingerbread for months now. Root FTW!

    • I have had GB the day after the Incredible launched. Suck that.

      • Nick

        GB wasnt out then

        • Muddy B00ts


        • Precisely. Froyo I don’t think was even out. If it was it was out for like a week.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Been using either OMFGB or CM7 for months now. Root and join the party or don’t complain. 


      • Anonymous

        I’m not complaining that I don’t have gingerbread, I’m complaining that everyone shoves it in my face that they do. I’m fine with my Tbolt now, and I’ll root once I get bored with it. Did the same with my Original Droid. It’s like getting another phone 

        • Dshudson

          I agree, I was one of the first rooted on Thunderbolt.. hated it.. I’m happily unrooted and it’s worked like a charm.. not that I have anything against rooting, just didn’t like it with the thunderbolt.. loved it on the DX though.. 

          • Anonymous

            I gotta mark this on the calendar. You are literally the only person I have ever seen that was unhappy with Rooting on any phone. I am trying hard not to say “you are doing it wrong.” Oh wait I guess I just did. 😉 Maybe you rooted too early on before there were a lot of Devs working on this device. Right now there are so many Roms and Themes to choose from. Not to mention just being able to upgrade the Radio is huge. Handles data soooo much better. And all the Roms handle battery life so much better also. I would recommend looking into it again…

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Make 2 hash marks my man… I went back to stock from rooted OG Droid, and am unrooted on my Thunderbolt now… no desire to root.  It was just too much work.  I’ll gladly wait for my updates if it doesn’t mean I have to manually do my updates by flashing ROMs and radios and basebands and doing titanium backups and all kinds of time-consuming stuff beforehand… while ignorance is bliss for the masses, I don’t have that luxury reading sites like this… and knowing that newer OS versions exists does kinda bother me, but the hassle just wasn’t worth it after a while.

          • any advice on to a person new to rooting what to do and how to?

          • Anonymous

            These forums here are a huge help… http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=943 There is a sticky at the top on how to root. Then try a custom rom. I recommend Synergy Rom. You’ll find it a few posts down. Any issues hit me up here again and I can help…

            After rooting use these instructions. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=16723135&postcount=7531

            I know it looks intimidating but I promise you it is no too bad and well worth the effort

      • Anonymous

        The only thing keeping me from rooting is me bricking my thunderbolt

    • Mr Tater

      I rooted and it wasn’t any better. If this doesn’t fix this phone I will be pissed. So many issues and VZW has done a thing about it. They put in a “support” ticket to make me feel better and no update on that for over a month. 

    • Anonymous

      Ummm… not for nothing but what else are we going to talk about on this thread?? There are 2 options:Root  or F HTC for taking so long with GB

      • Luckyr1981

        I’d go with F HTC…….. with a side of F you too Verizon.

    • Anonymous

      been on 2.3.4 and now 2.3.5 for months now!! CM7 FTW!!!!!!