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Droid Bionic Scavenger Hunt Will Use Augmented Reality in New App, Confirms September 8?

One of our readers may have just figured out exactly what @DroidLanding has planned for us with the DROID Bionic and its scavenger hunt.  Participants will be asked to download an app called Droid Bionic ARena with the “AR” standing for augmented reality.  That’s right, this scavenger hunt require you to win entires using augmented reality in your area.  It doesn’t appear as if you will actually be hunting Bionics, but will instead be hunting for other items that will enter you in to win a Bionic.

According to this app, the hunt will start on 9/4 and last through 9/7 which I would say basically confirms that this phone will be out on September 8.  

Prizes include:  DROID Bionic (of course), Motorola XOOM, Video-streaming Quadcopter, Intel Laptop, and a 40″ LED TV.

Market Link

A look at the AR:


Update:  One of our readers found these embedded in the Bionic landing page…

Cheers Bobby!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’m up for free stuff

  • Anonymous

    Ok so how do I BUILD the bionic? Got a gps screen with a grab button. No parts.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure how bad this will mess the game up, but if you change the date on your device it will unlock the HUNT button and show you the first locations.

  • Luckorduck


    FREE android app 🙂 try out your luck ! 🙂

  • Luckorduck


    FREE android app 🙂 try out your luck ! 🙂

  • Nigel Hardy

    OG droid not compatible… Are they all like that? It seems like some have been able to use it

  • Wareaglevi

    Well, isn’t that nice. It’s incompatible with my OG Droid.

  • Sparhawk2k

    Is this the app by MonkeyFun? I would assume they wouldn’t let an impersonator into the store for something like this but who knows…

  • Anonymous

    This is the most interesting campaign for a DROID i have seen

  • Stupid contest.  Guess us folks that live in rural NC have no chance at all.  City folks have all the fun.

    • it reads as if it will be within an eighth mile of where you are.  remember – these are VIRTUAL objects – my guess is that they covered the US with an object on a 1/4 mile grid.  It reads as if everyone will be able to “grab” an object to enter.

  • Michael Allis

    So according to the rules, I really shouldn’t even think about doing this until 9/4 since the contest doesn’t start until then.

    I’m going to hold off on running around like a giddy little school girl for a few more days, then…

  • Supraman035

    What should a poor soul like myself with a Blackberry do to get this app? Find a friend with a droid?

  • Jared Duquette

    This app locked up my OG Droid 3 times in a row.  I had to remove the battery to get it to work again. 



  • App works on the DROID Charge…which I won in the promotion when they launched that model!

  • Interstellarmind

    i’m totally not going to be getting a bionic (not with the vigor or droid/ nexus prime coming)… but this is a VERY cool marketing campaign (as, i guess, would be expected of a flagship droid device).

    AR is an underused ability… i guess, it needs a couple more generations to be streamlined enough for mass usage (more accurate GPS, faster processors).

    • I might not be buying one, but I sure as hell will take one if I win it.

  • JPC776

    This is probably some kind of malware that will disable your phone until you buy a Bionic

  • WTF!


    • All of the “Droid” line has done something close to a scavenger hunt using Droid Landing. Slow the nerd rage down my friend. This is Verizon marketing nothing more.

    • Anonymous


    • Firant

      And like a gleeful 5 year old I will run about in this one.  😀  I’ll look on the bright side. . . I mean, its not like you PAID them for a Bionic months ago.  Get a grip.

  • Sk102704

    How can they leave out DroidLife??

  • Mctypething

    That’s right, this scavenger hunt require you to win entires using augmented reality in your area.


    • Jordan

      Must be a typo, i think entires is really Entries* .

  • Bewara2009

    screw the hunt lets start pre-orders tomorrow!

    • I like your way of thinking 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you

    • mikeym0p

      I’m buying it anyway, if I win one I’ll sell it for really cheap or give it to a friend or something 🙂

      • Aj

        I want to be your friend.

  • I downloaded to my OG as well.  I was just looking to play around with it for a bit.

  • Kixofmyg0t

    Rooted Droid X .596(still yes) keeps fc’ing.

    Gonna try on my Xoom instead….

    I *NEED* the Bionic…..in the worst fricken way….

    • Christian Bennett

      Load up CM7 for DX. Works like a charm.

  • Anonymous

    im down…im gonna try to get in on this the best i can, hopefully they drop some prizes off by me!

  • Anonymous

    Runs on my DX running CM7. Problem is I can’t move the “guardians” into my screen. I turn the phone and it doesn’t follow the movement properly.

    • Christian Bennett

      I got them all lined up and captured, but it insists that I haven’t built the bionic. (on a CM7DX)

  • dr154

    App works for me. Running DX2. 🙂 let the hunt begin.

  • Ugh – it’s not compatible with my HTC Droid Eris…

    • me

      you can enter online at droiddoes.com on your pc once they officially start the hunt. It states it in the FAQS on the app

      • Blood

        I thought you said FAGS and you were going to insult him. lol

  • Anonymous

    Opened up app…caused restart.  Hum….

  • app installed, awaiting hunt activation

  • Anonymous


  • TeeSqaur

    Problem is you need a Bionic to run the app. Considering a lot of original Droids and Erises are coming off of their 2 year commitments, there are a lot of owners of these phones out there primed for a replacement that can’t use the app. Nice.

    • Scott Willenborg

      That’s not true at all…

      • Anonymous

        Well downloaded it before the upgrade, got it on my OG droid, but app kept crashing.. now you can’t download it to the OG droid. Says its incompatable. So yeah the main crowd that has plans now up can’t use this app. Not directly anyways. So nice to think of a large portion of your customers who are up with their contracts. Seems like it be who you want to be targeting not leaving in the dark.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve already downloaded the app from the Market and have run the preliminary AR stuff on my Incredible 2 without a hitch.  Suspect it might not work quite as well on my OG Droid, but you definitely don’t need a Bionic to run it.

  • Can anyone get past the splash screen on the app?

    • me

      It took a while but it will load eventually. I has to close it out and restart it. I have it on my OG Droid. It doesn’t matter though, the hunt doesn’t enter you into the sweepstakes until 9/4 when the campaign starts.

      • me


    • Fable322

      Yeah it takes a little while to get by the splashscreen but it does move by it.. I thought it was frozen the first few times i tried it.

    • LordLoki

      yes. just wait a bit. maybe touch things on it — not sure which moves you beyond it.  (make sure your GPS is enabled, and you have internet connectivity)

  • Anonymous

    I dont care about this hunt.  I want a confirmed pre order for tonight!!  I want this phone in my hands friday!

    • RollTide17

      I was just wondering, if I pre order the Bionic would I get it before the 8th? I’ve never pre ordered a phone before so I’m very confused about what it will do. If I wouldn’t receive the phone until after the 8th there would be no point in pre ordering. 

      • Bewara2009

        Only if the pre-order is a direct fill, if not than you will get it 9/8.

        • Bewara2009

          So basically it has to be available for direct fill in order to be shipped out to you on Friday. 

  • fartbubbler

    this. is. cool.

  • Franzie3

    love how i download/install and try to run and it hard locks my tbolt….#fail

  • Anonymous

    Crap, I have to download another app….*clears apps off the OG* My Droid can’t handle all of this

  • This app doesn’t work on my D1 🙁 I guess they REALLY want D1 owners to pay for it haha

  • Sooo…. there won’t be a pre-order period then?

    • Anonymous

      Hoping they announce one tomorrow, but aren’t sure of that.

      • Anonymous

        Wouldnt they have to announce it today and it would start tonight after midnight?  Isnt that usually how it happens.  I have to work at 2pm tomorrow so im hoping to have it ordered by then so I can have it friday from overnight shipping.  Labor day is gonna mess with the shipping times if you dont get over night.

        • One of the things I love about where I live is that everywhere that does overnight shipping here always ends up getting here a day early, so if a phone released on a friday and I was to get it then I would get it thursday. 

  • Aaronmweiner




    • Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

      what a weiner.