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DROID Bionic Store Page Pops Up as Under Construction, Includes Official Pictures

I’d say we now know where those “press” shots that showed off the thickness of the DROID Bionic came from, wouldn’t you?  The Motorola store page for the device to be exact.  With it just weeks from a release, it looks like Moto has started working on what we are guessing is the old CES Bionic’s page since the model number still shows as XT865.  They did toss in a bunch of shiny new pictures of the XT875 version of the device though, but not much else is available.  Thankfully, you already know all there is to know about the Bionic, especially after we gave you the full spec list in comparison to some of its competitors, this morning.

Gallery after the break in case they pull it.   

Via:  Motorola

Cheers Tyler!

  • Mitch

    The camera is really grainy

  • Y-o-Y

    Has anyone noticed on the first pic in the gallery, the screen shot of the Motorola Bionic webpage, it notes; “Watch streaming video on 4.3″? qHD…..”  What is up with the “?” after 4.3″?

    Seriously does Motorola not know what size screen this thing is to going to have? Couple that with the complete lack of an official announcement with just a little over a week before the supposed launch & I am left wondering what is really up with this phone.

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  • Anonymous


  • Pnicuh

    I really want this phone… waiting for the pre-order.

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  • Come’on Man

    So tired of waiting for this phone, was really hoping for the 4.5…….. I’ve only had Android phones but they are starring to ley me down with power cycles freezing force closing so I think I’m going to go with an Iphone …… don’t get it twisted I used to hate the Iphone but it seems that they have no complaints……

  • Yep Im using my upgrade on the bionic

  • I’ve become interested in the Nexus Prime now after waiting for the bionic, which has made me rather patient, (assuming it comes to Verizon) and I was wondering you guys’ thoughts about it if it doesn’t come with an expansion card slot.

  • Scea67

    Looks like a Droid X?? No thanks

    • Really?  It’s a rectagular phone, glass touch-screen, camera on the back.  Which phone doesn’t look like that? 

    • Anonymous

      Sure it does buddy, sure it does.

    • Guest

      lol you must be an amateur, when it comes to cell technology lol

  • Anonymous

    Motorola honestly should have released its first Bionic and then came back with this. The wait was ridiculous and I had to carry around a half working blackberry after my Droid broke just to wait on this. Blackberry finally broke as well and now I have the thunderbolt. If the first Bionic would have just been released along with the Atrix, my life would have been so much easier. Thanks Moto

    • Anonymous

      They had problems with the original.  It would have been impossible to continue without an overhaul.

    • Guest

      you are not the only consumer 🙂

  • WTF!


    • whatever

      I am still pretty p***ed that Verizon is not going to be carrying the SGSII. My OG Droid has about had it and I’ve been holding out for the Galaxy S II, now I’m not sure what I am going to do. Freaking Verizon!!!

      • Who cares its a phone and verizon has plenty of phones coming out

      • It’s because of the Nexus Prime…

      • MBlnd

        Verizon is coming up with the best phones in december. Don’t worry. Prime is Samsung too, and Nexus is no joke of a phone!

        • Guest

          all carriers will come up with something better every 3 months. Do you think your upcoming nexus will be the flashy device for a complete year?

    • Anonymous
  • John John

    Looks like the Droid 2…

  • I cant wait until I get to toss my Thunderbolt aside and use this beast of phone. I really hope the Bionic has a stable 4G and better battery life. 🙂 sooo excited about this phone. 

    • Q

      Same here.. Im afraid the off contract price will be too high though.  It was reported here as 589.99, but the Charge and Thunderbolt retail for 700.. Im scared the Bionic will end up costing 700 like those two.

      • You could prob get 300 use swappa

      • You could prob get 300 use swappa

      • Guest

        It will be 700 bro, this carriers are killing us with their stupidity. I feel if a phone worth 700, the bionic is the one 🙂

  • Anonymous


    • Nickisidore

      Nexus if you can bear the wait.

    • Guest

      Take quality over skin, that is my opinion 🙂

  • Ranlil

    Gonna get it from Costco.. Can’t wait

  • Nickisidore

    This phone is giving me mental blue balls an I bet it’s not even all that in the sack. And the screen still sucks. When did that stop mattering?

    • Pennywise

      When did the screen start sucking?

      • Nickisidore

        My point exactly. You don’t know because ppl just stopped mentioning it. This phones pentile is like building 7 on 9/11. Just try out DX2 to witness the horror of pentile matrix screens. Literally worst phone screen ever. Calling it HD is a joke.

        • Vanilla Ice

          Really bro? Just stop typing.

          • Nickisidore

            The screen is crap “bro”

          • Anonymous


          • Goodfella

            So is your momma, ain’t nobody complaining about that. LOL just messin with ya. In all reality, nobody knows how “good” or “shitty” this screen is. Whatever the case, its a thousand times better than my currently “broken screen crapberry”.

          • It will be good don’t worry….droid life started this hysteria now people just need something to complain abut so they have an excuse to not buy the phone to make them feel better

          • Alexander

            This is actually…very true.

          • Guest

            could not say it any better lol. Kellex are you hearing us lol?  🙂

          • kph3

            After reading how bad the pentile screens are…I checked them out in a Verizon store…especially the X2.  The screen did not bother me at all.  Thought it was brighter and crisper than my X.  My friend got an D3…I have played with it a lot and see no problems with his screen either except I know I definitely like the bigger screens.

      • Nickisidore

        My point exactly. You don’t know because ppl just stopped mentioning it. This phones pentile is like building 7 on 9/11. Just try out DX2 to witness the horror of pentile matrix screens. Literally worst phone screen ever. Calling it HD is a joke.

        • Guest

          well my droidx2 saves a lot of battery, and it is not like i am using my cell on zoom all day. People droidx2 is a nice phone do not pay mind to this troller.

      • Cobrajet

        What does the ? behind 4.3 mean. Could it be a larger screen!

  • Anonymous

    I know there has been a lot of recent hate on this phone lately but compared to my OG this is a major upgrade. It has 4g and a dual core, both of which I want, and contrary to popular belief it will be the only phone that has those specs when it gets released.  I plan on using my upgrade and getting this phone as soon as I can.

    I choose not to wait for the next bigger and better thing because there is ALWAYS something bigger and better that will be coming out.  So when something bigger and better does comes out that I want then I’ll get it, but until then I’ll be enjoying my Bionic.

    There’s no reason to hate on a phone just because you want something bigger and better.  There are those of us out there that enjoy the current specs on want they have or want to want to upgrade to. So stop the hate.

    /end peace and love crap

    • Legoturte92

      I always think of it as get this now and get the bigger and better before those who wait when your due for a new phone.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly my thoughts. i’ve waited long enough and can’t wait any longer. like kellex said in another article, this is really verizon’s first “2011” phone, and thats good enough for me.

    • I feel like most people saying they are waiting didn’t wait when the X or X2 came out (for example)

    • Anonymous

      Good luck with that. I have the Droid 3 and I can tell you the new blur sucks worse than ever before. The blur on the Bionic will be the same.  And the new camera’s are worthless. Spec’s are not everything. The OS is just as important. If they lightened up the Blur or heaven forbid release it with vanilla Android, then this phone, no doubt would be the king of phones to date. BUT as it will be at the day of release, worthless. IF it ever gets some custom rom love, I would consider buying it. But by that time better things, like the Nexus will have come out. So call it hate, or call it truth, either way there is no way I will get this one.

      • Anonymous

        Seeing how I have an OG I will have to take your word on Blur since I do not have personal experience with it.  

        However, I have been reading Droid life from almost day one and I always chuckled to myself how people complain about Blur, or Sense, or any other UI that manufacturers put on their phones but when people here do have a vanilla phone they “customize” it with their own choice of launchers and themes anyway.

        I understand that people like their own android experience and that manufacturer UIs will decrease system performance but so will the stuff you decide to put on it as well.

        As far as cameras go I really don’t care.  Other than taking basic pictures with it I have no need for it.  That is why I bought an SLR so I can take great pictures when I need to.  The problem with multi-purpose devices is that any single function of that device will never be as great as if it was an independent device.  That is just the nature of the beast.

        Once I buy the Bionic I am sure there will be things I absolutely love about it, and that there will be things I do not love about it, and in fact I am sure there are some things that I will hate about it as well, but then again I can say for all the products I have (including my wife).

        • Anonymous

          On the camera I agree to a point. If you want to take a quality photo, use a quality camera, not a phone. But with smartphones these days there is a certain level of quality to be expected as a standard. For example, my wife’s Droid Charge takes very nice photos for a phone. My Droid X for that matter took decent pics. However this Droid 3 which is “newer” technology has a horrible camera. Even Droid-Life said that. So why can’t Motorola at least meet the minimum bar set, instead of LOWERING the bar on a NEW phone? Maybe the Bionic camera will be better, somehow though, I doubt it. I hope I am wrong. I will wait for the reviews.
          On the point of Blur vs Vanilla, sure you use ADW on both, the difference is, Blur loads crapper-ware into memory and you have no choice, so you are still bogged.
          I am not hatin’ because I am on the band wagon. I am pissed off because Motorola seems to trip on their own feet every time they release a NEW phone. And with my experience using Droid 3, I know I would proabably not be satisfied with Bionic. I am back on my DX with Liberty GB and it is so much smoother than my D3.
          I hope you love your Bionic. I hope the Blur isn’t a bad experience for you.
          Good luck! 😀

          • Anonymous

            I agree a 100% on the bloatware.  I hate it and there is no excuse for it other than corporate greed.  And if I hate Blur that much I have complete faith that the awesome developers out there will have the Bionic rooted quick enough if I choose to go down that road. And just for the record if I had a choice I would pick Vanilla hands down.

            I also agree that a new device shouldn’t be going backwards either but like I said a camera is not a deal breaker for me though.  

            Sorry the D3 was such a flop for you.

          • Droid bionic

            blur its not so bad, you can also put go launcher if you want to make everything run smoothly. The only difference about vanilla skin and skins is that vanilla does not come with bloatware. On the other hand if you root your phone or you are able to use the task manager within the droid bionic properly, you should be good. Remember that 1 g of ram its not 516 nor 256. The bloatware will not affect the performance

          • Anonymous

            Bloatware is not blur, please don’t confuse them.

    • Anonymous

      Your points are good. I personally never hated on the bionic, just blur.  I am in the same boat as you but I will be waiting just because I don’t want to buy another phone outright. I would rock this till the Nexus Prime comes out (fingers crossed) but I just cant be spending money on tech like I used to. Anyway if you get this phone and end up passing on the Nexus Prime when it comes out then your an idiot. But if your just good like that and will be buying both then kudos to you. 

      • Anonymous

        If you can give me a firm date on when the Prime will come out then maybe I can wait but there is nothing more than speculation out there and there is no guarantee that the Prime won’t undergo some sort of major delay like the Bionic did and I am not willing to wait much longer.  My OG deserves a well needed rest.

        I do not have the money either to pay full price every time a new phone comes out so there is no need to call me an idiot.  My choice is my own just like your choice is yours.  

        • Guest

          the same thing will happen for the people that wanted the sammy 2 and it did not come to verizon. The nexus people will be sad like sammy’s fan were mark my words. Nexus will never come to verizon period.

        • Anonymous

          Oh no, my bad, I wasn’t trying to call you an idiot persay. It was more of an figure of speech.  All I wanted to get across was if the Nexus Prime does come out on big red, passing it up would be crazy talk. We all read the same blog here don’t we? I mean I would get the bionic no doubt if their wasn’t someone wispering Nexus Prime in my ear. And seeing how I’m not going to buy one of them outright, I wait. Trust me man, I am not hating on that phone, Nexus talk on Verizon is just one of those anomalies that is making me wait. I wish I could upgrade already and be done with it, but like you said it’s our own choice.


        make up your mind skin with 1 g of ram dual core, or no skin and bad hardware (NEXUS)

        • Anonymous

          Well I won’t make up my mind seeing how I choose to wait for more solid news on the Nexus. Neither of these phones have been released yet. And if I’m not mistaken most buy a Nexus phone because of the Software support. Also I wouldn’t assume anything, but are you suggesting the bionic, releasing in a couple weeks, is better than a Nexus device we know nothing for sure about, that will be released in 3 to 4 months in the “future”, because like I said I don’t want to assume anything. 

    • Anonymous

      I’ve had my Droid X since mid 2010 and have honestly enjoyed the hell outta it. Although it was a major upgrade from my pathetic fail of a BlackBerry Storm, but that’s completely besides the point. My Droid X is my “first” real smartphone, not counting the Storm because that device was just a weak and horrible experiment gone wrong.

      I agree with everything you said. There will always be something better within 3-6 months of the next best thing, guaranteed. No denying that, so why not just get something and enjoy it “now”, then get something “later” when another upgrade is available within 20 months. Just the right thing to do.

      /my two cents

    • Anonymous

      i cant believe this!! me and my sister just got two i-pads for $42.77 each and a $50 amazon card for $9. the stores want to keep this a secret and they dont tell you. go here

  • Crack Monkey

    Notice how they moved the side ports so there is no way you’ll be able to put this phone in your old DX media mount. Fortunately because of the EU they have standardized on the same micro usb port for charging and data. Implementing Standards, one thing the government can do well even if they can’t define them well. I’m waiting to see if Big Red gets the Nexus Prime, that would make me think twice about the Bionic.

  • Gamer 28

    This phone needs to be released already. I’m loving streaming netflix all day at work and using over 60 gig of data a month 😛
    I need this phone now, I’m tired of using the Thunderbolt.

    • 60? Wow

    • Duck Dodgers

      This is the main reason I’ll never leave Verizon just for a phone on a different carrier, I’m still under the unlimited data plan! 

    • Q

      lol, do you do any actual work?

      • Gamer 28

        lol I have a very layback job. You wouldn’t believe how fast 8 hrs go when you spend them watching TV shows and movies. It’s one of the main reasons I love my ultimited 4G data.

  • MBlnd

    How did you get this page? I looked for it in Motorola store and it is not listed there, nor is it searchable.

    • Tyler

      Hey I’m the one who found it.  I actually looked on the moto site first too, and had no luck.  So i tried a google search for the droid bionic on motorola’s site, like so.  http://tinyurl.com/3uyrjjx  it’s the 4th one down.  I did the same thing with verizon’s site last month, which is how i came across this http://shop.verizonwireless.com/?id=Droid%20Bionic early.

    • Tyler

      oops its actually like the 7th one down

  • Anonymous

    It just can’t get here fast enough for me!  I want to pre-order…NOW!