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Exclusive: First Pictures of the HTC Vigor

Hello, HTC Vigor.  You have eluded us for the most part up until now, but we are excited to finally get a clean look at you.  With your red accents, big beautiful screen, and black rubbery Incredible-esque contoured back, we would gladly accept you into our everyday lives.

Rumored to be Verizon’s next big 4G LTE device to follow the Bionic on October 6, we can gather a couple of things from these first pictures. It definitely has HTC Sense, but we weren’t expecting it not to.  There is a front camera embedded in the top right corner of the device, above a screen that looks massive.  The device styling overall seems like an Incredible on steroids – something you won’t find us complaining about.  We aren’t seeing a 4G LTE logo anywhere, but also are not seeing a Verizon logo, so will hold off from throwing too big of a fuss.  It is likely just a test unit without any carrier branding.

*Note – While I mentioned that the device looks like an Incredible, a few readers pointed out that the color scheme also hints at DROID branding and a previously rumored HTC device.  Could the Vigor end up as the Incredible HD?  Just a thought.

Other potential specs that separate sources have told us were:  4.3″ HD screen, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, 1.5GHz dual-core processor and Beats by Dre technology.  There are no indications that this device has Beats technology on the outside, but we have been told that it could be software-related.

One more pic after the break.    


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  • what about dual antenna?

  • DROID Vigor it is then!  The RED eye is DEFINITELY proof, and a true successor to the Incredible, which I still love more than my current ThunderBolt.  Love the look of the Vigor, and the back is so sexy.

    @kellex i think the FULL name on the back is being covered, they clearly censored the word before VIGOR on the back.  This is almost shaping up to be a DROID.

  • djStinkDik

    I personally think that this is gonna be a verizon version on the evo3d without 3d. I know there is phone like that but i cant remember the name. Im not gonna get all worked up about a 1.5ghz processor. Still a beast regardless.

  • Anonymous

    I think I might like it. If it has more than 8 hours battery life it may be a winner.

  • Anonymous

    Sense is simple. You either love it or you hate it. There is no middle ground.

    • Anonymous

      there is nothing to hate about it, besides battery life.

      • You must be joking….sense is huge and way too bloated….they literally intergrate it into every single thing….

      • Anonymous

        Sense is gaudy and overbearing.

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t they just skip the thunderbolt and Inc 2 and release this? That’ll make three similar phones in vzws lineup. This is the only thing I hate about android, your purchases are worthless after a month or two lol.

  • Anonymous

    THis thing looks too much like a Dinc which is not the best looking device by HTC IMHO!!!! Rather see something like the HTC EVO 3D or the Thunderbolt in looks. 

  • ……remeber … Open Bootloaderrrrrr idk if i can wait another month S>>>>T

  • Anonymous

    it does run a tiny bit smoother, but choosing between blur and launcher pro is a no brainer. BTW laujcher pro is faster than blur. i like (in order) launcher pro, sense, and the vanilla. sense has theme changer which is a cool feature. i personally like having the option of a clean professional look while at work and something more fun on my days off. Like an electronic mullett, business up front, all party in the back..lol

    • No way launcher pro is not faster than blur…lpp has redraws and lag like crazy

    • No way launcher pro is not faster than blur…lpp has redraws and lag like crazy

    • Anonymous

      Have you used the Droid 3 at all?  If not then you haven’t tried moto’s new software which is nothing like their old blur.

  • Kregstrong

    I have to say, I dont think I will buy another HTC phone til they stop putting that crappy, battery destroying sense on their. Seriously has anyone ever checked the running processes of sense??? I sware there is 100 things running in the background.

    • Then wait until it get CM7 after its rooted, Sense isn’t as bad as other UI’s like Blur and TouchWiz on phones.  LG’s is by far the worst

      • Anonymous

        No, since Moto redesigned their blur sense is now the most bloated of all the OEM skins.  Touchwiz 4.0 on the GS2 isn’t a memory hog or slow either.

        • Your opinion just like mine for Sense.

          • Anonymous

            It’s not an opinion, it’s fact based on memory usage of each UI layer.

          • Anonymous

            Sense on the evo 3d seems to work pretty well just how the new blur does.

          • Anonymous

            Didn’t say it was slow but it is bloated, it uses a lot of ram.

          • Anonymous

            So does blur.

        • Hope Sense 3.5 will be a bit better!

  • Asher

    Nah, the color scheme is a Beats by Dre tie-in – look at their wares and logos: http://www.google.com/search?q=dre+beats&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi&biw=1152&bih=803

    • EVO, Incredible have the RED camera “eye”  not to mention, there is a word that is censored before “VIGOR” on the back that leads me to believe this is truly a DROID device, and its fitting to be one with the specs its got.

      • Anonymous

        +1 on spotting that…hopefully your right

      • Does it really matter

  • Anonymous

    Looks sweet. Definitely going to be my next phone.

  • Tabe

    HTC, stop making the same phone. You’re worse than Moto with that.

    • Anonymous

      What’s your suggestion though? You can change screen size (which this would be doing… if this in indeed the INCHD, the Incredible line will have three sizes.), you can add a physical keyboard (which would be awesome, IMO), hardware specs of course, but all in all I cant even imagine what could be done to make a noticeably “new” phone. Although I’d love a new name. “Incredible” is getting old.

      • The front of every single phone of theirs looks the same though. At least the back looks different.

        • Anonymous

          So does all moto phones lol.

    • Twolves671us

      What else would you like them to do?? How much else can u do with a big screen phone all phones are the damn same when they get this big

    • Mrbrooks418

      i happen to like the look of the HTC line. Like twolves671us just saud below what else are they gonna do? think they look better then the driodX line……… and definitly out perform them as well….

  • Anonymous

    Daddy likes…..daddy likes.

  • Pennywise

    ooooo I’ll bet I can inadvertently collect so much shit in those grooves all the time 😀   annnnnnnnnnnd less than interested.

  • Mr.Joe

    Looks like every other HTC device out there…

    • You can only do so much with a minimalistic design. The back, now thats another story since there is so much more “canvas” to work with.

      Not to mention the design of this one looks like it may finally have an aluminum body front, the metallic glare in the picture almost shows that anyway.

      • Anonymous

        Kinda looks like the sensation front which looks nice

  • Dinc 3?

  • Kierra

    …and probably a crappy battery. I kid, I kid 🙂

    • You really don’t kid tho

  • Russ


  • RedOne

    :O there replacing my Inc2 already? Wtf?

  • Anonymous

    Nicccceee But where’s the Kickstand 😛

  • Trooper

    Not bad.  But Im hesitant to go back to HTC after the poor battery life and call quality on my Droid Incredible.

    • And thunderbolt….I want to like HTC I really do they just make it hard after I experienced the thunderbolt

      • I feel the exact same as you. I like the design of HTC phones I just don’t like their battery life. That and I don’t like that my kickstand on my Thunderbolt was peeling after only a couple months of having it.

  • Davros
  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why.. but lately I’m feeling the Droid Bionic even thou I said I wouldn’t be because of many said reasons on this website.. the HTC Vigor looks nice, but it looks about the same as any other HTC Sense related phone.

  • Anonymous

    ah damn you. why you gotta make my selection so hard lol. i love the styling of the phone. honestly can care less about 1ghz or 1.5ghz dual core, like .01 sec app transition matters, but kinda worried bout htc’s battery life especially with a HD screen.

  • Noble Four

    Aaaaaand sold.

  • Jason

    Is this worth waiting for?  I have the original Incredible and I love this phone.  I realize that the 4G phones are bigger but if this phone is any comparison to the Inc I am in.  I was looking forward to the Samsung but they pull from Verizon.  I know one thing… they gotta come down on the prices of these new phones.  I think we need to strike the price until they do something like HP did and make them cheap enough for the average person to afford them.  

    • Jim Dandy

      Gotta pay to play. Especially with the latest and greatest 😛

    • There’s good smartphones you can get for free or close to it…if you can’t afford it there are other choices that will def be good enough

  • Anonymous

    Red accent implies “Droid” branding? Hoping for a better name than “Droid Vigor” though

    • Anonymous

      Had not thought of that, but that actually does make sense.

      • But if it is the HTC thunderbolt 2 then I would think no droid branding

  • Cmbsc12

    If Verizon doesn’t get the Nexus Prime, this will be my next phone. I love my Thunderbolt and I will miss my kickstand, but this phone is going to much better overall.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like a Glorified HTC incredible. The HD version maybe? Looks like another good phone. Go MFG’s….

  • Bblackinc

    I don’t care if it looks like a big Droid incredible, its still sexy

  • Beranimus

    Dont know if I want this more or the nexus prime.

  • Anonymous

    Told everyone way back during the times when we called the Thunderbolt the Incredible HD that that wasn’t it and a true Incredible HD would come in the fall and look at that — an HD Incredible. 😉

    • Anonymous

      +1. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        “we would gladly except you into our everyday lives”    I think you mean “accept…”

    • Proof or it didn’t happen

    • Vanilla Ice

      The evo 4G had a red ring around the camera lens. So this may not be a DROID device. Btw last august I remember seeing a picture of the thunderbolt just like and we didn’t see it till 6 months later.

      • there was also never an official date anywhere when the thunderbolt came out. theres a date for the vigor

        • Don’t mean anything…they shot themselves in the foot with this rumored date because if they dont hit that date people are going to cry

      • That was BEFORE it was delayed to add an LTE radio which in turn was a very very bad decision because of the technology being rushed and the phone having problems and battery issues galore.  It was originally going to be a 3G only device and it was going to be released last October.  There following there schedule this year it seems.

      • Anonymous

        The evo wasn’t on Verizon which is only carrier with rights to Droid name.

  • More info please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m skipping the Bionic.  I’m looking for a phone in October so hopefully this will have everything I want.

  • WIll be my upgrade i think…My only concern is about HTC battery life compare to my OG Droid and DX

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know if I really like the ribbed backing. Those types of things tend to get dirty.

    • JG

      ribbed for your pleasure

      • Mrbrooks418


  • SteveTango

    Looks nice, but looks like a Dinc2 with a grippy back on it. Nothing too special, but that 1.5 GHz dual-core processor sounds quite intriguing.

    • Anonymous

      Plus HD screen

  • Kellex: Do you think the Prime and the Vigor are pretty much equal? From what it looks like to me, I’m thinking of you like stock android, go with the Prime, and if you like Sense, go with the Vigor. Thoughts?

    • Anonymous

      Since most of us end up with Launcher Pro, or some other replacement…Sense is really a NON issue….so let it go man!

      • Anonymous

        You don’t think a phone running stock Android runs more smoothly than one with a skin? You don’t think the skin is still there even though its covered up?

        Just asking…

        • Anonymous

          I think skins have the potential to eliminate some steps that are “time wasting” in stock. Take Sense 3.X and the whole “apps on the lock screen” deal. If I could put gmail, facebook, txt and DL (of course!) on my lock screen, I’d probably unlock my screen to get to my home screen 5 times a day. In terms of smoothness, I think stock is smoother in my experience, but skins have a definite advantage in terms of functionality over stock. Just my 2C

          • That is true skins give you added functionality I think the problem is where to draw the line and what is too much….I wish stock would incorporate more things function wise

          • Anonymous

            Absolutely agree.

          • Guest

            I agree, Sense is exaggerating.

          • Anonymous

            If you were running stock, there is an app for putting that stuff on your lock screen. Now I personally wouldn’t want that. So with stock, at least you have the option. With a skin, those features are forced down your throat

        • Anonymous

          That is exactly how I feel. People always say “just use launcherpro or adx.” Bros, it is STILL there, it is STILL running. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.

          • islandak

            Yes, but you can control how the 3rd party launcher behaves. Animation speed, swiping speed, configurable launcher bar. I’m using sense when I run the stock UI on my Thunderbolt, but I’m certainly not upset by the way ADW or LP perform when I’m in a custom ROM. And I REALLY like the stock android interface when I’m in CM7, I like the phone app so much better than Sense. YMMV.

          • Guest

            I could not agree more 🙂 I love my new motoblur on my dx2 but it is not the same one as the one on the droid3 or the upcoming droid bionic. I just recently put go launcher and i loveeeee it it is so fast with a lot of features. It is the best one on my opinion. Any thoughts !

          • Anonymous

            Played with a friend’s droidx2 and blur was making everything sloooooooooow and sluggish. Blur is emberassing

          • Guest

            It will be there but it will not affect us as much as before 🙂 I might stay with the new blur on the bionic but if  i do like it as much as go launcher i can use that one or use both 🙂

        • Guest

          it is still there, but you have to realize that the bionic and this phone its notthe  OG droid with just 256 of ram and 550 ghz. The devices now are packing 1 g 1.2 and maybe 1.5 g dual core 1 g of ram. Once you put go launcher, launcher pro you can make the screen go faster, the apps to run faster as well in the app drawer. The only advantage that plain skin has over skin is the fact that it does not have the carrier’s bloatware.

          • Anonymous

            So I guess you guys are saying that because you have more power you can waste some of it with background skin and bloat because you have plenty of power to spare? So much power to spare that the phone runs just as fast with everything running in the background then if all that stuff were not there.

            That is very interesting and I look forward to seeing that. Because there is not a phone to date yet that there is not a VERY noticeable difference from running stock skinned software verses running something like Cyanogenmod that is without all the fluff.  

            Question:  Have you guys that claim there is no performance difference from simply adding a new launcher over top of a skin actually tried it the other way? I don’t think you have because you would know there is a difference. 

            Now I am not saying that just tossing a launcher over top of a stock skinned device doesn’t work just fine… because it does.  I am only saying that that yes there is an overall performance improvement running AOSP. 

            The funniest part is that those that are probably saying all is peachy do not have the ability to even try AOSP to see for themselves since they are probably locked down. But that is another completely useless argument because so many arguing about it have never had an unlocked phone to understand.

            Here is another question maybe someone can answer for me. Does a device run more smoothly if it has more memory to work with or less?    

      • No reason to be an @ss man its people like you that give this blog a bad name….he was asking for peoples opinions douche

        • football

          This blog has a bad name?

          Also, you jumped to name calling…

          • Who are you….don’t respond to me

          • Anonymous

            truth hurts

          • Up yours

            “… don’t respond to me.” What are you going to do? Strike him off all internets for all eternity?

      • Greg

        Didn’t Fede abandon launcher pro or is that just a rumor?

        • Anonymous

          Still running wonderful on all my phones, it didn’t just stop working or disappear from our devices

      • Anonymous

        As for the comparison between the Vigor and Prime…

        Ice Cream Sandwich =/= Gingerbread.

        Super AMOLED =/= SLCD.

        Skinned Android with Launcher Pro =/= Stock Android.

      • Guest

        Why choosing launcher pro over go launcher? I feel go launcher its better , but that is my opinion.

        • Anonymous

          My vote is go launcher as well. My icon picking is much smoother now.

    • i think i saw writings saying that
      vigor has 2.3 gingerbread and prime has 4.0 sandwich 

    • Nope. The processor in the Vigor is ARM Cortex A8 based, which is a generation behind. The OMAP 4 in the Prime and Bionic are both Cortex A9 based which is gonna give much better performance. Hate to say it but Qualcomm is really falling behind as far as processor tech goes.

      • Plus this A8 are not as good with battery

      • Anonymous

        It will lte the Droid HD probably not.

        • Guest

          no nor this one either.

          • Anonymous

            Ha OK whatever you say.

      • Where does it say it’s not running the newest snapdragon (the one from Qualcomm’s dev phone). is that still only A8?

        • The specs  here prove it: http://www.droid-life.com/2011/08/01/droid-bionic-htc-vigor-and-new-lg-revolution-land-on-verizons-map-list/. It is using an Adreno 220 GPU which is in the MSM8660 which is still A8 based. The newer Krait processor was said to be sampling and POSSIBLY available by end of 2011. It also uses an Adreno 225 GPU so the Vigor can’t be using the newer processor.

      • Guest

        Omap 4 and exynos are the best at this moment.

    • They both have there pros and cons
      -fast updates
      -no bloat
      -easily rootable
      -probably have HD screen and latest os
      -prob better battery life than the vigor

      -screen HD
      -sense could bog down the system
      -battery life?
      -build quality?
      -slower os updates

      This is all speculative on my part butits what I look for in a phone

      • Anonymous

        I’ll wait for Prime. Samsung’s Samoled screen, Google’s FW upgrades, and battery (true htc fashion this will have so-so battery life).

      • Derp

        the Vigor will be easily rootable too since HTC is so nice

    • P!X3L

      Not at all… just look at the proposed specs. You’re also comparing samsung to htc; They make very different handsets.

    • Anonymous

      The Vigor will likely have an MSM8660 which is the same processor used in the Evo 3D just clocked at 1.5 GHz instead of 1.2 GHz.  The foruth generation snapdragon won’t even be available to OEMs until late this year or early next.

      The OMAP4 is quite a bit faster, both the CPUs and the GPU especially if it’s a 4460 that the Prime is rumored to have.  Plus the Nexus will have Samsung’s superior AMOLED screen.

    • Guest

      People like the nexus because it does not have bloatware. The nexus its easy to root etc. For the people that love sense, motoblur they will choose the bionic and the vigor. I feel vanilla it is to plain, but you can add a adw launcher, launcher pro and my favorite go launcher. Then, you will have it all on the prime but build quality if sammy built it. I will never buy a prime if it is not made by Moto 🙂

  • Anyone who dares hate on this phone, can GTFO!!!!!
    This device is the titz!

  • Anyone who dares hate on this phone, can GTFO!!!!!
    This device is the titz!

  • ey,,,,,,,,,,

  • Anonymous


  • Suckmydick


  • ummm doesnt look any different than a bloated incredible…seriously nothing special from what I can see

    • Mrbrooks418

      its whats on the inside that counts…..

  • Ed

    Big Incredible?

  • See if you can find out more about the screen: SLCD? Non-pentile? HD = 720p, right? Battery size? Is the LTE chip second-gen or same as the Bionic’s?

    • Anonymous

      I’d like to think the battery life has been improved, otherwise how do you sell this over the Thunderbolt? Sense 3.X should eventually make it to the TBolt, and honestly, I feel like the less flashy upgrades will lead to a “DX-DX2” situation, where only those smart enough to understand how much improved the functionality is will buy. Beats should be awesome tho… lovin it on my TouchPad lol

  • See if you can find out more about the screen: SLCD? Non-pentile? HD = 720p, right? Battery size? Is the LTE chip second-gen or same as the Bionic’s?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think it can be the same as the Bionic chip as I am pretty sure Motorola designed their own radio for it and hopefully it will work better than the others!

  • Manny

    1) Nexus Prime
    2) HTC Vigor
    3) Droid Bionic

    HTC Vigor is my back-up just in case the Prime doesn’t make it on Big Red. Bionic.. well, it’s in the back of my head but still there nonetheless.

    • My second/third choices would be between the Droid HD and Vigor.

    • Bionic and vigor the prime won’t be out for a good while after those 2

      • Anonymous

        Based on your logic, you shouldn’t bother waiting for the Bionic or Vigor cause there are already phones available now.

        Seriously, how are you guys not excited for a Nexus? I don’t care if I have to wait 5 months, I wouldn’t waste an upgrade if there’s a Nexus coming.

        • Pennywise

          Have an OG and I’m not waiting an additional 5 months (or 3 months) – I’ll take a Bionic pls 😀

        • Based on your logic your going to be waiting a very long time because once the prime comes out in Feb or march on verizon quad cores will be around the corner and why would you waste an upgrade on dual core…get out of here bro

          • Anonymous

            Well, I already have a Thunderbolt, so I wouldn’t mind the wait. The point is it’s a Nexus phone, and the phones that come out after, even if they have better specs, just aren’t the same. In case you haven’t noticed there are quite a few dual core phones out but the Nexus S is still one of the best Android phones available.

          • Anonymous

            except for its not coming out in feb or march for verizon its coming out in october or november

          • maybe

          • Anonymous

            More likely November or December, if it comes out on Verizon at all.

          • Guest

            I could not agree more. By that time moto will have the best device 🙂

        • Guest

          Are they? Can you buy a bionic or vigor tomorrow?

      • Guest

        I am with you on this one. I feel if htc make this phone as good as moto make their phones, this phone will be a big sale.

        • Mrbrooks418

          i remember when i had my Dinc and was looking to by the Thunderbolt people were like dont buy it, wait for the bionic, just wait another month. Well me loving my Dinc it went with the Thunderbolt and have been extremly happy i did. Ive enjoyed this phone for 6 months now and the Bionic still isnt out. You can never know when their acutually going to get their shit together and develop and release the phone. so waiting for “the Prime” i would base my decision on that. get the Vigor, im sure you wont be disapointed. 

    • Anonymous

      I have been holding out for the Bionic since my OG broke. Now rumor of a Samsung Nexus on Verizon has me questioning it. I can wait an extra month but idk how much longer I could after that. Plus this report of Costco having that amazing bundle. I might just find a friend with a Costco account and jump on that. Hopefully we hear more about the Prime before Sept 8th to help me out.

      • A very helpful Verizon employee once helped me out when I was less than a month away from a phone I wanted and mine bit the dust. He told me to pick up a cheap replacement phone to get by and within 30 days return it for a refund and get the one I wanted when it was released. Saved my bacon after left my phone in my pants pocket… while doing laundry.

      • Guest

        It wont go to verizon trust me.

    • Raprequest

      This..love my OG but I’m loosing faith in Moto, and if the prime doesn’t come though, I’ll jump ship to a skinned HTC for sure. 

      • Guest

        Are you losing faith in Moto? I wonder why, Moto seems to pushing the updates faster than any other manufacture out there. They joined google, and they are just the best manufacture in the world considering that they are an American company. Asian companies are usually  the top dogs when it comes to technology.

        • Djenks24

          Agreed…I got sucked into the locked bootloader hype!!!  I bought a Thunderbolt.  All I have to say is that at least with my droidX, I was rooting because I enjoyed trying different roms and having the freedom. With the Thunderbolt I had to root just to make the phone usable.  I will not stray again Motorola.  BTW, blur is 1000x better than Sense. My 2 cents.

          • Anonymous

            I’m running cyanogen on my bolt and couldn’t be happier. Also, blur is a messy abortion of a skin. And coming from the X to the bolt, the screen on the thunderbolt is more vivid and bold. Hands down.

          • Anonymous

            The sgs II isn’t coming to vzw, but samsung said that another similar device would. I think it will be a samsung phone with dual core and a keyboard, but I don’t know for sure.

          • Liglesias2

            Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.Sense is IT.My 2 cents

    • Anonymous

      I have just heard it is no longer in limbo, the 3rd generation Google Nexus is coming to Verizon with LTE on board at launch. Everyone, start getting excited. The rest of these phones no longer matter.

      • EC8CH

        I mean this in the most masculine heterosexual way…

        I LOVE YOU

        • Anonymous

          I am merely the messenger of what I am told. If it turns out my sourcing is wrong (though that would be odd) by all means throw all the hatorade my way you want, I am just trying to help and be funny once in a while, but I could careless about likes or being some type of insider so it won’t hurt my feelings. I’ll be just as disappointed. But I wouldn’t waste my time posting rumors or something random out of my ass for the hell of it, that’s for sure.

          • Anonymous

            “Hatorade”, I like it. Thank’s for taking one for the team. LOL. I hope your source is right, this would validate  my waiting since my early upgrade last July.

      • Anonymous

        The next question is when.

        • Anonymous

          Go buy your lame bionic McClane… leave the real phones to us. Told you this wasn’t a tablet, and I told you verizon would be getting the prime

          • Guest

            Lame BIONIC are you stupid of brain washed? the bionic will beat this phone hands down mark my words.

          • Anonymous

            Spec wise, this has the bionic beat bad, the hd display and 1.5 GHz dual core kinda speak for themselves.

          • Don’t forget the adreno 220 GPU!

          • Anonymous

            Processor speed doesn’t matter.  The OMAP is faster than the dual core snapdragon, faster A9 processors and the SGX540 GPU is faster than the Adreno 220.

            Just wait for the benchmarks if you don’t believe me.

          • Abepwnsu

            How about the fact that moto phones are very locked down and show no signs of progress in that area while HTC seems to be unlocking their bootloaders and are very happy to work with their consumers. I told my self never again for moto. I wanna check out the nexus. Btw can someone tell me the advantage to the nexus device.? It looks apealing but I’ve never really looked into them. Are the like a sinch to unlock or something? Do they have a large following in terms of development?

          • Anonymous

            The Atrix and Photon are unlocked but yes if you absolutely must have an unlocked phone than the Bionic is not for you at this point.  However, there’s no reason to make up lies to justify not buying it by claiming it’s outdated, etc.

            The Nexus is very easy to unlock, gets android updates first and is pure stock without bloatware, that’s why people like it.

          • Anonymous

            If BIONIC has a pentile screen I’ll be passing on it. Progress should be moving forward, not backward. I’d rather be looking at a lower REAL resolution of my OG Droid then at the pentile garbage of the new Droid 3. According to all the rumors, the BIONIC is getting the same screen as the Droid 3. CPU / GPU / Battery life don’t matter if my primary interface to the device is of miserable quality.

          • Anonymous

            If BIONIC has a pentile screen I’ll be passing on it. Progress should be moving forward, not backward. I’d rather be looking at a lower REAL resolution of my OG Droid then at the pentile garbage of the new Droid 3. According to all the rumors, the BIONIC is getting the same screen as the Droid 3. CPU / GPU / Battery life don’t matter if my primary interface to the device is of miserable quality.

          • Anonymous

            Never said anything of the sort, why don’t you go back to fapping off to the Vigor images son.

      • i heard they declined it

        • Anonymous

          I respect your opinion, but that would be very confusing considering what’s going on in certain circles. I guess the only thing I can say is P3 has been dropping hints the same way left and right the last few days and considering he’s opposite coast I am going to assume we have different sources, haha. While I mostly like your comments, I hope you simply misheard this time 🙂

      • Tony Allen

        Luckily I have two upgrades due by this December, so I’ll be getting both unless something as phenominal comes out with LTE/Dual-Core and a full QWERTY.

      • Anonymous

        Do you have any info about when the next Nexus will be unveiled?

    • Anonymous

      3. vigor           these company better step up there design cause alot of “iDiots” like more the design then what the actual phone does

  • FIRST! Lol couldn’t resist. Looks sexy.

  • Thats it????