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Did Samsung Confirm the Existence of the Nexus Prime in a Cease and Desist Letter?

(Click image for full version)

We think we have a pretty good idea as to where this cease and desist letter came from, but will ignore that and look at how silly it was of Samsung to send it.  After you click on the image above and read through it, you’ll quickly realize that they fully admit to the existence of the Nexus Prime over and over again.  Why is that silly?  Well, because neither Google, Samsung, or anyone else involved in this device has admitted to it even existing.  Sure, we have seen some leaked roadmaps for Sammie, a model number of GT-I9250 running Ice Cream Sandwich, and a rumored name of “Nexus Prime”, but no public confirmation.

For all we knew, Google and the Android team had yet to decide on the manufacturer for their next Nexus beast.  I think we now know for sure that it’s Samsung.  Stop the speculation?  File this one in the /facepalm vault.  

And just because it’s so awesome, here is that Nexus Prime logo again, submitted by DL reader Nate.

Via:  Geek.com

Cheers huskerkate and Kyle!

  • Who cares about the letter.  When are we going to get a boot ani with that new logo?

  • Granted

    What ha as happened to new Amazon app every day, you silly ass nerd. You can’t follow through with anything. Any other valid reality television “stars” getting married, or taking a dump that got you all hot and bothered. I have a sneaking suspicion you have Britney Spears taped above your bunk bed.

  • RW-1

    Fishing expedition …. Send the letter to anyone whom you think may have something, whether or not you actually do, and scare them into contacting you….


  • Looks like Mr. Kondik is already working hard…

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone confirm this is running an OMAP AP?  I heard someone at Google complaining how slow TI is to release code.  Coincidence?

  • Lethalprophet

    I’m not sure I believe that’s real. First, something like this would pretty much be a form letter for various and sundry instances where a cease and desist order is required, and I’m sure someone would have caught “immediate” instead of “immediately”.
    Second, under the alleged terms of this letter, whom ever allowed it to see the light of day was already in trouble through Samsung, and sending it around would only compound the situation for them, as the contents have been “altered, modified, deleted, erased, or destroyed”.

  • Webby

    Fake as a 3 dollar bill.

  • Anonymous

    shits faker than ur momma’s titties

  • Nate Surber

    Thanks for the Props Kellex.  I’ve lost count of how many sites the logo has popped up on over the past few days.  A few of them actually give me credit for it.  It’s surreal to do an image search and see it all over the place.

  • Jerry Moreno

    https://twitter.com/#!/P3Droid has anyone noticed how he has been talking in secret about the prime? Might he be the one that received this letter?

    • See p3droid’s response below.  He said he knows “First hand” that this is real.

      id say it was his letter

  • Idiopos

    It looks like “fixed” document to me…

  • I love how everyone is calling this fake when the addressee has come forth and I don’t think he’s someone that anyone would doubt. 

  • Anonymous

    lol i love that ridiculously stupid looking nexus prime logo made by some kid. Now we just need a confirmation on specs and carriers. anybody remember when the last nexus released? that would give a good indicator on this one

    • Nate Surber

      Glad you love it.  I did, of course, make it just for you as your opinion means everything to me and I don’t know how I would be able to continue my career as an artist without your approval.

  •  Fake, Where’s the company letter head? 

  • Anonymous

    So you say you have a good idea who the letter came from. Well, who is it?

  • Ken Hartman

    If this was real, it would be a purposefully contrived leak that the Nexus Prime does exist and is coming from Samsung, trying to undercut sales of phones like the Droid Bionic.

  • jimbob

    Smells like a fake.

    • Stelv81

      Smells like hype lol

  • Schoat

    Who cares about the nexus prime fake or real argument. This person has an ICS system dump?

  • Anonymous

    No wonder why apple went after Samsung, if I had lawyers who wrote like that I would fire them immediately!

    Plus, they should be smart enough not to mention the device.

  • Dash Speeds

    Anyone who follows P3Droid look at his most recent tweets. I’m thinking that he might be the origin of this C&D, he dropped a few hints about the Prime coming first to Verizon between Thanksgiving and Christmas and then to other carriers as well. Used an awful lot of code words though.

    • Rnaiyc

      I think so too my first thought was that he might be the recipient of this letter lol

    • Larry Jr. Lima

      A lot of obvious codes for the NexusPrime, but a lot more typos.. LOL but he’s saying he got in trouble. So maybe he’s got a NeverPhone or a NeverPromise or a NewPrincess. 

  • Anonymous

    If my attorney wrote like that, he would not be my attorney. I vote for fake. 

  • babadush

    Hey heeeeyyyy

  • Stelv81

    I miss the old days when more of the content was about apps and roms, instead of a new phone being released every 2 months. I like that reporting too sometimes but there is more to Android than the next best thing. Many current devices are very capable machines and will be for a while, but people feel inadequate about their devices because of the hype of others. 

    • Me

      That’s what she said (sorry couldn’t help myself) but I know what you mean my miui d2 is still running great but with all this reading I want a new phone. After I get it I’m done reading Blog ‘s

      • Stelv81

        The rooted D2 is not a bad device. I almost bought one on swappa a while back. It could last one for a while. 

        Sometimes I think these blogs get kick backs to promote the hell out of these phones before they are released (no offense Droid life, this is a great site)

  • Me

    This is so fake. Legal agencies not going to go out with out a couple of proof readings. A misspelled word may get by (doubtful) but something as simple to spot as your are is not going to get by a multi billion dollar company’s lawyer.

  • Fakeletter

    wow, samsung hires nigerian scammers as general counsel.. i think that’s the news here…

  • Stelv81

    Fake or not. The Nexus Prime is not coming to Verizon. I am willing to bet money on that.

    Source: Verizon’s track record.

    • Actually, the person that this C&D letter was addressed to has said it is coming to VZW. 

      • Stelv81

        Who is the person that this letter was addressed to?

  • IT’S NOT FAKE! my grandma’s brother’s mom’s best friend dogs neighbors owners saw this go down in person. Only moments later they woke up in a bathtub filled with ice and a note saying call paramedics immediately we’ve stolen your kidneys till we get our firmware back!! have to run now, my daughter is saying “Bloody mary” in the mirror and i have to stop her….

  • Obviously fake.  Come on Kellex, you’re better than that.

  • Poor grammar and inconsistent formatting.  I also think that they would have mentioned the product by model/number, not by a code name that only people have speculated about.


    Wifi Cert proves it for me.

  • This is most definitely a fake. If this was put on paper, the font would be extremely tiny — the only sign we really need. Also, no parties were cited in the letter — you must absolutely cite parties in the letter, not just in the To: section at the top (no one is accused, and the legal party — aka Samsung’s lawyers — are not identified in the letter body). And finally, this is way too short for a Cease and Desist letter — there should be at least a couple of pages to it, not 3 sentences.

  • Philip Van Luke

    Umm I know where this letter came from, as should most of you that follow this community, and I am sure that the person that received it doesnt give a crap about using paint or whatever. this is a joke to him, and is being treated as such.

    samsung is amazing.

  • 2 Nexus devices in a row by Samsung? That’s the facepalm here.

  • Anonymous

    lol…they were completely set up and that made Samsung admit that Nexus Prime is real. Wow.

  • Chris Schmucker

    So who did they send the letter to? ……interesting

  • Keith Sumner

    Usually with legal stuff like this, you’ll get a certified letter in the mail, not a shoddily written email message. I also question the authenticity of this. Also, they would definitely not say “Thank you” in this kind of situation.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    1. once again, you a day late and a dollar short on a story from a day ago posted on other sites
    2. WHY is this even a story really? You just got done posting the fact the Nexus just got certification in WiFi and then.. this letter? We know the f****** phone exists. Who cares about what this letter says or does not say after the fact?

    • EC8CH

      1. You do realize some of those other sites also repost stories that droid-life breaks?

      2. Agreed the wifi cert does more to prove the existence of the Prime. 

      • FortitudineVincimus

        1. not in this case. As I said clearly, I read this yesterday elsewhere.

        2. Agreed. This is a non-story at best

        • 1. ….
          2. Buckle your shoe!

        • Kurt Edens

          FortitudineVincimus: I don’t know why you insist on telling Kellex what he clearly already knows. He gave a clear citation to the original poster of said story (Geek.com) at the bottom of the page, and was merely passing it along to all of his readers.  I am one that occasionally looks to other news sites for info on all things android; however Droid-Life is my primary source and it would not surprise me if some use this site as there go to resource for such information. Thus giving Kellex cause to share any interesting news.  If you wish to decide what qualifies as pertinent on the android scene then by all mean create your own site, or work your way up to being an editor of an existing site.   Either way, if you do not enjoy, or find useful, a certain article on this site, or any for that matter, then please just pass it over.   Thanks!In regards to the WiFi Certification verifying the existence of the Nexus Prime, the FCC documents only verified the existence of the the Samsung  GT-I9250, and does not reference the name “Nexus Prime”, wherein this alleged Cease and Desist letter does cite the name “Nexus Prime”.   
           C’mon now, cut Kellex some slack here. I enjoy any bit of news I can get as I struggle to decide how to use my Upgrade that has been stewing on my account since July 12th.

    • Trbasil

      Why do you even read this sight then?  It’s their site and they can post about the next designer Barbie doll if they want to.

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps this day is slow and he was bored and wanted to let others that didn’t know about this “non-story” as you put it, know about it? Ever thought about that?

      Plus, why are you still even here? Don’t you have other sites to troll on about?

      Just sayin’…

      • Blood

        I agree with you. I’ve noticed that Fridays are a slow day, I guess this is why he saved the story for today.

    • ScarShadow

      you sir, are a flaming troll. 3/10 please go get feed and fall in a hole elsewhere
      /signed everyone here who isnt a half wit idiot.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        Your the half wit really with your babble.

        Both points are 100% true. The story was elsewhere yesterday and we know the Nexus exists. Period.

        I love the sheeple that are such fanboys that they cannot even call out the sites they like for having lame stories because they are so enamored, they jump on board and accept anything they are fed. This is a lame story and was already countered by a story they did 15 minutes earlier.. And FWIW, I am on this site everyday all day and have been since it practically started meaning I clearly like it. But even I have enough balls to tell them when a story sucks. This story sucks and is just filler and adds nothing to the Android world.

        • ScarShadow

          its a free country, and your entitled to your opinion, however i fail to see what your “calling this site out on” they own, operate and maintain the site how they see fit, and for the record, your internet “stand” against the “sheepole” and “fanboys” will do nothing to dissuade or awaken them to the reality of the world you live in. reality is in the eye of the participant. and your arguing with no one. thanks for the amusing distraction.  

        • People Come here for the news, its an aggregate hence the VIA: link at the bottom.  Some of us don’t have time like you do apparently to read 800 blogs posts a day.  This is something that I agree may be a fake should have never made news but perhaps its a slow morning.  Someone always has to break a story and it can’t always be DL.  There are plenty of other sites I have seen days later refer to an article that DL did post.  So you don’t need to be a dick about it.

        • igoodgrammar

          You’re* the half wit…

          i fixed it for you. 

          • I just can’t figure out why people who call other people stupid can’t at least know the difference between your and you’re.

            I’m sure he uses “to” when it should be “too” too. 🙂

        • Granted

          Hell yeah! I like “sheeple”. Bravo with your accurate assessment of these geek automatons.

    • Anonymous

      I think the point was that it supposedly came from samsung.

  • Anonymous

    Someone is about to get sued!

  • Who uses Paint to omit? IMO not someone who has “Nexus Prime Firmware”

    I trust Kellex but damn that looks easy to fake. Why would Samsung use the words “Nexus Prime” when nobody has official said that’s what it is? Wouldn’t they use a model number or something?

  • Anonymous


  • Craig

    “your are also put on notice..”  This is fake.

    • GOGO

      People make mistakes!!!!

      • Legal departments know the difference between your and you’re.  Fake.

        • Jim

          But you clearly don’t….

        • Kurt Edens

          funny…  I must agree, although the alleged letter uses the word properly.  “Your” is the possessive term, representing ownership or possession; and You’re is a contraction, used to shorten “You are” 

        • Mike

          It’s not that they confused your and you’re, they wrote “your are” .  I agree that the number of mistakes and their collective boneheadedness make this very unlikely to be legitimate.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        It’s fake, it’s so obviously fake that it’s hard to believe it was posted as news. 

        Legal teams operate by certified letters, the reason for that is because it confirms delivery by signature of the receiver.

        • Keith Sumner

          That’s what I said down there

          “Usually with legal stuff like this, you’ll get a certified letter in the mail, not a shoddily written email message. I also question the authenticity of this. Also, they would definitely not say “Thank you” in this kind of situation.”

          • Granted

            My cease and desist order came through email. People are too damn cheap to pay for a stamp.

        • P3droid

          I don’t normally reply but in this case i will.  I am sure I’ve received more C&D’s than anyone on this board. And All of mine have been sent via email from a legal department of a company. This one is not fake, i know first hand.

          Enjoy the rest of your day.

          • So are you going to return the phone???  😉

          • Anonymous

            Someone at Sammy is messing with you then. You don’t pay an attorney $450 an hour (or even more) to make grammatical errors like those. Most likely came from some tool at Sammy that thought he’d stir some stuff up.

          • Granted

            $450 an hour! Haha! Jump that up to four figures.

          • you realize that 450 an hour is like 20k a week right?  —  These people work more than 40 hours a week

    • Agreed, how about the…

      “Samsung orders you to immediate cease,”

      Not that mistakes don’t happen, but Samsung’s high-priced lawyers should know it needs to be “immediateLY.”

  • Urmomma

    Oh behave!

  • Joshua Granville

    Letter is poorly written, where did you find this.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      this was posted on the web elsewhere yesterday

  • So someone who has a Nexus Prime was planning to release the system dump? PLEASE VIOLATE THE S&D WHOEVER YOU ARE! 

  • Guest

    They should have done the Apple thing and have the cops do a search warrant and confiscate all computers and laptops from the guy’s house.  Lucky Samsung doesn’t act like Apple in that aspect.

    • Anonymous

      Apple probably has a patent on such activity.

      • EC8CH

        ^ this never gets old

        • babadush

          ^ it really doesn’t

        • TomHolmes

          There’s a patent for that.

  • mcnulty

    I want a shirt with that logo on it. Right now.

  • EC8CH

    Ef the lawyers… release the Prime Firmware!

  • Anonymous

    Wow…quite the strong language there. “Contact us for the return of our property and other remediation??” Pretty sure I’d be like “uh…I have no idea what you’re talking about guys. you’ve got the wrong person….”

    Backup the firmware into TrueCrypt and then hit “Secure Delete” on the original!

  • Erikb 0077

    its not coming to VZW so i could give two Sh*ts

    • EC8CH

      shut your dirty mouth!


    • Anonymous

      alot of rumors are saying otherwise. maybe them having the prime is why they decided to not go with a galaxy 2. well that and the pending lawsuits.

    • LivingFree

      And you know this how?

      Before you makes comments know your facts as the device does in fact exist, is in peoples hands over at VZW, and Samsung would not send out a letter like this for no reason. Bottom line is hold judgement until you know the facts seeing as it is highly likely it will come to VZW.

      • Erikb 0077

        yeah dude, from what i have been told, its seriously not looking good. I have a couple of sources. I am SO annoyed. No GSII and its really not looking good on the NP. UGH!

        • FortitudineVincimus

          fall back plan = Vigor

    • Kurt Edens

      Ahhhhh. BLASPHEMY!!!

  • Anonymous

    Do we know this is legit?

    • EC8CH

      2 Legit 2 Quit

    • Dan

      It could have been written by Optimus Troll

      • EC8CH

        I like this

    • yep…looks fake to me