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A Look at the DROID Bionic’s Battery Life

One of the selling points for the DROID Bionic when it is finally released, is likely going to be that it has an above average battery life as compared to other 4G LTE phones like the Thunderbolt.  We aren’t exactly sure what Moto has done on the inside to hopefully extend the life of the device, but one would guess that they have done more than just slap an extended battery in it, since they have had months and months of extra time for optimization.  Thanks to a DL reader, we have shots of the Bionic’s battery meter at the 60%, 50% and 15% marks to give us some sort of an idea of what we can expect.   

What we have been told, is that up until the 60% mark, the device was essentially just running on 3G with moderate usage, allowing it to cruise through almost 15 hours without dropping much.

After the device hit 60% though, the phone jumped between 3G and 4G LTE for a while before locking onto just 4G LTE for the remainder of its charge.  As you can see in the screenshot below, with what appears to be pretty moderate usage, the device still stood at around 50% after over 19 hours of use.

And finally, we return back to the photo up top which shows that after over a full day (25 hours) of what we are still pretty sure has been moderate usage, the phone has 15% left.

We can gather a few things from looking at these shots.  First, is that this phone already crushes the HTC Thunderbolt in battery even if it has just been sitting idle.  The Thunderbolt, whether it was on 3G or 4G, could not last a day even at moderate usage.  Second thing, is it appears as if this new Blur still heavily favors cell standby time and phone idle in its battery meters just like it does on the DROID3.  Even with pretty heavy use, my D3 almost always has these two as its top battery gobblers, so it’s pretty tough to tell how much usage this phone was getting on this charge.  We did hear from our source that by no means, was this “heavy” usage.

Overall though, this is a pretty good sign for the Bionic, especially with doubters expecting the battery to die in minutes with both LTE and a dual-core processor running.  It’s looking like with all that extra time that Moto put into this device, that they may have actually found some ways to keep it alive longer.

Cheers ___!

  • Jayd

    My battery & Data manager shows Motorola Services on the top line and it is eating my battery.  Verizon said they didn’t know what that was, can anyone tell me?  My phone has been on for 3h 41m 27s on battery and it is at 30% with Motorola Services using 60% of that.

  • Benjams21

    I have the droid bionic and the battey life us HORRIBLE
    I charge it all night i take it off the charger at like 10 min to7
    By like noon it is already dead without me touching it because i cant be on at school

  • John

    Verizon. Some Verizon tech reps (over the phone since they’re not in the stores anymore) say this particular problem (pick one) is a problem they are not aware of or is a known problem for which there will be a fix coming out in a matter of months. Until then, tough sh*t if you don’t work because you can’t receive/respond to emails and/or phone calls. The latter problem is one I’ve consistently had with Verizon. I’ve been promised numerous times that the problem has been fixed yet it seemingly never goes away. I had AT&T and it was much worse with their iDiot phone. I’m wondering if T-Mobile and Sprint could be any better?

  • Johneusavage

    Anyone who owns this phone and uses it extensively knows that it has more problems than most cell phones. I’ve had to swap it out three times, reset it to factory settings several times, new SIM card… All within the first two weeks of owing it. One battery riddle involves adjusting all settings/features/applications/etc. to optimize the battery life, but after non-use for 15 minutes the data shuts down. Ergo, no more email until you use it again. Also, the disabling/uninstalling of applications whenever it feels like it, the device auto-restarting itself, losing the data feature when switching between 3G and 4G… I could go on and on, but simply put: Why hasn’t there been a recall, yet?

    • Jay Be

      Damn, that sucks, you must be pulling your hair out.  I guess I got lucky with mine.  What carrier is your phone on?

  • Jay Be

    I was a devoted BlackBerry user and the Droid Bionic converted me.  That says a lot right there. 

    First of all, I am not paid to give praise to this device nor the carrier.  I am
    just a customer who is so happy with my new gadget that I feel like a
    kid on Christmas and I wanted to share my experience with others.

    When I decided to try out the Bionic, I knew I could return it within two weeks if I didn’t like it, so I had two weeks to decide if I wanted to keep the Bionic or return it and get a different phone. 

    There were many things I was worried about:

    -I was worried that without a physical keyboard, I would not be able to type well on the touch screen keyboard.
    -I was worried that with the new OS, I wouldn’t be able to configure and tweak everything to get it working exactly the way I like it.
    -I was worried about it being too big to easily fit into my pocket.
    -I was worried that the battery wouldn’t last me through the day.
    -And I was worried that the 4G LTE (which is one of the Bionic’s selling points) would not be available in my area.

    Every single worry that I had was blown away and I am 100% satisfied with my Droid Bionic.  I could not be happier with my purchase:

    -The touchscreen keyboard provides a tactile response with both vibration and sound which made it much easier for me to learn how to type on a touchscreen keyboard  (if you don’t like the vibration and sound, you can turn them off).  Within four days I was already proficient with the touchscreen keyboard.
    -Android has matured a great deal since I last tried and Android phone (about two years ago) and now the settings have all the options I desire so I can configure and customize the phone to my exacting standards (some might call them obsessively exacting standards but that’s just the way I am).
    -The Bionic is bigger than my previous BlackBerry, but when I slid the Bionic into my pocket (no “That’s what she said” jokes), it fit perfectly and I have so far never had a problem with the Bionic being too bulky in my pocket; I don’t even notice that it’s there.
    -Regarding battery usage: these days, every single smartphone on the market that has a large high resolution display and 4G data capability is going to have to contend with massive energy consumption, there’s just no way around it with current battery technology.  So when I compared the Droid Bionic to several of my friends’ smartphones (Android, iPhone, and even Windows Phone 7), the Bionic was slightly better.  They were all very close and I think it comes down to how you use your phone.  There are many battery-saving settings on the Bionic that you can customize till your heart’s content.  So the bottom line is that considering what the Bionic is, it does not hog battery, and in fact with the right settings it can make the battery last for a very long time.
    -I’ve tried all three of the US’s major carriers in the following order: AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.  Granted, different phones will produce different results, but when I got my Bionic on Verizon, I was blown away by the speed.  It might have also been the Bionic’s hardware, but whenever I was in range of 4G LTE, the speed was blazing fast: better than any other in my experience.  However, when I was with Sprint, the ONLY time I was in range of their 4G network was when I was at the airport, and that was for about 10 minutes.  With my Bionic on Verizon’s 4G LTE, I was pleasantly surprised to be in range almost everywhere, including where I live which is a notorious “Dead Zone” for cell phone reception.  (P.S. Of course I use the Bionic’s WiFi whenever possible because that’s just common sense).

    Sorry for the long comment, but I’m in love with my phone (I think I’ll marry it).

  • Cybertronian94

    This guy must not use his phone at all…

  • Mdoddbama

    I bought the bionic the day it released. I also bought 3 extra batteries. I listen to podcasts on google music and the batteries last only 2.5 to 3.5 hours each. I understand that is a drain but that time is sad.

  • John

    Was this article written by Motorola? I’ve had the Bionic for a week now and the battery completely sucks. Period. With no WiFi, music, phone calls, video, Bluetooth, screen resolution on lowest setting… The battery lasts 4 to 5 hours. Tops. I’m considering returning it. There are other problems: one ring tone for all email accounts (my two year old Droid can do this!), inability to sync, problems emailing photos/video… There are about 8 settings to attempt to preserve the battery life that have to be consistently reset throughout the day (at least every hour) that does very little to preserve battery life. I have two batteries and the results are the same for both.

  • mab151

    I disagree I have one and the battery life seems to be awful.  With LTE on, it maybe lasts 4-5 hours of limited use.  Drains very quickly even when idle.  Have set a lot of apps to auto turn off.  It seems a bit better on 3G but v disappointing on LTE.

  • LeJester

    I am having battery life issues with my Bionic.  I fully condition charged it before bed.  This morning I got up to find that in Stand By for 5 hours 20% of the battery life was drained.  The day before yesterday, I had used the phone through the day off and on while charging part of that time.  In the afternoon, with good usage, the battery was at 40%.  I have an 30 minute drive home from work.  I checked the phone for messages a couple of hours after getting home and the phone battery was flat dead.  Perhaps, some program was sucking down battery power, but, the phone was in standby when I left for home.  Yesterday, before leaving for home, I killed all apps, turned all radios except primary radio off and made sure that auto updates were minimzed.  I checked the phone an hour and a half later, the charge on the battery dropped 20%.
    This is all too bad.  Otherwise, the phone is great.  I love the things that it does.  But coming from an iPhone 3G which with aggressive usage would run for almost two days without a recharge, this is frustrating at best.

    • LeJester

      The 4G has been rock solid.  There is no back and forth switching between 3G and 4G.  No obvious connection losses.  I feel that something is not or was not allowing the device to truely go into ‘stand by’.
      I have done some work on my phone since yesterday and their might be some improvement.  I had a heavily configured desktop, some Widgets (CNN, Facebook, BBC News and the like), Go Launcher Ex and and Look Out Security.  The desktop is now very minimal, removed Go Launcher EX and removed that Lookout Security.  In days prior, I had been removing other applications to try and improve the battery performance.
      I unplugged the phone from the wall at 6:30 AM.  It is now 11:30 AM.  I have been checking email and doing facebook here and there.  I have 90% battery power showing!  It is like a miracle!
      If I had to guess, I would suppose a problem with the anti-virus software tanking the battery.
      I love what the Go Launcher Ex does.  So, I will try installing the Go Launcher EX and see if the battery tanks.  Then if everything is OK, in coming days I will ramp up the load on the home screens.
      I am now hopeful that I might have a handle on some of the issues with the battery performance.  I will try and update this post in the near future.
      Has anyone ever run into any battery performance issues with any of the above mentioned applications?
      All the best!

      • LeJester

        Update 2: Went on a road trip on Saturday.  I unplugged the phone from wall power at 9:00AM.  I drove for three hours in and out of areas with weak coverage.  Then spent the day and evening out with friends.  I used the phone off and on all day and into the evening.  Facebook, web browsing and some HD 1080 video recording.  The battery life continues to improve.  I arrived home at 4:00AM and plugged in my phone.  It still had 30% battery life remaining. 
        It really does seem that the battery life has improved a great deal.  I am wondering if the suggestion in another post about the battery performance increasing over time is on the mark.  Perhaps several charges and discharges could be conditioning the battery. 
        As for those who have reported problems with uploading data and with connections.  My phone has been a real champ in that regards.  It is very stable.  You may want to contact Verizon if you are having issues with the network performance and the battery as well.
        I am still running the Go Launcher EX and this has not caused any problems with the battery life.  I also have severl feed widgets going as well.  The WiFi radio was turned on the entire time as well.

  • I hate to say it but most of the commentators seem to be right.  Even if the software is heavy on Phone idle and standby…that doesn’t explain the lack of application usage.  Even if someone only opened an app for a second it would show up on the usage statistics.  Judging by the way this was “used” they couldn’t have been doing anything more than playing with widgets and for a short time on gmaps.  This is much more likely to be a very light usage/standby time.  Which if switching from LTE to 3g and back isn’t bad.

  • Tobyknowz

    At 8:00 this mornin my phone was complete charged up now at 11:30 tonight I’m at 5% and I received 8 calls through my bluetooth the call lasted less then 5 mins each today and check my facebook page,text 3 people and its about dead I don’t like that

    • LeJester

      I am having similar battery issues with my Bionic.  I fully condition charged it before bed.  This morning I got up to find that in Stand By for 5 hours 20% of the battery life was drained.  The day before yesterday, I had used the phone through the day off and on while charging part of that time.  In the afternoon, with good usage, the battery was at 40%.  I have an 30 minute drive home from work.  I checked the phone for messages a couple of hours after getting home and the phone battery was flat dead.  Perhaps, some program was sucking down battery power, but, the phone was in standby when I left for home.  Yesterday, before leaving for home, I killed all apps and made sure that auto updates were minimzed.  I checked the phone an hour and a half later, the charge on the battery dropped 20%.

      This is all too bad.

  • My Droid X was at 1day 13h 19m @ 4% battery life left. Which I thought was pretty good, with regular use, wifi on, full brightness.

  • Ray_42069

    Tjose little dots of blue could be 10 to 15 min of usage the big ones could be even longer

  • Ray_42069

    Had your phone ever lasted 25 hours the 8 hours you sleep is going to make the average screen off time alot more so yeah this could be legit I think alot of people are just hating on it cause they can’t have it yet

  • RW-1

    Larger batt.

  • I am pleasantly surprised at how fast this thing is. Never was a fan of
    TI OMAPs, but this new dual-core chip seems quite snappy. More on the
    Bionic at my blog: http://wp.me/p1BlyQ-57.

  • thats on standby. that sucks actually if it’s just standby.

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  • Antthedrag

    This is great and all but I’m not buying another Motorola phone until they unlock their damn bootloaders. Currently on the Droid X I advise anyone who is into rooting ans roms to stay away from Mototrola ‘s locked phones. Until Motorola releases this phone with an unlocked bootloader I’m not getting my hopes up.

  • Lam Nguyen

    But if you look at the “usage bar” under the 14h 58m 20s picture, you can see that the phone wasn’t used at all for 8 hours or so.

  • I want to convey my appreciation for your kindness in support of people who really need assistance with this area. Your very own commitment to getting the solution around has been rather functional and have continually made men and women just like me to reach their aims. Your own informative help and advice implies a great deal to me and substantially more to my fellow workers. Warm regards; from everyone of us.

  • Anonymous

    What a God awful pentile display

  • when it’s all said and done we all have a choice; a choice to like or not to like! in the end it’s all based upon what you prefer!

  • Daggy1985

    Seriously I am so tired of hearing overexaggerated complaints of the Thunderbolts battery life. Sure, if one chooses to leave 4G on all the time then the battery will die quickly, but guess what its new technology, its going to have bugs that need to be worked out. And to say in this article that even on 3G the tb cant last a day is not accurate. I work 12 hour shifts and use my TB throughout the day checking facebook, twitter, texting, browsing, playing games and general after 16 hours of being up I still have 50 – 60% battery left, and Im willing to bet my phone would last past the 24 hour mark, easily. Sure people can complain that the battery should last longer with 4G on, but it doesn’t, oh well Im over it. The fact remains that with Android phones it takes some tweaking to get good battery life out of any of the phones no matter whom makes the phone, I think thats why android is so great because we have the power to satisfy our inner geek self and tweak and customize to our hearts content. Anyways thats my rant for today lol!

    • Q

      No, the Thunderbolt battery sucks.  Ive had three, and have three other friends who have one.  The battery is an epic joke.  This is no exaggeration.  ANd yes, I do leave 4G on all the time.  Isnt 4G the entire point of the phone?  If I wanted to have a 3G Android with a 4.3″ screen, I could have simply kept my Droid X.  I actually wouldnt mind sticking with the TB if the battery was at least acceptable.  I just got back from Las Vegas and I had to carry two batteries around because the phone would dying in less than 8 hours.  I have nothing syncing and nothing significant running.  The phone just burns through battery like nothing.

      • Chris Pike

        My bolt works just fine. 9 hours of use and still at just under half full on battery. 100% stock.

        • Chris Pike

          And here is my useage Q.

          • Chris Pike

            Not too bad for a bolt.

      • Daggy1985

        “Isn’t 4G the entire point of the phone?” If you choose to look at it that way? 4G is great to use when I feel I actually need to use it. Ya if you leave 4G on the battery dies quickly, does that suck? Yes. Thats the price we pay for first gen technology. So I choose to use 3G and only turn on 4G if really needed. If thats unacceptable for you and you must have 4G on all the time, then fine, to each his/her own. Personally I dont care, cause 3G is plenty fast enough to retrieve twitter and facebook updates, which is mainly what I do.

  • Herinel

    Switch to the iPhone 4 3 months ago from the tbolt and I can almost surely say that I’m selling my iPhone 4 for the bionic.

  • Shannigans!!!   Put this through a real world test to see how the battery lasts.  Use some apps, make some calls, browse the web, 4G LTE downloads, etc.   I have a 15 year old phone and battery that can last 5 days if I charge it and leave it sit on a table.

  • Dom

    I’m confused at the times on the phone. At 60% it was 12:32 and almost 15hrs on the battery. Later it was 15% at 9:31 and 25hrs on the battery. 15+9 =/= 25. I’m thinking the phone was off for at least an hour.

  • Goalyboy17

    If you guys don’t know this is a bug with the bat read out, you shouldn’t be following tech blogs. Go look at any d3 forum and then come back and delete your ignorant stupid comments.

  • Al Heasley

    Listen people, I have a droid 3 and my battery it at 30% right now at 15hrs and my battery specs are cell standby at 30 % phone idle at 27% and my screen is only 5%. I would consider my usage as moderate to heavy. For some reason 2.3.4 version of gingerbread on moto phones favor cell standby and phone idle…….so give it a break. You have no idea how the battery works unless you are running 2.3.4 gingerbread, and if you don’t own a droid 3 you aren’t running 2.3.4……so know what your talking about before you start pecking your keyboards!

    • Mrbrooks418

      No thanks. your right i dont own a Droid 3 and would never want one……

      • James_Ever

        I too own the Droid3 and its true about the cell standby and phone idle being huge battery hogs though I still have good battery life, 14hrs with light to moderate use with 40% battery life left. The battery life configuration it seems to be the same for the Bionic according to these pics so be prepared for your phone to lose more battery life in standby than when you actually use the device. I still think its a great device, both of them but it is an issue for those going for this device to be prepared for… and bloatware constantly running even when you haven’t ever opened the device. Not a huge issue for me, but may be for some.

  • Anonymous


  • Mrbrooks418

    My Thunderbolt will last that long too. especialy if i never turn the screen on. i mean really, 4% display use…. My phone last from sat 7pm till sunday 8pm when im home and have light use on it. where during the weak i use 2 full batteries during a 24 hour period. and thats moderate/ heavy use from 7am till 12:30 – 1 am.  and im in a 4G area where ever im am. how about a real life test. Just sayin……..

    • Anonymous

      I dunno why everyone makes out the Thunderbolt’s battery to be so horrid.  I never turn 4G off, and right now I’m at 45% after 15h 1m.  Display is 52%, Cell Standby 18%, Phone Idle 16%, Voice calls 7%, Internet 3%, Android System 2%.  Maybe that’s not as good as the Bionic, or my old Incredible for that matter, but it gets me through the day.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, who cares?  I wanted to buy this phone when announced.  TOO LATE.  I’m onto the next thing AS THE CARRIERS TRAINED ME TO BE.  Know the market (you created)…

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  • Nerdslogic

    I don’t get it. So they are saying if you don’t use your phone it will last all day? I got a better one….if you pull the battery out you wont ever have to charge it again 😉

    thanks Moto….

  • Kixofmyg0t

    Jeez everyone lurks just waiting for a post about the Droid Bionic so they can trash it……

    From the looks of the usage meter(the brail looking blue bar below the battery graph), it WASN’T used THAT MUCH. Still with that being said, its battery life isn’t bad at all. I’d say it’s pretty good actually.

    Its worse than my Droid X…which has gone 53 hours sitting on a desk before it told me to charge it.(low voltage idle at 400Mhz, ajubrightness value 10 of 255 and extended battery) I normally get a 20+ hours of “heavy” use. My wife’s D2G however…..is like the T-bolt…..HORRIABLE. You can leave it sitting and it will be dead in 14 hours….even if you didn’t touch it.

    Either way I’m still impressed given the hardware. I’ll still be first in line September 8th to get one….as well as the extended battery(that’s a MUST for me). Hopefully Motor won’t plug the root method so I’ll be able to do my usual tweaks.

  • Anonymous

    Just saw the bionic commercial in the Theater

  • Rob Meyer

    It comes with a battery too?

  • Christian

    “…especially with doubters expecting the battery to die in minutes with…a dual-core processor running” – shouldn’t that theoretically prolong the battery life? I know in my personal experience (and based on tech specs) dual core phones have had much better battery life than comparable single core ones.

  • Robb

    wait…. on the 15% picture…the cell stand by and phone idle take up 92% of the combined battery usage. wich means the dude didint use the phone at all right? he just proved that batteries last a long time if u dont use them -_-

  • Mattyb1085

    That 4% of Display was probably from when he turned his phone on to see if it was charged, and then he unplugged it and put it on his desk.

  • cystic


  • Anonymous

    Looks like more bionic hype to me.

  • Mr.Joe

    Who cares?  It’s locked!  I don’t even know why DL is promoting locked phones anyways.

    • Well what else are they gonna promote? All phones release locked.

      • Mr.Joe

        Promote boycotting the product. 

    • Kierra

      I care 🙂 . Not ever consumer wants to get into the innards. Some just want a good phone.

      • Mr.Joe

        That’s pretty deep.

        Too bad locked phone is crap and no good.  

  • Lakerzz

    Ehhh…my brother is CONSTENTLY complaining about his I*hone 4’s crappy battery life.


    The fact that we need to sacrifice our display screen quality for battery life is just f’ing sad.
    What if the DB had a retina display, would it have a shitty battery life? Please explain.
    Is there something Google can do to the android OS to make better?

  • Anonymous

    Haha…yeah that’s some real world use.

  • Anonymous

    My thunderbolt lasts a day, just barely though. I use it a lot too. (no extended battery)

    • But the iphone has almost double the D3’s life.

  • Jd

    screw the bionic.  after a buggy gingerbread update to my droid x and a bug fixer update which left the phone even more screwed up, i’m never buying another motorola product.  they are absolutely incompetent on the software side of things.  they also don’t acknowledge or apologize for problems which exist.  no matter how tempting the bionic looks we should all use our wallets to tell motorola that this shit is unacceptable

    • Anonymous

      I totally get you, but im thinking that now that moto and google are linked up, things as far as software problems should dissipate. I say lets give the Bionic a chance and pray along with Moto that they got it right this time around. Also, i am starting to think Gingerbread is fucked up all together, regardless of what phone its on, except for Nexus phones that got it vanilla. Remember how epic froyo was and how much better it made everything? GB did not do the same by any means as far as i can tell.

      • i’ve noticed that as well, which is why i’m almost glad my Charge is 2.2. I’ve heard nothing but complaints about GB, regardless of device, so it’s not just a Droid X problem, it’s software pure and simple. Hopefully ICS is a hell of a lot less buggy.

    • Lakerzz

      Like there isn’t any problems with other phones??? Reality check time…

    • Lakerzz

      Like there isn’t any problems with other phones??? Reality check time…

  • Kris Brandt

    What happened to the graph in the 15% one?  Near the end, it has a greatly increased slope.  Can we get the graph breakdown of that somehow?

  • Rp780

    With this battery life and the possibility of rooting I think this is my new phone

  • Diverge

    Those photos are worthless without showing the ‘phone signal, GPS on, WI-FI, Awake, Screen on, and charging’ graph. Then we’d know how much the phone was really used. If someone is going through the trouble to show you how “great” their battery life is, they would have posted that screen. Instead they coincidentally left it out, which shows they are trying to be misleading.

    • Really? Remember what assuming means

  • I had my thunderbolt on 20 hours and 37 minutes without charging with moderate use and still had 53%. Every one blows the thunderbolts battery out of proportion!

    • No they don’t htc ‘s battery life suck its fact

  • Anonymous

    If moto wants to really get great sales unlock the bootloader at launch that would make people forget about everything else. Yeah one can wish.

  • jnt

    So basically, on 3G, with little to no usage (even with Moto’s weird battery readings, you can’t get 93+% between cell standby and phone idle with “moderate” usage), it was down to 50% after 19 hours… then once it grabbed 4G, it dropped another 35% in about 6 hours with little to no usage.

    Don’t get me wrong, it should be better than other 4G phones (and appears to be), if anything because of the battery. But I don’t think this is really that big of a deal and I hope nobody is expecting this to have what would be considered “great” battery life for smartphones in general.

    And since when is the Bolt unable to get 24 hours on 3G only? I could easily get 24 hours on 3G only on mine. Not crazy heavy usage, but definitely not idle. I could go an entire weekend at home on my wifi.

    • Listen I’m not disputing that the battery might be good might not….but if you read what kellex said

      Second thing, is it appears as if this new Blur still heavily favors cell standby time and phone idle in its battery meters just like it does on the DROID3. Even with pretty heavy use, my D3 almost always has these two as its top battery gobblers, so it’s pretty tough to tell how much usage this phone was getting on this charge.

      So basically who knows…but the tipster also states he used it but it was moderate….I know my thunderbolt wouldn’t make it, I know my og droid would not make, and I know my droid x MB would be the closest to that…so I would think to me at least is good and great for a 4g phone

      • James_Ever

        Good point but he has to quantify what moderate use is because that’s subjective with each person. Not trying to cause a dispute as I own a Droid3 as well, but I believe its a valid point.

  • Nathan Hill

    My understanding was that the dark blue color under the main graph shows up when the display is on. That’s how it works on my Droid 3 anyways… it does appear that the screen was off a good deal of this time.

  • Anonymous

    I am not buying this claim that battery life on the Bionic is so amazing, OR the people claiming that its the PenTile Matrix that saves SOOOOOO much battery. I would honestly like to see these D3 and DX2 users battery usage screenies. These is no way PenTile (or ANY screen tech) uses that little… well, except when its off. The amount of “Phone Idle” and “Cell Standby” usage proves that these pics are of a phone left on someone’s dresser while they go off to work for the day.

    I probably unlock my phone every 30 minute or less to run some sort of app or do something like check email and my “phone idle” and “cell standby” percentages NEVER hit double digits, and thats with both stats active for over 6 hours EACH. For this phone to hit almost 50% in both idle states OBVIOUSLY means it was left alone for…. say it with me now… ALMOST 50% OF THE TOTAL BATTERY LENGTH IN EACH PICTURE. And these idle and standby times don’t include the allowed time Android gives once the screen goes untouched or data traffic stops until the phone enters these idle states. These wait times just add to the time that the screen is left off and detract from the amount the screen is actually used.

    I think the Bionic is going to be on par with the DX2 in terms of battery life, considering the DX2 isn’t LTE.

  • Eric Williams

    The time on the clock does not match the time used. 

    Base line start at 12:30 = used 14 hrs 58 mins. Then @ 4:52 = used 19 hrs 17 mins. Okay were are still close just a few minutes off. THEN @ 9:31 = 1 day 1hr 9 min. The issue is from 4:52 till 9:31 it’s 4 hrs and 39 mins but the usage has accounted over 5 hrs 52 mins of time. Why the difference? Staged photos on different days?

  • Anonymous

     That’s the beauty of pentile, which is why all the new phones are and may be going with it. Let’s stop all the hate guys, we are a Droid Community. The Iphone freaks are probably laughing at us….

  • We need real world test with 4G being used, otherwise forget it.

  • 15% for  25 hours with no calls and nothing but standby and idle? That is horrible!

  • Sam Stern

    Ok guys, you’re all making good points but nobody is thinking.   First of all I want to say that I’m getting this phone, so I’m no bionic hater.   However, you can tell that this person did almost nothing with the phone by one obvious thing:

    There are no apps listed in battery usage!   If he was on the browser, Browser would have shown.   Same with Text Messaging, or any other app he could have used.   I’m still happy to see that LTE won’t kill this phone on standby, but this says nothing about the usage battery life.  

    • Trooper

      Agree with you totally. Based upon that, nothing appears to be all that impressive here.

    • Turner

      Plus, the 4% display stat.  I’ve barely used my phone today and battery stats say 20% display

    • James_Ever

      On my Droid3 I’ve browsed for two hours and it still came out to 4 percent with cell standby still at 48%, this is an issue. I think it can easily be fixed as they’re trying to on the D3 now with the first software fix.

  • This phone was just sitting still all the time. Not even a moderate use. No use at all.
    When I put the phone in airplane mode, it can go for a few days without change. Does it prove anything?
    It would be interesting to see some real life stats, not that.

  • Anonymous

    The display is quite Pentil-icious. Easy to tell if you zoom in. Darn. Now no SGSII for Verizon. I don’t want to wait much longer!

  • Anonymous

    Atleast the screen doesn’t look to bad.

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  • Curious why the usage adds up to 101%. Is each element rounding up, or is bad math involved?

    • Anonymous

      because 101% on a calculator reads ‘lol’ .. as in: “lol this is in standby only”

      Looking forward to some real-world use statistics.

  • Anonymous

    A little extra time and bam this puppy is running good….

  • Anonymous

    *Note – Yes, we understand that the phone has cell standby and phone idle as its top two…we mentioned that.  If any of you have used a DROID3 (which we already mentioned as well), then you would know that there is a good chance it exaggerates those two categories.  As I also said in the post, the D3 (which will run the exact same software) shows these as the top two even with moderate to heavy use.  So no, we can’t tell exactly what this person was doing with this phone, but we also can’t assume that it was just sitting there on a desk doing nothing.

    Welcome to the life of Moto’s Blur.

    • Mctypething

      Or, you could assume that it was sitting on a desk. That is what you would do if you were looking at this objectively and not just through Bionic colored glasses.

      • Anonymous

        Or you could stop being a Grammar Nazi troll and keep an open mind to the fact that Kellex is reporting what can be seen currently and comparing with what we already know. However when this phone DOES come out and everything that he is saying true I seriously doubt you will admit you were wrong in judging a device before its launch…

      • Anonymous

        We’re not saying that this device will have the most incredible battery life on the planet.  Let’s take off the Bionic hate colored glasses. 🙂

        If we look at this objectively, there isn’t much to take from it other than exactly what we said.  And it says that the phone even at idle, crushes the Thunderbolt, which it does.  And also that our sources said that this phone wasn’t just sitting dead on a desk.  So we’ll try to take their word for it.

        Pretty objective look at the information we were given, I’d say.

        • JLHS

          Does this phone have NFC built-in?

          My guess is no; primarily because VZW is launching their own proprietary payment software and they don’t want to et any of those profits go to Google (which is also why they probably don’t want the SGSII –which has NFC–  before they are able to launch their own).

          • Anonymous

            Unless they surprise us, no, it does not.

        • Anonymous

          Well said Kellex, 

        • my OG droid at 1ghz loses 10% every 30-45min at idle…if I watch a movie, it’s gone before vader tells luke he’s his father…ohh shit, *spoiler*

          • Anonymous

            WTF do you have running?  I get a full day out of mine with heavy use, unless I use it for GPS.  Heavy use includes constant corporate email(push sync), constant gmail, facebook every 10-15 minutes(I have issues, I sometimes check it even when sitting at a computer), and music. 

          • I’ve got the original MotoDroid also….same thing. Don’t have to be actively running anything. Sitting idle it’s dead in less than 8 hours. Which is why I almost always have it charging at work/home/in car. Kinda sucks.

          • Anonymous

            You guys need to recalibrate your batteries or something, cuz thats flat out dumb. 

          • never did it before LOL

          • Full brightness, OC’d to 1ghz min-maxed, twitter, G+ and FB every 5-10 min? GPS always on for 4square and places. sometimes I run G-music or Pandora, but haven’t in a while. I don’t have any games….:(

            BT tethering sucks as well, battery gone maybe couple hours?

          • Anonymous

            Try setting CPU-Z to underclock to the minimum(or a step up from min if it’s laggy when you turn the screen on) when the screen is off.  GPS always on I imagine hurts you as well.  Do you have your screen off timer set real long?  I suppose its possible you trained the battery badly when you first got it.

            Note: I just checked, and I’m on 6 hours and 44 minutes uptime on battery, and I’m at 60%.

          • min is 1ghz, max is 1ghz LOL, I just wnat it smooth all the time, I had problems with incoming calls, not being able to unlock, or getting auto speaker phone, just odd stuff. Switched form LGB to PEv5, works better after going down to 3 screens instead of 5, easier on the home redraws. still laggy a bit, so that’s why I need an upgrade LOL. 

            Screen timer is about 15 seconds, but I check it all the time. so the 15 seconds doesn’t even matter anymore. If I’m busy or on the road, of course it’ll last longer, but not by much.

            Also, I never turned off my phone since the day I got it, only for reboots and flashes. maybe that wore out the battery, I leave it charging overnight and such. never conditioned it.

          • Anonymous

            Mayhaps that is the case!  I’d try 500/600 with screen off, it’ll help a lot.  I’d check out some different ROMs too…10% every 30-45 minutes at idle is just terrible.  Check your battery status…you must have some runaway app or something draining it…I dunno….you were right, time for an upgrade!

          • ATM has autokill at “crazy” and screen off frequency. 14 days left, I’ll deal!

          • Anonymous

            Well theirs your problem! Get rid of the task manager, that could be the sole reason your loosing so much battery. Your task manager kills the apps, android restarts them, it kills the apps, android restarts them, battery disappears. Task managers are very bad for android. Also, you don’t (as far as I know) need to train these batterys, they use a different technology then the older batterys, charging over night is fine as the battery stops getting charged when it hits 100% so you can never go over. and try setting the Cpu to run at 1 ghz max 600 mhz min with the bumblebee, or interactive governor, not sure if youll have those as it depends on the kernal.

          • I used to use smartass/smartmod, lagged a lil bit, so I just kept it constant 1k, I might try 700-1000, planning on switching roms too

          • Anonymous

            Cyanogenmod 7 bro

          • Poopsalot

            No Video Recording = lame.

          • Anonymous

            The bionic doesnt have video recording?!?!


          • Poopsalot

            No Video Recording = lame.

          • tried CM 7, felt bloated….not sure why.

          • Tony Allen

            GPS only gets used when an application activates it, even being ‘on’ doesn’t mean its actually trying to catch signals from location satellites. Common misconception, GPS always on isn’t like having Wifi or Bluetooth always on.

          • I use it for car nav maybe 3 times a day, mostly for traffic feature

          • Anonymous

            My OG has been retired for a while now, but it only got battery life that shitty when i was beta testing roms that SUCKED. I used to get well over 2 days out of it if it was just idling and pulling gmail and texts. Id say with heavy usage (not including tethering or full length movies) it would get about a day and 8 hours, which is like 2 full days since it idles when i sleep. Oh yea, i was ALWAYS overclocked to 1.0-1.2, but my minimum was 245 or 3**, whichever was stable with w.e rom i was running. If my friend hadnt shattered my OGs screen, id have never gotten a new phone. I also had gps always on, auto brightness, and music playing a lot. I remember falling asleep on a full charge with pandora on and it being at 80% the next morning.

          • but the screen goes off with pandora, doesn’t use that much I think.

          • Anonymous

            lol you said u lose 10% every 30-45 minutes at idle. streaming music for 8 hours with the screen off and only losing ~20% is much better than that. 

          • in your case, it’s good I meant

          • Anonymous

            you should download battery calibration from market and try it out. follow the instructions in the app.

          • Tony Allen

            Pandora is a battery hog, screen on or not, that’s constant data. Even just having my phone plugged in in my car, with Pandora playing on my Incredible, screen off. The phone gets hot, and barely struggles to maintain battery level, doesn’t ever climb up.

        • I think the backlash you’re seeing is partially due to the fact that you are comparing it to the freaking Thunderbolt. I’d rather see it compared to a dual core 3G phone than a several months old 4G phone that is notorious for terrible battery life.

          • but with no 4G, which is a big factor in battery life with the TB and the Charge, you can’t “really” compare it with the likes of a DX2 or a D3. 

            The TB was especially bad, with 4G and only a single core, same with the Charge, the Amoled+ didn’t help it’s cause as well.

          • I thought the Charge had a really good battery life. Was it only good by 4G standards?

          • it was better than the TB, but by about 3-4 hours? not 100% sure

        • Anonymous

          Crushes the Thunderbolt?  Hardly.  I get close to 2 days on my Thunderbolt with stock battery when I just let it sit there and do nothing.  I average 18 hours with moderate usage.

          • Q

            The Thunderbolt battery is schitzo.  Ive had 3 Thunderolts and I have 4 different batteries.  Depending on how the phones feel, it can last from 6 hours to 18 hours.  With any significant usage, the time is drastically reduced.

          • Jboogie1289

            That’s what I was gonna mention. I know this is a new item and all but wow, lets compare it to the TBolt for crying out loud!!! If you’re comparing every new phone to the TBolt, then it’s like comparing it to the iPhail. Maybe the TBolt is the iPhail killer,now take that!!! I to can get 29 hours out of a single battery charge and this is with moderate use. Learned how to tweek and running stock!!


        • Jon

          No you took a subjective look when you took the sources input that they weren’t just letting sit around all day. That’s his subjective view. The objective view is what we can all infer from the battery usage screen, wich shows no usage of anything other than Google maps for a brief time. Hell he didn’t even have his screen on hardly at all either. 

          So while we are thankful for the info, I objectively would conclude from these shots that the Bionic probably has pretty standard/poor battery life, and nothing to write home about. 

          • Anonymous

            Well said!

          • Anonymous

            How the hell did you conclude that the Bionic has poor battery life? Are you an idiot?

        • Teevo0108

          Hey kellex have u heard anything on the laptop dock pricing? How much? This is one of the main reason I want this phone.

        • faber

          Or you could take off the hype bionic glasses

        • Rizzidy

          You aren’t being objective though.  That’s the whole problem.  An objective analysis would assume NOTHING either way.  You are assuming that this phone was used moderately without a shred of supporting evidence.  In fact, the only evidence that you proffer is completely contradictory to your conclusion.

        • Mctypething

          This evidence does nothing to tell me the Bionic has a great battery, and you’re simply speculating. You could definitely be right that the Idle and Standy states are exagerrated in these screens, but you have no evidence to the contrary. All these screen shots show is a phone that may have been sitting idle all day, and maybe not, so it doesn’t tell us anything. Wait until you get the phone in your hands before you comment on battery life. Stop the smoke and mirrors hype for this phone.

      • Anonymous

        Hey, take it eeaassssyy. 

      • Anonymous

        Based on what kellex just posted…why even make that comment?  Didnt kellex give explanations as to why those 2 could be high %’s?

      • Anonymous

        Yes you can since the only app the person used was maps…

    • Anonymous

      Interesting, I’m curious if that’s just a mistake in the battery stats or if Blur just causes those to use a lot of battery. If it’s the latter, That should mean ~2-3x the battery life, at least, could be achieved just by installing CM on this thing.

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully now that the D3 has been rooted we can get CM7 or other ROM on there and see what we’re looking at for battery without blur installed on these phones.

    • Exaggerated or not, they didn’t use the phone.

    • Anonymous

      The only program the person used was maps and made no calls…stop hyping this up so people will not be disappointed with real world use. No one lets their phone sit there for a day while doing nothing with it. It is clear that they did not run any apps but one.

    • Anonymous

      We know he wasn’t using the browser OR making calls. They aren’t listed. And even with “moderate” usage, and a pentile screen, the display would not be at a mere 4%. That would only be possible with a SAMOLED screen using almost all black backgrounds. He was definitely doing next to NOTHING with his phone.

    • Caprich96

      The new blur its nice 🙂

    • Rizzidy

      Why the hell can’t you assume that it was just sitting there on a desk?  Because you don’t want to?  Your pro-bionic bias is oozing out of my monitor.

  • LivingFree

    Good to hear that is for sure as the tBolt battery life is pretty bad. However on my Charge with moderate use I can get well over 30hrs out of it on a full charge.

    And no I’m not running the stock software on my Charge. It runs an unleaked version of GB and that is what seems to have made the major increase in battery life. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m on leaked gb for my TB and get great increase in battery life easily make it through a day on 4g.

      • Anonymous

        When I went to bed last night (after midnight) I still had like 65% left and I did a lot of web surfing on 4G at supper (probably about 25 minutes).

    • Anonymous

      My Tbolt is running CL3ANTH3ORY 1.1 and the latest Radio, 802 I believe, and I am now getting some AWESOME battery life. Yeah I know it is rommed and tinkered with but still I haven’t gotten the horrible numbers that many people have with their Tbolts.

      Right now I am sitting at 82% and my phone has been off charge for 8h 58m 52s. 
      Voice calls 32%
      Dialer 17%
      Display 16%
      Cell Standby 15%
      Phone idle 14%
      Maps 2%
      Wi-Fi 2%
      Android OS 2%

      Yeah it hasn’t been used much but it isn’t too bad.

  • I am going to get Bionic as soon as the pre-order starts!!! Cannot wait!

  • Anonymous

    wow alot of haters just dont want this phone to be good at all…its called the Droid Bionic not the i*hone 5

    • I am getting this phone. I want this phone to be the best phone ever. That’s why I am so critical of it. When you want something to be good you don’t let it skate by with obvious flaws…

      • Anonymous

        I agree however, until the device is out and your hands how do we really know if those “flaws” matter

  • Dash Speeds

    To all of the people commenting on the 4% display use: THIS IS THE ADVANTAGE OF PENTILE!! 

    The screens that Moto uses consume much less power, this is very typical of a modern Moto phone with moderate usage. 

    • Anonymous

      Kind of like taking a V6 engine out of a car and putting in a 4 cylinder for the MPG and screaming “This is the power of the moped!!!!”  as you overlook your reduced acceleration.
      I’m not anit-Bionic, just think it’s still a trade off, not an advantage.

  • Legacystar

    These tests look like almost pure standby time. If you look at the very tiny graph details you can see the screen was almost never on. Why does nobody expand the graph and show real stats. Most people will post a day of battery life and claim “heavy use” when infraction, if you look at the graph details, their screen was off almost the whole time.

  • Grillrd

    How do you consider moderate usage with the screen only using 4%? This person did not touch the phone during the “testing”

  • Sorry but this is not helpful…

  • I’m not believing it. Moderate usage doesn’t mean sending a single text message every other hour. I’ll wait a day or two to see if the batter actually lasts more than a few minutes after downloading apps and playing games. 

  • Mctypething

    Do you guys ever not have typos in your posts? “We did hear from our source that by no means, what this “heavy” usage.”

    Actually that has a typo and a punctuation error. Take some classes on how to write.

    • Adolf

      Thanks grammar Nazi!

    • Lakerzz

      I do believe you need a comma after “Actually” , and after “typo” in you’re comment. Just sayin’

  • Yaw

    4% display use? Yeah, awesome battery life.

    • Anonymous

      It means that how much of the battery the Display took up. That’s the beauty of pentile, which is why all the new phones are and may be going with it. Let’s stop all the hate guys, we are a Droid Community. The Iphone freaks are probably laughing at us….

  • Anonymous

    lol, 4% display usage?

  • Anonymous

    Some of the Pics say 3G. Spotty coverage?

  • No. If Cell Standby is THAT much higher than Display this phone was not in the moderate range. This was LIGHT usage and that means these battery stats are not much better than OG Droid.

  • ChrisD

    I don’t care what all the naysayers on the android blogs and message boards are saying.  I think this phone is going to be huge

    • Anonymous

      Yeah so huge you need special pants just to fit it in your pocket:p

  • Jasper

    Wow, so without using the display and nothing running this thing has great battery life!! Thats awesome news!!! If i dont use the phone at all and just leave it in my pocket it will stay charged for 25 hours….

    • Dmbatcofc

      Love the comment…. Hate not using my device to conserve battery.

    • Dash Speeds


      That’s the advantage of the pentile display Moto uses, its uses much less power than traditional screens. It’s the same with both the D3 and X2.

      • Anonymous

        Hey look, someone knows how these phones work. 😛

        • Anonymous


        • Roberto Taylor

          Look at what’s taking up the majority of the battery use. Cell Standby and Phone Idle. That tells me that this guy wasn’t really using the phone at all.

          • Sounds like roberto knows how phones work to me.

          • Anonymous

            That’s what I was thinking.  If he was actually using it like most people do, the display usage should be higher.  My display is always the top usage.

          • Ethan Bond

            Your screen is on more than it’s off? Do you have interactions outside of your phone? Not meaning to be insulting, but even sitting in school using my phone throughout the day, display is only 18% of my usage.

          • Anonymous

            I really don’t use it that much. Maybe something is wrong with my phone? I check the time a lot so that turns the screen on. But besides texting, I don’t think I spend that much time with the screen on.

          • Anonymous

            You don’t need a screen to be on more than it’s off to be the top item in the usage list.  An hour or two of a combination of gaming, messaging, browsing, etc. and it will make it up there easily.  Screen use is much more battery draining than cell standby and phone idle per unit of time.

          • Anonymous

            I agree. Look at the blue line under the battery graph (or lack thereof) and you can see the device was off most of the time.

          • Anonymous

            Though the Pentile screen on my D3 does use significantly less power than a traditional RGB LCD. So you have to factor that into the equation.

          • Anonymous

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            Here is the website we use to get it all from :

        • Caprich96

          You are the best Kellex

        • Ravnos CC

          evil pentile, every time I look at the dx2 screen in motion it makes me sick to my stomach

        • Look at the blue bar under the battery graph, the Pentile matrix display wasnt on dude. Stop being so apologetic of all things DROID…

        • Stephen D

          Look at the blue below the gray with the time. That’s when the phone was used. Yes, the PenTile screen uses less power, but it doesn’t make THAT big of a difference. The person simply didn’t use the phone. My D3 can go 3-4 days with hardly any use. When I actually use it, it’s more like a day and a half to two days. It’s battery life seems like it’s just gonna be pretty average… 

      • Glen E Ston

        Really? I thought that AMOLED screens used the least amount of power. I suppose screen quality is an acceptable price to pay for power consumption.

        • AMOLED gets the worst battery life out of all available options right now actually

          • Anonymous

            That depends on the screen content. If you’re doing a lot of browsing, you’re likely looking at white backgrounds, and that will drain the battery. Use mostly black or dark backgrounds though, and it will definitely last longer than traditional LCD.

          • Tony Allen

            Exactly, since blacks are portrayed as unlit anything on the screen, instead of a grey illuminated area. 

      • The best way to tell is show the actually “on time” for the display.  Yes it could have been not used with it just at 4% use, but to be sure is “on time”.  If you show that, and it says 14 min, then yes it did nothing but sit, but if it shows 3 hours, then that’s not bad.  SHOWS US DISPLAY ON TIME!!!!

        • Jam120992

           exactly   my droid dies after the display has been on for two hrs lol

        • Wish this comment was at the top

      • jnt

        The increase in battery life by using pentile is way overstated.  Statistically this is a true statement, but in practice it doesn’t help THAT much – especially given the level of brightness the screen can reach.  Not saying it doesn’t help, it just doesn’t help that much. 

      • Poopsalot

        It doesn’t use 80% less power, not possible.,

    • Anonymous

      I was just about to say that. 

    • Mctypething

      Hilarious. And exactly, wait, you mean the battery goes a long way in idle mode? Fantastic.

    • Dude you stole the words right out of my mouth… show me something legitimate streaming slacker radio, that sent out over 50 text messages and made 5-10 phone calls, then i’ll be interested in the results.

    • Anonymous

      ί got an iPad 2-(32GB)  for $ 23.87 and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $ 38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $ 657 which only cost me $ 62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from, http://to.ly/b0FH</em

    • Radbradno743

      My stock Tbolt can do that.  

  • DAN

    This is great, say what you want about this phone, but I am tired of waiting for the next big thing.

  • Scott H

    Clearly it wasn’t used if the screen only used 4%. If I leave my Charge on a table all day, and never turn the screen on, it would probably last that long too.

    • Dash Speeds

      Pentile uses waaaaay less power, this is typical of a new Moto phone.

      • Stelv81

        We really need to see how long the screen has actually been on. The person that took the photo should have clicked on display to see this info.

    • The Pentile Matrix screen tech, while looking grainier, is proven to require significantly less power to operate than any other screen on the market.  That is why you will see it as being that low.  My D3 is the same way.  If you actually click on the screen part in the battery stats, it will show how long it’s been on.  In my case usually 2-3 hours or so per charge, but will still never reach double digits in terms of battery use percentage.  So for all the Pentile complainers, there is THIS one, very significant win.

      • Q

        Wow, that is absolutely awesome.  Just having my thunderbolt on for 10 minutes will put Display at the top of the battery usage for an entire cycle.  For all the hatred on the Pentile display, this significant battery life savings seems HUGE.  Ill gladly trade a little detail for a screen that sips power like that.

      • Scott H

        Pentile or not, theres no way the phone was used for anything during that span. I’m willing to bet this phone will have very similar battery life as the Charge when actually used on LTE.

      • Anonymous

        I personally dont think the tradeoff of a grainier screen is worth the slightly less power consumption. I have the X2 and cant stand the graininess, and the screens inability to scroll clearly when the background is black. Sure the colors look good and the pixels are not noticeable unless you are looking for them but scrolling is pretty much a nightmare. Also my battery stats as of right now are at 49% with exactly 1 hour of the screen being on and 5 hours of total use. I think the X2 more comparable to the bionic because its the same size screen.

  • Anonymous