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Here is the Official DROID Bionic Teaser, This Campaign Clearly has a Massive Budget

There has been talk over the last day of a DROID Bionic teaser floating around at Verizon corporate, which also popped up as a blurry cam edit a few places on the internet.  Good news for Droid Life readers as usual, we have the official version right here sent to us by a close friend.  It’s high quality, includes a battle of woman vs. machine, and gave us chills.

This campaign is going to massive – we cannot wait to see more.  Two weeks from tomorrow, and will see if this device can truly “Rule all machines.”  A lot of hype to live up to after all of these months, hopefully the marketing can give it a lift.     

YouTube Preview Image
  • BountyHunter

    What’s not to like about that commercial? A super hot chick in leather kicking butt. If you don’t like that then you haven’t reached puberty yet, or you’re just not into girls..

  • Rizzidy

    That commercial didn’t look that expensive at all to me.  The whole thing could have been done on a single sound stage, they only had to pay one actor, there was only one costume, barely any set design, and the rest was cheap-looking cgi.  

  • Telephoneteck

    She will be mine. Oh , yes – she will be mine.

  • Asdjflkfjd

    Apple could probably sue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYecfV3ubP8

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone else mention that the girl looks like Monica Bellucci? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monica_Bellucci I hope she comes with the phone when I buy it… would be the best schwag EVER!!!

  • Urugami

    Has this video been checked for hidden messages or URLs?

  • peggy

    If you noticed, ad was produced by lucas arts.  hum,,,,,  wonder if it’ll have nav with darth vader voices…..

  • crazyamerican

    I’m left believing that the Droid Bionic will be pink.

  • Dragonking37

    Come on! They spend all this money on a commercial for a phone they dont’ even show? Motorola, what have you been smoking? And what about this $299 price with a 2 year agreement? You make so many people wait months for something promised so long ago and then stick it to them where it will hurt even more? Good Luck selling this thing!

  • Ranlil

    “This campaign has a massive budget”  At $300 a pop… no problem.

  • mike

    Uh… was it just me or does that chick look exactly like Natalie Portman?

  • Rob Meyer

    even in higher quality this commercial sucks.. Quick!! dump it and rename the next commercial to what this one was. Just like the phone its attached to.

  • Anonymous

    So we’re just going to go and call a teaser that looks like there’s more commercial to add on at the end (Probably a 45 – 60 second spot) “crappy” because it didn’t show the specs. It’s called a teaser for a reason.

    But that’s just my opinion…obviously.

  • Anonymous


  • steve west

    Unless i see some hardcore evidence that the Prime is in the works and is indeed coming to verizon then i will have to get this phone, throw some launcher pro at it and then be happy that i get to upgrade to the nexus 5 sooner than the rest of you guys that will still be waiting

    • Anonymous

      My plan exactly.  But I prefer GoLauncher.  New Blur does not look bad but i still prefer the “look” of stock android and GoLauncher is as close as  you can get to it.  For 12 years now I have only used Motorola phones and never been disappointed.  However If i ever had to get something besides moto i would go with samsung or Nexus (made by samsung).   

  • Anonymous

    That really sucked

  • Heresatought

    Let’s see…  Anybody remember the Bionic Woman… starting Lindsay Wagner?  Droid Bionic… Bionic Woman…  hence commercial.. Duh!

  • Motofail

    I for one, am not looking forward to a massive DROID Bionic campaign shoving “RULE ALL MACHINES!” down my throat. What the hell does that even mean!? Do I get to play with military drones? How about divert a robotic submersible to a nude beach in Spain to use as my own private voyeur cam? Will I wake up the next day to find Asimo kneeling at my bed? Have an army of Pleo’s to do my bidding?!

    It is a PHONE and one that is going to be old news in a matter of weeks. Hell, if Samsung drops the bombshell news we are all hoping on 8/29 I’d go as far as to say it’ll be old news come 8/29! 

    I’m so sick of this phone and it isn’t even out yet. 

    • Anonymous

      You obviously do not understand marketing and how the Droid brand markets itself.  

      • Motofail

        I do understand marketing. 

        This is bad marketing.


        The DROID brand has thus far resorted to championing its features in relation to existing devices, using the persona of a self-aware entity to establish it’s dominance. This often includes humor, tongue-in-cheek references to pop culture,friendly (or not so friendly) jabs as competing tech giants and bio-mechanical assimilation of its owner. To drive the point home the phrase “DROID DOES” often accompanies any advertising associated with the DROID brand.

        Until today, I’ve never seen the DROID brand market itself using a hot chick in a skin tight suit, swords, kamikaze robots, creepy children songs, or stupid battle cries like “Rule all machines.” If you have, I respectfully ask that you link this content so I can be informed as yourself “…how the DROID brand markets itself.”

  • Motofail

    To anyone saying “The original DROID commercial didn’t show much either” Let me break it down for you. 

    The original DROID commercial begins with next-gen stealth fighters streaking across the sky. Nostalgic thoughts for “TOP GUN” surface in every mans mind. Rocking soundtrack accompanies the jet noise and alien sounding electronic signatures punctuate for added punch. Testosterone begins to build and the heart beats faster as mysterious pods are released into the void. “What is THAT?” one wonders, as they streak across the sky and middle America looks on. Even throw in some diversity to make it known everyone is invited. The pods crash to earth and the onlookers cautiously approach, mesmerized by the sleek, sexy alien-esque device buried in the ground before them. The pod opens and a PHONE is shown as the signature “DROIIIIID” suddenly bursts forth for the first time. 

    That my friend, is one helluva commercial.

    Eyes. Creepy kid singing some kind of freaky song (trying to pull a neo-Kill Bill here?) Girl plays with sword. Girl runs down weird looking hallway with a sword and attacks (is attacked? I don’t know) by random robot looking thing (I think it was a robot, cuts were too quick to fully gather that intel) “Rule all Machines” splays out and commercial ends with creepy kid still singing as “DROID Bionic” splash screen sends us on our way.

    That my friend, is a one helluva fail.

    • Kierra


  • the you don’t have an iphone commericals are genius. do you know the number of times i’ve heard people say their touchscreen phone “was like an iphone”? the commercial plays off that fact and shows what the phone has that other phones don’t. you are an apple hater so you hate the phone but for the casual consumer that ad campaign is genius. 

  • RW-1

    One not really a word has come to mind here:   Meh.

  • Anonymous

    Not even a phone in there…

  • Hunter

    I just saw it at the movies and it hade a QR code in it i saw it for a split second. A new contest is coming!

  • Teoramos79

    Wow, these commercial are starting to look more and more like the bud and miller lite commercials, they talk and show everything under the sun, but the actual product or how good the user experience is, wow, that’s y droid sucks

  • Anonymous

    Lame! Droid used to be “fast, like a race horse strapped to a scud missile.” Apparently Droid is now some crazy chick in an industrial version of Tron. The coolest things about the previous Droid commercials was the lack of humans. (Or human looking robots, before someone jumps my poo.) Now it os a lame and dirty version of Tron.

  • Where is the “Droiddddddd” at the end of the commercial? The teaser felt like a fail without it

  • Themrjustinjones

    Why is there a picture of Casey Anthony in the photo. Bionic boycott. Already old.

  • Anonymous

    Droid-Life, I know you guys are excited, and I totally understand, honestly.  However, you have now talked up this phone so much that it can’t possibly live up to the hype, no matter how good it is.  Congratulations on ruining the experience for everyone.

  • Larry Jr. Lima

    As with all advertising campaigns, it’s not stupid if it gets you talking.

  • Is it just me or did that REALLY look like Natalie Portman?!

  • J Dub

    No where near as cool as the Droid X space team video. 

  • Anonymous

    Damnit, my OG droid is totally fried….looks like I’m getting this bad boy instead of waiting for the Bionic 

    • droidlvr

      which one are you getting?

  • droidlvr

    oh man i can’t wait to get the bionic

  • Anonymous

    they almost got the meme slogan right:  RULE ALL THE THINGS!

    • Pennywise


  • Anonymous

    Some people will never be happy with anything…Bionic looks pretty darn sharp to me.  You can spend your life waiting for the NEXT big thing…or GO GET IT…PEACE!

  • Anonymous

    Wait, What?  Why is everyone complaining about a teaser?  Its like your all setting yourself up to be disappointed.  Take if for what it’s worth, a teaser and try to use your imagination about what its trying to say!!!  After I heard this phone wasn’t going to have a 4.5″ screen or bigger, I knew I was not trading my Thunderbolt for it but now I hope it kicks ass just to shut up all the negative people!!!

  • Chad

    How about a commercial that shows all of the un-removable bloatware and how it along with Blur will make this beast of a device lag and crawl like it’s a two year old device?? Just like it does to my Droid 3!!

  • Anonymous


  • If I recall from the leaked roadmap, the DROID Bionic was upgraded to a Tier 1 level launch, whatever that meant is starting to make more sense now.  

    But when I see a commercial, I want to know what I am buying or what they want me to.  Ads like this nowadays just shows how dumb they think the average consumer is just because of them adding a hot woman in tightly clad attire to draw out the college crowd.  And then use them as “word of mouth” advertising maybe?

    Ads like these make me not to want to buy the product because it proves what I stated above.

  • Rjbx

    If you don’t have an Iphone, well you’re a crappy person…

  • BionicLOSS

    gs2 got this beat

    • Pennywise

      …it’s lighter than the Bionic because it doesn’t have an LTE radio in it?

    • Anonymous

      NX Prime’s 1.5ghz DC got gs2 beat

  • Jonnysmythew

    Love this teaser spot. Cant wait to go out and buy the bionic when it comes out.

  • Rjbx

    If you don’t have an Iphone, well you’re not cool…

  • Anonymous


  • Turner

    It’s a teaser. All teasers seem to be any more is, “oh, hey. The Bionic must be getting close. Sweet! FInally!” and that’s about it. We already know pretty much everything about this phone already, don’t we?

  • JT

    Question for Droid Life:  Why do you hope the marketing will give it a lift?  Why do you care if if flies or flops?

    • Pennywise

      Because the loud and hateful (posters) here are butt-hurt over their wild imaginations (read: expectations) not materializing, many thanks to the hypebeastin, and are ruining this site with all the QQing and unintelligent non-conversation.

      Put another way, DL is saying HOPEFULLY, big-budget marketing and the device getting close to launch will mommy-kiss all of the instant-gratification-seeking, butt-hurt posters who as-of-late detract more than contribute to this community.


  • Montauq

    Guess a lot of people need to go to a summer movie and watch the trailers at the beginning and be reminded what a teaser is and how it differs from the full presentation.

  • ACE

    I must say, no wonder crowds of people come in asking for the I-Phone… With marketing like that I can completely understand why most people have no idea about the far superior android operating system…  How many people must sit around a table and say YEAH that’s a great ad!!! Morons…..

  • Lame sauce. {{-_-}}

  • Trooper

    Weak.  That is all.