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DROID Incredible Gingerbread Update Available for Manual Upgrading

The Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4) update for the DROID Incredible may have been pulled by Verizon for further testing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have it right now.  The file has been made available for all users to flash – including non-rooted users.  As with any RUU, this will wipe your phone completely and remove root.  Your SD card will remain with all of its contents, but this is essentially a factory reset, meaning you will lose all of your apps.

We should point out that since VZW has possibly pulled this update, there is a chance that they will reject it and wait for a different build from HTC.  So there is a chance that this build will no longer be final and if you upgrade to it, may be off the update path.  If you want to be as current as possible without root, then by all means, jump on this.  And if you want to keep root, then head over to one of your favorite forums, as I am sure that ROMs are already being built off of this build.  


1.  Download this file [mirror] and drop it on the root of your SD card.
2.  Rename the file to PB31IMG.zip
3.  Turn your phone off.
4.  Press and hold the optical track button along with power – phone should boot to hboot.
5.  You should see a list of options.  Make sure bootloader is highlighted and press Power.
6.  Your phone will start working.
7.  Follow the on screen instructions until it finishes and asks you to reboot.
8.  Enjoy!

*Note – The first boot up after flashing this file will take a long time.  If your device stops at the DROID Eye, let it sit there until it boots up fully.  If it for some reason boots back to the HTC logo and then to the DROID Eye over and over (bootlooping), you’l have to battery pull and flash the PB31IMG.zip file again.

Via:  Android Police

  • MB0320TB

    So if I downloaded this version, do I need to revert back to get the newer version?

  • Aaronth86

    So where the new. Look and new keyboard? I downloaded with no problem. But still looks the same.

  • Nalaisn

    So, I have downloaded several versions of this zip file. I have re named, then put on the root directory of of my sd card. Then I power off my phone. Then I hold in the power and home button in till it comes up with the hboot screen. I select bootloader, but in stead of starting up the new boot, it shows a second screen which has ‘fastboot’ and other options. I choose fastboot, and it runs through a screen like it’s trying to load something from the zip. but then it fails to. What am I doing wrong? any one got any ideas?
    Thanks in advance for any help.

    • Nalaisn

      I got it to see the file and it looks like it going to work. I took the .zip off the name of the file.

  • Rmac2013

    Says no image found i downloaded and followed all steps can someone please help?

  • Jensen Dayley

    It tells me theres like an image error every time.. Can someone help?

  • Anonymous

    Installed, no problems. Very fast and battery life is excellent and very responsive. Missing having root tho so I reinstalled CM and Superuser and went back to previous rooted rom. I’ll wait til someone builds a rom around this release.

  • Gmarx92

    I go on the boot screen and it says the image it cannot be found..where on the SD card do you put it exactly?

  • Matt Trogdon

    I’ve performed the update with no issues, I can call, the phone is quite responsive… but…

    …I have no data connection. Help?

    • Anonymous

      Gotta do the *228 option 1 to re-program. I had the problem and it worked for me.

  • Anonymous


    • andrew kelly

      thats what im running im just happy for this because now we can get 720p video for cm7

  • MBlnd

    It asks for another window (non rooted user), fastboot; recovery; clear storage; simlock; factory reset?? This is not mentioned here

    • MBlnd

      The above is because it couldn’t get the image of the zip file. I put in the root directory of the sd card. Something missing. this is my first time so not sure what I am missing. Any advise would help, thanks

  • Anonymous

    Build is very good. Not a single problem in the couple days using.  Great battery life and fast boot up.

  • Cchoncek

    I just want HTC to fix the “low application error”! All other problems are minor compared to that one in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

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      • Anonymous

        seems legit

    • C’s

      Seemed to fix it so far

    • Ben

      I had that low application error on my phone too.  Verizon sent me a new phone.  Mine was still in warranty.

    • HVG

      How can I root my phone if I install this? There are a couple of apps that require root revoked3 does not work after installing this version

  • Guest

    I have a question.I have this phone and i don’t root. If i update to this will i be able to update of the official ginger bread update by Verizon? also,since this was pulled, what are the issues?

  • Anonymous

    I am really curious to the response after people play for a bit.  Been thinking of doing this as I do have the RUU for 2.2 so it will be easy to jump back.

  • 2.3.4?! Droid X users did not get the .4 version. Lame.

  • run a version that the developer pulled? No thanks… I’ll stick with CM7

    • Verizon is the carrier not the developer.

      • The only thing Verizon develops is a case of the shits.

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      • T Hall

        You are not wanted here spanner.  We are too smart for your nonsense. Quit wasting your time.

  • My concern is that it was pulled for a problem that it caused.  I’d hate for my DInc to stop working after the update (sound familiar TBold and D2?).  I recommend caution.

    • I’ve been running the rooted version of this for about 5 days now. The only issue I have ran into was that people with iPhones weren’t receiving my texts.

      • Jem Harris

        Woah I had that happen once or twice too, but figured it was just service drop or something. Had no idea it had to do with the leak. Interesting…

      • Heebee

        iPhone users are rejecting HTC texts until you pay them for infringing on their text ability patents.

  • Jmcolejm

    Did this first thing sat. morning, worked great. Seemed to make the phone a lil more responsive, also gotta love fastboot and the better battery life!

    • MBlnd

      Thanks JM, Wanna make sure, this is for Non Rooted users right?

      • Jmcolejm

        Ya im not rooted, even though I was planning on doing so very soon if I didn’t get this update. I believe even if your rooted you can flash this update but you’ll loose all your Apps and settings like everyone else. Also note the Droid eye stays up for a couple minutes on the first boot, don’t pull the battery.

  • I need Bionic news so badly that I think I’ve been grinding my teeth over it. Maybe even some Droid HD news would keep me somewhat satisfied hahaha

    • Then within minutes of getting it, you will be posting on how to fix the myriad of problems it has, just like every single Android phone.

  • Good Morning D-L!