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Samsung Celox with 4G LTE Makes Real World Appearance, Physical Button Removed

Last week, a 4G LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy S II called the “Celox” was rumored to be heading to a Korean carrier, leading many of us to believe that it could also be close to what we will see when (if) the phone lands on Verizon.  The rumored specs are a 4.5″ Super AMOLED Plus screen, 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor, 1GB RAM, dual cameras, and of course, that 4G LTE chip we want so badly in all phones.

Renders of the phone that we had previously seen included a physical home button, but these real photos of the device definitely do not.  I’d say that this could easily be our U.S. variant, since Samsung removed that same button back with the original Galaxy S series when it hit the states.

Loving the look?  Bionic, “Celox” or Vigor?

Via:  Ameblo, Kevin’s Click Mobile

  • Since the original VZ SGS was the Fascinate, wouldn’t the SGS II be the Fascinate 2?

  • MrDinc

    Ive posted this on some of the other DL articles. Ive had the chance to play around with a SGII. That picture is close but not the VZW version. That one will have a slide out qwerty.

  • Anonymous

    now if only samsung would promise to update its phones with updates that do not break key features of its phones, this phone might be worth getting 

  • TheCastleGuard

    I am thinking the only thing that will keep the Bionic in this race is the mere hope that Google may push Ice Cream Sandwich to Motorola phones sooner due to the acquisition.

  • so no dual core?

    • Ritesh Tripathy

      It is, dual core Snapdragon.

  • TomHolmes

    If it becomes real before the Bionic, I’ll give it a look if for nothing other than the 4.5″ screen and smokin’ fast processor. If it’s still vaporware though, nah.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    God damn its getting difficult to decide.

  • Buckgrad

    Looks like it might be thicker than the Galaxy S2. I guess that’s due to the 4G…

    • One thing I’m not digging is the black plastic on the bottom…  too glossy and plasticy looking… 🙁

  • Lpmeteoraremix

    Debating between vigor and celox. Hoepfully they will comeout relatively close to one another

  • Mike Sutherland

    Celox… Kellex… Celox… Kellex…???

    • Kellogs lol

      • Mike Sutherland

        A Samsung shoutout to Kellex? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Is this gonna be revealed as coming to verizon on the 29 at their event?

    • The Galaxy SII press conference will be like last years event where they show off each model for each carrier, like in this photo here:


      • Anonymous

        That’s what I meant by revealed. Since we right now don’t know what Verizon’s will look like.

        • We do know that we won’t get a release date, as with all Verizon phones…  they usually wait a week before the actual release date to announce it.  Its going to be a tight schedule though.

          September – Bionic
          September – (near end, Galaxy SII likely)

          October – Fruit 5
          October – Vigor

          August seems to be a dry month
          but it makes sense since most families are getting ready for back to school with spending money on that stuff, so September and October are likely better to release this kind of stuff,  Bionic has so far been targeted towards back to school/college peeps

          • Anonymous

            You must not have read my comment I didn’t say anything about a release I said we don’t know what Verizon’s version will look like so it will be revealed then and we will know what Verizon’s will look like and the specs.

          • and I was just stating that like all Verizon phones, we won’t get a release date.  only 14 more days… bleh

          • Anonymous

            Nobody said we would get a release date. I said if you can read we will see what verizon’s version looks like.

  • Thats pretty sexy, although the Tbolt2/Vigor is going to bend it over and make it squeal like a pig. 😉 Lol 😛

    PS. Thunderbolt Rules! xD

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    Narrowed down to the Celox/SGSII (if real on VZW) or the Bionic (more interested with G acquisition).

    Wish any of them were here already.  I have an upgrade burning a hole in my pocket.

  • Damn, Kellex.  Are you trying to have us Android fans go on overload today? lol First Google buys Moto, then Vigor gets an image leak, and now this.  Whats next? more pics of Ice Cream Sandwhich? or a leaked pic of the NEXUS Prime? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    zzzzzz…huh…what?? Still not out or even announced here?? Wake me when it is.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the same as the original Galaxy S2 if it does have the  Exynos processor. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the same as the original Galaxy S2 if it does have the  Exynos processor. 

  • Anonymous

    Does the Snapdragon have a dual core?

  • Anonymous

    Or the nexus prime?… It will be VERY interesting to see how that one turns out…what with the 720p displays, ice cream sandwich, and Google’s acquisition of someone who directly makes phones…

  • Anonymous

    No LED light no buy.

    • Ortega

      Thats stupid

      • Anonymous

        LED lights are very important to any smartphone. Unless they utilize the rear led light.

    • Billnye

      Just get the app NoLED. It lights up colored icons/dots that can be customized for notifications on different apps. The whole screen is black, and since its AMOLED, it doesnt waste battery on the black area. Using it for my fascinate.

  • Anonymous

    Is that 1.5 Ghz snapdragon a dual core? It would be silly if it isn’t but it isn’t mentioned.

    • Anonymous

      It is, he forgot to put it there.

  • this isnt dualcore?

  • Your Name

    One thing keeping me away from samsung devices is that they dont put a notification LED. Why would they not do that!!? Every other phone company puts them on and its really annoying not to have one. I’ll probably still get the s2 and live with it though…

    • Suckmotha

      is this confirmed for the S2? i would be extremely disappointed if this were the case!

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous


  • yep know what im upgrading to now

  • Ehh, I will believe it when I see it in the US.

    • Anonymous

      You’re killin’ me smalls.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    How thin is it compared to the original GSII?  Not missing the useless home button, but really loved the thin and light design.  Please don’t disappoint…

    • Anonymous

      I decided that I will skip this phone and keep my Bolt if the Verizon version of GSII is not the same or very similar size to the European version. From the pictures, the body looks like the Droid Charge.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Snapdragon? I thought they were using Exynos for the Galaxy S 2’s(except those few initial ones that used Tegra 2)

    • John

      This isn’t the first one with a Snapdragon variant.. It should be very close performance wise to the dual core Exynos.. both of which wipe the floor with Tegra2 at 1ghz.  

  • BJ P.

    the grey back cover don’t look good..

    • jimbob

      It’s brushed aluminum.

      • DBK

        Fix: “The brushed aluminum back cover don’t look good”

        • Grammatical fix : “The brushed aluminum back cover does not look good.”

          • Anonymous

            Agreed. It should be something with grip that doesn’t allow for crap smudge marks.

  • I wonder how this screen will look compared to the Vigor’s 720p HD screen. 

    • Josh McGraw

      I think there is a typo in the story. The 4.5″ screen on the Celox is rumored to be Super AMOLED HD, not Plus. The HD is 720p as well.

  • TheRealBeesley

    I cant wait to get that into my cell phone-greedy hands. Its taking so long!   #RichWhitePeopleProblems

  • EC8CH

    I like the look of the brushed metal back on the TMo version ala the samsung 9 series laptop.

  • Just when i was set on the bionic this comes out.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll love it when it is available in America.

  • celox

  • Jim Dandy

    Looks like the season is finally getting underway.

  • Why can’t they just leave the damn thing alone and ship it like it originally looks?  We don’t need a U.S. variant – I want the pretty one with the “ugly” home button…

    • If the ugly home button was still on it, then Apple would file a patent dispute and bar it from sales in the US.


  • Bionic