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Samsung Road Map Leaked, Ice Cream Sandwich Device With 4.65″ Screen? Yes, Please

The folks over at Slash Gear snagged a good one today, and have a possible leaked Samsung Road Map. Much like the Verizon Map that leaked just a little while ago, this Samsung info reveals future devices, including their specifications. If these pan out, we think everyone will have found the upgrades they have been searching for. 

There are a few devices shown, so we will take it one at a time. The Samsung GT-I9250, 1280×720 resolution on a 4.65 inch screen running Ice Cream Sandwich. The only other tidbit of info shown is that the device will also have a 5MP camera. Might come as a shock, but as far as we have seen, we will not judge a book by its megapixels. This device, will most likely be a beast, so plan on some quality hypebeastin’ to take place.

The next device is the Samsung GT-I9220. Your pockets will explode after trying to fit this 5.29″ screen inside, and it will come running Gingerbread off the factory floor. But don’t worry, this handset is leaving competition in the dust with its 1.4GHz processor, Super AMOLED Plus display, and 8 megapixel camera.

The leaked map went into greatest detail for the following device. The Samsung GT-I9210 is a 4G, 4.5″ screen, 8MP camera work horse. The grain that will feed the horse is a beefy 1750 mAH battery, and it will also include a 2MP front facing camera. These sound like devices that people want to hear about!

So what are your thoughts? Any of these new handsets sound like something you wouldn’t mind showing off to coworkers or even complete strangers? As always, as soon as we hear more about these fantastic sounding devices, we will report it right here.

Via: Android and Me, Slash Gear

  • Dominick

    Nice! Anything closer to a 5 inch screen please. Wish Motorola did a 4.8-5 inch device. I don’t like the TouchWiz iPhonish UI, LED screens, nor the cheap build quality of Samsung devices. But no. It’s not, because that’s what I want, and hey yea let’s make phones with like a 4 foot bezel next time. If the screens on current 4.3 devices like the Droid X or Bionic were edge to edge it would be better screen real estate. I’m going to shut up I need some sleep and I’m making myself angry lol. 

  • Guest

    it was all faked. Check it out on AndroidCentral.

  • jimbob

    Well, knock me over with a feather!

  • First of all, Samsung has officially dismissed these specs!( http://androinica.com/2011/08/samsung-says-those-android-rumored-specs-you-saw-are-total-bs/ )  2nd I feel bad for ignorant people who don’t realize that with the
    elimination of the soft keys and a little less bezel, you can fit
    4.6-4.7 on a 4.3 phone body… Check out the attached pic!
    You can keep your big fat bezel and 4.3 screen, and I’ll be the idiot
    with the bigger screen on the same phone body as yours.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get excited anymore about hyped phones. It takes too long to get things to the shelves.

  • 1loudLS

    Soooo……..  Do you just use a regular wall mount for these when you go to charge them, can you still just get them next to the big TV’s in the back at best buy?

  • saved by the bell

    I think were heading back to the ZACK MORRIS days with all the new bigger phones.

  • Anonymous

    At what screen size does a phone morph into a tablet? My vote is for 5″.

  • Well, perhaps samsung should off cargo pants as an accessory at launch.

    • Anonymous

      Take it a step further.  Sale jacket and jeans with custom sized pockets.  They already sale TV’s, refrigerators and washer machines.  Next it’s the clothes business.  

  • Anonymous

    Coming from a big guy (I am 6’6″ 290lbs), I am happy to see some devices that fit nicely in these meat hooks. When I got the Droid X last year, the screen size alone, was heaven to me, and I will never look back. Prior to that, I had the OG D1 and I loved it but it looked like a fun size candy bar in my hand and forget about using the on-screen keyboard.

    Yay Big Phones!

  • Dazz1996

    the bigger the better im black so you know its big lol

  • Anonymous

    Bigger (screen) is better I say.  If you want smaller you have many Android choices.  Or worst you can pick from that 3.5 inch piece of crap from the other camp.  Yes, 5.29″ is big but let the consumer decide if it’s a success. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned the P6200 tablet with its 7″ super AMOLED panel!

    I got to say though, 4″ to 4.3″ is my sweet spot for phone screens, don’t want anything bigger.  These “HD” screens are totally unnecessary as well, 1280×720 is absurd for a little 4.3″ or 4.5″ screen and well past what our eyes are able to distinguish.

  • I just don’t think I can downgrade to a 5mp camera from my D3 8mp shooter.  And I REALLY am interested in the Nexus Prime.  AND< I have an upgrade to play with when the time comes…

    • Anonymous

      mp isnt everything samsung cameras are usually much better than moto cameras.

  • Anonymous

    GT-I9220 would be amazing on big red. Give me that dual core mega RAM 5+” screen and I will finally have what I’ve always wanted in a smartphone. Make it the nexus prime on verizon, and I will do something horrible just to hold one!!

  • digsoreos

    What would be cool is to have a swivel camera like the old Sony Clie had. Then, you could have a much better camera lens that would be used for both taking great pictures and for video calls.

  • Anonymous

    Please stop saying hypebeasting :-/

  • Anonymous

    IMO a 5.29″ screen is a bit absurd. The Dell Streak had a 5″ screen and from what I’ve heard it it wasn’t the best form factor for a smartphone. i.e. Too Big. 

  • Trooper

    Where do I sign?

  • Anonymous

    20% off Beats at Best Buy!  HA!  That’s like saying “here’s 20% off overpriced Monster cables at an overpriced retail chain”.  No thanks, I’ll stick with my cables from Monoprice.

    • Anonymous

      Monoprice rules

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, which is why I have to laugh at people who buy devices with propietary ports (i.e. just about any Samsung device).