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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with 4G LTE on Verizon – Unboxing

We finally decided to give the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with 4G LTE a spin even though it has been available from Verizon for a couple of weeks now.  The device, as many of you know, is exactly like the WiFi versions that have been in retail stores for a month or so, but packs that extra special 4G radio, making your mobile life outside of home that much faster.

We got a hold of the white 16GB version ($529 on 2-year contract) and will be putting it through the proper tests over the next few weeks to help you decide if you should pick one up or wait to see what the holiday lineup will look like.  If it’s anything like the our special edition I/O version, we’re more than likely have some nice things to say about it.    

  • Micah Pfaffe

    Is the LTE Galaxy Tab available for purchase anywhere else other than Verizon? I want to go month-to-month with the service, but was hoping to get a discount off the retail price…

  • Zarni

    Does it work in 3G only areas as well??

  • Fattie McDoogles

    Really?! We make jokes about the person who notices bad grammar which is actually useful considering the majority of this site is WRITING. But no one says anything about the countless people who were staring hard enough to notice how long Kellen’s fingernails are… REALLY?!

  • Anonymous

    If you can’t tell the difference between that and a i*ad you have to be seriously mentally retarded. Cross posting but for those who didn’t see the news about Samsung vs *pple on the tablet front. http://www.androidcentral.com/samsung-well-fight-germany-keep-selling-elsewhere

  • I received mine yesterday.  I convinced Verizon to give me an early upgrade on my Xoom, so they basically let me out of my XOOM contract, and started me on a new 2-year contract with my shiny new Samsung Galaxy 10.1 LTE (32 GB, White) for $629

    I even got them to throw in the keyboard dock for free.     (Anyone wanna buy a slightly used Xoom 3G, upgradable to 4G, with no contract, and a LOT of accessories???)

    So far, I’m impressed in some areas, disappointed in others.

    PLUS:  IT’s thin.  It’s sleek.  It’s 4G.   It has “vibrate” for that haptic feedback I missed in the Xoom.  The system responds SOOO much faster than the Xoom.

    MINUS:  The battery takes much longer to charge (Still haven’t determined the battery life), the WIFI seems to be a little less sensitive than the Xoom, where the signals are harder to connect to with lower bars.   No SD slot (Which JUST became available on the Xoom, but I decided I don’t need it with 32 gigs)

    Overall, I’m happy with this purchase.  Its a much nicer device.

    If anyone has other questions about the comparison, I still have the Xoom, so ask away, and I’ll see if I can help with the comparison.

    • Zarni

      How much is the cheapest monthly fee for this one??

      • They told me I had to switch to the 5 gig plan ($50 /mo) but I’m actually still on my 3gig plan (35 / month)

        I don’t know if they have a smaller plan…..   But I do get 19% off (Yay!)

    • Anonymous

      How much for the Xoom?

  • Themrjustinjones

    If I still have my transformer in 2 years I’ll be pissed. And I see people catching typos man when’s the last time you got, nevermind.

  • MFG

    Loving my LTE Tab so far!

  • “It doesn’t have TouchWiz so it hasn’t been messed with.”

    Greatest quote of the entire review! 

  • Jason Lee

    You should try doing the speedtest on the speedtest.net website. I always get better speeds there and it works better than the app usually.

  • Granted

    Oh good Lord, once I saw your goblin fingernails, I had to immediately stop watching! I had flashbacks of Orcs from Lord Of The Rings.

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  • Anonymous


  • DroidzFX

    Wheres the SD card slot?

  • Anonymous

    Still don’t understand all the hype about tablets…. 

  • Anonymous

    Little off topic, but for anyone who wanted the android mini collectible summer 2011 series they are back on sale right now. Time 2:51 8/10/11

  • I wish I had as many devices as Kellex.

  • $529 on a two year contract? Screw that. No one needs a 2 year contract for a tablet.

  • Typie6868

    Rudeee lol

  • Anonymous

    WHERE DO YOU GET ALL THIS MONEY FOR EVERY NEW DEVICE?! Donate some to my village please, we need clean water

    • Fertch

      and you spend what you have on internet? 

      • Anonymous

        Actually i spend it on my not unlimited $30 data plan, which translates to about 10,857.00 ZWD/month. Thanks vzw

        • Anonymous

          “Limited” is another way of saying, “not unlimited.” Just FYI.

    • Mctypething

      They get it for free.

  • Anonymous

    Typo? “$529 on 2-year contract.” 

    That doesn’t sound right.

    • Anonymous

      Verizon doesn’t give you a big discount on tablets.  It’s $700 off contract.

      • nuts, go buy an asus transformer for 399 no contract

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    • Anonymous

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      • LionStone

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    • Anonymous

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  • Mctypething

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    • Anonymous

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      • Anonymous


    • Blood

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