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Apple Now Attempts to Take Down the Motorola XOOM, Our Eyes Couldn’t Possibly Roll Harder

Here we go again…Apple attacking another company.  Can we go at least one day without them filing some sort of intellectual property claim/suit/infringement/whatever you want to call it, against another competitor?  Today’s recipient is Motorola.  And here is me yawning.  And rolling my eyes.  And laughing at how comical this has become  I actually have nothing else to say, which is odd.  I’m just so sick of Apple trying to bully every other tech company in the world out of releasing products that compete with theirs.  As we seem to be saying a lot these days – here’s to hoping that governments continue to be pro-innovation and not pro-douche whiner.

Bleh.  Bleh.  And more bleh.

Via:  BGR

Cheers Eric!

  • Geonautics

    It’s a strategic move to hinder sale of other Android tablets / devices, buying times until the next iPad and iPhone.  This is the art of business war.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm CrApple = Lodsys

  • Terrance Steiner

    I can’t really fault Apple for doing this.  Every major company does this, we just here about Apple more often because they are Apple.  They [currently] have every legal right to protect their patents in this way.  What I can fault is a broken patent system that even allows this to happen.  The patten system as it exists stifles innovation,  hurts competition, rises prices and cost jobs.  A company can either spend millions of dollars defending questionable patent lawsuits or they can expand and hire new workers.  They cannot do both.

    There is currently a bill going through congress to “fix” the patent system that does no such thing.  It only speeds up the rate in which patents can be issued.  It does not do a thing about fixing the broken system.  I agree with Mark Cuban’s blog post from last week (you should all look it up) that we should get rid of software and process patents and allow companies to actually innovate.  If you agree with me contact your congressmen and let them know that the patent system in this country needs to be fixed.

    Patents are important, but process patents like swiping to unlock or Amazon’s one-button buy are ridiculous.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous

    I can’t lose respect for apple, I never had any o.O

  • Joelseph

    Ugh.  Apple is officially the Metallica of technology companies.

  • Roll your eyes any harder and you may pull a muscle.  I damn sure did.

  • Davros

    I think aphole’s plan is to get a win, then use that as evidence against the next company they sue. Then if they get 2 wins it becomes a standard and they are free to sue everyone. I think Google should sue them when the Idont5 drops with its revolutionary “notifications” and all 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Its a sad sad day when a leading company decides its best to compete in the courts as opposed to in the market. Is this really your best Apple? Have you just stopped trying to keep up with Android and have decided its just best to try and sue it into oblivion? When did court cases become a legitimate business strategy? This is just pathetic. Could you possibly look more desperate Apple?

    • RW-1

      This is what occurs when only one manufacturer, as big as they are, is pitted against many different manufacturers, each making a product.

      One cannot maintain lead against the multitude for long.

      Hmm, a nauseating smell of desperation has washed over Cupertino …. Glad I’m not living there.

  • Anonymous

    Magicians are now also involved as Apple has sued them for being ”magical”!!!

  • i have lost ALL respect for Apple. 

    • Anonymous

      I never had any respect for apple mainly due to the egomaniac control freak Jobs!

      • Anonymous

        Hasn’t he just up and died yet?

    • Peter Bartholomul

      I dont even use Itunes to listen to the music saved on my laptop anymore. All I use Itunes for is to find popular new music and then download it for free online

  • CIFchamp24

    You do realize that moto just sued apple for like 10 copyright infringements not too far back right? All companies do it. It means nothing and it will never stop

    • Anonymous

      we already covered that. the link is in one of my comments

      • CIFchamp24

        Coo coo. I’m not gonna read all 150 posts before I comment. Just making sure it’s been stated.

    • Anonymous

      Moto is doing it to send a message to Apple, cut it out, we have guns too

    • Anonymous

      Moto’s lawsuit was a preemptive measure in retaliation for Apple’s lawsuit against HTC because it was a broad attack on android as a whole.