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Want The Sixaxis Game Controller Experience Without Having To Buy An Xperia Play?

Well then, you will have to check out the Sixaxis Controller application on the Android Market. If you’re a light to moderate mobile gamer, then this should be perfect for you. The application allows you to pair a Sixaxis PS3 controller, or a DualShock 3 controller to your Android phone, to play all the hot titles available. It does require root, but is said to work wonders on tablets, and other devices through a Bluetooth connection.

The developer does point out that there are some devices known not to work. Most HTC, and some newer Samsung devices are not supported, due to a required Bluetooth protocol that is not supported. But if you are not using one of those, and looking to take your mobile gaming to the next level, then check out their website, and read all the info to see if it’s the right choice for you. If I wasn’t an X-Box man myself, I would definitely be all over this.   

There are two versions which will greatly help your choice in purchasing the $1.67 application. The first one they reccomend you to download is the free “Compatibility Checker”, to see if your device is supported.

Grab it and let us know which devices it is working/not working on. Happy gaming!

Compatibility CheckerMarket Link


Cheers Chase and Bjorn!

  • Nobody

    cant get to the site said it was unsafe

  • Mr. Helpful

    For those who are seeing the pad work in the menus but not in-game…

    For snesoid: Menu->Settings->Other settings->Use input method    

    Don’t know why this option is buried in this menu, but there you go. Gameboid et al probably have similar toggles buried in similar menus.

  • well i think you can use usb ps3 controller using driver http://www.androidsim.net/2011/06/how-to-20-connect-ps3-controller-to.html

  • if anybody is having problems with compatibility try changing custom roms it wouldn’t work on my thunderbolt running gingertitis 3d switch to cm7 and now its compatible

  • MonkeyJamboree

    I am also waiting for root on Droid3 in order to do this… also, anyone know if there’s a way to enable USB host on D3?

  • Anonymous

    Dear Devs:  I would pay $20+ for an app that does this on my D3 w/o root.  Prolly not possible but… just sayin’.

  • did it two years ago on my n900!!!

  • Works on the Motorola Droid 1 running CyanogenMod. I used sixaxis.c to pair, which was pretty straightforward. The LEDs even work properly (never got them to work right in linux)

    One bug I noticed so far – key repeat is too slow, so some games won’t work. For example, Super Mario World, I got to about the 3rd level, but when you jump into water, you can’t get back out (can’t press B rapidly enough to jump out of water).

  • works on my Droid 2 🙂

    • Eric

      Chase – I made the connection with my DX2 – but SNesoid doesn’t recognize the Sixaxis button input.  Any suggestions? 

  • Anonymous

    Works great!

    I actually bought two PS3 controllers at a pawn shop for $20 a few months ago to try with a hub and the OTG cable on my XOOM, but that didn’t work, and the Wiimotes just don’t have enough buttons. This app is exactly what I needed for long road trips, AND they charge via USB. 🙂

    I just played a couple of rounds of Mario Kart with one of my roommates. The stock button mappings were a little crossways and caused some weird control issues with 2 players, but I was able to fix it with a quick remap of each controller.

    • Xirtama

      Could you expand on how/what you did with the quick remap? I’m on a Transformer and having very similar problems with 2 player, particularly the analog joysticks. This is using NES Emulator Lite. Thanks.

  • Pennywise

    Cool! Wiimote App has been available for like a year it seems, the Classic Wiimote is amazing for the EMUS… And Mangler App (Ventrillo) let’s you voice chat (talk smack) ftw!  There a Quake II port for Android?? To the Internets!!

  • Works on My DX running Apex 1.4.1. I am happy :). This and using realhdmi!

  • j2d2

    I hope someday HTC or Moto or whoever makes an officially licensed BT controller.

  • 0mie

    Here it is running on the ASUS Transformer 🙂


  • Mr.Joe

    Why do you need root?  WiiMote on the market does the same thing and doesn’t require it.

    • A PS3 controller is not a wiimote

    • Mobrienjr85

      because ROOT is awesome

    • Anonymous

      If it didnt need root, dont you think the devs would have made it available to everyone? Maybe they havent figured it out yet (like that new no root screenshot app which came years after all the root only ones), but its not like they are against non rooters.

  • Blood

    To all 360 users stop acting like anonymous couldn’t hack you guys.

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      I just paiid $21.86 for an i P a d2-64GB and my girlfriend loves her

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    • nicotinic

      they’re just acting like anonymous didn’t hack them. there’s a difference…

  • Anonymous

    X-box? Blasphemy!

  • That’s pretty awesome but If I have a dualshock handy that means I’m at home, and if I’m at home I’m going to do my gaming through my PS3/360. I’m not about to start lugging a DS3 around everywhere I go. Still, like I said, pretty cool.

    • Peter Bartholomul

      Good point. But just because you own a ps3 controller doesn’t mean you own a ps3. It’s alot cheaper to buy a ps3 controller to use with android phones then buying a ps3 system. Even Xbox fanboys can go out and buy a ps3 controller to use with their phones. I’m not trying to start an argument. I’m just saying that it can be really useful for other people who use alot of games on their phone. I have a ps3 also and an xbox 360 so I agree with you but other people might not.

  • Peter Bartholomul

    Sony should take notes. This should’ve been an official Sony app along with the official Playstation 3 app. Now maybe Sony or other android devs should work on some ps3 game ports for the android phones. Like Grand theft auto, call of duty, need for speed, NFL, MLB, and many more all on your android phone with the ability to play with an actual ps3 controller. And Microsoft should take notes also and make an app that can be used to connect an Xbox controller to android for those who use Xbox and even release some xbox games like Halo and many more to the android phone. I’d even pay a one time fee for each game if i had to.

    • Anonymous

      I’d say a Microsoft XBox app for a phone would likely land on Windows Phone only, but that’s just an educated guess.

      • Peter Bartholomul

        It might but it also might not. Everyone doesn’t want to buy a windows phone. I would think they would release the app on the android market for any phone to make more money off it. They bought Skype and kept it on the android market and even made it better for non windows phones by adding video chat. So i don’t see why they wouldn’t want to make more money by releasing xbox games ontoandroid phones. the only problem with it would be the phone memory. which is why it could be a good idea but probably not until more phones come with more then 16 gb memory

      • Studmiester7

        Very doubtful, since the Xbox360 remote uses IR, where the PS3 uses bluetooth. It would be great, but unfortunately there isn’t a phone I know of that has or uses IR technology.

    • Peter Bartholomul

      O and I forgot to mention before anyone else does. the ps3 game ports for android obviously won’t be the same. If they made a COD Black Ops ps3 version for android it won’t be the same. the screen size will be smaller and it will even run slower. So I guess “port” was the wrong word to use. What Sony and Microsoft should work on is new versions of the games. Like instead of COD Black Ops or GTA 4 it should be a completely new android exclusive version of the most popular ps3 and xbox 360 games. Now that android is quickly becoming the best and most used phones it would make sense for sony and microsoft to make some money off the phones. Using COD or GTA on a ps3 system on the big screen is good but I think using COD or GTA literally anywhere including walking around or in a car would be a little better.

      • Anonymous

        Sony and Microsoft don’t make the games… They make the systems and publish a few games. But as for creating they do none of that. If you want cod on your phone, ask Infinity Ward or Treyarch. Both will say no because a 2 year development cycle is short as is stands now so Activision (the publisher) would have to hire a new studio just to make a mobile game where the profits would be nowhere close to that of console and pc sales. While I like the idea, it’s not going anywhere. Dice did make a mobile version of Battlefield Bad Company 2 though. So I suppose there are chances.

  • Anonymous

    doesnt work on charge 🙁 and black ops is terrible…treyarch’s quality has taken a nose dive. infinity ward is amazing and i am really looking forward to 11/08/11 

    • I already reserved my copy 🙂

      • Anonymous

        if you have a ps3, whats your psn name? so i can own you in some call of duty 🙂

        • Adam Elghor

          i second that

  • One more reason why we need root on the D3.

  • what snes emulator is he using in the video

    • Looks like SNES 9x EX by the on-screen gamepad (that can be turned off in options)

  • Anonymous

    HEY, I submitted this like 2-3 days ago…but guess you didn’t see it. lol

  • ugh…i got it to sync and i can select stuff on my phone using the controller but whenever i go into nesoid or snesoid the controller wont work what the hell…. using Droid X running OMFGB btw

    • Anonymous

      Did u enable input methods in the settings? Works great for me

      • Eric

        What the heck… I can’t get it to work on my DX2.  

        >I’ve established the connection with the App.
        >I’ve changed the input method to Sixaxis Controller

        Then —-> Tested it text messaging (Square = 0, Triange = 1, Circle = 2, X = 3 … etc.)

        BUT…. not working with my emulators… 
        > Selected “Input Methods” in Snesoid (and have tried Snes9X w/ key mappings)

        Please HELP!

        • Anonymous

          Did u try remapping the buttons from the emulator? I’m not on a dx2 but if u got that far it really should work

    • Audioslinger

      Settings>Other Settings>Check: Use input method

      Works on Droid2.

    • Blood

      Just click the ps3 buttons on the input settings and your’e all good.

  • Jason Purp

    While all of you fanboys have your little pointless fights, I have a real question:
    does this work on the Droid Charge or Incredible 2 or X? I’m too lazy to root one of my phones just to find out for myself.

    • Probably check the comments section on both the apps to see if someone has stated as such 😛

    • Anonymous

      droid charge is a no go.
      i will check on my dinc2 and respond
      droid x works fine

  • Peter Bartholomul

    how was he using his phone on his tv? That didn’t look like an HDMI cable but I could be wrong. Or does this app somehow give your phone the ability to connect to your tv through a ps3 by connecting to the ps3 usb port?

    • Anonymous

      if you pause the video when the camera closes in on the cord you can see that the plug says hdmi on it

  • Jimmy8

    wish it worked without root.

  • It’s actually “most HTC devices and some newer Samsung devices”

  • Anonymous

    Kellex what are you doing! Not only do we get fanboy wars between android & apple all the time here. Now you are going to start a PS3 & Xbox war. In the words of MR. Bill. “OH NOOOOOOOOO!”

    • Anonymous

      There is no war. 360>PS3. Just a fact. Even though I still have a PS3 and love it as well.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for proving my point. :]

  • @JayCity216

    I hope compatibility goes better than netflix did when they started. And of course BlackOps is overrated….to people that suck at BlackOps. #thatisall

    • Anonymous

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      • Anonymous


    • Sdgjkhfjk

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    • Anonymous

      I just paiid $21.87 for an iPad2-32GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $657 which only cost me $62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from, http://to.ly/aUlw

  • Anonymous

    Too bad I sold my PS3 a couple years ago.

  • Anonymous

    now starts the fanboy flame wars………

    • looks like you hit the nail on the head…

  • Anonymous

    XBox men be damned. At least XBox live doesn’t go down for months at a time as a consolation. This is a great idea though.

    • Exactly! I love how PSN goes down, and XBox still gets rewarded with all your precious double XP weekends and 24/7 Nuketown 🙂 MUAHAHAHA!!!!

      • Anonymous

        BlackOps (COD in general) is very overrated, in my opinion, regardless of platform.

        • Overrated? Might I ask, why? 🙂

          • Jason Purp

            CoD 4 was the last good one. Now they’re all the same with insignificant improvements and new features. Look at the Modern Warfare series. They all used the same engine. Look at Black Ops and World at War. They both used the same engine. The games just keep popping out like kidney stones.

          • But that’s good! I enjoy playing the multiplayer on each of these games, and I don’t find them insignificant at all lol

            The issue is, if you guys prove me wrong, I will have wasted countless days prestig(ing) and ignoring my girlfriend. I can’t have this!!! 😛

          • Anonymous

            You’re justified to ignore your girlfriend to game. That is your right, and responsibility, as a man.

          • DroidzFX

            battlefield 3 will demolish COD…..literally

          • Jason Purp

            I’ll admit, the multiplayer is fun, but I wouldn’t pay so much money for another CoD game ever again. I could play an older one and get the same experience for a cheaper price.

          • Anonymous

            Kinda like iphones.

          • Anonymous

            Without getting into a long rant, I’ll reference the frequency of people laying down in the middle of a battlefield as highly unrealistic for a game based on realism. To each his own.

          • Anonymous

            To be fair, I think it is more a function of the crowd that plays COD online than the game specifically. I prefer the crowds of Left 4 Dead 2 and Halo: Reach. Although, admittedly, the crowd in Reach is becoming unbearable strictly on a communication basis.

            Mostly, people are just rude and obscene in the gaming community.

          • Well that goes with the online/internet territory. Can’t do anything about that besides hit the good ol’ mute button 🙂

  • And wow!!  When is root coming for D3 again???

    • Unexpected62

      Ditto that….

  • First!