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HTCDev Site Shows That Sense + Honeycomb, Equals Sense

After exploring the HTCDev site, location of the almighty unlocking of the HTC bootloaders taking place later this year, a reader over at Android Central showed everyone a few things of interest. Included within the goodies are some screen shots of a Honeycomb tablet, running a version of Sense. It hasn’t been said whether this is just a developer version yet, or if this is exactly what we saw teased to be released on the HTC Puccini.

Looks like you can possibly count on there to be HTC Scribe on HTC’s first rendition of a Honeycomb tablet. Everyone open to the idea of bringing HTC’s Sense onto their tablets? Can Sense or any other OEM skin outdo what Honeycomb already does? TouchWiz was just recently pumped out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and so far there are mixed reactions. Feel free to let us know what you think down below.

Via: Android Central

  • Anonymous

    There is no reason for this!  Want to ensure your tablet won’t get Ice Cream Sandwich anywhere near the actual launch date?  Get something skinned like this.  Little value add, plenty of regret later.

  • Daniel Archibald33

    Touch Wiz is a horrible UI for anything. Samsung needs to freshen up there look

  • Anonymous

    I like Sense.  I hate TouchWiz.  I like having the option for skins, but they should be just that, options.

    I passed on the Flyer because it wasn’t Honeycomb.  I’m curious to see Honeycomb with Sense.

  • andrew kelly

    i dont have a tablet but if i did id hate to have sense on it i have a droid incredible and i rooted it and put cyanogenmod 7 on it and i love it stock is way better than sense

  • Batsonc

    I put a ROM on my Iconia with the touchwiz on it and i have to say that i’m very impressed.

  • All I want is the option to remove it down the road if I want to and have unlockable boot loaders. Choice is great it is why android exists really 

  • Anonymous

    How about Google release the source code so we can get Honeycomb equivalents of LauncherPro etc. In Android, UI doesn’t have to be tied to your hardware, so why would you want it to be?

  • Oh, hell nah, you can scribble???  Well, sign me up for some Sense, ASAP!

  • Artie

    I love the Touchwiz UI even though I don’t for their galaxy phones.  I have the Droid Incredible and it’s fair to say the Sense UI is the best still so I welcome these skins on top of the OS’s as long as it’s not Motorola, their UI’s suck for now.

  • Devator22

    Like I said on the last honeysense article, if anyone knows skins its HTC. I am excited to see what they do. Also, I am impressed by tim-o-tato’s mad drawing skillz.

    • Tim can not draw, and this is other peoples work

  • Dash Speeds

    How are there seriously people who disliked the TW update? My Tab literally doubled in performance after it, even without 3.2.

    • yeah, I like they just added apps that you could use with more functionality (an appropriate amount of apps too) and left everything else as is.

    • Anonymous

      So it went from a crappy tablet, to a slightly faster, *locked down* crappy tablet that will most likely sit at 3.1 for the foreseeable future because TouchWiz was “optimized for 3.1.”

      Enjoy it. I’ll check back in when you don’t understand why Samsung isn’t getting updates out the door.

  • Anonymous

    I just wish they’d release a 10″ tablet already. I already bought an ipad2 in the Spring because the xoom was crap, HTC has the potential to do it right if they would get done already.

    • CaptainAmerica

      If you bought an IPAD 3 than there is no helping you

      • CaptainAmerica

        2! damn apple took over my keyboard

    • DBK

      Asus Transformer? Acer Iconia? You had options, man. You went to the dark side by choice, admit it.

      • Anonymous

        All junk, I’ve got 2 Asus netbooks that have both been back, I wont buy another of their 2nd rate products because its a few dollars cheaper. At best Android on tablets may be ready next year, heck there aren’t even any android phone out now that is up to 2011 specs and this year is almost over, even the newest ones are barely upgrades over 2010. These manufacturers need to step up their game asap. I really like Android, have had a DInc since the day after they came out, I’m coddling it now until someone releases something thats truly a step up. There are no android tablets that are a step up and there surely weren’t in Spring

        • I don’t understand what you mean…I mean you buy one honeycomb tablet your basically getting the same kind of experience….I just don’t believe you either I doubt you owned one honeycomb tablet due to the fact that you choose not to use specific examples and just calling all the tablets “junk”…You are saying these are all old tech devices I guess I just fail to see how…Quad cores will not be out till later this year?? LTe check, Ram check, Processor check I mean I don’t know what you want?? I just think your views are not plausible at this time maybe when the tech expands a bit but for now the xoom is a great tablet, Samsung is a great tablet, Asus is different but still a good tablet, but with these different tablets your essentially getting the same experience because they have not modded honeycomb ui until recently…Your delusional like most people that think that these specs are “old”. Thats just insane

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always wanted to use MS Paint on my $800 Xoom. I’m jealous.

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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  • firstysss