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DROID Bionic Shows Off Its 4G LTE Speed Goodness, Battery Life Said to be Stellar

We knew that the DROID Bionic would be the world’s first dual-core 4G LTE device, but we had yet to really see it show off the download speeds that it was capable of.  Thanks to another tester in the wild, we get just that today.  And this is exactly why this phone has been talked about for 8 months now – because it’ll have power, style, and run on Big Red’s shiny new network.

The leaker (Yoda) has also mentioned that he is seeing 15 hours of battery life with moderate usage, something that no other LTE device can really say at this time.  We had been hearing from our sources that Moto reps couldn’t stop raving about the massive battery and how long it lasts, so to get confirmation from a tester is a nice add-on.

And is it just me, or have the pics from the last two days that we’ve seen with the screen on, look much less PenTile-y than the DROIDX2 and DROID3?  I know, I know, it’s almost impossible to tell from these quick ninja-shots, but they definitely aren’t looking awful.

With the LTE Galaxy S II news from this morning followed by these Bionic speed tests, it’s probably safe to say that DL readers are officially torn between the two.  We 100% know that the Bionic is coming in September – the SGS2, is still a mystery.

Via:  Phandroid

Cheers Michael and Brutalsnowman!

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  • Anonymous

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  • Justin

     me likey, me want

  • ah crap, I just got a Droid Charge too. Don’t get me wrong, I love it so far, even with TouchWiz (after making some alterations of course), but the battery, while not awful, leaves something to be desired. Oh well, guess I could always sell it, or use it as a backup. One thing I won’t do is get this thing on day one. I will surely wait a couple months just in case. I have a feeling Moto already has something cooking for Q4….

  • Anon

    is there a moderator that can come in and get rid of all the political comments.  This is not a political blog, these comments should be removed.  I had to basically get to comment 120 to finally start seeing comments on what this post was about

  • Anonymous

    even if this phone is epic, its still moto, and still will be locked and backed by a company that fails to hear the cries of its customers.

  • Pete D’Antonio Jr.

    I’m trying to understand the hate here, I feel like if this had a SUPERAMOLED display people would be foaming at the mouth for this phone.

  • WOWZA, that’s speedier than my first time. 

  • I’m an independent non-voter. {{-_-}}

  • I’m an independent non-voter. {{-_-}}

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather use the New blur than touch wiz any day. Preferences is what it will come down to.

  • Anonymous

    19.87 Mbps down load and 5.37 up load!!!! That’s fast!!!! http://www.convertunits.com/from/Kbps/to/Mbps

  • Anonymous

    This is going to be a MONSTER!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Ramon Toscano

    Meh, My thunderbolt gets 24 hours of moderate use on 4G. On the stock battery.
    Running a custom stripped CM7 RC1.5.2, Stock CM7 kernel @ 245mhz/1024mhz.

    • Str8RippinEm

      yea, 24 hours with 4 charges

  • Scrub175

    My concern is the lack of 3G surf and talk.

  • Nckkent

    Is it just me or does that screen say 20 mb/s?

    • mega BITS

      • Nckkent

        Yeah, that’s what a lowercase “b” means. That’s insane though.

        • i’ve seen up to 39Mbps on my Tbolt. LTE is super fast

  • Peter Bartholomul

    Whats a Droid Bionic?

    • Palmyra

      First  generation Cylon number Six.

  • Diamond Dave

    I’m libertarian, I say they ALL should go!

  • Millz_45

    If I wanted to read about this political BS I would be reading the news not DROID life. Are you guys f*ckin serious?!

    • Ignoranceisbad

      I know it isn’t fun, but gosh darn it someone needs to stand up for freedom, or we will have the government handing out phones one day and telling us to like it or else.

    • Ignoranceisbad

      As a heart attack.

  • Anonymous

    Tech. Blog. Get it?

    • Ignoranceisbad

      Please explain. What is tech? What is a blog? I am intrigued.

  • Anonymous

    Old dimensions are irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    Yes they do, you’re absolutely clueless.

  • Droidrage729

    too little too late not intrested anymore. Nice try terrible delivery.

  • Anonymous

    So I know this has nothing to do with this post, but my TB has amazing battery life. I’m using the stock battery and 3G. (Non-rooted) 🙂

    • Anonymous

      1 day, 2 hours, 25 mins

      • kq

        cause thats 3g. its the lte that drains the battery fast.

        • Anonymous

          I get 9 hours on 4G sometimes

  • Why must mywork make me get an i*hone! Gah, thats it, im going to pony up for this thing and just cary two phones.

  • DayTurkOurJobz

    My cousin’s roommate’s girlfriend’s dog breeder is a tester and said this phone is big and sux…  That dude’s adopted brother is also a tester for Samsung and said the SG2 will DEF have LTE, however the screen has been knocked down to 3.4 and it’s a keyboard flip out like the envy, not a slider… 🙂

  • Steel888

    Great. 4G gets me a higher number on an app.

    Can you show me a real reason to buy a phone with these battery hungry 1st gen LTE radios?

    • Anonymous

      Download something with 4g you will see the reason.

    • Anonymous

      You can always disable 4G for better battery life.  Having the option is better than not having it at all is it not?

    • kq

      after having 4g. going back to 3g is like going back to 56k dial-up.

  • Kevin Jellison

    Ummm, we talk about phones here, right? Take your political talk to fark or h-post or wherever. It amazes me how people can turn any discussion into a political one. Also, I miss the days on this site when everybody had a Droid, and it was fun to poke fun at Apple. Now everything is fragmented (see what I did there?), and the message boards are a big flamewar between Thunderbolt and Bionic or whichever other device. Take your politics somewhere else where it belongs, and let’s try to stay focused on the topic at hand here which is Android. 

    • Ronzappardino

      This man. Listen to him.

      I have a single side I 100% agree with in the political debate and a single side I 100% agree with in the Bionic debate, but I’m getting over that because this guy is so right. Android fans are FANS, not fanboys. The difference? flame wars. This is starting to look like an apple blog.

      • Ignoranceisbad

        I can agree with that. Too much bashing for non-released phones. I am all for letting the phones come to market, and then letting the PEOPLE decide. See what I did there?

        Carry on…

    • Anonymous

      All the god damn fanboys and trolls who can’t keep their traps shut go into every single article and trash an unreleased product until their fingers bleed from typing.  There’s so much hate now that it makes this site downright unpleasant to visit.

    • Ignoranceisbad

      I have an OG Droid and a Thunderbolt. I also value freedom and the US Constitution unlike our current President. Deal with it.

  • DanSke

    Who the f**k is Yoda?!

  • Anonymous

    At this point I want the Bionic mostly because I’ve been waiting for it since January. However, if the SGSII comes out first I will probably jump ship – my OG Droid is getting old. Both phones should have the hardware specs to keep up over the next year or two and that’s what I’m looking for.

    A SAMOLED screen may be nicer than a pentile screen, but I can’t see the difference unless they’re side by side. Maybe you have better eyes than I do, but the only thing I’m going to notice is a difference in the way they render colors. We don’t know what the actual difference in processing power is going to be yet but the only thing that’s really going to matter is how they perform during everyday usage – and there is no hard spec for that.

  • faber78

    Moto sucks

  • I wanted this phone so badly…………last spring (lol)…….but now,  I do believe I will hang on to my D3 a while longer and see what comes out next winter/year.

  • jnt

    on the pentile… looking at the other pics, I’m afraid it’s just you Kellex 🙂

  • Anthony Alves


  • This will be an interesting debate watching OG Droid owners pick between the SGS2 and Bionic for their next phone. 

    • I guess but the sgs2 has no confirmation or leaked photos for verizon so who knows when that will be

      • actually, an LTE model showed up in Korea, could be brought here. 1.5ghz dual-core. pretty sick

      • actually, an LTE model showed up in Korea, could be brought here. 1.5ghz dual-core. pretty sick

        • guest

          that’s Korea. not fcc

        • I didn’t know we live in Korea and snapdragons suck…I would much rather have exynos,tegra, or map over that chipset

          • you do realize that when the iphone 4 prototype was found, it was in taiwan. just because it was in korea doesn’t mean it’s not going to come here. and as far as single cores went, snapdragons were the fastest and the most secure. how can you bash a processor that isn’t out yet?

          • The same way people bash everything before it’s released.

          • Anonymous

            No, the Hummingbird is the fastest single core SOC.

    • Legoturte92

      I am stuck between the Bionic, SGII, and the iPhone 5. So far I’m leaning towards the Bionic.

      • iPhone 5, thats a new way to spell nexus. Because those are the only three phones to chose form right now 

    • Anonymous

      Don’t leave out the Vigor.

  • Anonymous

    The Bionic is an awesome phone but I’m not sure I can go without the simultaneous talk/data. I use it all the time, especially for those annoying calls from the ex…

    • You can on 4g or wifi just not on 3g

    • Anonymous

      yeah dude, just be on 4G when you do, even so, why would you take it off 4G anyway? The battery life is not an issue…  🙂

  • Anonymous

    The Bionic is an awesome phone and I was considering giving up my TB for it. But I like to be on the phone and using my internet at the same time (you know for those annoying call from your bf/gf) I’m just not sure if I can go without that feature…

  • George Chahinian

    2 things are bugging me about this phone that are the only reason i still have a personal debate in my brain about it….
    1: everyones favorite, the locked bootloader
    2: not a worldphone – i was out of the states 3 times this past year, each time i had to switch back to my old BB tour (out of necessity, otherwise i would have gone phoneless).

    if moto fixes either of those issues im 98% on board, both of them im 110% on board


    • Anonymous

      What if you ask big red about making calls internationally and paying less than roaming charges. My brother mentioned something like this to me before. Or what about Skype? I’m sure there is away around it.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been wanting to buy this phone for awhile now. Looking at this picture I’m very turned off by the gap between the screen and the edge of the phone on both sides. I wanted this to be a 4.5 screen so bad…

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “because it’ll have power, style, and run on Big Red’s shiny new network.” and be thicker than a MOFO

    • Anonymous

      But still thinner than the TB.

      • nope. bionic is 13.3mm and the thunderbolt is 13 flat

        • Anonymous

          And probably thicker at the hump on the bionic.

          • hkklife

            Aside from having the kickstand, Sense, non-pentile screen and simultaneous voice & data over 3G, the TB comes up short next to the Bionic in every way.  However, after the GB update is finally released, TB owners shouldn’t feel early adopter remorse as they’ve had LTE goodness most of the year while the Bionic kept on being delayed and tweaked. 

            Other than the lack of a 4.5″ screen, the biggest disappointment is that Moto is on its 3rd iteration of the Bionic and has very little to show for almost a year’s worth of delays.   Same screen size & resolution, no substantial CPU boost, no drastic reduction in size and probably the same mediocre cameras.   The only “surprises” are that the big battery was retained and they boosted internal storage up to 32Gb. 

          • Anonymous

            Since when did they make internal storage 32 gb? Last I saw it was still 16. Also I said it would be thicker than the TB I wasn’t comparing the two spec wise all I said was it would be thicker at the hump than the TB is.

          • Anonymous

            The OMAP4 is substantially better than the Tegra 2, actually.

        • Anonymous

          PhoneArena says the TB is 14, gsmarena says it’s 13 and phonescoop says it’s 13.2.  Either way you seem to have pulled the Bionic’s figure from your ass.

          • I don’t even know why the thunderbolt keeps getting brought up?

          • lol well if it’s any consolation, i found on phonescoop that the tbolt is 13.3, but the bionic is 13.7. your beloved bionic is not god

          • i got the 13.7 from phonescoop. which is the old dimensions and still bigger than the phonescoop thunderbolt dimensions

          • Anonymous

            Old dimensions are irrelevant.

          • right. it’s thicker now

      • nope. bionic is 13.3mm and the thunderbolt is 13 flat

    • And battery life will not suffer I would rather my phone be big so I can last throughout the day