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Shazam Receives Update to Support Android 3.3? (Updated)

What’s with all of these app companies outing new versions of Android ahead of time?  Yesterday, we saw Rdio claiming to now support Ice Cream Sandwich – something we found sort of hard to believe.  Today though, Shazam received an update that says it now supports Android 3.3, a newer build of Honeycomb than anyone has seen.

We all know that Android 3.2 introduced support for a variety of tablet screen sizes, SD card (read-only) support, and a useful new zooming feature for apps, but had not heard of a version to follow it yet.  Could 3.3 be just around the corner?  Any ideas on what it may include?  Or should we assume that Shazam simply meant 3.2?

Update:  I should point out that both my XOOM and Galaxy Tab are not showing as compatible with Shazam and I’m also hearing that Transformers on 3.2 can’t see it, so maybe 3.3 is the real deal.  Maybe Shazam is introducing a tablet version with 3.3.  Fun, fun.

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Cheers @Samlehman90!

  • Anonymous

    Lied. if you read the content in the page it is the version of the app not android. bad writing by shazam in my opinion.

  • Odd, it’s currently showing compatible with my Iconia A500 running a Xoom port but not the A500 running stock…

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a lot of hocus pocus.

    I’ll be here all night, tips are appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    SoundHound is better anyway

  • Bachmann2012

    Who cares…Shazam sucks in comparison to Soundhound.

  • Anonymous

    I would assume it’s either a mistake or they’re taking about the version of Shazam being 3.3. IIRC Google stated that 3.2 would be the last Honeycomb release.

  • eleazar

    They are just saying the version of ‘Shazam for Android’ is 3.3, not Shazam made for ‘Android 3.3’

    • anthony

      no they are not. Shazam ON Android 3.3 does NOT equal Shazam v3.3 according to the wording.

      • eleazar

        I would agree that their wording is misleading.  Look at the other comments here, it is showing as ‘Shazam 3.3’ in other countries.  I stand by initial assumption that they intended to say Shazam on Android, v3.3.

  • eleazar

    They are just saying the version of ‘Shazam for Android’ is 3.3, not Shazam made for ‘Android 3.3’

  • Anonymous

    It’s gotta be a mistake. It says it’s incompatible with my XOOM. And my Droid.

    Shazam sucks. SoundHound FTW.

  • Tqyii

    Hi. Japanese version Android Market site says “Shazam v3.3”

  • Anonymous

    maybe 3.3 is ice cream? They did mention they would merge the two.

    • Anonymous

      I would assume it would be 4.0 since its a major change in the OS.

      • Anonymous

        yeah, that’s true

  • Carlito Pr787

    Don’t care my 3G Xoom still has 3.1….

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting on 3.2 for my Acer, too. No official announcement on that yet, though…just rumors on xda that it may be coming soon based on leaks…

  • Jerrod Schultz

    3.3. could be for google tv?!

  • In French it is written :”Shazam v3.3″
    Maybe they meant the new version of Shazam is the 3.3 because the previous one was 3.2.1.

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing all of this is just a mix up.
      The Shazam Encore app also lists in the What’s New section “Shazam Encore v3.3” 

  • jeff

    Right around the corner means sometime in the next 16 months for Android.

  • Jason

    Still waiting on the 3.2 for 3G Xoom. keep checking everyday. no email or anything from them. hmm??

  • might want to fix this sentence “a newer build of Honeycomb than anyone has seen.”