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DROIDX Finally Receiving Gingerbread Bug Fixer in Mid-August?

We are all well aware that the Gingerbread update for the original DROIDX probably caused more problems than it fixed.  While it brought some of the performance goodness that comes with Android 2.3 and a shiny blue UI, there were enough bugs included to force Motorola into holding the rest of their GB builds back for devices like the DROID2, Global and Pro.  The good news is that Verizon support and Motorola have acknowledged it and are expecting it to be ready in mid-August.

We have forwarded your information to Motorola. They were able to duplicate the issue on their end.

As of 7/29/11 we have learned that it will be corrected with MR6 update. At this point, a target release date for this update is mid-August.

As soon as more information becomes available, we will be sure to post it here.

In the interim, if are turning the device off to avoid notification tones during your slumber, you may want to put the device on silent until we get the resolution.

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Good news, right?  Mid-August is really only a week or two away, so be on the lookout.

Via:  VZW Forums

Cheers Manny!

  • Neekossmith

    Is there anyone else having the problem with their Droid x where it is power cycling after the updates

  • Ohyaknow76

    Maybe i am one of the lucky ones. The only issue i have is i lose 3g sometimes. Its like it goes into sleep mode. other than that it works great. DX

  • This is actually a really funny story to read today.  I am holding a brand new DROID X2 that VZW sent me because I went through 3 DROID Xs due to the GB update but everytime I called support they said the issues I was was seeing couldn’t be software related and shipped new phones to me.  I did enough complaining that they sent me a “sideways” upgrade to something that could use the same accessories as my original X.  Except they sent me the extended battery as well for some reason.

  • Anonymous

    Miui and launcher pro have fixed all my problems. Plus miui is better than stock imo.

  • Patryck Krutewicz

    Cool, maybe I can use my phone for calls and SMS again.

  • Matthew Harmon

    Does anyone have a full list of bugs and fixes?  I’m having an issue where I cannot make out going calls.  I can dial, but it immediately hangs up.  VZW can’t figure it out…I can reset, but should not have to…

    • Anonymous

      I’ve noticed 3G and sometimes all my radios drop off for no reason. Also battery life has gotten worse along with the reboots. Those seem to be the biggest bugs I’ve seen people talking about.

      • JW

        I started having this 3g/1x issue several weeks ago. I had been on the TBH GB leaks since late March with no problem.  But just a  few weeks ago, it began,  I SBF’d back to Froyo (with the 07 baseband)…same issue,  The stock GB with the 12P baseband…same issue. 

        I couldn’t take it anymore so I rooted and installed CM7… problem solved.  Keep in mind the baseband is the same, so it wasn’t the radio. Something went whacky with that GB build.

        • Matthew Harmon

          JW, do you have any links with clear direction on how to go back to and get the rooted GB?  I’ve been nervous about doing it, but I’m tired of having a phone that I don’t know if it’s working or not until I go to use and and find I have absolutely no service.

      • Yup those two issues alone were enough to get me 2 replacement Droid Xs and an X2 sideways.  It would be interesting if they start denying the sideways upgrade now that they have a possible date.

    • Scott Wertz

      That’s one of the well-known bugs.  Check out this thread on the MOTO support forums: https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/52111?start=0&tstart=0

      For something closer to a “full list”, try this one: https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/51997?start=0&tstart=0

      • Matthew Harmon

        Thanks Scott, can’t figure out how I missed the thread, I’ve been looking off and on and couldn’t really find anything.  I’ll go join the party on that thread.

  • DiGz76

    Among all the little annoying bugs I’ve been experiencing since the GB update (random reboots, not recieving notifications, etc.), I now have a new major one that is really making me want to blow stuff up. Since yesterday morning when I turned my phone on it is tell me in my notification bar that my SD card is blank or has an unsupported file system. And when I hook my phone up to the computer it is not finding my SD card at all. Anyone else experiencing this? unrooted droid x

    • TripleZero

      I had this with Froyo and walked in the VZW store and said what happened to a tech and he didn’t even bother troubleshooting.   he walked back and cut out a new SD card out of some packaging an gave it to me and said sorry, but there is no fix and your stuff is gone.  Period.

      • DiGz76

        I figured my data was pretty much done for. I’m bummed about a few pics I’ll lose, but otherwise I have everything else backed up on my computer. Looks like I’ll be paying a visit to a vzw store this weekend. Thanks a lot.

  • So in other words we are the beta testers of the GB update – If this is the case then why not just let ROM Dev’s show you how to fix them since most bugs have been fixed within ROM’s

  • digsoreos

    The fix for the DX2’s own GB problems can’t be too far behind, right? 😉

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe how many Droid 2 trolls there are. I’d love GB on my old Eris too, but I don’t troll every post whining about it.

    • Anonymous

      The difference is that your phone wasn’t made and sold after other phones that have already gotten Gingerbread.

  • Sketch2000

    MIUI—-> gorgeous 
    Screw verizon builds for anything

    • MIUI = Horrible iPhone OS clone. Crap.

      • eh

        nah son

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    • Sketch2000

      You’re retarded

    • Myavon4you

      There should be a spam report button

      • Myavon4you

        Oh I see the flag button 😉

        • Anonymous

          Gotcha covered. 🙂
          Moderated and blocked.

  • Anonymous

    Hope MR6 fixes the instant reboot when docking.

    • Madcow06

      That’s strange, I dock my DX every night and it’s never rebooted from that.

      • Anonymous

        I do too when I get home and 9 out 10 times it instantly reboots. Says Dock connected, and right before it switches orientation, bam, reboot. If I reboot my phone a few hours before I come home, it doesn’t seem to happen. It’s definitely a bug. 

  • Where is Official GB for Droid 2…cmon

    Off topic –
    Motorola finally sent me my Spotify Invite but i already got a invite from Spotify themselves so here someone else can use it. Sorry if it only works once.


  • I kinda hate the GB build for my DX. It has random reboots and the text messaging app is so laggy. 
    I have used Handcent for a year now, but that doesn’t change the fact that the native messaging app shouldn’t blow. 

  • Anonymous

    What kinds of bugs are other DX owners experiencing? Two that stood out for me are: Apps not being added to groups properly (you have to add them twice sometimes for it to work), and the camera not saving pictures. The second is resolved I guess. I really saw the problem when I took it overseas and it was on airplane mode all the time. Every time I tried to take pictures it would never save them.

    • Anonymous

      Dropped calls, missed text messages, dropped data stream, no longer syncing with corporate accounts, random reboots. At least those are the ones I’ve heard of from friends and experienced myself.

      • Screen refreshes after changing menu screens, etc.

    • Sean27030

      Mag/accle sensor data is being interpreted in reverse… mostly an issue in Gmaps, G sky maps, and several others..  if you’re looking west it says your facing east… and if you go clockwise/counter clockwise in motion the screen goes the oposite way… I do amature astronomer and this “update” really screwed with the main program that i use as a push to guider for my large dobsonian scope..

    • Myavon4you

      Lots of dropped calls.  Screen goes buggy and deletes apps off my pages.  My double twist keeps stopping and starting on its own.  My keyboard doesn’t seem to react properly.  I didn’t know there was an issue.  I called verizon to tell them my phone wasn’t working right as I have insurance.  In fact they made me restore it back to original to see if that helped and it hasn’t.  They didn’t mention any problems with gingerbread and DX

      • Myavon4you

        Oh and they were supposed to call me back this afternoon to see if that helped.

        • Myavon4you

          LOL and one other thing.  I constantly have to pull out the battery and give it a hard reboot.

  • Anonymous

    This better mean that the non-global D2 is getting pretty f’n soon.

    My smartphone history:

    2003-2010: HTC
    2010: Motorola
    2011/2012: Not Motorola.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or are vzw employees grammatical mysteries? Geez people.

    • LionStone

      hehe…”during your slumber”…

  • Cbamman


  • DroidX_Owner

    Question is hopefully our favorite devs can get this update to us with the ability to keep root privileges.  I can’t live without root.

  • Dominick7777

    I want to be able to go back to Froyo.. Gingerbread has been horrible. 

    • DroidX_Owner

      SBF, look it up.  In order to upgrade the DX to rooted Gingerbread, you have to load the last version of Froyo on before you can go to Gingerbread. 

      • Dominick7777

        I’m pretty tech savvy but rooting scares me.. I don’t know these people, don’t like the idea they are touching the inside foundational workings of the phones OS. Would much rather have a brand new Droid X that came with Froyo or a way to trick the Droid X into getting Froyo over the air or I wished they’d release a manual download from the official site at verizon like they did with Windows Mobiles OS, such as 5.

        • John789

          you can definetly trust these devs

          • Dominick7777

             How does one know, like with cracked Windows OS’s that have built in malware, that these don’t also?

          • Anonymous

            Mostly from the amount of people that use them without issues. Root for the DX has been around for quite some time. However I’m not sure why that matters to you. SBF’ing has nothing to do with root. It is the official way to go back to Froyo. You will be using RSD_lite to flash the stock Motorola froyo software.

          • Socmodder

            I would trust them more than I trust Moto

        • Anonymous

          you dont have to root to get back to froyo.

          you just need the stock froyo sbf file
          rsdlite used to upload stock froyo on your phone
          and the moto drivers installed on your computer.to recognize your phone.

          • Anonymous

            true, it’s pretty easy, and safe.

        • Being scared of rooting is like being afraid of ordering your own food, foolish.

  • Anonymous

    Which means we Droid 2 owners should get it, what, early September? Boo

  • MJZ

    I just ordered my 2nd CLNR DX. 
    Been having issues with random reboots, losing all voice and data connectivity along with other minor things. 

    Hopefully this update will address the major bugs in GB. Overall I like it.. but there are so many problems it’s annoying.  

  • Motorola is probably going to have their issues with the Gingerbread update fixed before the Charge, Revolution, Incredible, Thunderbolt and Fascinate get Gingerbread. Good for them.

    • Considering it took Moto 6 months to alter the Android OS to their specs (i.e.: the horrid and useless Blur overlay and extra locked Verizon bloatware), then pooched it on rollout, then took another 2.5 months to fix the fixes. Nearly half the contract life of the device spent waiting for updates, or waiting for repairs. Moto stayed silent, but their customers didn’t. During that time, Moto lost substantial market share. Not so good for them after all, methinks. I’m a DroidX owner. I won’t be going back.

  • Matt Emmert

    what about unlocking that pesky bootloader?

    • John

      Try another manufacturer

    • mmmmm

      2nd-init is good enough for me!

      • Adam Elghor

        your mom is good enough for me

        • mmmmm

          your mom fux your cat in the arse

  • Thanks to CVPS we don’t need to wait for Motorola or Verizon. 

    CyanogenMod makes my device better and better with each nightly 

    • Anonymous

      But it still runs on the Froyo kernel. It would be much better if it actually used Gingerbread for Gingerbread.

      • Dushotgun

        You apparently don’t understand how the second init works… It kills the current kernel and reloads whatever you need on top of it…

        • Anonymous

          No…it kills the launch processes by the kernal and injects it’s own. The kernal is in no way changed.

          • eh

            Is that why some of the buttons don’t register when pressed, unlike GB. 

            does the froyo kernel still do the interacting with the hardware?

          • Anonymous

            The froyo kernal does the interaction, however I don’t think I’ve been able to produce any sort of error as you’ve mentioned. The froyo kernal has no issues with it, some more battery efficiency and other improvements were brought in the GB kernal, however, CM7 still runs at almost full potential when run through 2-init.

          • Jsmith

            I ran CM7 for a day and took it off after the hard keys didn’t register about 20% of the time.

  • Zach

    Mid August? thought the update was ready to go a couple of weeks ago, now we have to wait a couple more weeks?