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HandyGames Releases Tattoo Tycoon To The Android Market

Anyone here down for some ink? HandyGames, the makers of many well known and popular Android games, recently released Tattoo Tycoon to their extensive list of titles. If you’ve been a fan of those “DIY” type of games, and if you happen to be fond of body art, then you will be right at home.

Object seems simple. Customize your shop with purchased furnishings, manage your employees, and make money. You play mini games to test your skills with a tattoo gun, and become more reputable in the community. Looks promising. If you wanna get a good feel for the game, then check out the video below. Let us know what you think.  

Market Link

  • Granted

    Do you get to bake the needless? Or just use disposable? Or reuse them, and spread some version of Hepatitis?

  • they need to make zoo tycoon or rollercoaster, loved it when i was a kid

  • they need to make zoo tycoon or rollercoaster, loved it when i was a kid

  • Looks..interesting

  • Chaosrv

    They are called tattoo machines, not guns.

  • looks stupid

  • Adam Elghor

    no offense but that game looks horrible 

    • Granted

      No offense taken. unswayed opinions are nice, and so is your avatar.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoy the ads for local tattoo shops

  • MANdroid

    Is this an advertisement?

    • Paid for in part, by yo momma 🙂

      • Jason Purp

        I lol’d.
        But based on the number of Likes, nobody else did 🙁

    • Granted

      Yes, the whole website is. Or stupid ass “your momma” comment.

  • Cizzlen

    It’s revolutionary I tell you!

  • Skittleoid

    No comment…ϡ

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Looks nice, first.

    • Granted

      What does it look like second?

      • Anonymous

        Looks like my ass in your face.