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Monday Poll: Suggestions for the Name of the Next Version of Android?

Cupcake. Donut. Eclair. Froyo. Gingerbread. Honeycomb. Ice Cream Sandwich.  J….

What could possibly be next?  We still have a few months to go before we even see ICS on a device, but you have to think that Google is already planning the version to follow it.  And since we’re all assuming it will start with a “J”, we wanted to ask that DL readers give some suggestions. Will it be Jawbreaker?  Jelly Bean?  Jolly Rancher?  Unlike the letter “I”, there are plenty of options to go with.  Let’s hear some!

  • Anonymous

    iI can’t wait for Klondike bar

  • jelly ftw

  • JeffChill

    jamocha shake.. mmmmmmmmmmm love those at Arby’s

  • Mittagessenkasten


  • Gtg


  • Brett Lister

    Pixie Stick or Fun Dip

  • Brett Lister

    Pixie Stick or Fun Dip

  • NiKeDaWgZ

    Jelly Roll anyone . . . . 

  • Still peeved we didn’t get Google Insulin instead of ICS

  • Anonymous

    Jelly Donut

  • everyone knows its jello