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Monday Poll: Suggestions for the Name of the Next Version of Android?

Cupcake. Donut. Eclair. Froyo. Gingerbread. Honeycomb. Ice Cream Sandwich.  J….

What could possibly be next?  We still have a few months to go before we even see ICS on a device, but you have to think that Google is already planning the version to follow it.  And since we’re all assuming it will start with a “J”, we wanted to ask that DL readers give some suggestions. Will it be Jawbreaker?  Jelly Bean?  Jolly Rancher?  Unlike the letter “I”, there are plenty of options to go with.  Let’s hear some!

  • Anonymous

    iI can’t wait for Klondike bar

  • jelly ftw

  • JeffChill

    jamocha shake.. mmmmmmmmmmm love those at Arby’s

  • Mittagessenkasten


  • Gtg


  • Brett Lister

    Pixie Stick or Fun Dip

  • Brett Lister

    Pixie Stick or Fun Dip

  • NiKeDaWgZ

    Jelly Roll anyone . . . . 

  • Still peeved we didn’t get Google Insulin instead of ICS

  • Anonymous

    Jelly Donut

  • everyone knows its jello

  • Jello…. Its ALIVE

  • Zero

    Jalao dominicano.

  • Anonymous

    JAVA   <————–FOR THE WIN!!!

  • jello

  • jello

  • Jell-o?

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  • Anonymous

    If Google wanted to stretch the bounds of their naming scheme, I could see them going with Juice. It would be good from a marketing standpoint, if not a logo/statue one.

  • Normoid

    TechMex 3000

  • Anonymous


  • Tanner Matthew49

    Android Gumball

  • Mark Day

    Jelly Roll

  • Mark Day

    Jelly Roll

  • Guest

    Just Desserts

  • AndroidLovers

    Juju Beans!

  • Stankyleggg

    Jucier Kisses

  • Anonymous


  • Stinkygirl

    Juicy Kisses

  • Mwec

    meanwhile, at google….” hey, anyone figure out a name for this yet? No!? well get down to the cafeteria and find one!”

  • Nick

    Give me cheesecake

  • Anonymous

    I like Jelly Bean

  • Ab

    Ju Ju Bee

  • Shayne Jardine


  • Stevenl72163

    Jelly Donut

  • Falexander2

    Jelly Roll

  • Andy Stetson

    Jelly Donut?

  • ViciousKing

    WHO CARES ABOUT “J”!!! We need to start putting our brains together for letters like Q and Z and BEYOND!  What are we going to do after Android Zucchini Bread is outdated?

  • Blootzm3

    oprah’s va “Jay Jay”

  • Josesim2002

    Rice cake. Humbry. Googlu. Tunasalad. Humory. Porgu. Prod. Coco

  • well all the updates haven’t come out in a chrono-phetically order soo? if its with a J i say “Jalebi”  Vic Gundotra. (isn’t he Indian?)

  • Barlog


  • It wouldn’t be jolly rancher because that is a brand. Alo, Jellybean is not really a dessert in my opinion). It is too bad Donut is already taken,because they could do Jelly Donut

  • Anonymous

    I rally like jawbreaker

  • Anonymous

    Why not just call it Juice? with all this food we’re gonna need something to drink eventually, and you’re crazy if you think I’m waiting until W for water.

  • Elaine Rudis Jackson

    Ju Ju Be

  • Jellyroll

  • sooo many comments.  Didn’t read them all but did anyone say Jello?  That might actually be trademarked tho

  • Anonymous


  • Spencer9663

    I took the Bionic and I threw it on the ground!


  • izzyxD

    what happen to A, and B?

    • Anonymous

      I always wondered that

  • jellybean is cool. , cant be jelly doughnut(already went there), or jello (copyrights, it would have to be gelatin but thats a different letter).

  • Mxrider321


  • Brandon Lee


  • mysticdarkhack

    I think Jello will probably make the cut!

  • mysticdarkhack

    I believe it will be name or I could be wrong, Jolly Rancher, sweet…

  • Anonymous


  • Jelly Roll


  • juice box

  • jello favored GingerHoney…. num

  • how about “Wait for a year or two before seeing on your phone” or is that too long?  like the wait for the last release for my D2G

  • Jelly Roll

  • Jmanin

    I like Jellybean but Jelly Roll is another

  • Anonymous

    Update the donut to Jelly Donut. lol

  • zvbxrpl1

    Jellyroll!  (wink, nudge) 😀

  • Lynahred



  • Jell-O or Jello 😀

  • Raymond McCabe

    Jack and Coke… That’s a dessert for me. 

  • David Cook

    Jalousie  ( a french lattic cake)

  • Anonymous

    Juicy Fruit

  • Anonymous

    Jellybeans for sure…. jawbreaker…. well its not exactly what you want to think of when thinking of a OS. and who doesnt have an awesome memory of jellybeans?

  • Jujube

  • Jello

  • Dscrawford01

    Jello Shot

  • Dscrawford01

    Jelly Donut!

  • Newskool

    JuJu Bean… 

    …you heard it here first. 


  • Shortcake

  • sundae?

  • Rcolt1911

    I’m all for Jelly Bean… kind of rolls off the tongue easy. Besides, they taste good too.

  • the awkward moment when we’ve basically come to a consus onJELLYBEAN being the new name form the next android and then Google chooses JAM instead

  • Jubilee. 

  • for people just posting random things as they pop into their brains:
    there is a naming convention that google uses for android releases. they have to be alphabetical and must be a desert name.the version in question here would begin with the letter “J” and be named after a type of desert. 

  • Anonymous

    How about “Jawbreaker” 😛

  • Pop


  • Hawk

    I like Jello:]

  • Darinr80

    Creme Brulee.  Boom.  Done.

  • banana split

    • Anonymous

      supposed to start with a j

  • Joe

    Jalapeno pepper for the win!!!

  • Ssjtsuwamono

    I think “Juice” sounds pretty legit.

  • Anonymous



  • Joseph Picone

    Jello Pudding

  • Anonymous


  • Kal El


  • Freygrimrod


  • Anonymous

    its not going to be a candy, it will be something you commonly find in a bakery

    • Ice cream Sandwiches and Froyo and Honeycombs are not found in bakeries.

  • WCM3


  • Gumball

  • Gleff49

    Jello….but that’s Trademarked

  • Gleff49

    Jello….but that’s Trademarked

  • Ohyaknow76

    green horns

  • Ohyaknow76

    green horns

  • jdevore64

    I know it’s not dessert related but how about “juggernaut”… Seems fitting.

  • Anonymous

    J E L L O

  • Anonymous

    J E L L O

  • jt

    Jelly donut… it pays homage to the old android version, donut

  • jt

    Jelly donut… it pays homage to the old android version, donut

  • Jelly Bean sounds right


    I think its jell-o

  • Stinkk


  • Techno Girraffe


  • papl


  • Steve

    I vote for Jello

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to say Jelly Doughnut.

  • Jonathan Carnesciali


    • Anonymous

      Can’t do it. Copyrighted. It’s not in the public domain quite yet.

  • Doughjoe

    JellyBean !

  • jell-o!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest


  • Anonymous

    It’s going to be Jelly Donut.  I like Jell-O Pudding Pop (someone else mentioned) better though.  They should just pay Kraft to use it.

  • Ccav913

    jice cream sandwich

  • Anonymous

    Jelly juicy jams

  • Jellybean

  • Negativerxn

    Jello mold

  • Buckgrad

    Jelly Roll. Would make a colorful statue for Google Headquarters.

  • Anonymous

    Jack Daniels. It’s a dessert where I come from.

  • Shanehillsr

    Edible panties

  • Anonymous


  • I have a feeling it might be Jelly Bean…

  • James Messick


  • Sleezy

    Jalapeno Chocolate Cream Cake

  • Anonymous


  • Sleezy


  • Jellybean
    M&M / Mars / Mounds / Mincemeat?

  • Interstellarmind

    i originally thought Jelly Bean. But, i think Jelly Roll seems more likely. All of the previous names were proper desert pastries. (jelly bean being a candy)

  • Moonba


  • Anonymous


  • JellOS?

  • Anonymous

    Popsicle …..


    What?  It can be eaten for dessert, if you realy wanted to…

  • Anonymous

    How about Jobs! He is a fruitcake and cupcake rolled into one.

  • Mwec

    Android 2.5 “Jello shot”

  • Lmshavers1978

    They should call it honey bun.

  • ElFuego

    Jewel Biscotti

  • Jamocha Shake.

  • Jap

    Jello 5.0  (Jello five point oh)

  • Romma1

    Javelina (google it)

  • Anonymous

    It has to be jello. But apple might sue.

  • brownie

  • cheese cake

  • Cucabueno

    Fixed the “Here” to “hear” before I could comment, huh? Good job. I’ll go with Jelly or Jello.

    • Lakerzz

      Good job you did there of “throwing someone under the bus”, lol.


    jungle fever?

  • Anonymous


  • imnotmikal

    Jack Daniels.


  • John


  • Masterpsychosis29

    fragmented Creme Brulee

  • Dutch7

    Jalapeno, Jicama or Juniper

  • Aholland1

    Jawbreaker has a nice ring and might be fitting for an OS poised to carry Android to the Microsoft level of domination in the smartphone world. It’s time for Android to grow up, kick ass, and take names after it grows out of puberty with ICS!

  • Anonymous

    Jello.  Always room for some.

  • Dutch7


  • Dutch7


  • Plzachar

    JELLY ROLL (all the necessary software elements “rolled” into one delicious dessert cake)

  • Palmyra

    How about Joe!  My name 🙂

  • Palmyra

    How about Joe!  My name 🙂

  • mrcrusha829

    What about JawBreaker!!!

  • Lmshavers1978

    They should call it waffle

  • Steve

    Just want gingerbread on my bolt…thanks

  • Floridas2012


  • Droidzzz

    Well since that software most likely won’t be coming out until 2013 and the world is going to end 12/21/2012 I’d say why are we wasting our time?

    • im sure itll be out by then.. 

  • Dean2359

    Pop tart

  • the question we should be asking is what happened to letters A and B

    • Pjohn

      Alpha, Beta, Cupcake?

  • Donut has been used, so I’d think Jelly Donut is out.  I would think “jellybean” since it’s a generic name, unlike Jell-o.  But this is Google, so who knows?  lol

  • SjB

    it’d definitely be Jello if it wasn’t a brand name. in tribute of Seinfeld, my vote is for Jujyfruit! (i know, also a brand name). ehhh…it’s prob gonna be jelly bean. no WAY will it be Java w/ all of the lawsuits going around LOL

  • Eric Ando

    It’s gotta be Jelly Bean.

  • Robert Crandall

    Jelly and peanut butter sandwich. Because it’s entirely too long to be plausible.

  • Jrdnsingh89

    i know this is the wrong place to ask this but where can i find sense status bar only for droid x froyo 2.2.1

  • KSAT

    If you consider that all of the previous items (with the exception of Ice Cream Sandwich) are baked goods, I think it would be appropriate to fall right in line with the theme….

    Jesuite – is triangular, flake pastry filled with frangipane cream and topped with sliced almonds and powdered sugar. The pastry originated in France and the name refers to the triangular shape of a Jesuit’s hat. 

    It’s really obscure, I know – but, it follows suite quick nicely!

    • Jarod Sigmund

      hmmm, I didn’t realize that frozen yogurt is a baked good. 


  • EC8CH

    I’m from the midwest…

    I’ll take some Jello please… Green Jello!

    Little Pig Little Pig Let Me In!


  • Xintensex

    How about cannoli ? Since I am Italian lol

    • …. do you know it’s alphabetical?  Can’t tell if trolling or just didn’t know….

      • Xintensex

         Sorry Didnt Know !!! Not Trolling lol

  • juicy fruit.

  • Dan

    I am feeling Jelly Donut personally.

  • Anonymous

    how about JOBS to help us get out of this recession?

  • It can’t be Jello, or Junior Mint, those are trademarked products. I was thinking JELLY ROLL.

  • Juicy Fruit…Java (like coffee)… Jelly would be cool, and the manufacturer skins can be different types of jelly, like grape for Sense ’cause grape jelly is awesome, strawberry for TouchWiz becasue it’s ok, and shit jelly for MotoBlur 

  • Jam

  • Androidian

    I Like Jellybean or Jam but the real question is, that I have been searching for a real answer. What devices (phones/tablets) are going to be upgradeble at least two OS changes down the line. I am really on the fence between Android and Apple. I am currently and have always been an Android fan but Apple seem so smooth and everyone can upgrade their devices.  

    • My results definitely varied on that one. I was an iOS user when 4.0 came out. The upgrade for my device consisted of some crippling indexing and the ability to create folders. It seems silly that you can upgrade the device yet still create fragmentation across different handsets.

  • Jail Bait

  • Anonymous

    Jello! It has to be an android shaped jello.

  • Laughing Adam


  • Juice!

  • Alexa White

    If only it weren’t a brand name, I’d like to see a Junior Mint.

  • Anonymous

    JAR..can be opened or closed depending on the manufacturer

  • Al

    Think Jell-O will be it lol

  • Jello

  • Niemeyer18


  • Jelly Rolls…

  • Jerhodes131

    yeah either JUICEBOX or JELLYBEAN

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  • Anonymous


  • Rader023


  • i like jellybean but i think if they called it jawbreaker it would really REALLY need to be amazing. you cant name it jawbreaker and just give it a so-so update with maybe a bump in speed and some new live wallpapers. Also the Nexus phone that would have to be crazy!!!! quad core would be cool. im hoping for jawbreaker as you can tell lol but itll most likely be jellybean….i think

  • Kierra

    JellyBean sounds cute

  • Darkpsycho22

    Jellybean or Jell-o. Can’t think of any good desserts starting with j

  • Sboman32


  • Anonymous

    I like Jellybean

  • It going to be either Jawbreaker or more likely Jelly Bean. Anything else is copyrighted (Jello) or not a desert (Jalapeno)

  • Anonymous

    Jerky (as in beef)

  • Anonymous

    Jizz Bomb

  • Davros

    im gonna have to go with jello shot    

  • Dick

    That’s a dessert for girls right? And it would make a pretty good Android Statue…just saying…

  • Anonymous

    java LOL

  • Bob


  • lilschil

    Jobs’ demise!

  • BroRob

    Juicebox! Now go get me a juicebox, juicebox guy!

  • Rob Meyer

    It WILL be Jello… Case closed ; )

    • Really doubt it as they’d have to pay royalties use the name Jello since its a brand name, not the actual name of the substance Gelatin

      • then call it Jelatin.

      • El El Kool J

        Jell-O is the brand name….

  • Anonymous

    No idea.

  • Anonymous

    lol…when I first looked at the above image, I right away thought of the word “Paintball”, but then realized that that doesn’t fall in the same category as food, nor does that make any sense, so that name got thrown right out the window!

    • Anonymous

      [confused]nor does it begin with the letter “J” [/confused]

      • Anonymous

        I looked at the above picture first, typed out the comment, THEN read the post. Confused now? lol

  • Anonymous

    jin n juice

  • Jennifer


  • Anonymous

    How about, Justcomeoutwithitalready 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Jelly Doughnut would be awesome!

    • Anonymous

      too much like version 1.6

      • Anonymous

        They’d be keepin it real!

  • While we’re at it, let’s there some too.

  • Jelly Baby!

  • Motta2003


  • Jblackwell1014

    Jelly Donut. Boom

    • Droidzzz

      People will think they are going back in software technology because of the whole donut bidniss.

  • Daniel Archibald33

    Jalepeno is my guess

  • Jerrod Schultz

    How about we wait on Ice Cream Sandwhich before worrying about what to name the next version. I have a feeling ICS is still a far cry away from being released. Not to mention, fragmentation will never die because it will take U.S. carriers a year+ just to push out ICS!!

  • Kevin Shen

    i think it’ll be like jelly sandwich haha 

  • Anonymous

    As everyone is (or should be)  aware, Ginger is properly spelled with a J, therefore, Jingerbread is the most likely progression of Android. 

    Also Jingers have no souls. 

    • I think someone needs to go back to school….

      • Anonymous

        I think Jeremy is a Jinger…

  • Danielw05


  • Probably jelly bean. I think that’s the only sweet that isn’t trademarked. 

    Also, with Android’s insane development pace, what happens when we run out of letters?

  • Jellybean sounds the most likely – pretty much falls in line with the schemes that they have been working with so far.

  • Benavidez19

    Sour lemon drops
    They should of named the Xoom this.
    Sweet till you get to the sour part. Like the delayed promises made.

    • Because S totally comes after I in the alphabet XD

  • Let’s “here” some?  😀

    Anything that’s not a trademark would probably work… Jelly Belly’s and Jolly Ranchers for example are out.  And jawbreakers (aka Gobstoppers) probably have a negative marketing image.  Maybe something with jam or jelly would work, though.  Or they could skip over the entire thing and go right for K.  Ew.

  • Jennifer

    Cream pie 😉


    • John789

      that doesnt start with a J…

      • and we already have cupcake.

  • JR


  • Ckellogg1

    Jet Pop

  • Fallsgable

    What about just jelly… As in KY….

  • Anonymous

    It REALLY must be a slow news day….haha

    Jelly Bean wouldn’t be bad, but I bet it’s something larger

  • JR

    Chocolate Cake

  • TomHolmes

    And the winner is:  JAM, on so many levels.

  • tom

    Jawbreaker or Jellybean seem most likely, without using an existing trademark like Jell-O.

    • Chris Findley


  • Jamba Juice

  • MFG

    Jelly Bean.

  • Jeff Metzger

    Clearly it will be “Sour Apple” 🙂

  • Travisjshepherd


  • Dan-O

    Jackalope. Sweet and taste just like chicken.

  • Legoturte92


  • Jelly Doughnut!

  • Anonymous

    Jelly Donut (used because its the first OS of its kind like donut was [ignore cupcake])
    Jumbalya (sp?)
    Jelly (with the dots over the y) – pronouced jello

  • mrz1125


  • Slashly

    Android teddybear!

  • Anonymous

    since jell-o is a name brand…how about jelatin?

    • Anonymous

      or jelato

  • Jalopy

  • Nicketmaster

    Jellybean, JuJubee, Jujy fruits.

    It’ll be Jellybean, though.

  • 5cr34m1n6mu73


  • Anonymous

    I don’t know about J (Jalebi, an Indian pastry/dessert?), but I am positive I know K:

    Key Lime Pie

    • Pjohn1996

      Desis FTW!!!
      android Jalebi

  • They have all sucked, call it Pile O’ Shit.

  • Jingerbread 🙂

  • Jelly – as in, You Jelly Apple?

  • Anonymous


  • Andrew Dilks

    Defiantly Jimmies!!!

  • Bert336

    Jawbreaker! 😀

  • Legoturte92

    Jimmies, (like the other name for sprinkles)

    • Stelv81

      Darn New Englanders, jjk lol

    • Jjjjj

      Jimmies, (like the other name for condoms) as in “Gator’s B****** better be using jimmies” 

  • Stelv81

    Slow news day huh

  • Dominick DeVito

    Key Lime Pie
    Napolitano Orange Creamsicle
    Peanut BUtter

  • How bout skim milk for what’s left after the patent violation removals?  Kidding, kidding….

  • T1392

    Jello pudding.

  • Jelly Roll…

  • Anonymous


  • Jalousie

  • Kyle

    How about Just not pad

  • jellyroll

  • S’MORE – because you’re gonna get MORE with S’MORE.

  • Peppermint?

  • Anonymous


  • Junket. It’s a rennet-based pudding we had in the 1960s.

  • Jelly Jam!

  • Jerky

  • Anonymous

    Jroid Jam

  • I am sure Google has already picked it out. But it is fun to speculate, I really like Jellybean myself.

  • Anonymous

    “Let’s here some!”You mean hear

  • Tabe

    Jelly roll

  • Jello Pudding Pops!

    • Anonymous

      I vote for this one.  Verizon paid Lucas to use the Droid name, Google can pay Jell-O.

  • Eternality

    Juice Pop!

  • Kyle Ligon


    • Metsfan

      I have to go with this or Jack Daniels

  • i would name it “jock itch,” but i think they’ll name it jam

  • JobsSucks Apple Pie

  • Augie757 Ca


  • Jack Daniels?

    • Anonymous

      Android 4.1 – codenamed Jack Daniel SAUWCE and Bacon!

    • SamIam

      Love it!  Now there’s a desert name that reflects Android’s maturity.  Jack — the desert of mid-lifers.

    • Anonymous

      Could also be Jim Bean, Johnny Walker, Jose Cuervo, or Jameson. 🙂

      • Dum

        I don’t get it!? Unless, you mean Jim Beam… Then that would make sense. (Rolls eyes…)

        • Anonymous

          Couldn’t remember if it was Bean or Beam, I don’t drink it. I stick to Jack.

  • Cheesecake?

    Mmmmm  . . . cheesecake.

  • Anonymous

    Apple Turnover

    • eddieonofre

      no J there but honestly i like that name but must likely will get suit by apple for using a fruit im pretty sure they have patented the name of all fruits as well

  • Jellybean definitely if it’s any old sweet.

    Jelly Roll if it’s pastry/dessert based.

  • Byron Ferguson


  • Cpotter329


    • Angryunibrow

      Because Gumball starts with a “J” :/

      • Anonymous

        Someone needs some “Hooked on Phonics” 

  • Anonymous

    I think some people here don’t understand how the alphabet works…

  • They have all sucked, call it Pile O’ Shit.

  • Jalapeno because it’s gonna be hot hot hot!

  • I’m looking for Jelly Bean

  • Benavidez19

    How about “mazapan” or “flan” lol.

  • Jordan


  • Brett3787


  • Sstauder82

    Since we will be coming into fall… Pumpkin pie?

    • Um..no. That starts with a P. Maybe in like 3-4 years.

  • Jellyroll

    • gimlet72

      +1 on Jelly Roll

      • Lolol

        Do a jelly roll!

    • Kneeboarder007

      JELLY ROLL!!!!

  • evapisces

    What about Jelly Roll? Even though I do like Jawbreaker too 😀

  • Anonymous

    Jelly Bean (Jalapeño flavored)

  • Anonymous

    I vote jellybean

  • JELLO!

    I’ve been told there is ALWAYS room for it.

  • DougR

    Java, to stick it to oracle

    • Anonymous

      Clever + Hilarious = Genius


    • Anonymous

      That’s awesome, didn’t think of that one.

  • FortitudineVincimus


    • MFG

      You’ve got at least 30 days to go LOL

    • MotoTrollolololol

      Never! The Bionic will be this generations Duke Nukem: Forever!

      • THIS

        • Adam Elghor


          • EC8CH

            THE OTHER THING

      • Emily

        Tons of hype and a load of dung. Yeah sounds right.

      • Anonymous

        So it will be released and receive horrible reviews?

      • Anonymous

        So it will be released and receive horrible reviews?

  • It can’t be Jolly Rancher as that’s a brand name. I’m guessing it’ll be Jelly Bean

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Got to agree is the most likely

    • The little android guy would make a great jellybean.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure if it is named Jellybean someone will start making Andy shaped jellybeans.

        • I would buy a whole bag of these, unless for some odd reason they tasted like those nasty butter popcorn jams, then I would probably quit Android. 

          • Adam Elghor

            bertie botts every flavor beans?

          • Android flavor; mmm… green metal.

    • Anonymous

      that is a brand name….no will do

      • Nonnie Moose

        You sure? I know Jelly Belly is…Jellybean is not a brand as far as I can tell. It’s a generic term used to describe a type of candy.

      • Anonymous

        jelly bean is not a brand…jelly belly is

    • Anonymous

      I think having a giant jellybean statue on the google campus is more compelling than a jellyroll one. =D

    • Anonymous

      Why not just straight up “Jelly” as in strawberry jelly, grape jelly, peanut butter and jelly, etc.? Or maybe even “Jam” although I think Jelly sounds better.

      • I was actually thinking this as well.

      • Beyonce

        I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly

    • Anonymous

       I think Jellybean is pretty solid but it’s not really a dessert.

      • David Hayden

        Well, is honeycomb a dessert?

        • Stephen

          I’m sure it is for someone…

      • Rcolt1911

        Dessert/Treat; no difference. 

    • Jellybean for the win

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        What a great idea!

    • Then we could say to IOS users “You jelly?” (Pun intended)

    • Rvatury

      Well what about cheeseburger??
      Loll why this is have to be eatalbe stuff?! XD


      Jellybean its the best suggestion so far.

      Good luck

    • Funny, but Jellybean was the first thing I thought of when I saw this topic …