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Can We Assume That Verizon’s Galaxy S II is Either Not 4G LTE or Not Launching in August?

I know what you are thinking, “Where the hell are you getting this idea from?”  We’re just putting two and two together here, folks.  Our CEO friend Sanjay Jha just said on Motorola’s Q2 earnings call that his DROID Bionic will launch in September as the first phone on the planet that has both dual-core and 4G LTE parts.  Since we all know that the Galaxy S II has a dual-core processor, that would lead us to believe that the device will either not launch in August or will be 3G-only.

Disappointed?  Me too.  Now, obviously Jha has no affiliation with Samsung, so they could come out and surprise us all in the next few weeks.  However, calling his device the “first” is a pretty bold statement that a person in his position would not make unless they had pretty solid knowledge of the future.  If Moto had any idea that Samsung were going to swoop in and steal that title, I doubt he would have said such words.

Update:  As many of you are pointing out, Jha also said the same thing with the XOOM and we know what happened there.  I will just say that I would be incredibly surprised to see him not deliver on such a statement the second time around.  They already have investors and analysts questioning their position in this industry – it wouldn’t be in their best interest to make bold predictions like this at this out point without fully expecting to deliver on them.

So you know though, Samsung has an earnings call in just a few more hours – maybe we’ll find out something juicy then.  And I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll take a push to September just to make sure the device is 4G.

Stay tuned…

Cheers to @capn774 for pointing this out!

  • Actually, what he said was the bionic would be the first “dual-core ghz phone with LTE” the SGS II is 1.2 ghz 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Why do people think the SGS2 won’t have an LTE radio?  The dream phone after the dream phone after that should not have that kind of shortcoming.

  • I have a feeling that they will release the S2 on Verizon and give it the option to upgrade to LTE. With the new microLTE sim cards…I just have a feeling…

    • Anonymous

      No it will either have it from the start or won’t have it at all.

  • Xtapier

    I just needed to comment that I just got off the phone with Verizon and this phone will be start being shipping out next thursday, August 4th.  I locked mine in for $199.00. 

    • Anonymous

      Sure ya did.

  • What the Frack?!

    Motorola is a compulsive liar.

  • One thing everyone might consider is the pending lawsuits against them from Apple. Verizon (and maybe other carriers) could be hesitant to release a new phone that could be pulled shortly after, or upset their new best friends at Apple…

  • Guest

    Kellex, quit being a tool. the SGSII WILL BE 4G ON THE VERIZON NETWORK. End of story.

  • Gee

    Ah more craziness from I-moto, everyday they become a little more like their fruity counterpart 

  • Up2bcrazy

    Highly unlikely the SG2 will release as LTE from what I’m hearing and it sure as heck will not be in Aug. Secondly with that said and it does release 3G we are better off waiting for Sammys next device which will blow the SG2 out of the water and it should be releasing with ICS by yrs end as word has traveled. 

    As far as Moto is concerned who gives a rats ars anymore they have choosen to take there death march again.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not too concerned about this comment. Samsung and Verizon haven’t announced any specs about the S2, whereas Moto has been touting the Bionic as a dual-core LTE phone since CES. As far as anyone knows, the Bionic will be the world’s first dual-core LTE. I don’t think that means that Samsung can’t then release the S2 with LTE. Not saying they will, just that they could.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not too concerned about this comment. Samsung and Verizon haven’t announced any specs about the S2, whereas Moto has been touting the Bionic as a dual-core LTE phone since CES. As far as anyone knows, the Bionic will be the world’s first dual-core LTE. I don’t think that means that Samsung can’t then release the S2 with LTE. Not saying they will, just that they could.

  • Anonymous Phone Guy

    Guys there is no Galaxy S II Coming out for verizon anytime soon, that was a typo that circulated through Twitter and the Internet, when verizon released info, apparently it was just for the Galaxy TAB, not a Galaxy phone, I am sad about all this hype b/c it is just getting people’s hopes up….  This is directly from a credible source.

  • Anonymous

    I would point out Samsung already knows how to do 4g LTE with the Charge…unlike Motorola…. Droid x2, Droid3, Xoom.

    So I think Sanjay Jha is full of shit. 🙂

    Don’t get me wrong I’ve liked my Droid 1.  But the Bionic better have a good camera and app.   Samsung’s does, and it has the CPU speed, screen, GPU, memory, and I’ll bet the 4G LTE speed as well.

  • Anonymous

    4G or not, this is my #1 choice right now. I can’t understand why Motorola wants to go head-to-head with the iPhone anyway by releasing the Bionic in September. Are they trying to prove something? It won’t work

    • but the sg2 is releasing in that time frame too so why would samsung do that too??

      • Anonymous

        Because the SGS2 is already selling better than the iphone so they aren’t worried.

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  • In one month these 2 phones will b a distant memory because new phones will come out, their days are numbered

  • Adam

    i’m fine with my fascinate but i would like to know if there will be a Nexus for Verizon? Neither the Bionic or SGSII interest me

  • Anonymous

    The sgs2 that is being sold in here in Guam is dual core and 4G so…fail.

    • Anonymous

      That 4g isn’t lte which uses a larger chip. Although sprints wimax chip is similar in size to lte so hopefully that means they squeeze a lte radio in the verizon version.

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  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Verizon tweet the other day the S II was 4G?

    • Anonymous

      Then they changed it saying they were talking about the galaxy tab

  • Crack Monkey

    Look Jha is Indian and the boneheads on the board were sold on the idea of a CEO with diversity and thinking that Indians are some how brilliant. Fact is Indians are major failures at delivering technology and leadership. Their culture of promoting based on birth and oppression of the “lesser” people prevents them from achieving success. The only advantage they have is that there are more of them and they are cheap. Even Indian business men prefer to hire Chinese to work in India because they can get the job done. As was said before Jha is a tool and not a very sharp one.

    • Sweet earnings call fernt

    • Anonymous

      Is it true here in the U.S. of Indians, the same advantages of birth/caste which they ‘naturally’ have in Indian society? I hardly see American employers promoting based on ‘caste’ – unless you mean to say ‘white.’

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  • Earnings call Live webcast in 4 mins for those that want to hear it Live


  • Droiddddd

    How would he know if any other phones will have 4G? Highly doubt Verizon would let Moto know if Samsung or Apple had a dual core LTE phone cooking. I figure he is just hoping that they can release this thing before the competition does. LTE or no LTE, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S2 will be tough competitors for the Bionic and all Moto should be doing is blaming themselves for releasing during the same time frame as the others.

  • Christephor

    did we learn anything new regarding samsungs call

    • Anonymous

      Talked alot about LTE so we will see if that means an LTE sgs2 for verizon

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Great.. so from this we learned

    It might have LTE, but it might not.

    Great.. now I can breath as the other stories on the same topic hadn’t yet cleared it up for me. Now this one did.

  • Why would you assume Jha wouldn’t be wrong twice?  I can’t count the number of times on one hand that something he said turned out not to be true.  You’re putting way too much faith in Motorola Kellex.

  • Taylor Steele

    I’m surprised nobody saw the whole Xoom thing coming, Sanjay is full of crap. Last year he said that in 2011 Motorola was going to release a phone with 2Ghz Processing power, and then releases a dual core phone. When the CEO of a technology company doesn’t know the difference between 2Ghz and 1Ghz Dual cores, it’s time for a career change. 

    • Give it a rest…do you even own one

  • Christephor

    all you people want 4g phones but look at the ones that are out now not that good of phones

    • You just answered your own question

      • Christephor

        its not the phones fault all the current ones spec wise are great its the compatablity with the 4g radios

      • What’s sexy about it?

        A cheap plastic knockoff of the iphone.

        • Alert the presses and the judges for another lawsuit trial because it looks like an iPhone.  Not..  Seriously, who let this guy in here?  This is a droid / android site, not an apple fanboy site that knocks on Android users

  • Christephor

    all you people want 4g phones but look at the ones that are out now not that good of phones

  • To answer the article, I hope that if the Bionic is the first dual core LTE phone that the SII will be the one after it then.  I would rather wait till September for the SII with 4G than have a 3G SII in August.  

    • Anonymous

      They wont release 2 4g dual cores in the same month. Just saying.

      • You never know with Verizon… there sneaky, double dealing, pirates out to pillage our wallets

        • Anonymous

          yeah but they wont want to hurt their droid line since they put all that money into advertising and dont really care about the others unless its an iphone. Just saying.

          • Heck for all we know the SII might even be a DROID.  Take a look at the name “Function” now compare that to the “Charge”   Last year when the Fascinate was about to launch it WAS going to be a DROID, but something changed that.  That was from the mouth of BMX

          • Anonymous

            I don’t remember them ever saying it would be a droid branded everything I remember they said it wouldnt be a droid and it wasnt.

          • BMX said it, not Verizon.  You have to know the community to know who that is.  He’s a Verizon insider that gets to test these devices out before there even out months in advance and he even works on the LTE towers.  And yes he did say that the Fascinate was going to be a DROID but it was changed at the last minute.

          • Anonymous

            I know who he is and he no longer tests phones for verizon. He stated awhile back that the sgs2 was the best phone and the bionic is only on par with the iphone 4 with ios 5.

  • Anonymous

    Jha is full of shit. Don’t regard anything he says as being truthful.

  • Anonymous

    Jha is full of shit. Don’t regard anything he says as being truthful.

  • The Dave

    I agree Kellex.

    I still hold out hope, though…. The mobile world changes quickly.#FACT

  • Anonymous

    GalaxySII or Bionic. Whichever comes out first will be in my pocket regardless of specs.

    • Dfranks11

      Haha I completely agree. Is it really that much to ask for verizon to release a decent LTE phone? I don’t gie a damn which one comes out first I just want to finally upgrade from the OG droid.


    If the GSII is 3G that’s fine by me. Better battery life. I could give a $hit about 4G. Won’t be in my area for quite a while so I’m fine with it being 3G.

  • Anonymous

    well he also said that blur doesnt slow the phones down and it was bad apps that make people return their phones lol.

    • Mattg67

      Yup that dude is full of it I wouldn’t put any faith in his words 

  • If the sgs2 comes out before bionic I will be all over that

  • I can no longer wait, I was expecting the Bionic months ago and now he pushes it out another month.  Screw it, I am getting a Galaxy S II with or without 4G.  I am still praying that Samsung announces that the Verizon version will be 4G and bitch slaps Moto.

    • Your going to wait linger for the sg2

    • Anonymous

      The GSII won’t be out till after the Bionic. I don’t think 4G will be on it. 

      • Anonymous

        I think we might see a 4G Sg2 for Sprint released first.  It has already cleared the FCC and nothing has shown up for Verizon.  We shall see.  In any case it will drop in August….on which carriers we don’t know yet…

    • 4G means no good roms. ril is fail 

  • Rizzidy

    Who cares what he said?  It’s all puffery.

    • Exactly, it seems the majority of the peeps here want the Galaxy SII, and the talk Moto whats-his-face, indian dude. all that is to make the company look good to investors and most of the time, they don’t buy it and the stock goes down.  I think he’s all talk and no show at this point, and pitting the Bionic up against the SII and the iPhone 5 is very VERY risky for a soon to be failing company.  The DROID breathed new life into Motorola until they got cocky after all the sales and went back to there old way of doing things.

      • Anonymous

        I agree the bionic will lose sales to iphone no matter if the specs are 100x better because those who get an iphone will get it no matter what and the android community will mostly get the gs2 unless they cant wait for it and the bionic comes first. It is a dumb move on moto’s part but hey whats he care anyway he has enough money if the company goes under.

        • Not to mention a seperation bonus that all companies give to execs even if they go bankrupt. Which is totally BS

          • Anonymous

            Wow I did not know this. In that case it really seems like he does not care about the company anymore. I mean how are you going to prosper by only making 1 device in a year? They arent apple they dont have the extensive line of products to do that.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully with Sanjay trying to call out Samsung, theyll come out with great news today!

  • Nice call on the Samsung earnings call Kellex, can’t wait.  Considering the SII register page went live today, we’ll likely hear something about its upcoming launch.

    • Anonymous

      I could watch it with the enthusiasm of a Apple fanboy at a keynote. I’ve been obsessing over this damned SGS2 for months, it has become unhealthy.

  • Meticode

    I perosnally hope it’s 3G. My area doesn’t have 3G and probably won’t for 1-2 years at least. I don’t want to spend $250 – $299 for a 4G phone when I can’t use it for 4G.

    • Except that makes no sense to want such a great device to only have 3G when you would be locked into a two year agreement.  If Verizon doesn’t launch this with LTE, Sprint will have the only 4G version and AT&T have the HSPA+ thats already in Europe.  

      • Anonymous

        Agree just because you dont have 4g now you may have it in a few months at the rate verizon is expanding. You can always turn off 4g until it is in your area that is stupid to not want it when you are stuck with the phone for 2 years.

        • 4g is fast but I’m usually on wifi anyway just don’t see 4g effecting all that much first phone with dual core 1gb, ffc, 4 inch or above screen and good battery life I’m all over it 3g and 4g don’t matter to me that much

    • GSII4G

      Just because you don’t have 4G doesn’t mean that everyone should suffer. Also, if you don’t even have 3G in your area, maybe you should be loocking for a diff. carrier.

      • Christephor

        ummm dude just because you might live in a city that has 4g doesnt mean about 80% of the united states has to suffer 4g wont be everywhere till 2013 so why not not put 4g on it and let the rest of us have a beastly 3g phone troll

        • 80%? Not sure where you’re getting this number from but with the markets they have 4G in, I’m sure they’re covering more than 20% of the people of the US. LA + NY metro areas are already more than 10% of the country’s population. 

        • GSII4G

          How would you suffer if it comes with 4G? You will still be able to use it with 3G. It’s not my fault that you dont’ have 4G in your area, but I do, and I’d like to take full advantage it of it with this amazing phone.
          It’s like saying that the common user doesn’t need 1gb or Ram, so they should just ship the phone with 512mb.
          Simply because you don’t have/need 4G, does not mean that others will not enjoy having it.

          • It will be more expensive that’s why he will suffer 3g phones are a lot cheaper

  • Jha is a tool.  I wouldn’t believe him if he told me I was wet while I was standing in the rain.

    • Anonymous

      I am so sick of Jha and his crappy phones recently. He needs to go. He’s ruining Moto’s image, as well as their bottom line.

      • Shadowz1218

        It’s not his fault. I guarantee barely ANYTHING has changed since he took office.

        • Anonymous

          If nothing has changed, then that’s his fault. He’s the CEO.

  • JT

    Either way, I’m going with whichever is sold first. 

  • JT

    Either way, I’m going with whichever is sold first. 

  • Buckgrad

    I think we’ve all learned not to trust everything MOTO says. I’ll still hope for the GS2 to sweep in as 4G before the Bionic.

  • foamman

    This is killing me….I am eligible to upgrade on August 10th. I am currently using an f-ing Droid Eris with a cracked screen cause my OG Droid screen is shattered into oblivion. To make a long story short, I NEED A NEW PHONE. If they delay both the Bionic and the GSII to September I am going to blow my brains out. I would rather have a 3G GSII at this point than wait another month for a 4G version and I am not enamored with any of the current devices.

    • Why not buy an OG Droid on Swappa for like $80 to hold you over

    • I had sex with your mother

      Wow, this really is a first world problem isn’t it?

      If the babby doesn’t get the latest high tech phone, he’d rather kill himself than use a phone that’s a couple years old.

      Just go ahead and end your life now, you whiny bitch.

    • Tyrae

      I’ve had an upgrade since April, boo hoo! Keep whining.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Another conjecturess story to stir up the pot on the topic. Ugh, like we needed this “story”.

  • AroundTheFur

    At this point, I’m beyond pissed. I’m getting the first 4g dual core, regardless of what it is. But I have a strong bias against motor now, regardless of og Droid status.

    • AroundTheFur


    • Anonymous

      Moto is apparently still going to have the first dual core phone with LTE despite their delays, what does that say about all the other OEMs?

  • Anonymous

    You mean like when he said the Xoom would get LTE by summer? Yeah, we should definitely buy into whatever Jha says. Screw Motorola.

    • Anonymous

      technically summer goes until sept so they are making that time frame just like they said summer for the bionic.

  • Why would the Motorola CEO be in the loop about what Samsung is doing?

    • There in the loop with verizon so is Samsung

      • Anonymous

        Where in the loop?

    • Anonymous

      You don’t think Verizon knows what a phone they’re going to offer on their own network is going to be capable of?

      • Christephor

        what were you trying to say there

        • Anonymous

          Read it carefully.

    • Christephor

      are you kidding me they all are in the loop to what each other is doing 

      • Yeah all the companies work together in such a way that there like an underground cult that secretly conspires to plot and pillage our wallets.

  • vernon

    trust me, it’s coming in august

  • Zach

    It won’t be LTE imo.

  • J9seph

    Doesn’t matter motorola still Dropped the ball

  • Stealthvoodoo

    Didn’t they say the Xoom was going to be the first LTE tablet too tho?

  • Android Fan

    Should I wait or just get a HTC thunderbolt?

    • Anonymous

      Wait. If anything though, I’d recommend the Droid Charge from the current crop of devices.

      • Android Fan

        Doesn’t HTC thunderbolt have cyanogenmod and more rom support than the droid charge? Doesn’t it also have more ram?

        • Correct on both counts.  Its because the ThunderBolt is the FIRST LTE phone.  and it has 768mb of RAM and that fancy kickstand i use when i get lunch at subway lol

    • Wait

      • Android Fan

        I guess I have no choice. lol

        I’d probably get the thunderbolt if it had HDMI

        • It has the HDMI support through MHL, but we have yet to see the adapter come out or the software update to enable it.  It was confirmed through the Verizon developers site for accessory support before launch in March.

  • Didn’t he say the Xoom would be the first 4G tablet also .. ?  Yeah .. he is full of fail recently

    • Vanilla Ice

      But its ok if he’s wrong this time. I will personally forgive him.

      • Anonymous

        Kind of hoping he’s wrong this time. That GS2 is sexy

    • Christephor

      why did you repeat what kellex said?

      • Kellex updated his post because of this comment..

  • No_One

    Just as the Xoom was going to be the first LTE tab…

    • Anonymous

      Well, the XOOM was going to be until they screwed up.  He hasn’t been saying that for months.  He’s still pretty adamant that the Bionic is going to be first.

      • Anonymous

        Motorola surely needs to hit one out of the park – and soon.  They’ve been doing nothing but giving the pitcher a cold recently.

        I say this as a former Motophile.

      • Gabe

        He was absolutely sure that Moto would put out a 2ghz phone by the end of 2010. I’m not going to take anything Jha says as fact without someone else backing it up.

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  • It’s both, not launching in August and it isn’t LTE either.

  • Anonymous

    They said the same thing about the Atrix being the first dual core smartphone, and we all know that wasn’t true.

    • Anonymous

      It was in the US where it launched, actually.

  • Jason Frasier

    I’m not going to be overly concerned either way, not too high or too low.  SGS1 is still the one I want.

    • Asdf

      I believe the sgs1 is already available for purchase.