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Samsung Fascinate ED05 Update is Ready, Fixes Incoming Call Issue

Within the last hour or so, we notified Samsung Fascinate owners that they could potentially take their device into a Verizon store if it was having trouble receiving calls and exchange it for a different certified like-new device.  So much for that idea.  A new 10MB update should be pushing to Fascinates in the next few days that will fix that nagging incoming call issue along with a couple of SMS bugs.  The new version is ED05.

Let us know if you see it!

Cheers @CodyBeckleyGCS!

  • droid charge

  • Has anyone else noticed that the Fascinate is not currently available on the Verizon site?

  • Tevin

    yeah right.. I’m still having problems sending and receiving texts

  • I went into the store today and they ordered me the Charge. :o) Just in time, eh?

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  • Tesseract 3

    A friend of mine already managed to take advantage of the swap before the update rolled out. Got himself an incredible 2, he’s quite happy with the swap. 

  • Anonymous

    Got my update this morning (just happened to check after reading your previous article on the exchange for a Charge, so I decided to go in and check my updates).  I did update and my Fascinate seems to be actually faster.  Haven’t gotten any calls, so I don’t know about the other problem yet. It would be nice if it would greatly improve the battery life since Froyo. I’m in South Florida.

  • Shadowz1218

    Still no Gingerbread… *rolls eyes* I could only imagine how the Galaxy S II will be…

    • Exactly. Why do so many people suddenly trust Samsung? Granted it will most likely be unlocked so it won’t matter anyway.

  • Dream

    Atleast there showing support

  • Bucknut89

    Too little to late on the Fascinate.  Just got my wife’s phone swapped out with an iPhone.  Sorry guys but the  frustration with Sammy was not something she could stand any longer.  Mark, Doesn’t surprise me, Sammy should stick with making TVs and leave the phones to those that have a clue…

    • Samsung Nexus S. Samsung Galaxy S2.

      Case and point. 🙂

      • juan

        agreed, and droid charge 

      • Bucknut89

        They may work now but will they kill them with their updates?  If they ever update it…  have had 3 different SAmmy phones and all have been flops.   I know everyone likes the Charge now but give it a few months.  if memory serves people were happy about the Fascinate when it came out.  “Great Screen”  “Slim Design”  How quickly can a company ruin a product.  My wife lived her Fascinate before the Froyo update killed the battery.  Then it started locking up, and now it wont receive calls.

        I do like my DX though, just getting frustrated with the inconsistent OS versions and various problems with each phone.  Google needs to get on the standardized OS and get consistent with update schedules.  It takes too long to fix problems.  Had to live with a DX for 6 months that wouldn’t send email, fixed it in Gingerbread but it took forever.

  • ED05 has been available online for about a week now and most users that tried it are reporting that it didn’t fix anything.

  • I got my replacement Charge just in time. I was getting bored with the Fassy.

  • I got my replacement Charge just in time. I was getting bored with the Fassy.

  • Well the replacement program had been going on for a few weeks…kind of slow on that news….but you jumped right on the fix for it!

  • Haha That Sucks!