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White Samsung Galaxy S II Headed to Europe, Anyone Interested in One?

Ahhh yes, the wonderful world of choices.  If an all-white Samsung Galaxy S II was sitting next to the original black version, which would you choose?  Euro Android enthusiasts will soon run into this predicament, as Samsung prepares to release the latest version of the hottest selling device of the year.  It’ll come packed with everything you’d expect it to – 1.2GHz Orion processor, 1GB RAM, dual cameras, Gingerbread, and of course, that beautiful 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus screen.

No telling if this will ever make it stateside, but I would bet that it’ll make it to Canada to then be imported by someone like Expansys.

Update:  Here is another shot, including the back:

What do you guys think?

Via:  Mobile Fun, Android and Me

  • Guest

    So this is the new iPhone 5? Nice.

  • Djstar2k2

    lol im not interested in GSII i wonder what ever happened to the galaxy player?  that android diven mp3 player

  • pretty sure both moto and sammy shipped white phones before apple got around to selling the white iphone for those that are complaining about them copying

  • Just give me a damn GSII?! I don’t care what color it is!!! I’ve waited long enough!!!

  • Lakerzz

    As soon as it has the “bigger geebees”!!!!

  • This is one of the most obvious copies yet, but the hardest to sue for. good thinking

  • ugh, dear God no.  white phones are hideously ugly, and this just seems like they are BEGGING Apple to sue them into oblivion.

    • Anonymous

      yeah i forgot how apple was the company that invented the white smartphone

    • Anonymous

      Yeah thank that fruit company for white phones

  • Anonymous

    Im sorry Sammy but u do deserve that lawsuit from apple for copying the look, feel and stupidity of the IPhone 4

  • Anonymous

    See for yourself……

    • yeah that looks like the iphone haha This will be banned stateside

  • I think the white looks awesome.

  • I’m a sucker for white electronics. WANT SO BAD. But lets face it, when we (finally) get it, it’ll be fingerprint-smudge-black.

  • Earleepa

    I don’t give a rats patootie what color it is I just want one here in the good old USA already.

  • Mario Lo

    At this point, any dual core lte device with 1gb of ram will get my money.

  • Splicer78

    So Apple sues in 5,4,3,2……..

  • Anonymous

    Fashionista White!

  • I would take it if it were brown.  I just wish VZW would get one in the US running 4G LTE.

  • Anonymous

    Hell’s yeah I want the white one.

  • The white version looks even MORE like an iPhone.

  • White, Black? Pink, Purple? Who gives a shit! JUST GIVE ME A GOOD PHONE!!

  • Anonymous

    i dont care if its pink, i want one for verizon

  • Gino Dejesus12

    I just want one… Here… In the USA… God dammit.

  • Gino Dejesus12

    I just want one… Here… In the USA… God dammit.

  • Kris Brandt

    Ugh, that looks ugly.

  • GinoSylum

    HTC and Moto at least come up with new and interesting looks for their phones and tablets. I don’t get samsung.  Between the harware look and feel, TuchWiz (sp) and gimics like the white version  of the phone, I hate to say it but they really do copy off apple.  

    • Anonymous

      Samsung copies whoever is popular, they have photocopiers in every cubicle.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, Samsung are posers and just are not original…..

    • Anonymous

      Yes, because apple is the only phone company to EVER make a white phone…

      • GinoSylum

        not just the white thing.. i mean LOOK AT IT!  its an iphone 4!  I cant stand apple.. but look at it.. this, the gal tab 10.1… even down to the 30 pin connector. All im saying is for the iSheep out there that call android a rip, samsung gives them fuel… 

        • Jac White

          It has widgets……That means it’s not an iphone.  🙂

    • Anonymous

      I agree,touch wiz just looks like an apple phone and people that want it, MAYBE really want an iPhone….. HUMMMMMM…… 🙂 BIONIC baby that’s a PHONE!!!!! It’s got it all!!!!!

      • Earleepa

        Its got everything but the speed of the SGS II

        • Anonymous

          When you multi-task on a cell phone you want power, and Dual Core power along side of DDR3 1Gig of RAM is plenty to do what you want. Your mind can only process so much at once but your memory can multi-task more than two things at a time. SO, Bionic is original in design and powerful enough to be a laptop. Not like the GS2 a copy in design and ??? thats it…..  🙂

          • Jac White

            You really just sound like a motorola fanboi…….Please red up before posting ignorant comments.   I could care less about either one…..I am sure they will both be great phones but it appears the Bionic (with motoblur) will perform worse than the galaxy SII.   In all tests done so far the GSII appears to be the best performing phone out (Or coming out in the near future)…..Read up.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah and you really sound like a Samsung boy. Listen i said the speed is not going to be an issue because you mind can go that fast…. Normal everyday use both phones are going to be fast ENOUGH. The multi-tasking, and their features are going to be what sets the phones apart. There is no test for multi-tasking so YOU read up. And call me ignorant again and I’ll come thru the internet and kick your ass!!! Have a nice day….

        • and an unlocked bootloader

    • Actually, most Asian companies come out with white electronics from home consoles to phones, tvs, you name it. 

      But as far as copying Apple, I have to agree. What I think they’re /trying/ to do is make people who shift from iPhone to Android more comprehensible. That would be my guess anyway. There are people out there who really, genuinely love the iPhone’s interface. At least they’re targeting a certain market and we reap benefit from rooting 🙂

  • Cb3fsu

    If they bring it over with white as an option they are going to sell a ton of these things.  Suddenly a thin, attractive, top of the line Android device that girls want want as much as guys.

    This is going to be the best selling phone in the history of Android.

  • Bert336

    look like a grly white iphone…

  • Wade Ivy

    Holy shit that’s a pretty phone… I’ll take white. Not black

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  • Waiting for T-mo version :|

    You mean the dual core 1.2 ghz Exynos right?

  • Dash Speeds

    Not really, I’d prefer a version that worked on Verizon. *hint hint*

  • Anonymous

    Orion processor?

    • Anonymous


  • Not for me, but if it draws people away from the white iPhone, sure, why not add it to the family.

  • Anonymous

    I would absolutely buy a white one over black.

  • If the SGII ends up coming to Verizon, I’d perfer the white one.. Droid black is getting old..But the US and verizon never give ya a option. 🙁

  • If the SGII ends up coming to Verizon, I’d perfer the white one.. Droid black is getting old..But the US and verizon never give ya a option. 🙁

  • Samcohen

    JUST BRING THE GS2 TO THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON’T CARE WHAT COLOR IT IS!

    • EC8CH

      I’d rather they work on stuffing that extra G in there instead 🙂

    • Spikepark

      I’ll definitely buy the white over the black- the white version looks awesome!

  • SugaShane

    Yeah, this would go perfect with my handbag. 

  • Zach

    A white phone that’s actually completely white!!!

  • This one really looks like an iPhone. Well at least it didn’t take them a year after the black one to make a white one.

  • How about a black Droid Bionic? Asap? 🙂

  • MFG

    Yes, give me one NAOW.

  • Anonymous

    i immediately think iPhone, so no.

  • DBK

    I’m no sheep…..black FTW!!!!!!

    • Jonathan Carnesciali

      there r black sheep u noe?

      • Anonymous


  • Steve Philip

    i thought you were giving one away….lol

  • EC8CH

    I’m not a p*ssy… so I’m gonna go with black.

    • Adam Elghor

      USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I find it deliciously ironic that you claim to not be a pussy, yet for one reason or another, you censored yourself saying pussy. On the internet.

      • EC8CH

        you find my p*ssy delicious?


  • Anonymous

    It would all depend. If I could have right now to use of Verizon, I wouldn’t care what color it was.