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AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II Outed With Keyboard in Tow

Are you looking at the U.S. edition of the Samsung Galaxy S II?  According to BGR, this is at least the AT&T version that we can expect, well, at some time.  As you can see, it has a full slideout keyboard, something that would seem to appeal to a much smaller group than the ultra-slim, all-touchscreen version we have grown accustomed to launching throughout the rest of the world.  The version of TouchWiz matches up to the current Euro version though, it is running Gingerbread, and the benchmarks are on-par with our test results.  This most definitely looks like it could be a keyboarded Galaxy S II.

We just want to ask – are you disappointed that the U.S. version may have a keyboard?  Now, there is still a chance that there will be keyboardless variants and that AT&T for whatever reason decided to go with this model, but we’re a little scared since we saw a Sammie device with a keyboard that appeared to be headed to Verizon a few weeks ago.  While it looked just like an Epic 4G and not an SGS2, we are still slightly worried.

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Via:  BGR

  • No keyboard 🙁

  • Shawnparrish

    I just bought the Samsung Galaxy S2, and the on screen keyboard is awful, it is so easy to make a mistake its ridiculous! I went through the settings using standard Samsung keypad and the newer Swype to no avail! I am seriously considering returning the phone for this reason alone. It has made txting a nightmare

  • TomHolmes

    Okay I’m going to back this up and try again. I’m no keyboard hater, nor am I an SGSII fan. I have a Motorola Droid 3 and it’s my third Motorola Android.

    People on this board and other who have been dreaming of, hoping for, and lusting over a Samsung Galaxy SII since it released were not dreaming of a slider. They were dreaming of a big, sexy, beastly slab, because that is their preference. Now this article comes along and threatens to dash their hopes and the rest of us bark at them because they’re whining about a keyboard? 

    I think it’s great if Samsung releases a slider with SII specs on every major US carrier. They’ll sell a bunch of them. But they won’t sell 6,000,000 of them, and it’s silly to mess more than necessary with a phone that has been a phenomenal success elsewhere. That’s just “Don’t be a dumbass 101”.

    • Anonymous

      I agree that the super slimness appeals to most people and that is what people are thinking of when they think about the Galaxy S 2, but as long as the keyboard is good I wouldn’t mind it.  My biggest thing is the performance and overall quality, the SGS2 nails just about every category when it comes to that so as long as the slider doesn’t make the phone any slower, or degrade the camera, or make the screen worse, then go for it.

  • I understand how physical keyboards can be seen as obsolete with touchscreen and swype now. Plus people would always like slimmer phones.

    But remember when Apple when it first came out with its iPhone they said they didnt include a physical keyboard because they wanted to keep it slimmer.Then the OG Droid came out with a slide out keyboard being roughly the same size slappin Apple in the face with that statement!

    With having seen paper thin, bendable phones (yes i know its still alpha) and all these other roll up rubber keyboards, it just doesnt seem that a keyboard should really be that much of a “thick” addition to a phone.

    Wouldnt we all like our phones to have everything our laptop offers in the palm of our hands? Just an opinion thats all. And P.S. I actually do own a Droid X but have had the OG and the Envy Touch so I’ve had experience with both physical and touch.

  • TomHolmes

    Releasing a phone with a keyboard and calling it a Galaxy SII is like Ford releasing a pickup truck and calling it the “Mustang”. If it departs in any significant way from the chassis of the SGSII, it’s not an SGSII, it’s something else. The phone as it is, is the hottest thing on the market right now. Why would AT&T want to screw that up?

  • Stelv81

    Sure phones with physical keyboards are cool if…

    -you want a phone twice as thick as a phone without a keyboard and has a just as capable on screen keyboard.
    -if you also think mc hammer is still big on the pop charts
    -just went to the store to get the brand new pet rock
    -and stood in line to see the empire strikes back on opening day

  • Anonymous

    Also, anyone notice the 4 buttons (home back menu search) on the keyboard? 
    That would be helpful. 

    But there is too much keyboard hate these days. 
    Why people would rather have a thin phone over all the advantages of having a keyboard is unknown to me. 

    • Fred farley

      because they are gay little boys that dont want there but looking big when its in their back pocket