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AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II Outed With Keyboard in Tow

Are you looking at the U.S. edition of the Samsung Galaxy S II?  According to BGR, this is at least the AT&T version that we can expect, well, at some time.  As you can see, it has a full slideout keyboard, something that would seem to appeal to a much smaller group than the ultra-slim, all-touchscreen version we have grown accustomed to launching throughout the rest of the world.  The version of TouchWiz matches up to the current Euro version though, it is running Gingerbread, and the benchmarks are on-par with our test results.  This most definitely looks like it could be a keyboarded Galaxy S II.

We just want to ask – are you disappointed that the U.S. version may have a keyboard?  Now, there is still a chance that there will be keyboardless variants and that AT&T for whatever reason decided to go with this model, but we’re a little scared since we saw a Sammie device with a keyboard that appeared to be headed to Verizon a few weeks ago.  While it looked just like an Epic 4G and not an SGS2, we are still slightly worried.

More pics after the break.  

Via:  BGR

  • No keyboard 🙁

  • Shawnparrish

    I just bought the Samsung Galaxy S2, and the on screen keyboard is awful, it is so easy to make a mistake its ridiculous! I went through the settings using standard Samsung keypad and the newer Swype to no avail! I am seriously considering returning the phone for this reason alone. It has made txting a nightmare

  • TomHolmes

    Okay I’m going to back this up and try again. I’m no keyboard hater, nor am I an SGSII fan. I have a Motorola Droid 3 and it’s my third Motorola Android.

    People on this board and other who have been dreaming of, hoping for, and lusting over a Samsung Galaxy SII since it released were not dreaming of a slider. They were dreaming of a big, sexy, beastly slab, because that is their preference. Now this article comes along and threatens to dash their hopes and the rest of us bark at them because they’re whining about a keyboard? 

    I think it’s great if Samsung releases a slider with SII specs on every major US carrier. They’ll sell a bunch of them. But they won’t sell 6,000,000 of them, and it’s silly to mess more than necessary with a phone that has been a phenomenal success elsewhere. That’s just “Don’t be a dumbass 101”.

    • Anonymous

      I agree that the super slimness appeals to most people and that is what people are thinking of when they think about the Galaxy S 2, but as long as the keyboard is good I wouldn’t mind it.  My biggest thing is the performance and overall quality, the SGS2 nails just about every category when it comes to that so as long as the slider doesn’t make the phone any slower, or degrade the camera, or make the screen worse, then go for it.

  • I understand how physical keyboards can be seen as obsolete with touchscreen and swype now. Plus people would always like slimmer phones.

    But remember when Apple when it first came out with its iPhone they said they didnt include a physical keyboard because they wanted to keep it slimmer.Then the OG Droid came out with a slide out keyboard being roughly the same size slappin Apple in the face with that statement!

    With having seen paper thin, bendable phones (yes i know its still alpha) and all these other roll up rubber keyboards, it just doesnt seem that a keyboard should really be that much of a “thick” addition to a phone.

    Wouldnt we all like our phones to have everything our laptop offers in the palm of our hands? Just an opinion thats all. And P.S. I actually do own a Droid X but have had the OG and the Envy Touch so I’ve had experience with both physical and touch.

  • TomHolmes

    Releasing a phone with a keyboard and calling it a Galaxy SII is like Ford releasing a pickup truck and calling it the “Mustang”. If it departs in any significant way from the chassis of the SGSII, it’s not an SGSII, it’s something else. The phone as it is, is the hottest thing on the market right now. Why would AT&T want to screw that up?

  • Stelv81

    Sure phones with physical keyboards are cool if…

    -you want a phone twice as thick as a phone without a keyboard and has a just as capable on screen keyboard.
    -if you also think mc hammer is still big on the pop charts
    -just went to the store to get the brand new pet rock
    -and stood in line to see the empire strikes back on opening day

  • Anonymous

    Also, anyone notice the 4 buttons (home back menu search) on the keyboard? 
    That would be helpful. 

    But there is too much keyboard hate these days. 
    Why people would rather have a thin phone over all the advantages of having a keyboard is unknown to me. 

    • Fred farley

      because they are gay little boys that dont want there but looking big when its in their back pocket

  • Breadable

    Bring this to Verizon!! Dual Core, physical keyboard and 4G should hold me over for a year or two


    A keyboard.. really? This whole wait for a keyboard. I’m going with the International Galaxy S.

  • Anonymous

    This very well may be the not-Droid I’m looking for!

  • Michele

    Would love to hear your opinions please.  I use my phone for all the normal stuff, talking, texting, browsing, etc… but also use it a lot for  business, sending and receiving lots of emails from several different email accounts that I work from.  I’m still using my Blackberry Storm while I wait for the perfect or best Droid phone to come out. 

    I’m with Verizon and have 4G in my area.  Which phone should I go with or wait for?

  • Goldinchild

    Does anyone think that because the Samsung Infuse is so much like the GSII that AT&T may have requested a keyboard version just a thought


  • Brent Nichols

    If AT&T’s version of the Galaxy II is so different, maybe there is a chance that Verizon’s will have 4G.  That’s the deciding factor for me–my next phone has to be 4G or it will be out of date immediately.

  • The keyboard is a dealbreaker for me. I haven’t touched my Droid’s keyboard. Swype has made it worthless.

    If this happens it’s a real disappointment.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but the successor to my OG D1 SHOULD have a keyboard. The D1’s keyboard wasn’t great but I still crank out insane amounts of emails and texts on it. It’s just so handy to have… Please SGS2 come with a keyboard…

  • Daisuke

    WHY THE HELL WOULD WE BE DISAPPOINTED!! I swear when did you forum owner decide that a non-keyboard phone is the way to go. I have the OG droid, and I hope I never have to convert to a all touch based phone. Wish phone developers would realize that the people want keyboards.

    • Daisuke

      *what the people want. Apologies for the errors. 

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      You’re right, everyone wants keyboards. Which is why Droid 3’s are flying off the shelf and no one is waiting for the Bionic or the SGS2 as it has been shown in Europe.

      You are in the minority here.

      Most of us have acclimated to typing/swiping on a screen. I can type 10x faster on my fascinate then I ever did on my droid.

      To each his own and you are no doubt entitled to your opinion, but don’t think in any way you speak for the masses….

  • In all honesty, I don’t like the slide-out keyboard and never have. I have the OG Droid and have very rarely used the keyboard except for specific actions (i.e. text fields too small to go to the end of the line).

    I think with the new virtual keyboards coming out, the slide out keyboards are becoming a thing of the past. I also like slim and small phones that don’t add bulkyness when a keyboard is attached. Personally I like the all virtual keyboards/phones but some still may like the slide-out. 

    I get along fine without using the slide out keyboard but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to use the OG Droid to it’s full potential. 

  • Anonymous

    The more physical keyboards that are available the better!

  • Cizzlen

    I’m done with keyboards. They should release the GSII in it’s original form. Or release a new phone with a keyboard adding choice to the market and profits to the manufacturer and carrier. I don’t understand why they would throw a keyboard on there. That’ll definitely be the deal breaker for me. 

  • Droiiid

    look on the bright side.  the samsung slider shown for verizon had a 4g lte logo.  I would DEFINITELY rather have a 4g gsII with a keyboard than a 3g gsII without a keyboard.  yes, ideally we would want a 4g gsII without the keyboard but if i had to choose, i would definitely go with the 4g

  • Guest
  • Cb3fsu

    I haven’t used a physical keyboard since the first weekend I got my OG Droid.  If this POS slider keyboard is the GSII headed to Verizon it looks like I’ll be waiting to see what comes out next.  I will never buy another device with a physical keyboard and I will sure as hell never buy another Motorola product.

  • Stephen J. Bush

    Why would they ruin an amazing phone? This is the phone I’ve been waiting for, and I’m fed up with ATT…maybe it’s time for a switch.

  • IMNS

    What is with  the keyboard hating all of a sudden?  What happened to the people that liked keyboards? Did they die all of a sudden?  I had an OG Droid, moved to the Droid 3 and love it.  No wait, I LOVE it.  Yes, I said it in all caps..that is how much I like this phone.   If the name AT&T didn’t make me cringe as if I heard nails on a chalkboard, I would have considered changing carriers.  I wouldn’t have actually made the switch but I would have considered it.    That said, if Verizon releases a rootable SGII with a keyboard and unlocked boot loader I just might have to form over the cash for one. 

  • Guest

    maybe Sammie is afraid of Apple suing them on their flagship device – many of Apples patents are only US Patents…

  • Anonymous

    My very first thought was just that….

    I am praying that VZW’s SGS2 variant is not that Epic knockoff….

    American carriers suck.

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  • Earleepa


  • Anonymous

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    • Earleepa

      Take your spam somewhere else!

  • Stelv81

    Remember how US Carriers ruined the Galaxy S1? I do, I had a Fascinate.

  • Stephen D

    Great. Looks like the US carriers are going for different versions once again. I kept waiting for the GS2, but when I saw the Droid 3, it really impressed me, and now I have one. Coming from a Fascinate, it’s so nice to be back to a Moto phone. Call quality and reception are great, and the phone feels solid. The screen, for an LCD, isn’t that bad, the keyboard is one of the best I’ve used, and I even like Blur. Plus, the OMAP4 is incredibly fast.

    Although, the first pic looks odd. It almost looks like the screen was photoshopped. And notice how it doesn’t say ATT in the carrier section, and that it’s blank there? 

  • I’ve used the slideout KB on my Droid only when the touch response stopped working.  I will def. buy the Bionic if this has a KB and would be very dissapointed.

  • Stelv81

    The Fail Boat…It’s exciting and new..

  • Wow.  I just don’t understand why you would tamper with a proven product before introducing it to the US.  I suspect his is fake.

  • Sporttster

    If that’s it and it has a KB,then forget the sgs2. I’ll be waiting for something else. It’s a pain in the neck to deal with with a cover. My Droid’s front cover always pops off. Not messing with that anymore…


    Pls no keyboard..i want the thinnest phone in the world…

  • Ryan

    Disappointed? Heck no, I *WANT* a keyboard. I don’t use it for texting really (swype works wonders there), but for CLI linux work in Connectbot while on the road is soooo much better with a physical keyboard. The ‘full keyboard’ app is ok, but switching back and forward is a total PITA until Connectbot improves on that.

  • Alan

    Me too. With a keyboard, you could do the following:

    -Not cover up most of your screen

    -Activate mouse hover elements of websites

    -Browser keyboard shortcuts (home, find, reload, back, forward, show history, show bookmarks, show preferences, etc.)

    -In a terminal or any small text field you could go to the start or end of the line

    -In local or Flash videos, often times the arrow keys let you fast forward/rewind, the space bar pauses/plays, “f” or alt+enter fullscreens plus, etc. 

    That’s just to name the ones I could recall off the top of my head right now but there are other benefits to keyboards other than just typing simple text.

  • Chris Cuffie

    it will probably come out in 2 diff versions to satisfy everyone. it better at least, god knows how long its taken for it just to be released. but even still im not going to get it by the time it comes out something even better is going to be on the horizon and ill wait for that. if it came out 2 or 3 months ago like it did for the rest of the world i wouldve been all over it. not to mention that the nexus prime looks mighty impressive with its rumored specs. i might have to wait for that beast. also a sammy product

  • Anonymous

    I prefer functionality over form. It’s why I bought an OG. And why I cried the day I found out that the Droid3 wasn’t 4G and had only 512MB of ram (not to mention was locked). Well, not cried but I was pissed. Hardware keyboards are awesome, and the one pictured above looks wonderful. Kellen, I love ya but I’m honestly disappointed with how far you’ve turned away from what started this blog in the first place.

    I mean seriously, software keyboards are alright but they’re terrible for things like IMing in landscape mode (the text box fills the screen, and you can’t see if someone sends another message while you’re typing) and playing pretty much any game. Onscreen controls are shit and both block the screen and rarely work (anyone who prefers onscreen buttons for any game emulator is fooling themselves). I could never play Gameboid or Meganoid without either a keyboard or a Wiimote, and I can’t exactly take my Wiimote to school or work, can I?

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, AT&T getting this and the Nexus S a few weeks ago kind of makes me regret switching…almost. They just launched 3G in my town this summer though, where Verizon has had it for years. When my VZW contract is up, I might try buying this or the Nexus off contract and see if AT&T has improved any.

  • if the VZW version of this has a KB it will be an automatic failure IMO

  • if the VZW version of this has a KB it will be an automatic failure IMO

  • Earleepa

    If I want a keyboard I’ll buy a Droid 3. Verizon listen to me I don’t want no f***Ingram keyboard.

    • Earleepa

      Damned smart phone thinks it can spell better than me. But you get the point

  • This is so depressing…If the VZW version has a keyboard I’m skipping it and waiting for the next gen phones with Ice Cream Sandwich (Nexus Prime, anyone?).  I’ll keep rocking my rooted OG Droid (with a keyboard I don’t use) until then.

  • Bill

    Wtf is this a joke… unbelievable ….

  • matt c

    Seriously if the variants have slide out keyboards Ill just wait for the Bionic or the Dinara or maybe even go back to an iphone.. Smh

  • Bullet4004

    Take some hints…Look at how well the sales are going WITHOUT the keyboard.  Don’t screw it up for America.  No keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t they release both a la Evo4g and Evo Shift?

  • keeevin

    if the verizon one has that futuristic/geeky looking keyboard im not buying it… make one that looks normal like the freakin D3

  • Sg2_bad


    • Anonymous

      Considering neither have been released in the US, you are a little premature there.  And even if they match spec for spec, the *display* on the SGS2 > DESTROYS > BIONIC PENTILE.

  • Stelv81

    All I can say is I am glad I got the Inc2 over the SGS2 and the Bionic

  • Yeah, it would be neat to have the option of a keyboard, but honestly I was ready to have have a superphone that was small and light in my pocket… If I wanted a keyboarded phone I would just grab the D3 (since its out already)

    If the G2 does not have LTE and it has a keyboard it really would not be all that different than the D3… if it has LTE then thats a different story altogether.

  • Charlie

    I see the keyboard as a bonus to the GS2! I’m still an OG Droid user, so it makes the GS2 feel like it will be a proper replacement. I’m not losing anything, just gaining. Although, adding a keyboard will knock it off the thinnest phone in the world throne, giving it back to Apple. So I am annoyed at that.

    • Jjjjj

      Ummmm….a GS2 with keyboard will not make the original GS2 disappear.  So Samsung would still have the claim to having the thinnest phone in the world.

  • no phone without a keyboard for me

  • Legoturte92

    Ever since I’ve dealt with the crap of a keyboard on the OG Droid I’m goin for touch screen.

    • Try the D3 keyboard and consider revising your statement. It’s like night and day difference.

  • digsoreos

    I’m not one for keyboards, but I’d take the D3’s keyboard over this one any day. At least it appears as though there was some usability testing done to create the D3’s keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    I prefer a physical keyboard personally

  • Thomas

    Hope that means the VZW version has a keyboard too.

    • Alan

      Me too. With a keyboard, you could do the following:

      -Not cover up most of your screen

      -Activate mouse hover elements of websites

      -Browser keyboard shortcuts (home, find, reload, back, forward, show history, show bookmarks, show preferences, etc.)

      -In a terminal or any small text field you could go to the start or end of the line

      -In local or Flash videos, often times the arrow keys let you fast forward/rewind, the space bar pauses/plays, “f” or alt+enter fullscreens plus, etc. 

      That’s just to name the ones I could recall off the top of my head right now but there are other benefits to keyboards other than just typing simple text.

      • Lattice

        Keyboards are for people who want and know how to make full use of Android. Apparently not too many people know how to use Android.

        If we’re talking about size, I’d say the size of the 4.3+ inch screen phones are ridiculous. It doesn’t matter how thin they are, that’s just stupidly big.

        • Adam Elghor

          ya i understand you (i got a d2) but my friend has a thunderbolt and watching movies and youtube videos is just amazing on a 4.3…and it doesn’t hurt to be lighter

        • Earleepa

          Opinions are like well I guess you know what they’re like since you’ve probably heard it before.

        • Coreysgrandpa

          Hey Lattice, just wait until your eyes get old!

      • Finally, someone who understands how to utilize a keyboard to its full potential. I love them. Still, all I hope is that this phone lands on Verizon. Despite TouchWiz, I think Samsung is really gonna start hitting it big.

      • I’m glad to see people still like keyboards in this day and age!

    • Kenny

      Same here. This phone was tempting before but the lack of physical keyboard was my biggest reservation about it. SGSII specs plus a keyboard is very enticing. Especially after trying free Swiftkey this week and finding it maddening.

      • Tom

        I thought I was the only one who found Swiftkey to be horrid!

    • Schmo

      Of course with LTE. Otherwise, I’ll pass like with the D3.

    • Schmo

      Of course with LTE. Otherwise, I’ll pass like with the D3.

    • jay

      looks nothing like the leaked pics that came out bout a month ago: http://www.engadget.com/2011/06/11/samsung-galaxy-s-ii-for-atandt-ratted-out-by-its-own-hdmi-dock/

    • Anonymous

      Yes — an SGS2 with a physical keyboard and LTE would be perfect.

  • Subie_07


  • daniel walsh

    Chris Ziegler at This Is My Next just tweeted he is hearing that there is going to be a family of sgs2 on att

  • Anonymous

    In my imaginary world they’ll only release it with a keyboard because they plan on giving us the GS3 as soon as it hits internationally which isn’t as far off as typical refreshes or there will be a coming SG2 LTE without keyboard and want to differentiate the phone to give it more shelf life.  Wishful thinking at it’s finest.

  • Sputnick

    Will Android ever be as fun again as the OG Droid?  The open phone on a great network days are fading fast. 

    • HTC could make it happen. Motorola is all talk and no action.

  • sk102704

    The Bionic is looking even better now

  • J Dub

    Will it be a beast of a phone and will the bootloader be unlocked? LTE isn’t ready for prime time so I could care less about that.

  • Anonymous

    So much for being incredibly thin.

  • Brandon

    If the Verizon GS2 is a slider I may just freeze my Verizon service, import a euro GS2 and jump to ATT for a while. All this variant stuff we saw last time was okay, but keyboards? Seriously? Makes the image of fat America more real to Europe when we get the fat ass phones an there’s is smallest in the world.

  • Anonymous

    You can have my physical keyboard when you pry it out of my cold dead hands, but I think the GS2 screen size is a little large for a slider. If they had the same internals in a 4-inch package, I’d be all about it.

    By the way, thank god they brought back the four-button layout.

  • daniel walsh

    there is also going to be a slab sgs2 on att

  • Anonymous

    I would prefer it without a keyboard. Verizon got that covered with the DROID3. Hopefully they will keep the slim version.

  • Do not want. As much as I love physical keyboards, I like that thin form factor of the Euro version more.

  • daniel walsh

    there are going to be 2 sgs2 devices on att

    • sk102704


  • It’s because the world see’s all Americans as fat and lazy. Therefore we receive devices to match our stereotype. Europeans get sleek, sexy devices because well…

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  • Raven

    I would love to see another phone with a physical keyboard on Verizon, but it doesn’t look as slick as the Droid 3.  I am so sick of all of these new touchscreen only phones that are coming out.  I feel like I have one hand tied behind my back and am half blind folded when trying to type anything more than a couple of words on a touch screen keyboard.

  • GotSka81

    If this has a keyboard, I will hold a party.

  • Trooper

    If it has the slide out keyboard I will pass.


  • Geonerd

    I love keyboards, I want the most similar thing to a computer on my pocket so yes, UP WITH THE KEYBOARDS!! Besides I hate cutting my screen in half everytime I want to write something..

  • TurbineTech

    I would definitely give this a look if it came to Verizon. I will reserve judgement though as I would need to see it in person. I’m hard pressed giving up my keyboard (currently use the BB Bold 9650), but I want the BIONIC soooooo bad. Maybe If I don’t like the Bionic the SGS 2 will come out withing 30 days and I can return it. 🙂

    BTW: If anyone has a spare Google + invite I would love to have one! Thanks! [email protected]

    • invited.

    • If you like the keyboard on your BB Bold, then you would probably like the Droid Pro.  It has a BB form factor, but it runs Android instead of BB OS.

  • Anonymous

    Ya I got sorces that say this is coming to Verizon on 9/1 with 4g with no keyboard and an unlimited data plan…. wake up from dream back to my OG…

  • Kianjudah

    Yeah, I won’t be getting it either way, but I’d still say that it is definitely disappointing. 

  • Anonymous

    How do we know this is for at&t?

  • EC8CH


    How hard is it to just release the GSII in the US?

  • Anewbreedx008x

    So its a OGD with dual cores 3G and made by samsung. Bionic for me plz thanks

  • Anonymous

    4 Row Keyboard? 

    • Anonymous

      Agree – 5 row would have been much better.

  • Jac White

    If it has a keyboard……and the bionic a pentile screen…….I will just wait for the next big thing……My OG Droid is still holding up.

    • Anonymous

      I admit, I miss my OG at times =D! I love my TBolt but the OG was so good to me. It’s metal casing will always be the baddest thing with a touch screen!!!

  • Knightcrusader

    Yeah I am disappointed…. disappointed this is going to AT&T and not Verizon!! There needs to be more keyboard sliders than just the bolted-down D3!

    Where the hell is that SCH-i405?!? It can’t come out soon enough.

    • daniel walsh

      no one wants the kb

      • Knightcrusader

        Some people do and I am one of them.

        However, I am in the boat that this keyboard does look hideous. I’d rather have the keyboard from the D2, D3, Epic, Merge, or even Touch Pro2, than that one.

        • Anonymous

          I agree with your comment, except for the part about a D2’s keyboard being better… maybe a D2G, but not a D2 (slightly different). I’ve got a D2, and the lack of key separation and key spongeness is disappointing; this thing at least has the key separation.

          I have to admit that I’m not terrible impressed with the blockiness of the design, however.

  • I’m baffled by what seems to now be the majority of people’s anti-slide-out keyboard stance when it wasn’t too long ago that everyone was disappointed by all the phones that didn’t have them. I am PRAYING the verizon GS2 comes with a slide-out keyboard as well as LTE. If it does, I will buy it instantly.

    What Samsung should do is release 2 versions for each carrier, 1 with and 1 without a slide-out keyboard. That way, everyone would get the version they want. It would be sweet if they made a portrait slider version too, but that probably will never happen.

    • Anonymous

      That’s because good on-screen typing options are only a recent phenomenon in the last year or so.  Physical keyboard just isn’t necessary to most any more I would guess.

      • Anonymous

        …Not to mention that most people I know that have them use it when they activate the phone, and that’s it. They never, repeat, NEVER use it again.

        • Anonymous

          Unless you know over 5 million people with keyboarded phones, I don’t think that really speaks to anything. I personally use my keyboard constantly, as do all of my friends w/ keyboards.

          • Anonymous

            …and unless you know 5 million people who use their keyboards, I don’t really think your comment speaks to anything either…

          • Anonymous

            I was showing you how little it matters what one person’s group of friends prefers, and how easily that can change from day to day. You say “I know 4 people who hate their keyboards,” I can say “I know 10 that love theirs and 6 more who wish they had one!” etc, etc.

            By the way, I can only assume from your response that you admit your original comment didn’t matter at all and therefore wasn’t a valid argument against keyboards.

          • Anonymous

            What the hell are you talking about???…

            Seriously, I’m moving on…

          • Daisuke

            You lost this one  New_Guy, its best that you do.

          • Anonymous

            I never use mine.  I sure don’t want one on a 4.3 inch screen either…..

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you. I loved my OG slide-out keyboard and my D2 keyboard. I could type emails and messages without even looking at the screen. I don’t mind using the touch screen on my new phone, but it makes text messaging and emailing in the car extremely difficult and dangerous in comparison.

      • Earleepa

        You’re an idiot if you drive and text no matter what kind of keyboard it is.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah. I don’t think anyone would deny texting and driving being dumb (and illegal here), but yet everyone still does it, except for you of course.

          • Earleepa

            Yes you’re right smartass I don’t drive and text. Did you not see that episode of extreme Makeover home edition where they built a house for this girls parents. She as driving and texting and it cost her, her life.

          • Ness

            Please, I’m pretty sure EVERY BODIES texted and drived before. Even after it became illegal. It’s so easy to look like a hall monitor online, but when alone anything may fly. As long as nobody knows. Don’t make me laugh Earleepa. 

          • Anonymous

            …ok, first of all, “EVERY BODIES texted and drived before,” really? With that grammar I hope you don’t text the way you type. Secondly, no one will know you text and drive…until you end up face planted on the side of a freeway, anyhow…just saying.

          • Earleepa

            I’m not a member of Mensa but I’m smart enough to have never driven and texted at the same time. Not only are you putting your life in danger but also the lives of everybody around you. There’s nothing I have to say to anybody that can’t wait until I’m not behind the wheel of a two ton piece of flying shrapnel, and I bet you looked really cute in your little hall monitor sash you had to wear.

          • Anonymous

            Studies show that texting and driving is worse than drinking and driving. I am with you 100% on that one.

          • So that means I can score my family a house? NICE!

          • Carmen Diva

            oh wow, that was uncalled for.

          • Anonymous

             No not everyone does.  Just like not everyone is dumb enough to drink and drive.  Maybe you do, but you do not speak for any majority.

          • Anonymous

            Ah yes! The best is text messaging while driving drunk. Now THAT is a handful. The whole law against texting and driving made is so much more difficult too. Instead of having my phone up at steering wheel level, I have to look down to actually to see what I’m typing now to keep it hidden. So much more dangerous! UGH!

          • Anonymous

            I never text and drive….if you look down for 3 or 4 seconds and the person in front of you hits the brakes your going to rear end them.  Driving requires full concentration…. 

    • Knightcrusader

      Or, if they want to save R&D time and make some more money on accessories, they can make a slate phone where you can remove the back and attach a sliding keyboard to it. One device to support, and people who want keyboards can pay the extra $50 for the keyboard attachment, and those who don’t want it, don’t have to buy it. They can also put out a portrait slider attachment for those BB lovers, and hell, even a gamepad and give Sony a run for their money with the Xperia Play.

      ASUS figured this out with the Transformer and the keyboard dock, and they are flying off the shelves. Why can’t a phone manufacturer do the same?

      • Bigdav1178

        Only real shortcoming I see of this, is a very bulky phone. These OEMs cram the physical keyboards into phones in an attempt to keep them as unobtrusive as possible; any attachment design will be far thicker (for both the phone and attachment) due to supporting electronics/connectors/casing/etc required by the addon. It is the same reason certain companies use unremovable batteries rather than removable; integrated components allow for a more compact design.

        I actually like the idea, but I personally think that it would flop. Just look at how so many get in an uproar over a slightly thicker phone that has an integrated keyboard; now imagine if it was even thicker due to attachments… (oh, the horror)

        • Knightcrusader

          If they do it right, it shouldn’t. The keyboard is only an HID, so they could get away with putting a small  proprietary connector on the back under the cover and have the attachment mount where the back cover normally mounts to keep it on. So, people with the keyboard would be shedding the back cover and replacing it with a new back cover that has the keyboard mounted on it, and when it snaps in, the connector completes the connection.

          The phone in brick form would still be thin, but with a keyboard, it would only add a few millimeters for the people who want to sacrifice thinness for functionality.

    • 2 years ago, if a powerhouse phone was announced with a slide out keyboard, I would have been all over it. Now I prefer on screen input and a nice clean phone profile. Weird how things change.

    • Anonymous

      I still demand a physical keyboard.

      I like being able to see my entire screen as I have conversations on Gchat or through texts. Or basically any other time I need to use a keyboard where not have the screen is taken up by a keyboard. It also gives me the ability to quickly access alt keys without going to a different keyboard. I also turn off autocorrect and whatnot because I am much more accurate on a physical keyboard, so I don’t run into any problems with names or proper nouns being confused for something else.

      The arrow keys on a keyboard are also very nice. And I enjoy it when I use an emulator. I don’t have to put my hands on the screen.

      In sum, there are still many excellent reasons to prefer a physical keyboard, and I am one of those people who will always demand one.

    • I agree with you. I have been without a keyboard after i swapped my OG Droid for a DX, but I must say I really miss the physical keyboard, if If I could get  a 4g LTE, front rear facing camera dual core phone, i’d be sold.

  • OG Droid

    Glad Im getting the bionic now; I want nothing to do with SGS2 with a keyboard.

  • ChrisI

    Call me stupid or crazy or dumb or whatever, but the European and Asian version were SICK because of their weight and thin-ness. Having a slide-out QWERTY defeats both of those attributes, and makes this “just another phone.” I have to agree with Eric, American corporations and telecom co’s always f*ck it up. This phone would have been awesome, but that picture above blows chunks.

    • Eric

      Well said bro.

    • Anonymous

      Considering how many major smartphones have no keyboard, your argument actually supports having a keyboard. Without a keyboard, the SGSII is “just another thin, light phone”. BFD, so it’s thin. Everyone’s coming out with a phone thinner than the last. How would having a keyboard make it more “just another phone”? With a keyboard, it’ll be one of the most powerful phones in the world and have a good keyboard. The iPhone, Thunderbolt, Nexus S, DroidX2, G2x, myTouch4G, Atrix, Bionic, etc all don’t have keyboards. And, as much as we all hate the iPhone, when it came out it defined the smartphone as nothing but a touchscreen. So, anything that copies the iPhone’s form factor is more likely to be called “just another phone” than one with a keyboard. It’s what made the OG so different in the first place.

      Regardless, I’d rather have a phone with a good keyboard I’ll use for the two years I’ll own it than one I can claim was the thinnest phone in the world in 2011.

      • Anonymous

        No, it was *THE* thinnest phone.  And had perfect specs all around making it the near perfect phone that pushed the bar on size and weight.  Now, we just get another freakin brick.  Thanks again to the US carriers for taking what everyone wanted once again and f’ing it up.  Seriously, who are these bozos at VZW and AT&T who can’t read the tech blogs and see everyone clammering for the phone that everyone else already has?  Do they think they are adding “value” to the phone by slapping a KB on it????????  I think they are just out to kill Android…let’s take the world’s thinnest phone and make it a brick.  ARGH!!!

        • Anonymous

          What do you mean take what *everyone* wanted? Your not everyone.
          And it doesn’t have near perfect specs. Nothing is perfect. 

          Next year we might see a quad core phone. Then that precious GS2 isn’t so perfect.

          And I still don’t understand why people want there phone to be so thin. 
          What if they make a phone as thin as paper? That would be awful. 

          And a keyboard is EXTREMELY helpful for countless things. 
          A super thin phone is helpful for…well…not much.

  • Anonymous

    I am honestly not excited about the slide out keyboard. After getting the TBolt, I have grown accustom to a slimmer phone…

  • Jason Frasier

    arghhh, I’ve been waiting to get one for my wife but I had her all talked into not needing the physical keyboard.   I’ll have to think about it.

  • daniel walsh
  • daniel walsh

    i am hearing that verizon will get the sgs2 1st. possible release date is 8/12

  • Eric

    Wow way to remove my comment.

    • Eric

      N/M it didn’t load when i refreshed for some reason.

  • Workodactyl

    So much for thin…

    • John

      This.  The GSII was the thinnest phone around.. adding the KB takes away one of it’s biggest strong points.  

  • daniel walsh

    only one carrier will get the keyboard version just like the galaxy s did. this time its at&t 

  • Anonymous

    This doesn’t have the stupid physical middle button like the original had, so plus one for that.

    • Anonymous

      Very true, and a much welcomed change.

    • Anonymous

      That should help avoid potential blood boiling “Can I see your iPhone?” requests I would imagine many would get with the original.  I’m no hater but it definitely looked like they could have named the phone iGalaxy with that physical button.

  • Negativerxn

    I’ve had one Samsung slider that took a dump after about 2 months, and I vowed to never get another.  But, if this phone were to have the keyboard, I would still consider getting it.

  • I can’t imagine that every single US carrier will have a keyboard version.  I’m assuming it will be just like the first Galaxy where each carrier had their own unique design.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully Verizon’s variant does not have a keyboard. The one good thing this might show is that Samsung will allow pretty substantial changes to the original GS2, meaning that 4G is still a possibility (even though I’d take a GS2 either way as long as it is keyboardless). A keyboard on the GS2 would seal the deal for me getting a bionic.

    • Anonymous

      Jesus, man, what is the hangup about keyboards? They don’t take away from anything (droid3 is still really thin, so don’t start crying about thickness), and they add so much extra functionality.

      • Cb3fsu

        WTF are you talking about? The keyboard doubles the thickness of the phone and turns it into something I would buy for my parents.

        It ruins the device and adds nothing.

        • Anonymous

          What are you talking about?  They certainly don’t have to double the thickness of the phone any more.  Place the Droid 3 next to the Droid X2 and then come back.

          It’s fine if you don’t like physical keyboards, but they add a heck of a lot to a device for some people.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not really sure what they add in functionality besides a third keyboard layout. I think the point is that they are overkill for a lot of people; especially when keyboard apps like SwiftKey beat any hardware or software keyboard around.

          • Anonymous

            A lot of people like a physical keyboard and feel like they can type more accurately on it.  I know I feel that way, and I’ve used all of the software keyboards out there.  None of them beat a good hardware keyboard for my uses.  So it really comes down to personal preference, and for several people, it adds a lot of functionality in a variety of ways.  There are more phones without physical keyboards out there than there are with them, so people who don’t like them have many choices.  People who do are very limited.  That’s why it’s annoying to see people complain about the few keyboard phones out there.  There are a lot of choices out there for a slab, so it’s easy to pick something else.  It might not be exactly what you want, but we all have to make compromises.  Fans of physical keyboards rarely get much of a choice and have to take what they can get.

          • Earleepa

            Who types accurately anymore? Alot of my friends when they text me I have to text them back and ask them what they said because with all the abbreviations of words and whole sentences what they typed is unreadable.

          • Anonymous

            I do because I use a physical keyboard.

            …that’s one of it’s many advantages.  🙂

          • Anonymous

            I don’t agree, but that was funny as heck =D!

          • Anonymous

            Well, that’s kind of the point…

          • Anonymous

            Not even close…
            Typing on a on screen keyboard is a pain in the ass compared to a physical one. 

            And you lose half of the screen. 

          • Anonymous

            Losing half of the screen is my biggest complaint with on-screen keyboards besides accuracy.

        • Anonymous

          The D3 is about the same thickness as the DX. 
          And now that we know the Bionic will have a camera hump, it’ll be about as thin as that. 

  • Eric

    As always America has to f*ck up a good thing.

  • Rob Stewart

    That would stink. 

  • MFG

    If this hits Verizon, too, with LTE, I will buy it. I kind of like physical keyboards. As long as it is NOT that leaked Epic thing from a few weeks back.

  • Oh god that thing looks like crap.

    • MFG

      No it doesn’t. 

    • Anonymous

      Hah I wouldn’t go that far, but I’m not going to lie, the keyboard could be left behind.

      • Please, the keyboard looks like they chopped it off an old EnV 2!

        • Anonymous

          I personally liked the EnV 2 keyboard (I actually had an LG Voyager, but very similar keyboard) – I could type even faster on it than i can on the Droid 2 I have now… of course I could actually feel my button presses on it too, unlike the Droid 2’s keyboard for the most part.

      • Anonymous

        The keyboard, for some reason, cheapens the overall look of the device.

      • Earleepa

        You held the original in your hand kellex, I saw the video. Admit it this looks like crap!

  • I miss my keyboard =(

    • Al Heasley

      Im with you…I had to go back to my og droid when my DROID x got wet and I had to wait on my DROID x2 from asurion……and I really started to fall in love with the keyboard……even with the crappy one on og DROID…..I was really considering getting to DROID 3 but no lte is just a deal breaker. I really want a awesome lte phone with a keyboard now. But that depends on how awesome the bionic will be…….I hope its got that 4.5″ screen to

      • That OG Droid keyboard was terrible.  I am looking at mine right now.  How could Motorola screw up that bad?  I still do not know how the OG Droid was so popular; except it was the anti-iPhone.  I bought into that, but I stopped using that horrid keyboard after a month of owning my OG Droid.