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DROIDX and DROID2 Finally Receive MIUI Ports


You all know MIUI by now, don’t you?  This would be one of the few ROMs that actually gives you a completely new user experience.  We released the port of the new overhaul last week for the original DROID, but today, it’s all about the DROIDX and DROID2.  This has been one of those ROMs that wouldn’t make its way onto either device because of its stingy bootloader.  Well, thanks to our boy @cvpcs who figured out his 2nd-init magic for some CM7 goodness, we now have MIUI.  Huge props to the MIUI team (Frameworks43) for getting this out to us.  

Download:  DROIDX | DROID2


1.  Drop on .zip on SD card.
2.  Boot into recovery and make a backup.
3.  Wipe data/factory reset.
4.  Load up MIUI.
5.  Enjoy!

Full support can be found at these two RootzWiki threads:  DROIDX | DROID2

Cheers BMc!

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  • SFC Airborne51

    Anyone get the Camera to work on Droid 2? I’ve checked the forums and some people say they have a work around but no one puts what it is or how to do it. I need my camera to work. It’s the one thing making me think about leaving this rom.

    • SFC Airborne51

      I found a patch that was deleted from Rom Manager but it fixed my camera and camcorder so I’m good now. My contacts are the only thing that seems screwed up now. Other than that I love this ROM and how fast and responsive it is.

  • Tayyab 0307

    very nice post.

  • Hmmmmmm…curious! 

  • sadly when i do this on my droid x it says aborted, then i look that CM7 isnt out for the droid x so maybe thats why…any ideas anyone?

    • jthai

      CM7 is out but you need to SBF back to Froyo first as CM7, and MIUI, use the Froyo kernel

  • JL

    loaded this last night….ran Quadrant and was blown away with the results. After 3 consecutive runs, my DX topped out at 2400+!!!!! that’s just loading this ROM as is (downloaded from mini.us) without any cpu tweaks, just bone stock as is at 1GHz….. battery life appears to have taken a minor hit, default lock screen can be a bit laggy at times, but overall a killer ROM!!!

  • Boogogee

    If I’m running 2.3 on my rooted DX is all hope lost?  Can I go back to 2.2 and flash MIUI?

    • jthai

      Nah you can SBF back to Froyo first then you can install

  • Djflan

    Love this rom, makes Android beautiful. Yes…it is reminiscent of an iphone, but come on guys….Apple was not the first company to use icons on a home screen. Who really cares anyway….. The UI is wonderful. The system menus really shine on this one, compare it to the stock and it blows them out of the water. 

    Google should hire these guys to do the UI.

  • Hugebeefinjection

    Did not like it. Not smooth. I like some of the blur apps-HDMI out, Panorama stich, etc. There isn’t always a better alternative on the market.

  • Kyfry85

    So I cant use this with my rooted gingerbread DX?

    • DBK

      You would have to sbf back to froyo first.

  • law

    Does this support Droid 2 global?

  • law

    Does this support Droid 2 global?

    • DBK

      No it doesn’t.

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  • Thinking about running this but havent been rooted for some time now, dont feel like loosing all my data and such and starting from scratch. looks good though
    Droid X

  • Thinking about running this but havent been rooted for some time now, dont feel like loosing all my data and such and starting from scratch. looks good though
    Droid X

    • DBK

      Titanium Backup to backup your apps. Clockworkmod to backup your system. You won’t lose anything.  🙂

      • Lakerzz

        After flashing this. You can restore the app with Titanium, but they say not restore data, because it will cause force closing issues.

        • DBK

          Yeah I learned that the hard way.  🙂

  • joanthan

    a little confused about something….is this the new MIUI with the new “facelift” that was released a little bit ago for the DROID? or is it the older MIUI?

    • DBK

      This is a newer version. MIUI 1.7.22.

  • DBK

    Been running it on my D2 for the last 24 hours. Some minor problems, but overall awesome, as always. Going to throw on ADW Launcher now.  🙂

  • Brewbake

    Ive got a droid 2 global…. just installed and now cant seem to get it out of airplane mode… everytime i click it off, it goes straight back.  I cant make calls, no service, no nothing.  Any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

    Sure wish we’d get some love for our Tbolts. My Incredible gets amazing battery life on this.

  • Restless

    Might want to check the Forums and see how many problems they are having with this, Sure it’s pretty but..

    • DroidzFX

      you need to get some rest cause Im not sure what issues you are talking about

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  • TheCastleGuard

    I have tried MIUI for the DX and it is nice, but I prefer something more AOSP based.  I think I may try to play with MIUI more tomorrow though and try to customize it some more.  

  • Crgsmal

    ii dont get why people are complaining.. if you dont like it move on. im glad they ported it.
    it was refreshing to reboot into a new rom and not find a ton of bloatware installed,!

  • Stangcf2

    This is a cool rom. No video player works for me. Cant change bootanimation with tool in the rom. I do like the lay out.

  • lupaphiasco

    Love it on my D2  except for the fact the camera, camcorder and youtube dont work

  • MJZ

    been running for a few hours now. I’ve loved MIUI since my OG Droid days and it does not disappoint now. 
    Only issues are:
    Cannot find Bank of America or My Verizon apps on the market. 

  • DBK

    Put it on my Incredible and loved it. Going to put it on my D2 now!!!!  🙂

  • been watching alot of videos about miui and some are in Chinese , is this one all english?

    • yep

    • Heymondt20000

      yes it is. they ported it over with english translations

  • George Boyd85

    does anyone know if we can flash a gb update on top of this rom? I know you have to sbf back to froyo to load it, but can we then update either ota or otherwise to gb?

    • Sketch2000

      It IS gb, just with a froyo kernal

  • Hey
    everyone im really tring to win this screenshot contest so if everybody
    would vote for my screen shot at this link it would be appreciated. To
    vote follow the link and above the picture theres a +
    button all you have to do is click it. Thanks to everyone that does.. http://launcherpro.droidicon.c​om/july-2011-screenshot-contes​t-entries/redwork-2662

  • Anonymous

    I installed this on my backup DX… No problems so far, very smooth transitions. having a hard time getting used to the fact the settings are completely rearranged. Makes downloading themes a breeze. I installed an i*hone theme just for kicks… Been parading it around at the office telling people its a hybrid XD

  • RolandK21484

    Anyone know how to get the Droid X BlurCamera.Apk on to this MIUI rom? Everything is awesome, but I don’t like the old Droid Camera that comes with it. If I could fix this I would never use anything else. This is by far most the best rom out there. Can any one help with this? I would really appreciate it. Thanks

    • Rishi

      Roland, you can’t…if you look through the rootzwiki forums, you’ll see that there is a download for the MIUI themed app, see if you like that.  no widescreen though. 🙁

  • R Ortiz0620

    ok I know this is probably a stupid post and I apologize in advance. But what do I need to do to my droid x to get MIUI on here 🙂

    sorry for the dumb question 

    • jthai

      Are you on Gingerbread rooted or otherwise?

    • KingJames713

      ROOT ROOT ROOT ROOT ROOT! thennnn FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH! Just kidding. You must root, then back up, then wipe, the flash. I won’t go into detail but there is so much information online on this whole process. It is scary. You might think you lost your phone but just don’t give up. Good luck!

  • I ended up downloading this for my Dinc2, to see if it fixes my audio issue with CM7; It seems my native mic turns off when headphones/AUX are plugged in since I rooted. This never happened with my OG, so hopefully MIUI doesn’t have the issue. Otherwise….I don’t see the need for this personally

  • Corbin Lissabet

    I just sbfed back to .340 and am having trouble installing. I boot into clockwork recovery and clear data factory reset. When I install the zip it aborts and i get a message:

    assert failed: run program(“/tmp/check_kernal”)
    == 0
    E:Error in /sdcard/MIUI.us_shadow_1.7.22_Eng_Deo_ZipA_ Signed_Framework43.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

    • Mygolazo

      same shit,, big problem,,what to do now?

      • Corbin Lissabet

        No idea man! I posted the same question over at rootzwiki. If I get a response I’ll let you know

        • Mygolazo

          I just sbfed back to .340 and no trouble, just start everything back again, and without backup, what a shame , everything stared when i just turned the DX off and get the battery out, and the M logo never move away…and bla bla bla, just use the RSD LITE v4.8 Multi-flash/ multi-flex tool..keep it in touch

          • Corbin Lissabet

            Just did the same and now its running great! Love this rom

    • DBK

      How come your’s says “shadow” in the file name? Mine doesn’t.

      fyi – I was able to install mine with no problems.

  • Downloading this right now… Love CM7 but I’m going to try out my other options.

  • Anonymous

    So if this is built off of cm4dx does this mean it has all the bugs as well?

  • Matt

    Hey i accidently somehow removed FILE EXPLORER. how do i get it back!?

  • xxnonamexx

    I love MIUI but they have bugs since day 1 that have never been fixed. Example the video works on a stiop droid yet won’t work on MIUI. Try taking a short video and send to your friend let me know if it works. If they fixed that then at least all the stock droid functions would work. They need to make a stable release.

  • xxnonamexx

    I love MIUI but they have bugs since day 1 that have never been fixed. Example the video works on a stiop droid yet won’t work on MIUI. Try taking a short video and send to your friend let me know if it works. If they fixed that then at least all the stock droid functions would work. They need to make a stable release.

    • KingJames713

      I am able to record video, take pictures, upload and send them to contacts. MIUI 1.7.22 words perfect on my DX

  • Techisblack

    Yeah it looks like an iPhone stock but with all of the customizations available it wont when you get done with it, unless you fancy it looking like an iPhone.. 

  • Mygolazo

    how many mb did u get with free wireless tether?

    • Simonlemon

      wireless tether 750 kb,,open garden 1 mb,,

  • So… 
    1. SBF back to stock.
    2. Root with Z4Root
    3. Install DroidX or Droid2 Bootstrapper Recovery?
    4. Flash 2nd init from Rom Manager or not?

    • Anonymous

      Don’t quote me but I thought you can only use the Droid2 bootstrapper when going to roms based on gingerbread?  I know that is true when going from .340 to CM 7. 
      I actually went from .340 to CM 7 (flashed 2nd init with rom manager) to MIUI and have no issues. 

      “4. Flash 2nd init from Rom Manager or not?”

      I’m not sure about this one either.  You do not have to do this when going from .340 to CM 7 and I figure it should be the same when going from .340 to MIUI.  So what about these steps:

      1. SBF back to stock .340
      2. Root with Z4Root
      3. Install Droid2 Bootstrapper Recovery.
      4. Boot into recovery and make a backup
      5. Wipe data/factory reset
      6. Install zip from sd card (MIUI zip)
      7. Reboot.

      There’s no need to “Flash 2nd init” within rom manager while on .340 right?   Would be nice if the original steps have more detail.  I tend to forget especially when I have the Droid Bionic on the brain. 

  • so if im on froyo on my DX im all good to go?

  • Anonymous

    Very good ROM for the DX. It is very iphony but it really does feel like a new experience with a good quality feel to it. Better than the buggy Verizon gingerbread release.

  • what Rom other than miui does a complete overhaul of the interface like this??? 

  • Tried to use MIUI and personally can’t stand it

    Runs smooth, got a 2088 on my first Quadrant run, and seems to be mostly bug free

    I just can’t give up my love for the AOSP Android look

  • Can i use this on my Motorola Milestone 2?

  • Anyone notice that downloading is blisteringly fast on wifi and 3g. I love this MIUI, will be keeping this on my Droid X until I have the money to get a Droid Bionic, and hopefully MIUI will be ported to that device as well. 

    • Drew Dennis

      Assuming dev support is strong enough, I’d imagine nearly every locked Moto phone coming out will get a 2nd init port, and thus ports of MIUI and the like. That is, until Moto patches it.

      • Bob

        would moto be able to patch it? i was under the impression that it was a flaw in the bootloader all together, and something that a software update wouldnt fix. I’m a noob at this stuff, so dont give me a long reason of why i’m wrong and i dont know what im talking about, i’m just a little confused as to what the 2nd init is.

      • Anonymous

        They haven’t been able to get 2nd-int to work with Moto’s GB kernels, so I don’t have high hopes for MIUI or CM on the Bionic, unless Moto releases an unlock like they did for the Atrix.

  • DAMMIT!! I just sold my Droid X in favor of Droid 3.

    • Owlcitybelanova

      that sucks why not BIONIC.

      • Well, I buy phones outright so when Bionic (finally) surfaces, I can sell the droid 3 for about 400. Maybe pay 100 for the Bionic. 

        • I bought my X on retail, never again, its just not worth it imo. 

    • Droid 3?
      It isn’t even 4G.

  • Devincean

    So happy to have this back loved it on my old droid so missed it and so glad to have back in my opinion the best rom evar

  • External speaker not working on D2. Anyone else having this issue?

  • External speaker not working on D2. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Anonymous

    OMFG screw waiting on the gingerbread update for my D2


  • This post may actually push me to root my DX

  • Tanner Matthew49

    Is the software rooted

  • kuboo99

    Its funny how now that the GB kernel is here, all the cool roms use the froyo kernel. But I can’t wait to try this!

  • Nbaryosefi

    do i need to root my droid X i got gingerbread
    and i dont think i can rood my droidX

  • Nbaryosefi

    do i need to root my droid X i got gingerbread
    and i dont think i can rood my droidX

    • Anonymous

      you need to sbf back to froyo then root.

      • Nbaryosefi

        how do i sbf to froyo ??????

  • Anonymous

    I know it looks beautiful, but I just feel so locked in with miui and ios.

  • Anonymous

    I know it looks beautiful, but I just feel so locked in with miui and ios.

    • Anonymous

      ah who cares miui here I come!

  • Ghg

    Do i need to root my Droid X froyo 2.3 
    cus i am not sure if i can root it

  • I put this on my OG droid the other day when you posted it, and at first it was perfect, super snappy and no issues, and now about 5 days later is freezes and force closes all the time… was really excited about it, but now kinda over it

  • MFor

    GTalk video chat!!!

  • I’ll wait till they work more of the bugs out, been waiting for this rom for ages.

    • Drew Dennis

      Not too many bugs here on my end. Actually, I haven’t run into any I can think of. It runs awesomely.

  • Psanders

    they just need to root OTA gb D:

    • Not much reason to since the bootloader version didn’t change. If you make a backup, it isn’t really much hassle to SBF back and flash the pre rooted gingerbread.

  • Mario0x11

    Does this work on droid 2 gobal

    • Adam Elghor

      lol nothing does

      • Mario0x11

        True this really makes me hate that verizon sent me the d2g as a replacement for my d2. -.-

        • Gcforreal

          I feel ya pain I gotta dx2 in place of my original dx… Was already missing gingerbread… Now I see this… I kinda hate my x2 at the moment now……

        • Gcforreal

          I feel ya pain I gotta dx2 in place of my original dx… Was already missing gingerbread… Now I see this… I kinda hate my x2 at the moment now……

  • Anonymous

    I just finished flashing it on my D2… Wow! This is a nice rom. The polish on it is absolutely extraordinary. I’m a little sad that you’re forced into an iOS implementation of app organization (so far as I can tell), but this thing is really incredible. I think I found my new daily driver. 

    • George Boyd85

      did you flash from froyo or gb?

      • Anonymous

        I SBF’d back to Froyo and flashed since I was on the leaked GB before. 

    • guest

      If you download ADW or LauncherPro instead you keep MIUI but change the iphone home screen look

  • Sketch2000

    I’m on SSX, Think I can flash straight from there?


    Nothing for the thunderbolt 🙁

  • LightNfluffy

    Could anyone give me an md5 sum?

  • A bunch of whining little bitches in here…you don’t need to read the article and miui is a very good rom

    • SuckmyWake

      No it’s not. And your a whining bitch for whining about the whining bitches, bitch.

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  • Kianjudah


  • Snapz54

    I can’t remember the last time I was LESS DISAPPOINTED!!! lives up to the hype. MIUI4DX is gorgeous and it will only get better.

  • I don’t get it, what is so special about this?  It looks very i*oneish and just seems dated. I went from Apex to Liberty to CM7 and will never go back.  Does MIUI offer anything new?

    And although it may not be for me, +1 for more choices for the consumers!

    • I prefer this over Apex or Liberty, and this has good battery life and is completely glitch free. Though I’d take CM7 over this, I’ll have to do with MIUI til cvpcs irons out the rest of CM7’s bugs. Yeah, it kinda looks like an i*hone, but slap ADW EX on top, change the theme, and you’re good to go.

      • George Boyd85

        what didn’t you like about liberty? i  just started using it and so far have found no issue to dislike it.. however i’m skeptical of cm7 because of the amount/types of bugs..

        • phrozen087

          If you try something that is truly built on AOSP source like CM7 on the Droid2 you will understand why he can’t go back.  I have a D2 and used Liberty for several months.  To be honest though, I personally think Liberty has a lot more issues than CM7 does on the Droid2 right now.  No matter how you alter or skin it, at its core Liberty is still based on blur and the residue of Motorola is always there creating problems in the background.  Just as a simple example Liberty will drastically slow down over time, I had to set TiBu to reboot the phone every night automatically.  I haven’t rebooted CM7 in over a week.  Also the speed difference between the 2 roms is night and day.  These kinds of things may sound somewhat minor, but I assure you, if you try out CM7 you will understand there is really a huge difference between an altered blur build and an AOSP based build.

          Also, as far as issues, at least on the Droid 2 side there are almost none left anymore.  The only ones I can think of are if you leave wifi on and aren’t using it you get a bit more battery drain then you should, alt lock doesn’t work correctly (but you can just press alt twice to get the same thing) and for usb connection you have to plug/unplug/replug.  From my standpoint these are really minor though, and I have been using CM7 as my daily rom for over 2 weeks now with no noticeable problems or issues.  I personally can get through a whole day using my phone pretty heavily and not worrying too much about battery.

          • Anonymous

            I believe the reboot issue is tied to jrummy changing the sysctl in Liberty. Doing this dramatically increases battery life, I don’t mind having the phone reboot while I’m sleeping. CM7 was getting under 14 hours of battery for me due to the AndroidOS bug. I get 28 on Liberty, I think I’ll stick with that until CM7 is ironed out.

          • The usb has been fixed since like last month, are you not getting them from the CM7 site?

          • Anonymous

            I’m running the latest nightly on my DX and I still have to plug/unplug/replug.

          • Anonymous

            I think its all relative to what you consider bloat or actually useful. I personally like liberty v.9 mainly because of the “customizer”. Being able to go through each system app and pick blur or aosp is awesome. …just my 2¢

    • i run MIUI with launcher pro so i get the launcher i want and a nice aesthetic for the settings screens. Also for some reason its the only ROM that runs decent on my OG Droid no idea why that is though. Its all android and the design cues of IOS, Youre right having a choice is the way!

    • Anonymous

      The Battery life is incredible on this rom it can sit at idle for hours in my pocket and maybe only lose 1% per hour unlike cm7 which looses 15% per hour of idle

  • Forgeeking

    who cares? MIUI is shitty as hell and neither of these phones have 4g

    • Anonymous

      Your comment about the quality of MIUI makes sense, but why does it matter if the phones have 4G or not? That isn’t the standard of relevancy at this point. 

      • No it doesn’t. MIUI is the only decent ROM other than CM7, and until its finished, MIUI is a pretty good option.

    • Yourmom

      a1l the5e kids are jeally cuz they cant haz t3h 4geez lol0l0z

      • Forgeeking

        ur rite lolz, they ar3n7 teh h4x 1yk3 uz, ju57 n00bz wi7h n0 4jeeze lololol!111!!1one!!11eleven!11

  • Villella1717

    Screw the ROMS and fix the bugs with gingerbread

  • Anonymous

    dont get why people like MIUI, its like having an iphone, looks exactly the same, even more than touchwiz

    surprised apple hasnt sued

    • Anonymous

      MIUI is very different. CM7 has some decent themes, but MIUI themes are downright incredible. They are so detailed and thorough in the theming. Also, stock MIUI has a lot of visual flourishes that I absolutely love. Android is an excellent OS but it’s a bit ugly in spots–MIUI keeps all of the great things about Android but puts on a very customizable layer of beautiful paint. 🙂

      There are also a bunch of other features, but so far I’m just lavishing in all the new prettiness on my Droid X. 😀

      • Jesse

        The themes are amazing and the lockscreen customizations are pretty cool. However, I can’t get used to the iPhonesh look. I hate those icons, and the way the system settings are configured. At least w/ TouchWiz you can fix it with a different launcher. It’s nice to see it available in more phones though.

        • You can change the MIUI launcher, just download a new one on the market. lol

    • we like it cause any rom is better than blur.

    • KingJames713

      I know this is a month ago but I would like to input. If you have not tried MIUI you really should. I was shocked at its likeness to the iPhone however I soon found out that I could in fact change just about anything. From the launcher to the icon pack, to the lockscreen and boot animation to the text message interface, homescreen style, app drawer and so on. There are so many other options to be changed. Try it. iCrap has nothing on MIUI.

  • Ewhitak

    Just another thing the tbolt is waiting on

  • Anonymous

    maybe a little heads up…YOU HAVE TO BE ON FROYO (or cm7). don’t bother trying to do this from Motorola Gingerbread. Just dont.

  • eh

    I’ll finally try something new besides CM7 for a change..  woot

  • John

    shit yeah. always nice to have options to try out. anyone comment on the speed of this? as quick as CM7?

    • Drew Dennis

      Speed is satisfactory–not quite CM7 speeds but still good, especially for MIUI. It is very functional and fluid.

  • This safe from any rom or version like 2.2 or 2.3?

    • You have to be on a froyo/froyo based ROM. If you’re on gingerbread you need to sbf to froyo.

      • Kianjudah

        Oh, I see. Thanks.

      • Alright Thank Youuu

      • good post man i appreciate helpful comments like this! ans you too josh good question 😀 i was about to ask the same thing!

        • Anonymous

          Very much agreed even for us rom flashing vets like myself! Thanks guys 🙂

  • This sucks. The damn phone with a locked bootloader got it before the TB. Well, working. We have one but its pretty worthless. 

    • Anonymous

      Yea. So jealous of the DX/D2 users. Wish I could enjoy this on my TB, but the damn RIL. 🙁

      • Adam Elghor

        don’t be jealous of d2 owners I’ve had this phone for over a year and a half (i got it the day it came out) and its just starting to get all the good shit the tb is just starting out…..i hate locked bootloaders they ruin all the fun before 2nd-init you couldn’t find a rom that was more than just a theme and a few tweeks

        • Uh… The Droid 2 has not even been out for a year. How have you had yours for a year and a half?

          • DBK

            lol Good question. He’s probably just trolling.  🙂

      • believe me your not missing anything on having a moto phone.

  • Ryan Ball

    OMG WIN!

  • Guest