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First Look at the Back of the DROID Bionic, It Most Definitely Has a Hump (Updated)

(added high-res pic, click to enlarge)

Thanks to Amazon and Motorola outing accessories well ahead of launch, we may now have the first look at the backside of the DROID Bionic.  There is indeed a hump, but damn are those lines sexy.  We had heard all along that the “Targa” would have similar styling to the DROIDX, yet in a much more refined fashion.  Boy was that tipster spot on.  You can see the camera on there as well which looks to say 8MP, something we’ve known for quite some time.

Four DROID Bionic posts in about an hour – hypebeast.  More on the multimedia dock and car mount, FCC filing with dates, and the new display spot in Verizon stores.

Update:  Many of you are wondering where the battery door is.  I’m just guessing, but will assume that it’ll be like the DROID3 which has one full back cover that can be removed.  The Bionic will have replaceable batteries, something you can see in this new battery dock ([email protected]!):

So, what do you guys think?  Did anyone else just start singing…”My humps, my humps, my humps, my humps…”?

Via:  Amazon

Cheers Tyler and to NCX for the high-res pic!

  • Anonymous

    More cords, one with a female end. I have so many cords already I could crawl under them and use them as a Faraday cage.

  • Bilingua Rgalvez

    ohh yes! most def singing humps!#DroidBionic #verizon 

  • Alexp Freedom

    hooray, more garbage from motorola! Crammed with that hideous sub-par interface, tons of bloatware and encrypted boots, I can hardly wait! I forget, is this one actually dual core or is that still beyond ol’ Sanjay? 

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  • Paul Schroeder

    What’s up with those USB ports?

  • Rondroid

    went to verizon today and played with the droid 3, which will likely have nearly identical blur and has pentile, and I was surprised by both.

    Does PenTile suck? yes, but its not the deal-breaker people in this site would have you believe. And before the droid 3 I downright hated motoblur, but the new 3d animations and blue theme and especially the snappiness (something my og hasn’t had for awhile) makes me like it better than sense.

    If Bionic comes with PenTile, Im still buying it. And if the bootloader locks me onto the same experience the droid3 has, then I’m probably still buying it. (And this is coming from a person that voted “only if it has an unlocked bootloader” on the Bionic poll last week)

  • Eagleeyetruckinginc


    here is yet another pic of  the bionic…. SWEET!!!!!

    • Droiiiiid

      thats not the final version.  that was a concept mockup of the “targa” before it was rebranded as the new droid bionic. so it looks similar but definitely isn’t the droid bionic seen in the dock pictures

  • Isn’t this POS going to have Blur? End of story. Now the Moto Triumph that I got from Virgin Mobile a few days ago, that’s Blurfree and not bad for $300. Its of course got some typical Motorola bugs, like Wifi not staying connected, but at least its pretty stock Android.

  • Anonymous

    Everything Ive seen of this phone just makes it look like a combination between Droid X/X2 and the Droid 2/Droid 3. Nothing groundbreaking looks wise.

  • YAY, I like the , metal sides

  • Pennywise

    Glorious infrared on the dock!

  • And of course the page has been removed now…

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  • “Did anyone else just start singing…”My humps, my humps, my humps, my humps…”?

    No but I did think about Young Frankenstein

    “Perhaps I can help you with that hump.” What hump?”


  • “Did anyone else just start singing…”My humps, my humps, my humps, my humps…”?

    No but I did think about Young Frankenstein

    “Perhaps I can help you with that hump.” What hump?”


  • Jblackwell1014

    The guy named “trollie” is accusing other people of trolling. By the way, what’s it
    like living under a bridge? Those damn billigoats seem to always get away

  • Oh… No… It seems like it has same or similar type speaker as Droid X. Many people complaint about low volume, and location of the speaker. If you put on the desk, it blocks the speaker. If it has same quality, volume as Droid X, I ain’t buying it. 

  • Hmmmm. I’m not sure on this one. 
    I still don’t know if this phone will live up to the fact that it keeps getting pushed back. 
    But hey, maybe that’s Verizon’s plan all along. They’ll shove it down your throat that it IS good, then expect you to buy it and all that once it comes out. 
    Who knows. 

  • You can see the camera on there as well which looks to say 8MP, something we’ve known for quite some time.saf-mobile.com

  • You can see the camera on there as well which looks to say 8MP, something we’ve known for quite some time.

  • Sean

    Amazon took it down!

  • sk102704

    Is that a removable USB storage device in there? Hmmm

    • What is this post… I don’t even

      • sk102704

        In the picture above, that looks to me like it is a removable USB stick.  I don’t know it would have one which is why I asked.  Not that hard.

        • sk102704

          I’m referring to the battery charger by the way, not the dock

          • sk102704

            Nevermind, took a closer look, probably just where its plugged in. but it does look like it can be removed though…

    • Rex_D

      I think it looks only like it can be recessed or exposed by moving it forward or back.  Just my opinion.  Doesn’t look removable, but could be wrong.  I don’t think it matters either way.  It’s a battery charger, not a transfer device.

  • Anonymous

    It takes Motorola three takes to make the “Bionic” right, and it ends up actually the “Droid X3”. Just call it what it is! 100 bucks says this screen sucks like Droid X2. Having said that, I still will look at it! 🙂

    • David_Brent

      I’m afraid I will have to agree with you.  Even if though it has all those killer specs, if the screen is like the DX2 and the Droid3, I’m going to pass because those screens are horrible for gaming…….well horrible to just plain look at. I fired up my OG Droid and noticed that it looked better.  That’s sad.

  • Frstsaxman

    love it! I saw the original droid bionic at CES and after all this waiting Im happy they made the phone look like this. The phone is significantly better looking and has much better spec (if the rumors are too be true). And for those of you who insist on rooting your phone there will be some 3rd party developer who is going to find a way within days of it release anyway.

  • sk102704

    For all you haters, this phone is going to be sick!!! 4G is very important to a lot of people, like me!  10x the speed, hell yeah instead of an aging technology that is being replaced, no brainer. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, but you’ll be sorry!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I love cars that have speedos that go to 1000 mph too. Of all the people that are drooling over 4G nobody has ever said why. Do you really need to watch HD movies on a 4″ screen?? Really??

      Except for the crappy pentile display, most people don’t hate the phone. Its just boring. Dual core has been out for a while and makes little perceptible difference. 4.3″ screens are old – and this one is among the worst. 4G just kills your datacap and your battery.

      The phone could have been special 6 months ago. Not now.

      • sk102704

        Well for one thing I can enjoy the speed on my phone without fear of being killed! This is pretty self explainatory here.  I don’t have a datacap so why would I not want the fastest speeds possible?  I live in an area that is saturated by 4g and I’ll be able to utilize it with the Bionic. 

        • Anonymous

          Agree once you use 4g you will never want to go back to 3g. I mean downloading anything makes it so much quicker and easier. Idk about all of you but I would rather something download in a minute or less than rather have to wait minutes or longer. Just saying there is only so much time in a day so you want to use it to the fullest. Atleast I do anyway.

      • John

        If you’ve never wished your 3G connection was faster, you’re using your phone wrong.  It’s called a smart phone for a reason, so download some big crap man.  

      • Rex_D

        I didn’t really care about 4g either, but I have gotten a 4g phone and I will say that it makes sending pics so much easier and faster.  Listening to Rhapsody in HQ without any buffering pauses is so much nicer.  Having a website and flash content open and play faster is much more enjoyable.  I will never watch a movie on my phone, HD or not… so I agree there…. but as they start making everything much more data intensive, having 4g has made a difference.  Videos recorded on the phone don’t have to be such poor quality to text or email friends.  Pics don’t have to be compressed to such a low quality.  Since so many apps keep adding on more functionality, it helps to have faster data speeds.

    • Rex_D

      10X speed is no guarantee.  I live in 4g area and have yet to get over 5.5mbps download speeds.  And I’m ALWAYS on 4g, not in a spotty area.  I have consistent 4g connection and get 4.5-5.5mbps.  Although I’m sure it will be a good phone, it isn’t going to do anything miraculous.  It will have a FFc and a back camera just like other phones, it will be speedy, like other phones, it will run android, like other phones.  Texting, email, browsing, etc will all be the same.

  • tomNasty

    If this phone has the same screen that the droid3 has it gonna be garbage….i’ll keep my TB

    • David_Brent

      I completely agree.  When Kellex mentioned the ghosting effect in his video review, I went down to Verizon to see for myself.  And sure enough, it was very noticeable in Angry Birds.  Motorola is proving to be a sh!t company by bringing out phones that have part killer specs and part WTF were they thinking specs.  And I was highly considering the Droid 3 even without the 4g.  It would have been better if they kept the same screen tech as the Droid 1.  

      Good job Moto.  Maybe it was their plan to bring out half a$$ shit before the bionic.

  • David Marzluf

    I cant stop looking at the photos 
    this phone is so sexy i am pitching a tent

  • David Marzluf

    I cant stop looking at the photos 
    this phone is so sexy i am pitching a tent

  • I was thinking more along the lines of SexyBack…

  • I was thinking more along the lines of SexyBack…

  • Thisoneisgoingtosuck


  • David Nicklas

    Unlocked bootloader or GTFO

    • David_Brent

      Really??  Being able to put on a custom ROM is that important?

      • Anonymous

        To some they just like to hate on everything. Gladly I am not that big into rooting and what not so the bootloader being locked and getting an update(which sources said will happen around nov) isnt that big of a deal to me. Then again this is why I decide what phone I will get and dont worry what other people say.

  • David Marzluf

    I don’t know about all of you but this is the happiest day in 2011 for me attleast until release.
    This is one sexy phone and I have been waiting forever. I want this phone so bad that reading about it has taken over my life all I want to do is find new things about the bionic. I really hope it performs as good as it looks.
    Finally a phone that is going to kill the iphone or icrap as i call it.

    • Dwizzler1

      You have no life.

      • David Marzluf

        I never claimed to have a life 
        but atleast it will be a better life with the bionic at my side

        • Dwizzler1

          Bad phone is bad.

      • David Marzluf

        icrap looser

  • MikeyBotz

    I don’t know about you guys but i cant wait to see everyone check out my new Droid Bionic’s sweet A$$ as i walk by!!!

  • Dwizzler1

    Simply put, this phone is trash. iphone for life!

    • David Marzluf

      Go to the iphone forum then you looser

      • Dwizzler1

        Need to check on the droid losers every once in awhile. Haters gonna hate.

        • David Marzluf

          lol go away little boy 
          silly iphone user technology is for the droid

          • Dwizzler1

            Continue to sulk on the bionic pages cause it’s not out yet… In comparison the Thunderbolt is a better phone anyways.

          • Anonymous

            Stick to your 4G iphone, trollgirl

        • Anonymous

          ha yeah since IOS5 is a copy straight from android. You are right haters gonna hate because apple hates on everyone thats why they sue because they no longer innovate they just steal from their competition.

  • Gee

    again this thing will be locked up tighter than a virgin a a christen bible revival 

    • Have you ever been to a Christian Camp of any kind? …the freaks are there you just have to have game, bro.

  • lotto

    Is it me or does this phone look REALLY think?

    • lotto

      Thick* sorry

    • Anonymous

      I think it actually looks thinner than most 4g phones on verizon if not all of them.

  • if it has as crappy a camera as the D3, forget it.  I know, a phone isn’t for pictures but it is import, because who wants to carry more then one device around.

    •  Check out the pictures from the Photon 4G.  Much improved than D3.

  • Bgill55

    Bring on the blur. >. <

  • David Marzluf

    I love it I have to have it
    My God that is one sexy phone

  • Need to know

    No Dumb Questions, right?  Ok, here it goes, We are pretty certain this will be a 4G phone.  Does a 4G phone also work on the 3G systems?  I ask, as we probably will not see 4G for at least another year.  thxs for any info.

    • Droiiiiiiid

      yes it works on 3g.  and you can turn off the 4g radio too so if you just use 3g your battery life will be amazing

    • sockid

      Yes 4G can use 3G or 2G etc.

    • It Should Because My Brothers Thunderbolt Is 4g And He Can Switch To 3G.

    • Anonymous

      Rumour has it that you will also have to buy another phone to use with 3G, and then another one for phone calls, and a fourth one for texting. Given Verizon’s greed, that’s not as dumb as it sounds. lol

    • Absolutely, a friend has a Tbolt which is right now on 3G

  • Bigsike

    So I’m confused is it a 4.3 screen or a 4.5 everyone is saying 4.3 now but in looking at the pics you can clearly see it’s a 4.5 compared to the Atrix hmmm

    • Droiiiiiiid

      if youre talking about the pics where its sitting next to the “atrix” on a table, then you should know that its not actually an atrix. its a defy, which is considerably smaller than the atrix, which is why the bionic looks monster.  oh and the display is 4.3

      • Bigsike

        Ah ok thanks for the info! although I have to admit the thing that was pushing me over the edge to to buy the Bionic over holding on to my DX was the 4.5 screen but if that’s not so then I would really have to think about it :/

  • My humps, my humps…..my lovely Bionic lumps?

  • Anonymous

    only advantage with this phone is it’s 4G and 4’3″ in size… it has the same internals as the droid 3 with a ram boost but half of that goes for webtop so it’s all pretty much the same….unless moto has figured out the 4G drain a phone this powerful will need extra batteries and a constant plug every few hours.  it’s a great device since moto did a fantastic job on the droid 3 but whats the point if the battery might keep dying? i got the droid 3 and right now i’m pushing 20hrs off battery with 60% left…next yr or this holiday season when the integrated 4G chipsets start coming out and the power saving really happens is the time to get 4G…. imo.  this is a nice looking device but i preferred the original look it had months ago.

  • that is hot and sexy 



  • Anonymous

    Hey looks it’s the Targa! Lol!  I like this design way better than the original bionic design, which to me looked cheap and plastic-y. Also, while many people theoretically don’t like the aesthetic design w/the hump– in practice it’s actually NOT obtrusive and very functional (allowing your finger to rest on the hump while talking & protecting camera lens). Look up reviews for the original Droid X (engadget) – reviewers didn’t bash it at all. 

    • You’re So Right I Didn’t Even Notice That Until You Mentioned That, So I Just Picked Up My DX2 And Said “Damn This Guy Is Right” Haha Thought I’d Share That.

  • Crap! Now how do I get rid of my Thunderbolt..? Haha

  • Phone Definitely Looks Sweet I’ll Give It That, Almost To Looks Like The DX(2) With The Hump And The D3 Without The Keyboard. Also The Small Speaker Like My DX2 Which I’m Not Really A Big Fan Of Because The Sound Just Doesn’t Portray Good Quality. Obviously A Locked Bootloader Because Moto Loves Doing That. I’m Gonna Guess Because I Haven’t Been Really Paying Attention To This Phone That It’s Gonna Be Released With 2.3.x And The New Blur As The D3. Having 4G And Front Facing Camera Definitely A Plus. So All In All If I Had An Upgrade Available And A Week Or Two Went By And People Really Haven’t Complained I Would Invest In It.

  • Alex W.

    I’m a bit surprised nobody has commented on the 3 USB ports on the back????  What’s that about.

    • Droiiiiiiid

      some webtop related feature maybe? LIke being able to plug the phone into the tv with hdmi, then plug in a keyboard and mouse to the usb ports, allowing the phone to act as a computer on the big screen…in hd.  that would actually be really cool

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and also, the phone looks ugly. Pretty much a darker Droid X. (and it probably won’t look that dark)

    And a camera hump? Come on. 

    So overall, id give it a 6/10.

    Droid 3 would get a 9/10.

    And the Bionic on Sprint (Photon?) would get a 10/10. 

    • Haterr all week you have been hating…. Sorry your poor and cant afford real toys

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. Its the X2 with its crappy pentile screen and LTE.


  • Ryan C

    If Motorola keeps this up with the pentile screens, locked bootloaders, boatware (which i know is partially Verizons fault) , and blur, its sad to say after iv’e had the OG Droid for nearly 2 years now, but im probably not even going to consider their phones anymore. If enough people did the same and basically boycotted their phones that have those things, they would eventually, be almost forced to listen to us if their device they put so much resources and development into made nowhere near target sales. Unfortunately, not enough everyday people know about these things or likely care about the specs enough to make this happen. One day maybe..

  • Anthony Vella

    So whats new about this phone? A new camera and a new inside chip? Still uses the crap Motorola design. Motorola reminds me of Apple, release a new phone ever year and lets call it the biggest invention we have ever released but we actually only added a camera and made our screen nicer. Screw Moto, GS2

    • Dash Speeds

      Holy hell this is the most ironic thing I have yet to read on the internet; pegging Motorola for making devices that look the same and then claiming that the SGSII looks original. 

      Not keeping up with the news much are you?

    • Mario Lo

      Eh it’s the same idea as car design….you don’t get a completely new look each time.  It’s iterations.  If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. But you do get the new goodies.

      Hell, I would love a Galaxy and will get when it comes but you can’t deny this is will be a pretty nasty phone.  It has almost, if not all, the guts everyone has been asking for.

  • Anonymous

    God I thought I was the only one who felt this way. Remember when this blog used to do custom theme Fridays?

    • Yeah That Used To The Sh*t, I Couldn’t Wait For Friday To Come.

  • Finally the end might be near. Now if only verizon would just say Aug 4th is the release date or online orders. Something like that. Is that to much to ask Verizon???

  • Anonymous

    Love how this site got its fame from guides on how to root, rom, and theme. But now it seems like everyone on here is completely okay with Motorola’s encrypted bootloaders. The original Droid literally saved Motorola from bankruptcy, because it was stock android and completely unlocked. These encrypted bootloaders are an INSULT to anyone who purchased the original Droid. Even if you don’t root, its a matter of principle. Android is supposed to be open and free, and that is what has allowed for many of its innovations. I’m taking a stand and not purchasing any device that I can’t truly make my own. It would be like buying a brand new Mustang, and Ford telling you that you’re not allowed to alter anything on your brand new car. By the way, I am not mad at Droid life for promoting this phone, as it is their job and they’re coverage is excellent. Hardware-wise this phone is a dream come true. But Motorola needs to make the hardware, and let google make the software that saved them from going under.

    • We all want the bootloader to be unlocked on this device. Odds are good it will not, but the problem is that this is the only real 2011 spec phone that is coming out for verizon 4G. There is no other phone that we know for sure and not rumors that are coming to verizon 4G. Yes the SGII is coming, but when is the question or even if it will be verizon 4G. You have the moto Dinari (I think that is the name) or the Nexus Prime and like I said when or even on verizon 4G. So that is why this phone is so hyped even with the locked bootloader. Also android has amazing developers who can crack any phone. They got the droid x with CM7 so that should tell you that no matter what moto does with there bootloader we can still crack it!!

      I been saying this for a long time now. Just wait for the phone to come out in stores and try it out. Give it a once over and see if you like it. Then came to a decision on if you want it or not. Maybe the phone will blow you away even with the locked bootloader and like I said with this big of a phone I know for sure the dev department will crack it in no time!!!

      • Anonymous

        That’s like settling for an average looking girl simply because she’s the best looking one out of the group of fatty Helgas she showed up with 😛

        Lol I got nothing but love for my fellow Droid lifers. Have a good Friday you guys

        • Anonymous

          Actually I think it would be more like settling for the hottest girl at the boarding school you are attending for 2 years.  Maybe she is wearing a chastity belt, but there are other ways to have fun and someday that belt could be removed.

          • Arthur2142

            Post of the day, IMO! The Droid Bionic is HOT, and Motorola has said that they intend to make bootloaders unlockable (of course, that is IF carriers allow them to…)

          • bjn714: Can I be your friend/follow you on twitter/circle you

          • Anonymous

            I mostly use it for tech stuff and have only used twitter for a few weeks (avoided it at all costs, but finally gave in as a lot of developers use it).  @brandonjnunn:twitter is me if you want to follow. 

        • OMG

          you made a comparison to SETTLING for an average looking girl that is with a group of fat girls… reallly!!
          Grow the F up. 
          Go get your I*hone…put a glitter case on it… get a sparkly phone dangler on it….sit in front of your computer in your mom’s basement..grab your towelie and look at internet pics of naked women (or men)

          “Lol I got nothing but love for my fellow Droid lifers. Have a good Friday you guys” – towelie420
             after making a disrespectful comment about females…..basing them on appearance

          yes you trolled….and you got one to bite back

          • And we’ve got nothing but love for fellow trolls.

          • Anonymous

            Rage much? Dude what sparked this? My comment was clearly in fun and not trolling. And you made it seem like I’m a chauvinist just because I made a goofy comparison.
            Its quite obvious to me that the worst thing I could do to you is simply allow you to go on living your life. You’re misery ensues every day when you wake up. You’re in a lonely hell, and I feel sorry for you. As I said before, have a happy Friday you all. Don’t hook up with any fat chicks 😛

          • geedee82

            ha! nice

          • David Nicklas

            lol you must be hungry if you’re biting back

        • David Nicklas

          +1 for being attracted to good looking women, and not wanting to date a fatty simply because personality doesn’t give me a hardon like looks do 🙂

          • Trollie

            just because you are attracted to them does not mean you have what it takes to take one home..

            BTW….Towelie said dating the average looking girl…not the fatty…get it right.

            while on topic tell your sister we said hi…I believe her name is Helga

          • David Nicklas

            yo, leave the mothers out of this

    • MikeyBotz

      I second this, This site has become much more mainstream over the last year. Its now the source for all news DROID. I am in no way complaining about this, I love Kellex for giving me the heads up on every new sexy device that’s coming out months before even the people behind the counter in Big Red know about it. It makes me feel cool 😉

    • helloooooMOTOOOO

      I agree with you BUT why complain about something that WE can’t change? I do feel Moto will eventually unlock the bootloaders but until then just enjoy the device “as is” or if a hack comes out enjoy it like that. Either way they are still making well rounded devices that work, so im ok with that. Just my opinion.

    • Gmccrorey

      Actually, I have read that Motorola has had a change of heart in regards to that policy. I wouldn’t be surprised if this device comes unlocked and ready to rock. If not, oh well. HTC makes a fine product as well.

    • KevParlee

      I’m with you on the taking a stand. as a consumer i don’t feel like this is the direction i would like to support a company with my money, and my contract for 2 years. Until they smarten up, i will just have to wait for the next Nexus. Verizon-Moto will smarten up i hope. It’s a step but i believe bloatware is more removeable now

  • Anonymous

    It’s got lovely lady humps.

  • Anonymous

    Hump on the back? 
    So its going to look as bad as the X?

    D3 FTW!

    • what about your mom?/

  • definitely fake

  • my humps, my hump, my sexy droid humps

  • Can’t do it.  After owning a Droid and a Droid X, I can’t buy another Motorola phone.  I also want 4G, so even though I have 2 upgrades available right now, I’m going to wait for the Nexus Prime and switch to whichever carrier gets it first.

    • EC8CH

      I hear VZW will get it first


    • EC8CH

      I hear VZW will get it first


  • laptop docking please

    All I can say is……I can’t wait to see it and what dockability it will have.  If it acts like a computer, its mine for sure!

  • I’d go with 4g LTE though sgs2 definitely seems more appealing. Prays sgs2 is LTE

    • why does it seem more appealing?? its basically the same spec phone as the bionic except it will have 4g and the galaxy wont

  • Scjagfan

    I want it, and i want it now!!!!!

  • EC8CH

    Looks like a nice refinement to Moto’s “Verizon” phone design.  As far as looks go it’s a toss up to me between the Bionic and the GSII.  I’ll be interested to hear how the screen looks and how locked down it will be though.

  • Peter Bartholomul

    does the bionic dock really need 3 usb ports? all it really needs is 1

    • Anonymous

      If this is a webtop dock, then the multiple USB could be to connect interface devices like mouse/kb and possibly more.

  • Hooray!

  • Anonymous

    personally, I am not a fan of the hump back…. still a beast though!

  • Cb3fsu

    wow, a 4g radio must be huge, this thing is going to be 2 or 3 times as thick as the Galaxy S II.  

  • Timmah

    Did anyone else notice that the Moto logo is sideways? Imagine holding the up and down in your and portrait. The Moto logo would be sideways according to that picture lol.

    • Anonymous

      I did not, but it sort of makes sense, maybe?  If you’re holding the phone for a call you or anyone else is likely not to see the logo.  I would imagine it is most visible when in a dock or being held for watching video.  Just a guess, but definitely odd.

      • Timmah

        I just find that weird. What if you are taking a picture portrait wise, and they see a sideways logo, haha.

        • Anonymous

          The funny part is my DX is the same way and I never noticed it.

          • Timmah

            The logo on your DX is not facing up and down in portrait mode? Weird I didn’t notice that haha.

    • sockid

      The logo rotates using the accelerometer depending on which way you’re holding it, portrait, left landscape and right landscape!

      lol, no, but really that might be cool to do, and not that hard either just make it rotateable and weight the bottom part of the logo. That, or it would look really cheap 🙂

      • sockid

        That, and I believe motorola does that on all if not most of their phones..

  • Mario Lo

    I am definitely digging those curves.  I can’t wait to get one.

  • Granted

    This is the absolute, absolute, worst post I’ve ever seen on this site. I can’t wait until your next news worthy article about the box the phone comes in is posted.

    • sockid

      You’re an idiot troll, the worse kind.

  • SlickNick

    Hump + pentile = dealbreaker

    • Anonymous

      I bet that’s what he said to you.

    • Jak_341

      Let’s not forget this is Blur (or whatever they are calling it). And a locked bootloader. This phone is full of fail.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. The pentile screen makes my DX2 look like crap. Never again.

  • It looks like what would happen if the Droid 3 and Droid X had a love child xD

  • Corymcnutt

    I think is one sleek looking phone, and the hump small; besides, now with an extended battery in there it won’t have the hump on the other end…nice and smooth!

  • MichMan98

    Damn those humps Motorola….Damn them! Especially because the hump that houses the cams still produce crappy pics. Motorola has officially lost my interest….I will only consider Samsung and HTC from now on!

    • Anonymous

      you realize the SGS2 also has a hump it’s just on the bottom

  • sockid

    stupidest thing I’ve seen… Bionic is SOO much different than other androids?


    • I wonder if it talks about rooting?

  • Anonymous

    Those USB ports let me know something has been planned that we have not thought of. Keyboard, mouse, and plug this baby into your TV for a living room experience.

  • I like it. its subtle and refined unlike the boring brick that is the iPhail

  • Anonymous

    Just curious here but will this be able to be a true USB host or just have peripherals… because If I remember correctly officially GB doesn’t support being a host but can have certian peripherals(unlike Honeycomb which can be a full USB host)… but I believe some device have been able to be a host… so just wasn’t sure

  • IdontwantTHIS

    I don’t want this phone… it’s ugly, bulky, and will most like be beaten by the sgs2 in every possible way. MOTO you FAILED!

    • Rob Meyer

      4g… something your GS2 will NOT be able to achieve. Youre argument is invalid E.O.D. (End Of Discussion)

      • Jac White

        Is 4G THAT important in a phone though?  Not saying I agree or disagree…..I have yet to recieve 4G in my area (and at this point wonder if we ever will……Verizon must hate Virginia)  but that aside when I am in good 3G coverage pages load fast and I can do whatever I want to do fairly easily……I can also tether and surf the web from a laptop fairly quickly…..I know 4G is a lot faster but in a phone is that really the MOST important thing?

        • Ernest

          For people sitting on their porches in the outback, it probably doesn’t matter much, no —

        • Anonymous

          4G isn’t important at all. 
          Now that I think about it, I download a lot of apps. 

          On 3G, all of them download within a minutes. Why do I need 4G?
          My songs download in less than 40 seconds. Why do I need 4G?

          My movies….well thatd be nice to have 4G…

          But anyway, my point is 4G doesn’t matter. Its VERY overrated and only increases download and upload times.

          Call me when it makes my web speeds 10x faster….

          • Jon

            Well…in Los Angeles area, people are pulling 9 Mbs download speeds on average and up to double that. So certainly at 10x faster speeds. I tried 4G and was impressed, but I didn’t feel like it was a deal breaker. But I tell ya what, it makes it really difficult to buy a non 4G phone when you have the viable option to do so. 

            All the good phones on Verizon are currently not 4G. The Bionic will change that. And it will be hard to pass it up. 

            I would rather grab the Galaxy S II device, but who knows when that will finally make it to Verizon. I remember the Samsung Vibrant came to Verizon quite a bit of time after Tmobile already had it’s Galaxy S device, and I think Sprint got theirs too before Verizon. I just don’t want to wait till November, December to get the Galaxy S II. So I will likely get the Bionic a few days after it’s release. 

          • sk102704

            4g isn’t important at all?!! Good luck with that argument! FAIL

          • Rex_D

            Everything is getting more and more data intensive.  Songs will eventually be in higher quality, movies in higher quality, apps will be more functional if they can be made larger and require more memory, everything gets MORE, not less.  Having 4g has made a significant difference in how fast my messages and emails go through, how fast I browse the net, and how updated and smooth my phone runs.  I don’t have to wait for a text to download the pic, it’s already there.  I don’t have to wait for my email to load new messages, I stream in higher quality modes (youtube, Rhapsody) with no delays for buffering, no pauses, and no skips. I don’t care if my apps are doing more, because they are doing it so much faster that it isn’t slowing down my phone.

        • Verizon loves Virginia or at least the only part of Virginia that counts 🙂

        • 4G is important if you have 4G in your area, which I do.  Looking forward to the Bionic

        • Pennywise

          Wow. Yes “4G” is incredible, and a *must* for me. It’s not just the
          speed you guys, it’s how the technology handle’s packets.  Without
          getting technical, 3G is NOT ‘broadband’ internet. You can ‘game’ on a
          256Kbps down/up broadband connection as long as you have low latency and
          traditional TCP/IP handling.  There just isn’t that much data being transferred
          in gaming. (you need more bandwidth for multiple users, streaming HD
          etc. but not for gaming).’  3G has PLENTY of bandwidth (aka “speed”) at
          1.5Mbps/500Kbps for gaming, but why doesn’t it ‘feel’ like a ‘home broadband
          internet’ connection? Why can’t it replace your home connection? Why can’t you ‘game’ on it? Because
          it handles the traffic in a completely different, and ultimately crippling way.

          ‘4G’ (or LTE) is revolutionary! It is the first time you will have a true,
          broadband internet connection (akin to high-range wi-fi) in the palm of
          your hand.  For $30/month (for tethering) you can truly replace your
          ‘home’ internet connection. LTE will game, stream HD, you name it.  It
          is the first time that a cellular data (internet) connection (cellular modem) will handle
          traffic like home-base modems always have.

          Revolutionary is the best word I have to emphasize how ‘important’ 4G really is.

      • Cb3fsu

        4G is pretty far down on my list of needs for my phone.  I don’t need to watch movies on a 4 inch screen and would rather have features like better battery life and a thinner device than 4G.

        We already have proof the GSII is a living breathing working device, when is the last time Moto came out with something that wasn’t a disappointment, the DX?  Even the DX was kind of a let down with the locked bootloader.

        I don’t see how anyone is giving Moto the benefit of the doubt in thinking this new phone with a bunch of new features is going to function properly based on the BS they pulled with the Xoom and the crappy phones they’ve put out since the OG Droid and DX.

  • Anonymous

    So it has HDMI, 3 USB host(likely) ports, dedicated power connector (pin style), and a button for something wireless.  Probably to sync the remote would be my guess.  Looking good!

    • Yeah, now that I see the photo all blown up…3 USB ports.  nice.  🙂

    • Guest

      wrong.  gingerbread doesn’t support USB host.  only honeycomb does

      • Anonymous

        Gingerbread does not, but as part of the webtop from moto it likely will.

  • Dat As…..wait, never mind. I’m loving the idea of a battery dock, I like to have an extra battery available to me should I need to swap because I don’t have time to charge it, but this also concerns me. Could it mean that Moto is afraid the battery life of the Bionic is not as good as it should be?

  • Anonymous

    Damn, defiantly looking good,

  • I submitted this to the android blogs but it looks like there not going to post it. so I’ll post it here instead.  This is the result of splicing together 14 images i found in the image zoom window on the amazon site.  Here’s the FULL high res pic, and yes its a 8MP AF camera.


    Edit: yay, they posted it, lol enjoy all

  • Philip Van Luke

    not feeling the hype beast on this thank goodness. w 4G Dual Core DX with a crappy screen…. no thanks, still waiting for my super phone. im looking for 4.5 720P Super AMOLED+ on a 4G Dual Core Snapdragon monster (dont forget the FFC please)

  • Cwzrd23

    Why can’t this be like the motorola photon 4g it has no hump a slim design and it has a kickstand

  • That just looks like a poorly photoshopped DX just to have something in the dock.

    • Choppacha01

      that could be….but look closely to the pics on Amazon. Those pics are real. Lil Buddy

  • Anonymous

    Way over-hyped device.
    It’ll be funny when this device ends up being lack luster.

    • Dostovel

      Yea? It’ll be funny, huh? Why? Just because you don’t care or like it? So what, dick.

      • Dostovelisdumb

        I don’t like it either SHOVEL

        • Anonymous

          No one cares peckerhead.

      • Anonymous

        Because of how much DL is promoting this phone for motorola. It would almost seem as if they are getting paid to do this. And yes when it comes out and is a complete fail it’ll be funny because of the latter.

        And ya I don’t like it, just like the droid3 and droidx2. Both were complete bricks of plastic. And the bionic will be the same.

    • lack luster phones like thunderbolt sell really well….

      just being dual-core + LTE, already better than whatever fail devices verizon has.


      • Anonymous

        Very true, but I think the next phone HTC puts out will be the one we’ve all wanted.
        The fact that motorola is behind this phone is enough to turn me off completely.

  • droidlvr

    im getting a hump in my pants thinking about the Bionic.

    • Timmah

      Im worried about you..

  • Tmax224

    kellex you are a funny fellow

  • Kellex i’m sorry i cannot sing my humps with you, since that band stole my uncle’s song from the 80’s.. A song by sexual harrasment called i need a freak.. but other than that im excited..

  • does anyone else scarily notice that if you click on the amazon link and zoom in on the front facing picture, that the little icon that should say “4G” says “3G”? 

    • Hopefully this isn’t like the XOOM and you have to send it in for the 4G upgrade in 4 months. 🙁

      • What is the status icon on 4G phones when they are in a 3G coverage area?  Wouldn’t it show 3G?

  • The Droid Abides

    Can anyone make out what stylized writing under 8MP|AF near the camera sensor says?  Could it be the logo of a high end lens manufacturer?


    • It might just say “HD Video” like the DX… ?

      • The Droid Abides

        True it probably says 1080p HD Video

    • i hope you’re right and it doesnt just say hd video

  • Anonymous

    The ports on the dock make me wonder…  Will this be able to function as a home webtop dock?  Have a keyboard, mouse and monitor (hdmi) connected and just dock it and you now have a webtop desktop pc?

    • Sounds very doable… WiFi for fast net access, bluetooth for fullsize mouse and keyboard, (or will the USB ports allow for peripherals?), audio for your speakers…  what else do you need?  I guess I have no use for my XOOM now…  😛

  • Cody Thompson

    So i have the original HTC Eris. I need an upgrade BADLY haha. Ive been waiting for this phone since feb. As far as im concerned this is the best phone annonced this year. SGII comes a very close second. But im thinking this will get updates faster than the SGII. Judging from the original galaxies. Picking one up on the 4th

    • B Cahill

      Same story bro

  • Cody Thompson

    So i have the original HTC Eris. I need an upgrade BADLY haha. Ive been waiting for this phone since feb. As far as im concerned this is the best phone annonced this year. SGII comes a very close second. But im thinking this will get updates faster than the SGII. Judging from the original galaxies. Picking one up on the 4th

  • Anonymous

    Not singing “my humps.” Bionic got back…

  • Anonymous

    Well I guess I’ll be skipping the bionic. I hated the hump on the X.

  • droidlvr

    Thanks for all the Bionic news Kellex. Hypebeast engaged.

  • Anonymous

    Long live the hypebeast! Welcome back old friend!

  • My memory is foggy on this, but is the Bionic going to have the optional laptop dock like the Atrix?

    • It has Webtop capabilities. So i would guess it would be compatible with the LapDock.

      • VERY cool.  Thank you.  🙂

  • k6 tcher

    I know it has to be the angle it rests in the dock, or possibly the “sloping” bezel around the back, BUT it looks kinda… thick…. with a thicker hump.

    Sir Bionic.

    meh… probably just the strange angle of the pic.

    • Anonymous

      Most likely thicker than the DX/DX2 due to LTE radios, but as long as it’s thinner than the original etna bionic or my TBolt, I’ll be happy.

  • SilverV

    Like most of us here, I have been waiting for the Bionic since I first heard about it.   I was close to getting the Droid X or X2, but my patience hopefully won out here.   Please be August 4th Bionic….

  • Wow…USB ports? What the! I could charge my D1 at the same time!?!?!?!?

  • Anyone want to buy a barely used DroidX/X2 Multimedia Dock and Car Mount?  😉

  • So its gonna be a Droid X on steroids! I’m diggin it.

  • Pass

  • Wunderwaffe

    Wait, Kellex, is there a battery door?

    • Anonymous

      I would guess it’s like the DROID3 – all in one big back piece.

      • Wunderwaffe

        Oh, ell the beast is looking better than ever. Any chance of a TI 4460?

        • Wunderwaffe

          *well. Sorry

  • And remote control??  Sweeeeet.  🙂

  • dplowden88

    Looks like a roided out DroidX

  • Going from the X to the Thunderbolt I can really appreciate the hump in the pocket…pulling it out was so easy (twss) and getting a grip on it and never dropping it was always a plus (twss).  Big humps on the back are the best!….that was too easy…

  • So I see HDMI, and 2 USB ports, plus the audio out jack, and possibly something else?  I’m liking it.

  • The Droid Abides

    Is there a second more subtle hump towards the bottom of the phone?

  • Anonymous

    I can get used to the hump..

  • I love the new Bionic!

  • Goblueboy

    I hate that hump crap! just make it slim or gtfo

    • Anonymous

      I like the hump on it.  It keeps it from laying flat on the table and scratching the camera lens, a la Samsung…

      • Jon

        I didn’t mind the hump on the Droid X. I Agree it lifts the phone up in a way that’s useful. I will gladly deal with a hump if this phone has good battery life. 

    • Droid

      Me too!  Who wants another Droid X design?  Bring back the original design shown at CES.

      • Bionic

        I agree!  The Motorola Photon 4G for Sprint has a better design and a kickstand! This design is so 2010- like the original X.

        • Anonymous

          A kickstand would be nice, but the Photon looks like they cut too many corners.  Literally.

      • that design was bloated, rounded, all plastic. I don’t get why people liked it so much. It was like the ugly phones released after the RAZR. So glad they made it look like the rest of the Droid lineup.

        • Dave

          I agree. I never liked the look of the Etna design. This one is at least distinguishable and sleek looking. 

      • Anonymous

        Other than the hump, which I don’t mind, I think it looks better than the CES prototype.  I think it looked less aggressive with rounded corners and curves and oddly out of proportion.  I think this looks more industrial while still being stylish and fits better with both the Bionic and Droid monikers.

    • Shadowz1218

      Who cares about some stupid humps, this phone is AWESOME!!! =D

      • Tarsis Brito

        The hump makes it look more professional too this design its so nice 🙂 But i would have to say that the photon from motorolla has the best design thus far including all the phones out there even the htc ones. I have to see it in person to compare it

      • It looks like a pretty powerful phone, I just hope it sells better than the other Verizon LTE phones. Pretty shocking that in this past quarter Verizon sold more of the 1 year old iPhone 4 than all LTE devices(phones and modems) combined by a 2 to 1 ratio. I guess that story about the T-Bolt outselling the iPhone was all hype made up my Android bloggers. 

        • Anonymous

          Well duhhh.

          • palomosan

            Actually at the beginning it did but with all the bugs and horrible battery life that the TBolt had a lot of people return their Tbolts, I know a few.

        • geedee82

          That’s because all of the mindless moronic hipsters who bought iphone 4’s think that it IS 4G!

          • Yeah those people are idiots. They are almost as dumb as people who buy Android because it’s “open”.


      • Kensims82

        I loved my DX. I think it was one of, if not, the best phone I ever owned. But that hump never did sit right with me.Especially with a case on it. It really made the design look horrible.

    • Anonymous

      Can you post the Bionic dimensions for us or your personal opinion of how it feels in your so we know how it bothers you?  Unless it is purely an aesthetics thing in which case thanks for sharing.

      • John

        Nothing to do with feel really.. I’ve held flat and humped phones, and the hump usually doesn’t come into play.  It has everything to do with pocketability, where the hump becomes noticeable, and at times, annoying.  Just personal preference.

        • Anonymous

          I agree, personal preference. I have a DX and it doesn’t bother me but I
          can certainly understand why it could bother others. I’m just saying we
          don’t know if it’ll be proportionate to the DX or could be much
          less noticeable. If it’s the latter then maybe they don’t have to get out
          just yet.

    • John

      the hump is stupid.. I don’t understand why they can’t slim these phones down when the GSII and iPhone4 are extremely slim with nice cameras.  If need be, just add a slight curve or protrusion to protect the camera a la Droid1, not an entire stupid hump.  The cameras on motorola phones are no where near high enough quality to require this hump.  If they need the space, they should ditch these crappy cams for something better.

      • Anonymous

        Have you seen this? Or have you just forgotten…


        • John

          so, Droid can’t do thin form factors?  Sounds pretty lame.

          • Rmice127

            Personally, I think that the iPhone 4 form factor is weak. Don’t forget about the antenna issue.

          • John

            True, but in this context, I was using the definition of form factor to detail the shape of the phone only, not the total design.  

            The overall form factor of the iPhone is extremely weak, literally.  they get HULK SMASHED left and right    

      • Beka27

        I prefer a hump with everything else being thin, rather than the phone being equally thick all the way (like the TB).  The TB is too thick IMO.  I have the original DX and I prefer the small hump because it provides a nice, natural finger rest when holding the phone.  You also can’t compare very thin phones (Galaxy II and Iphone4) to this… they don’t have the LTE radio to make space for.

        • John

          Possibly good points, but when ifixit breaks this thing down, I think we may see some wasted space in there.  

  • Source link? I want higher res pictures. lol

    No i didn’t start singing it, I may have hummed it though. 🙂

  • Potterdood

    Nice!!!!! my hump my humps humps!