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Tuesday Poll: Have Your Device Needs Changed At All in the Last Few Months?

It seemed like a dual-core processor in a device was the absolute necessity at the beginning of the year, but now it appears to be moving towards 4G LTE?  Many of you passed on the DROIDX2 and DROID3 simply because they lacked the ability to access Verizon’s new super-speedy network.  The DROID Bionic on the other hand, will finally give us a taste of both of those together, which we are hoping is a sign of things to come from all manufacturers going forward.  But what if we still see phones with single-core processor and 4G radios?  Is there a specific feature that is still clearly number 1 in your book?  Does a phone simply need to be unlocked for you to entertain it?  Is it the screen size?  You tell us.

What feature can you not live without when buying a new phone?

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  • Anonymous

    I require all of them besides the lightweight design (I’d rather have a bigger battery that still looks cool) and the 3D capabilities. I don’t really care. I mean, if the best thing I can get on November 25th that has all this has 3d, then I’m getting something with 3d. But short of that, I don’t care.

  • Johnny

    Wow…..look at all of the fake iPhones

  • jbonics

    “I need 4G LTE because I live on my phone, or just want to complain about new phones because I’m jealous” waaaa…. how about a phone with a solar panel battery cover that can be charged by indoor lighting, and something with new tech not the same 1.2 ghz bozo.

  • Eric V

    i can get 14 hours out of my thunderbolt on medium use but will be getting rid of it for iPhone 5 because of Screen and iTunes. I will Miss Android 

  • Anonymous

    Battery life…

  • Should be multiple options–I have multiple criteria for the features that I can’t live without.  For example, I could live without 4G (but would still very much prefer it), as it hasn’t been yet rolled out in my area.  On the other hand, I absolutely won’t get a new phone without a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, front facing camera–and a VERY strong preference toward an unlocked bootloader, but I don’t mind going the risky routes to achieve root. 

    The lack of any of the above features guarantee that I won’t buy the phone… bonus points if it comes without BLUR 😉

  • Fg2srt4

    I’d say dual core, 4g and 3d would be nice for me. But honestly speaking….
    I have an upgrade available from verizon but i am still happy enough with my OG droid and i really want to wait for an Ice Cream Sandwhich release because i know that if i upgrade now i will just be envious of android 4.0 when it comes out and would rather have waited for a phone running it….maybe we will get a Nexus phone, but probably not

  • Jon

    i pretty much need the samsung galaxy sii

  • Anonymous

    Oh and i chose 4G cuz it’s 100 times better than 3G, anyone that says different probably hasn’t had the experience yet…

  • Anonymous

    I chose 4G, i don’t know why people keep saying the tbolt has bad battery life on 4G.  I have it on all the time with medium use and get at least a day out of it.

  • Yep-ThatWouldBeAwesome

    QWERTY keyboard!

  • Is the operating system or ANY apps optimized for dual core, or is it just an illusion.

    • Knightcrusader

      Well, if the dual core processors support Symmetric Multi-Processing and the Linux kernel used has it compiled in, then you should see at least a small increase in performance as the kernel can give individual processes their own core instead of the same processes sharing a single core.

      Apps don’t need to be multi-core optimized for the system to see increased performance.

      • Its an operating system, i thought the OS needs to be tuned for Multi-Threading for the cores to be utilized properly.

        • Knightcrusader

          The thread management is done in the kernel itself, so as long as the kernel supports multi-cores, then the OS should as well.

          Of course, my college Operating Systems class was a long while ago, so I could be wrong in my current understanding.

          • Ok, thats cool I didnt know that. I just remembered when dual cores came out the big issue was, slim to none supported multi-threading which then causes games and processes to not utilize the core properly. I have the TBolt and love the phone was just wondering how much a difference from a 1.2ghz clocked to a dual core would show on what i do everyday.

          • Knightcrusader

            Yeah, if you want a single app to be able to use more than one core, then it has to be designed to support multiple cores. But, having multiple cores can increase single-threaded apps because that app no longer has to share the same core with other apps and other system processes. That’s how I envision it.

            I got the Thunderbolt too, as well as a GTablet. Both are running CyanogenMod 7 and running stock speed – 1Ghz single core on the TBolt and 1Ghz dual core NVidia Tegra 2 on the GTab. Honestly, I have not seen a single thing the GTab can do better than the TBolt when it comes to performance. I think the whole dual-core thing is a hype at the current stage of development.

  • Dave Kern

    A screen that doesn’t get washed out in the sun. My next phone has gotta be a SAMOLED.

  • napes22

    How do you know you can’t live without 4G LTE if you’ve never had the feature in a phone before?

  • J Dub

    After messing around with the D3, unlocked bootloader got my vote. The D3 could be a great phone, but the bloatware on there is terrible and I don’t care how good they say the new blur is. It sucks. If this came with an unlocked bootloader this would not matter to me. I know the devs out there would make a custom kernel, probably overclocked, and a sweet AOSP version of Android. At which point I would buy the D3. However, I am still waiting for a beast of a device with all the current tech and features to be released with an unlocked bootloader.

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  • Anonymous

    I could easily “live” without any of the listed features. They’re just icing on the cake. Unfortunately they are also making our data plans more expensive. The carriers are using the features as an excuse to tier data. Now you can get an LTE plan but be limited to 2GB? Its like driving a Ferrari in a parking lot. Major fail. No thanks.

    If anything, I do not want to live with data caps.

  • Anonymous

    Almost forgot to mention HDMI support and DLNA.

  • Something Else: CM7

  • Mike

    I forgot to add this.

  • Mike

    I voted for LTE because my lame ass single core Tbolt just can’t cut it.

  • Anonymous

    Tim, how could you have left higher definition screens off that list? Give me super amoled any day and I will happily sacrifice some of this other items.

    If the bionic does not have a fantastic display, I am officially divorcing Moto for Sammy. Sorry guys, the one thing we all use in every one of our phones always is staring us in the face.

  • Anonymous

    The best feature on a phone?  Longevity.  If I’m going to sign into another two year contract to get a phone, I’m going to try and get one that lasts that two years.  My OG Droid is a pretty good example of that.  It’s updated regularly with the latest versions of Android, the hardware is built pretty solid.  Though it is starting to show it’s age.

    So I think a mix of solid hardware under the hood, the ability update the software to newer versions, and the latest connectivity would be a solid bet. Extra fluff, like high end camera, 3d, even a flashy screen rarely seem to make a “great” phone.

  • NFC. It’s the future! And whereas everything else is just a better version of something already out, you either have NFC or you don’t. 

  • I want a stock phone. At the end of the day, any one of us would take a Nexus if it wasn’t up to the carriers.

  • James_Ever

    Once a physical keyboard, always a physical keyboard.

    • Knightcrusader


  • Freygrimrod

    LTE is worthless to me if its not a “World Phone” version of LTE aka hop on AT&T hop over to Europe…. (ok yeah by World meaning Americas and Europe…)

    • Anonymous

      As an avid traveler, I agree in your sentiment. Unfortunately, overseas travel for the “average Joe” on the street is extremely rare making this a non issue.

  • Anonymous

    decent software

  • Anonymous

    Honestly I love the phone I have now. It is the perfect size with its 4 inch screen, fast single core processor, & decent battery life, and no Blur!! I was excited earlier this year about the Bionic, but simply didn’t want to wait. The dinc2 may not be the fastest or flashiest device out, but it just simply works! 4g would be the only thing I would change, but not at the expense of battery life.

  • droidlvr

    What about a high resolution screen? Like amoled?

  • I’d really like a phone with an nfc chip

  • DolphinsSuck

    Am I the only one who thinks its a little ridiculous when people say, ” My new phone MUST be dual core or I won’t get it.” Come on people. It’s a phone. You’re not going to be playing WoW or doing anything too extravagant with it, that’s what computers are for. I understand that people want the best of everything, but I think demanding dual core is a bit absurd.
    /end rant
    Please let me know what your thoughts are

    • boss

      I agree.  Its like people saying they won’t take a brand new corvette because its not as fast as a lambo.  corvette is still a nice car and plenty fast

      • Pete

        In my opinion, driving a vette is more fun than lambo….

    • Knightcrusader

      This is exactly what I was thinking. Running stock Android, my single-core 1Ghz, 512MB RAM Droid 2 was pretty snappy and ran every game and app and video I would throw at it. I don’t understand what people need dual core processors for in a phone.

      Functionality is more important to me. That is why I am drooling for that Samsung Epic clone that is coming out. Hardware keyboard, 4G, and unlocked bootloader is functionality I need, and the specs are on par with my Droid 2. The screen is bit smaller than my Thunderbolt and 1/4GB less RAM, but I don’t think that would deter me away. I only got the TB to lock in unlimited 4G before I found out that it wasn’t necessary.

  • 4G, huh?

    Where are all those HTC Thunderbolt haters at now???

    • Anonymous

      Right here.
      Hows your battery/s?

      • Knightcrusader

        Mine is pretty good! 4G/3G toggle works wonders! 🙂

  • Alan Paone

    lots of RAM, an unlocked bootloader, flawless cell coverage and fauxG. Awhatup ATRIX on Bell?

    • Yup and it’s great, can’t complain.

      Atrix is getting better and better by the day.

  • Jon Tobin

    STOCK ANDROID. I just got a Nexus S, and I can honestly say that I don’t care if the phone is quadruple core and will make me a sandwich, it better have stock Android.

  • Anonymous

    Why is there no choice called All of the Above?

  • Anonymous

    Where’s NFC on the list? Probably doesn’t top 1GB RAM or dual-core, but it’s probably tied at #3 with 4G (don’t currently live in 4G land, but probably will within the next year).

  • Jdevore64

    For me… not a motor phone.

  • Mario Lo


  • Eatmode4life

    Here is my one rant today….

    It is sad to say that this is where apple has it right. Not many people change their needs in a year. Make a fantastic device focus on making android the best it can be. Release timely updates and make it upgradeable through software then you will have a solid phone. Every android device has a laundry list of problems out of the box. Look at the Thunderbolt, charge, droid 3. All hav lacking features that do not dominate the market. Granted some lists are longer than others. Imagine if motorola actually took their time with the bionic. Made blur the best they could. Made the best possible device they can. It would be great.

    Here lies the rub. Apple has the itunes store. That is their moneymaker. Get everyone on one ecosystem then make devices that work only with that. This is the main reason the iphone is so great. The store behind it. No android maker has anything like that. No phone make gets money from the app store. Apple does. They get 30% of everything. While they make money off of the phone, they make even more money from the software behind it.

    While I would love to see htc motorola and samsung develop 1 fantastic phone a year, it cannot happen. There is no money in it. Rather they saturated the market with as many phones as they can to hit as many demographic targets as possible.

    • Anonymous

      The difference isn’t that Apple makes one good phone, it is that they make one phone… period. Flaws and all, take it or leave it.

      Are there some tradeoffs with Android phones? Well, yes… because you have choices and options. The Droid 3 doesn’t have LTE… well neither does the iPhone . But that is OK because Apple says you don’t need 4g yet. Apple has connection problems… but that is OK, because you are just holding it wrong.

      See the difference? It isn’t that the Apple product is so superior that it only needs one device a year… it is just that the minions are OK with what their master has told them is good enough. That is good marketing… not a better device.

      • I agree. When I listened to the announcement regarding the death grip, it sure was obvious that he was calling all the people who complained “morons.” I felt insulted and I do not have an iphone.

        Engineering wise, you cannot deny that the iPhone 4 is not a sexy device. Would I buy one, no too fragile, but sexy nonetheless.While there are options with Android, you have 8 million of them (exaggeration). The lower end phones are complained about because they do not perform well. The higher end are complained about for the screen, lack of 4g or dual core processor. If you knew that HTC was going to release a few little phones (Chacha and such) and have one phone reserved for the cream of the crop, do you think that the Thunderbolt would happen? Most likely not. Granted, then DInc would not have happened either (which I love mine because it is rooted). I just think that if manufacturers put their resources towards putting a great phone out, not a good one then Android would be looked at completely differently and most of the issues with Android phones would not exist.

        I think Android is a better OS that iOS. While iOS is simpler, Android gives you the functionality to make it as complex or as easy as you like. Look at MIUI. Almost an iPhone clone for those who want a “simpler” look, but has the beauty of flexibility. Then you have projects like OMFGB, DasBAMF, LibertyRom, and Cyanogenmod. All great community built ROMs. This is where Android shines. Flexibility and the community.

        However, the manufacturers release crap out like Sense, Blur and TouchWiz (all of which are getting better). People hear that the phones are Android but are messy, incomplete. Therefore, people dont like them. If the manufacturers streamlined their products, then all of those skins would be better along with the hardware. Software updates would be easier and upgrading to a newer version of Android would be a snap. 

        Make a truly open device that has everything. Make it bootable from the SD card for the geeks out there that like to do stuff like that. Allow it to be opened up and take away the warranty. Normal users dont want to root anyway. They want their phone to work out of the box. Not have data issues, 4g issues and random reboots. They dont want to wait for the phone to react.

        As for the marketing, absolutely fantastic. You are right about apple minions. However this also applies to Android minions. It goes both ways. I respect apple and the iphone for what it is: a simple piece of hardware that syncs perfectly with the computer to get movies, pictures and songs, that works out of the box, and something that my mom and grandma can use. However, that is not for me. I want more flexibility.

        What marketing has any phone manufacturer done without the mention of a network? HTC has done a few, but nothing like apple. I have never seen anything by Motorola or Samsung. 

    • vernon

      all i can say is… Nexus S.

      my next phone will either be the next nexus, or a sgs2 with cm7… 

    • Boss

      Then again I have never bought any songs from the itunes store in my life.  It’s called ripping songs from youtube.    

  • Jack Sanchez

    I chose 1 gb of Ram because theres not that many decent dual core phones that are worth buying except for their speed. 4g LTE is still new and not stable enough to be a feature that i need in my phone. the weight isnt that big of a deal to me. if i can lift the phone in one hand it’s fine for me. 8+ mp camera is another good feature but every smart phone already has a decent camera so thats already guranteed. unlocked bootloader isn’t a big deal because even if its locked xda or other hackers will find a way to unlock it. 3d capabilities in my phone will just give me a headache and its still new so i’ll wait a few years before making that my priority. screensize is impotant but without a good amount of ram even a big screen would suck if its slow. 1 gb of ram is the only thing i need for now since most of the other features require alot of ram. but i wouldn’t mind having a phone with all those features in it.

  • AroundTheFur

    I need the geebeez

  • Schoat333

    Definately 4G. Second is battery life. Thats why I went with the Charge.

  • Cheese

    ios hehe

  • Anonymous

    I believe the author of this article should check the grammar in the title.

    • Knightcrusader

      Uh, why? The use of ‘Have’ instead of ‘Has’? Cause that is correct, unless you are talking about another part I am not seeing.

  • Anonymous

    Physical qwerty, y’all

  • SjB

    how is 1gb or RAM not higher than that? dual core is less important than the gig of ram. you could have a 2ghz dual core phone and it’d be useless if you didn’t have the RAM.

  • its pretty simple, 4g, minimun of 8mega pix camera in back, atleast a 1.3+ in the front, 1g of ram and the dual core at a min of 1ghz in each… 

    I found on my droid 3 i have like 120mb free of ram I would like this, would be legit, 2g ram, 12 mega pix in back 5 in the front, 2ghz in each dual/quad core, and a internal battery and a external battery working. The internal should have like the iphone 4 strength  and droid incredible power on the external battery like a normal battery. why two batteries? some times u need more power, and with a beast like this why not. Oh also I would add an attachable mini keyboard via mini usb. with a rechargeable docking station that could charge the phone while in use. This phone would be called the OG DROID in respect to the OG… 

    • Do you even know what increasing the megapixels does?

  • I wish you could pick multiple options. 4G LTE, AND Unlocked Bootloader. Dual core is working its way up there though…  I would have thought PenTile screen would be on this list also… haha moto.

  • Anonymous

    Why choose one when the Bionic has it all?  That’s why I’m getting it.

  • Keyboard.

    LTE would be great, but I finally bit the bullet and picked up a Droid 3 today. Say what you will about the lack of 4G, it’s the nicest piece of hardware I’ve ever had in my hands.

    • Anonymous

      I grabbed a Droid 3 as well, Very nice phone. Im waiting till lte tech matures a bit more before jumping on that bandwagon.

      • James_Ever

        Exactly, same for me is why I got Droid3, must have a physical keyboard.

    • Raven

      Physical keyboard FTW!!!

  • Steve

    I needed some Sense 3.0 goodness on my Bolt….just what the doctor ordered…


  • John

    whyd you put 8mp? should’ve just said “a great camera”. we all know (well most) that MP isn’t the issue nowadays

    • Because some people are stupid enough to think they need an 8 MP camera, most on these comments actually don’t get what you just said

      • John

        good point

  • Anonymous

    Tough choice between LTE and big screen. I can’t imagine going back to a 3.7″ screen. Eeek. 

  • DBK

    It’s a tie between dual core and physical keyboard.

    • Anonymous

      Then you want a D3 🙂

      • DBK

        lol I played with it and may end up getting it.  🙂

  • gamecocksROCK

    The tbolt sits in the middle because its the best!

    • Droiddddd

      if you mean the best a rebooting and dying all the time then yea, it is the best

      • Knightcrusader

        I haven’t had mine die or reboot since I installed Cyanogen a week or so ago. Its been pretty solid.

  • Anonymous

    I voted dual-core, since I hate laggy devices. But where’s the option for “All of the Above”? I’m not using my upgrade on anything less then a dual core phone with 1gb of ram and LTE.

  • Kregstrong

    Stock android phone on vzw is all I want :'(

    • Anonymous

      Xperia Play.

  • gamecocksROCK

    You have too many Badass phones !!!

  • Adrien Hawthorne

    Just give me an unlocked bootloader with 4G lte and at least 1GB of RAM with the latest Android OS and I’ll be happy.

  • j2d2

    Why is dual core so important to so many? The TB is blazingly faster than the OG Droid. The providers need to focus more on LTE speed than dual or quad core phones, what’s the point?

    • Anonymous

      Biggest problems with the Thunderbolt are poor battery life and sense.  It’s also a huge phone and I’m not a fan of sense. Oh yeah and all the rebooting.

  • Anonymous

    Meh went ahead and got a Inc 2 all that other stuff is nice but they’re mainly things you can brag about.

  • DShizzel

    So not fair — I’m like: ALL OF THE ABOVE!  I’M GUMBY, DAMMIT!

  • Anonymous

    I paid $32.67 for a XBOX 360 and my mom got a 17 inch Toshiba laptop for $94.83 being delivered to our house tomorrow by FedEX. I will never again pay expensive retail prices at stores. I even sold a 46 inch HDTV to my boss for $650 and it only cost me $52.78 to get. Here is the website we using to get all this stuff, GrabPenny.com

  • Hurfdurf

    A keyboard, goddammit.

  • Sparking22

    Is there a way to remove the BLOAT from V with out root?

    • Adrien Hawthorne


  • Anonymous

    No “Stock Android” option?

    Yeah, resistance was futile. Sense ain’t too bad. <3 my Tbolt.

    • Adrien Hawthorne

      I’ve got semi-not so stock GB on my Tbolt running CM7, and since they got the data issues ironed out it’s been my daily driver since RC 1.1

  • I want a dual-core machine.  Droid 3 in particular.  Don’t give a crap about 4G yet.

  • Anonymous

    3.5mm headphone jack is a must or else I ain’t havin’ none of it.

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t this standard on all phones?

  • Anonymous

    i just need temp root. as long as i can restore my apps and remove bloat im happy. ive gotten into too much trouble on my DX while im out. sometimes i end up having to go the whole day with no phone because flashing something went wrong. so id be happy with TEMP ROOT

  • Anonymous

    My needs haven’t changed at all. I still need the next new thing. 😛

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t care less if I had 4G.
    Dual core is nice.
    Unlocked bootloader isn’t important but good.

    Nothing else matter to me except at least 512MB of RAM.

    But Id rather a 4inch screen so I voted for oversized screen.

  • Mark Lewis

    Front-facing camera.

  • Meltdown07

    how did physical keyboard not make the options!

  • Meltdown07

    how did physical keyboard not make the options!

  • Tim

    Several of the above. I wont buy a new phone without LTE, dual core CPU & 1gb RAM. Well … I’d actually give up the dual core cpu for a 1.3ghz+ single core if the screen was outstanding enough

  • Jacob

    How is a qwerty keyboard not on the list?

    • Knightcrusader

      That’s what I was wondering. 4G, Unlocked Bootloader, and Sliding Keyboard = my next upgrade.

      Looks like that Samsung Epic clone may be my next phone.

  • Anonymous

    Still being an OG user, lots of RAM is definitely high on my list. However, my next phone will be both 4G and dual-core.

    • Anonymous

      I wish I could “like” comment a hundred times…..

    • Anonymous

      I wish I could “like” comment a hundred times…..

    • The Race To Die

      im with you rodeo, still have my OG and thats the only thing i dont like about it.

  • Connor3485

    Big one for me is device rootability…root on the d2 meant we could bypass the bootloader…so to me its more important than locked bootloader for sure.

  • Justin Schmiesing

    in 2 years, i’ve gone from the droid eris, to the droid, to the droid x, to the sony experia play. and i’ve loved all of them except the eris, but after LTE shows up in this area (in the next few months) i will NOT go for anything less than 4G

  • T Hall

    I put 4g – next would be a great camera, could care less about megapixels.

    It would be nice to have a camera that is good enough to where you don’t have to lug a point and shoot around.

  • How ’bout longer battery life

    • Ozzzy3z

      Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

    • Ozzzy3z

      Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

    • Rich Floresjr

      Haha yep. I voted for LTE but what I really want is quad core and since tabs could have them some time this year I think a phone could by April when my upgrade comes around

    • How about plugging your phone in at night?   Just a suggestion…

      • Anonymous

        Not gonna happen when your phone can’t make it through the day.
        Thats why i’ll stick to 3g phones. 4G is fast but not without any battery left.

        Plus, there aren’t alot of smartphones that make it through the day (from 6am to 6pm) for me when using heavily.
        So far the Droid X on Apex is the only one besides the D3. 

        My Incredible made it about 7/10ths.
        My Droid 2 made it about 9/10ths
        My Thunderbolt made it about 4/10ths when on 4G and 7/10ths on 3G.

        Droid 3 has gotten through a full day and more. 

        • what’s ths?

        • Knightcrusader

          Or get a 4G phone and use the 4G toggle when you need to switch between battery saving 3G and high speed 4G. Having the ability to choose is nice.

        • At first, TB was a battery hog, so I got the 4G/3G toggle mentioned below.

          Since going to http://www.htcexpress.com/ and ordering up some 1700mAh batteries to replace the sad, little 1450mAh stock battery, I have no more need for the 4G toggle.

          4G all day, every day, as it should’ve been from day one.   🙂

          • Awake1563

            batteryboss.org  you do realize that your “1700mah” battery is actually of a 1400 or lower capacity, and will die sooner, right?  hope you got it cheap.

    • Crack Monkey

      I use JuiceDefender. It really helps extend battery life. I agree we need more battery life out of the box but until there are some major breakthroughs either in the size of electronics allowing a bigger battery or new energy technologies providing more power from small packages I’m afraid we’ll be stuck recharging often. And for the guy who said “plug it in at night” apparently you don’t use your phone much during the day. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need to recharge during the day with regular usage.

  • Jim Dandy

    Can’t pick one. I want it all :p

  • Anonymous

    honestly it has to have a super amoled plus or something even better, i cant even look at phones anymore that don’t have em…i am drooling over the colors

  • add the “all” option 😉

  • lotto

    am I gay because I chose Super Lightweight Design?

    • Anonymous

      Only if the phones can’t fit in the pockets of your skinny jeans. 😉

      • gamecocksROCK


    • Anonymous


    • Jack Sanchez

      yea. just a little

  • Bill Guy

    I use the camera for my business. Large screen would be next then 4G. Dual core….I don’t get it

    • Anonymous

      Me niether i dont see the hype about dual core or bust. For me its a good camera, a pretty good processor single or dual core doesnt matter as long as its not one of the 600-800,mhz ones and 4g lte. As long as there is an unlocked bootloader, no need for dual core because you can overclock and install the latest update which are the main advantages of dual core. DROID CHARGE FTW

    • Anonymous

      Me niether i dont see the hype about dual core or bust. For me its a good camera, a pretty good processor single or dual core doesnt matter as long as its not one of the 600-800,mhz ones and 4g lte. As long as there is an unlocked bootloader, no need for dual core because you can overclock and install the latest update which are the main advantages of dual core. DROID CHARGE FTW

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  • Tyrian

    I cannot live without my new phone being called Samsung Galaxy S2.

  • Wish I could select multiple options. I want 4G LTE and an unlocked bootloader or nothing.

    • Anonymous

      That is exactly what all 3 of verizons lte phones are. Well technically not the thunderbolt but it got unlocked a few days after release. The charge came unlocked and so did the lg. But the lg doesnt have a very big community yet but neither did the charge when it came out. Now the charge has arpund 10 roms and 4 kernels. The thunderbolt has more support but the charge has people working on cyanogenmod for it. I had the thundeebolt and switched it out for a charge and i can tell you that they are both great phones but the charges screen and substantially better battery life sold it for me. Havent tried the lg out though but its not a flagship phone so wont be supported as much by the community or verizon. The charge has better graphics and same processor as tbolt but tbolt has better ram. The graphics processor is on par with a tegra 2 in the charge

      • Anonymous

        Hmmmm… the charge does not have a Tegra 2.

        • Anonymous

          He didn’t say it did.  He said the GPU is on par with tegra 2, which might be true.  The SGX540 is an excellent GPU, and the T2 GPU kind of lets that package down.

          • Anonymous

            Ah.. misread that… thanks.

    • Anonymous

      That is exactly what all 3 of verizons lte phones are. Well technically not the thunderbolt but it got unlocked a few days after release. The charge came unlocked and so did the lg. But the lg doesnt have a very big community yet but neither did the charge when it came out. Now the charge has arpund 10 roms and 4 kernels. The thunderbolt has more support but the charge has people working on cyanogenmod for it. I had the thundeebolt and switched it out for a charge and i can tell you that they are both great phones but the charges screen and substantially better battery life sold it for me. Havent tried the lg out though but its not a flagship phone so wont be supported as much by the community or verizon. The charge has better graphics and same processor as tbolt but tbolt has better ram. The graphics processor is on par with a tegra 2 in the charge

  • Oops read that wrong…I thought it said can live without lol chose 3D

  • Rizzidy

    4G or death.

  • Forget the poll. everyone please look at this amazing phone collection!


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    • Sigmundroid

      Holy crap the grammar in that title is atrocious!

      • michael scott

        Hooked on phonics just shed a tear.