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DROID Bionic Will Have Netflix Support at Launch (Updated: Removed From List)


We just wanted to reach out to Netflix and thank them for adding support to the one device we’ve been waiting all of 2011 for.  With it’s enormous 4.3″ screen, dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 4G LTE support, the DROID Bionic will make the perfect device to stream all of your addicting content from.  You just made Verizon’s most anticipated device ever, that much more attractive.  Thank you again, Netflix.

Oh, they added support for the DROID Charge and HTC Thunderbolt as well.  Yay.

Update:  As reader FragDroidX has pointed out, Netflix has now removed the DROID Bionic from the list:

*Note – the Bionic may be the “most anticipated” ever, but the Galaxy S II was just announced for the U.S.…yep.

Cheers JW and Rob!

  • Anonymous

    I just dropped them too. I did want to pay for two accounts and the streaming content is not adequate.

  • Roarman77

    Netflix is tha shit lol

  • Bob

    it needs better movies which they are trying you just need to give them some time but they need to work fast or they are dead

  • Rustedfenders

    I thought the Bionic was going to have a 4.5″ screen? 🙁

  • Dwjr

    While everyone bitches about netflix I want to know about this gig of ram the article says. Every where I read it says the bionic has 512… clarification please.

  • Steelhand

     The latest update from Netflix today fixed things and now able to run on Droid 3

  • Anthony Yanuaria

    SWEET!!! Finally Netflix works on my D-Charge… Now where is my GINGERBREAD?!?!?!?

  • Faaaaaack, it’s gone?

  • Dick


  • Marc

    So… every time something gets posted about the Bionic’s screen it’s different. 4.3 or 4.5? Why so confusing?

  • So you’re confirming a 4.3″ screen and not 4.5″?

    • T Hall

      Remember the old leaks, with the Bionic next to the Defy – I did some calculations, and if that is the final version it is most certainly not 4.5″.  Looks to be 4.3″ to me.  

  • Anonymous

    Netflix just updated in the Market!!!


    NETFLIX was just updated in the market….. wahoooo

  • The_O

    It’s in the Market now but when I try to watch instantly it kicks me back out to my qeue on Thunderbolt.

  • Steelhand

    Does not work on Droid 3, app loads but cannot stream the video, crashes and reboots

  • Because watching full length movies on your 4.3″ screen is sooo fun.

  • Indianafanatic68

    Netflix is disavowing any responsibilty for posting the additionally supported devices added today. They are claiming the app was hacked and are in the process of correcting the situation…

  • Still don’t understand why streaming is not being made for tablets. This are obviously the best devices to watch stuff on?

    • Mwalker267

      i couldnt agree more

  • Still don’t understand why streaming is not being made for tablets. This are obviously the best devices to watch stuff on?

  • Looks like Droid 3 support as well. It wasn’t available in the Market until now.

  • Queball744

    does not work on the thunderbolt get the drm error

  • Anonymous

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    • Abc

      why does this idiot keep posting this crap here?

    • Abc

      why does this idiot keep posting this crap here?

  • Anonymous

    Wow…great news! And definitely reassuring that the Droid Bionic will actually be released! And hopefully weeks before that happens, someone will get a review copy of the Bionic, which the Bionic system dump will undoubtedly be released a bit after!

  • david

    August 4 or we riot


    I can now download the app on my Droid Charge, but it won’t take the sign in. Keeps kicking me back. Any ideas?

  • Joey301

    That’s nice, but I just had to drop streaming Netflix from my plan because of the price increase.

  • Anonymous

    this version works fine on my thunderbolt…should work for you guys too 



      your version is still 1.2 and no it does not work…. Liar…

  • Anonymous

    I think Netflix support has moved over to the “expected feature” list as opposed to the “cool feature” list, especially for a flagship phone going forward.  Its now like getting excited it’ll play Angry Birds or watching a YouTube video.

  • Cory Lykins

    Spoke too soon. Getting DRM license error messages when trying to load the actual stream. Seems like there needs to be something else to get it to work on the Thunderbolt (stock). Confirmed this with about 10 other users.

    • there waiting to upload the new version should be up any minute…as people posted it still has version 1.2.2 up when it is suppose to be version 1.3

  • It doesn’t seem to be working on the Droid 3.
    Anyone else having problems?

  • Kalric

    “Oh, they added support for the DROID Charge and HTC Thunderbolt as well.”

    They did?   Apparently they forgot to flip the switch for the Droid Charge because it’s not working.   Guess you need to check these things out before posting and getting peoples hopes up.  🙁


    • maybe you should read because the market says version 1.2.2 while the whats new said its version 1.3 so they probably didnt upload the app yet…dont be rude

      • Kalric

        I’m not being rude, it’s listed in the article but isn’t working.   I called Netflix to see what the deal was and they stated the App was released, but isn’t working “yet” because they’re still tweaking it for most of the phones on the list.

        All I was saying (or meant to say) is that whoever posted the article jumped the gun on saying it’s “supported”, but didn’t mention that it isn’t working as of the post.   No where in the post does it mention 1.2.2 or 1.3 as the working version.

        And BTW, according to the rep at Netflix there won’t be another version released…they just haven’t turned the feature on to allow the devices in the list.   He said it would be done either today or tomorrow, but the application is available for download now in the Market.


  • Anonymous

    They obviously launched too soon. My guess is they will fix it withiin a few days. Even though they increased and split out their pricing, it is still one of the best streaming options currently (almost) available to most android phones.

    I can’t even get crackle on the Dinc2… Just that crappy tv.com nonsense. 

  • Mordechai Daniel

    Works perfectly on my Galaxy S II… so the list is wrong.

  • Jeremy1971

    Well, at least the device being supported is a start. Still doesnt support streaming video yet though. Honestly, i wasnt expecting it to be ready yet, and was interested in finding out when it was going to be… It’s easier now that i have the app installed, cuz i will get a notification to update instead of having to check the market every day.

    Bummed it doesnt work (Droid 2 Global – Stock), but would rather watch it on my PC or TV right now anyway.

  • Keyan Riddick

    I thought the Bionic had  4.5″ screen?

  • hfoster52

    Works on the D2G!! Finally!!!

  • Anonymous

    works great in my Dinc.  no need to get major wood over the Bionic support.   poor folks that will get the tiered plan can only use WiFI anyway unless they don’t mind spending $$$$.  basically a big WHOOP on this one.

  • I downloaded it on my Droid 3, but thats about it. It ends up with a green mess when the movie starts, then my phone reboots.

    • Same here, first time I opened the Netflix app it actually caused my D3 to reboot. Ah well, 3rd android device and Netflix device and Netflix hasn’t ran on any of them. 
      Good thing there’s Playon.

  • Anonymous

    Also, looks like the actual version that got installed is 1.2.2 which doesn’t have the support for the listed devices.  The updated version should be 1.3, so until this gets fixed, most of these new devices probably won’t work.

  • Matthewpsingley

    Not working on my Thunderbolt – Tries to play then goes back to Netflix screen.  Anyone getting it to work on their TB?

    • the app has yet to be update by netflix to support the thunderbolt or charge. the app is still version 1.2.2 and the thunderbolt only supports 1.3 

  • Anonymous

    Installed and logged in just fine on my DInc2, but when attempting playback, it’s all just white.

  • Max

    still dont get why they cant put it on every phone they keep coming up with bs and i know i can put it on my rooted phone so why cant it be official

  • Smtxom

    Still no Netflix love on Thunderbolt. Issue with DRM

    • the market app hasnt been updated to version 1.3, which supports the thunderbolt and charge. it is currently at version 1.2.2

    • Anonymous

      works fine on my tbolt http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23555631/netflix-updated-6-15-11.apk