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Verizon Introducing 4G LTE microSIM Cards With Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, We Have All the Details Here

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will launch on Verizon in the coming weeks as the first of their 4G LTE devices to use microSIM (3FF) cards.  As far as VZW is concerned, there are no differences between regular (2FF) and microSIM cards aside from the size that they will take up in a device.  So as we start to see ultra-thin or small devices like the Gtab 10.1, we’ll continue to see microSIMs used throughout 2011 which has been dubbed a “transition period.”  Starting at the beginning of 2012 though, every new 4G LTE on Big Red’s network will rock out with one of the little guys.

And to those of us with a Thunderbolt, Charge or Revolution – we’ll be stuck with the regular (2FF) cards forever, which isn’t a big deal.  Just know that while a microSIM may fit in your Tbolt, it won’t function at all.  So don’t let anyone try to insert one into your device.

Oh, and we should probably point out that the i*hone 4 uses microSIM already…

(No, that doesn’t mean it can have 4G with a VZW microSIM.)

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  • This is not true. I got the Stratosphere – the slider mentioned here – and it has a MicroSIM slot. I bought a plastic adapter for the card and was able to use it in the Thunderbolt. So the MicroSIM cards DO work in the Thunderbolt, and most likely the Charge, Revolution, and Bionic too.

  • i had the situation with microsim a year ago with my iPhone. in order to swap the microsim to regular devices i bought a microsim-adapter from this people – http://www.microsim-shop.com – the adapter works fine and seems to be unbreakable.

  • Nyghtwolf

    Please VZW don’t start acting like your retarded sibling, AT&T! Get 4G out to more areas first, make this your #1 goal before you start making micro sim 4g cards! Look at some of the areas that have 4g now…do some of the most remote areas even have more than 20K people and out of those how many are VZW clients?

    Get the network working over a broader scope first and then work on what I would call convenience issues.

    Poor VA is just being skipped all over, oh I forgot…you did hook Bristol Va up, a city with about 20k pop, so my question is who is it in VZW’s pool of employees is making these decisions as to where they will upgrade next?

    What about Hampton Roads, an area that I know has a very large cache of customers and after 4g proves itself will probably grow by taking customers away from the competition en masse.

    Norfolk, Va. Bch, Hampton and Newport News are all viable areas that can handle 4g but instead we hear all the fanfare from placing 4g in an area that is smaller than a lil ol valley town.

    I don’t know VZW, but I do know IT’S NOT A GOOD LOOK.

    • Anthony Burgess

      i live near exit 247 on Rte 64 east newport news and I have 4g Lte started todayhttp://img.photobucket.com/alb…

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  • Trdracer21

    i love my galaxy tab 10.1 i just got the bluetooth keyboard for it from logitech and this is a great keyboard with a great stand!!!! love it!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It would be so awesome if I could pop one of these cards into my Dinc2 and have 4G!  Please make it so!!!

  • aDroidman

    about the iphone using the microsim…. there hinting that the next iphone on VZW may/should be 4GLTE using this chip

    • DBK

      lol The i*hone 6, coming out sometime next year, possibly.

  • Anonymous

    Probably will have an  adapter something like http://microsim-shop.com/

  • Anonymous

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  • Aj

    If that’s true, Verizon should have started with microSIMs in the first place.

  • Can’t you always mod your SIM or get a micro SIM and an adapter of some sort? Bleh. I hate these changes. 

  • Anonymous

    I would not be surprised if they come out with an adapter

  • Anonymous

    I would not be surprised if they come out with an adapter

  • Alex

    Hopefully the SGS 2 slider will have a microSIM.

    • Jake Bailey

      Hopefully the SGS2 Slider isn’t a slider and has LTE.

    • Tom

      Really hoping for a slider with specs not from last year.

      • Tal

        Me too. People who talk down about physical keyboards just don’t know how to fully use their device. It provides more than just typing text.

  • DBK

    lol Poor i*hone, always getting the short, pointy end of the stick  🙂

  • Anonymous

    Oh thank God! Bring on the MicroSIMs! I’m so sick and tired of my normal-sized SIM card. It’s just too damn big! I mean, it’s almost as big as my pinky toe! That’s outrageous! In a few weeks we’ll all ask ourselves how we ever lived with such giant monstrosities!


  • Does that mean droid bionic could be coming late july?

    • Anonymous

      How does this have anything to do with the bionic? I mean come on people we all know people want it but do you really need to post something like this on an article that has nothing to do with the bionic? smh

    • Anonymous

      How does this have anything to do with the bionic? I mean come on people we all know people want it but do you really need to post something like this on an article that has nothing to do with the bionic? smh

  • You know what this means, right? This means that any new phone that comes to Verizon can be packed with this new microSIM. This could mean that the Galaxy S2 variant from Verizon can have an LTE radio. If this new phone comes packed with that ability, consider me the first one in line.

    • Anonymous

      I dont think a micro slot is going to make it that much smaller I mean maybe a little but its not like it is going to open a lot of space inside the phones.

  • micro this micro that.. whats next everyone is going to have a micro dick?

    • Anonymous

      um… my guess would be nano (device that is not dick)

    • Nev elo Stone

      what makes you think about microdicks?

  • Anonymous

    So say I pick up a new phone off contract at the end of the year and it has the new microSIM cards as opposed to the SIM in my Thunderbolt, I assume I would have to get a microSIM activated from Verizon. That wouldn’t alter my plan in anyway right? Referring to my unlimited data to be exact.

    • Anonymous

      This is what I am wondering too. I don’t really see the point of this other than further complicating things with more incompatibility.

    • Anonymous

      In Europe (and Japan, and even Russia) you can exchange your UICC (USIM) card for free.

      However, the only two devices available in Europe that are using MicroSIMs are so far iPhone and iPad, as far as I know. All other manufacturers use the normal MiniSIM form factor.

      A lot of European carriers sell their SIMs in ‘versatile’ packages; you can choose the form factor you need yourself.

      MicroSIMs are 15x12mm in size, and 0.76mm thick.

  • I’ve never seen a MicroSIM card before, but would it be safe to assume there going to be as small as a MicroSd card? 

  • BIg Red

    first jk… lol

    • pezjono

      orly? dont look like teh jks to meh!