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Verizon Makes “Usage Based” Data Plans Officially Official Through Facebook (Updated)

And it’s official.  Verizon’s “usage based” data plans have been announced through the company’s Facebook page and confirm everything we’ve been telling you for weeks now.  The positive spin of everyone now having “MORE options” is pretty comical, but they did mention the fact that current smartphone customers will not be impacted.  I know that some VZW reps were telling people that those “rumors” were untrue, but we wouldn’t have been so adamant about them if we didn’t have multiple trusted sources telling us the same thing over and over again.

Update:  Tiered plans are now live on Verizon’s site.  Looks like they are allowing you to bundle tiers and tethering together (which we sort of figured they would do) (Cheers Anthony!):

Again, new lines and new customers that are activated tomorrow will be affected and the rest of you will all still be unlimited and happy.  For now that is.     

Cheers Gustafson and Edward!

  • Katiebirkbeck

    if i switched to my dads old blackberry, (i have the env touch) would i be considered as a current smartphone consumer???? i dont want to make my dad pay more when i can get the unlimited date plan because i was planning on upgrading my phone when the iphone 5 comes out

  • Exactly why I’m with T-Mobile now after VZW for 10 years. A month before the merger goes through I’m going to re-up for a 2 year contract. I am so sick of these telecommunications companies. Does VZW really think that they are giving us “more options” by making 2GB the “cheapest” at $30 a month? This is insane. Screw you VZW!!

  • Chidoro

    I love the “more option’s” point as if it’s some kind of claim all customers should be excited about.

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  • Anonymous

    There is seriously no upside for consumers with these tiered plans. No cheaper plans, nothing. At least at&t made the token gesture of giving everyone a lower priced option. 

    This won’t affect me and I’m still leaving Verizon when my contract ends.  They have just become a carrier I don’t want to be on.  Knowing my luck though the day I leave will be the day they announce LTE in my area…

  • Anonymous

    So no tiered family data plans 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Think I’ll be able to keep my $15 for 150 mb when I renew in a year? Even though it should be $15 for 1 gb but I’m never off of wifi so I use nothing.

    /me ponders.

  • Willdoitlive

    So maybe this has been addressed already so what about in 2 years are they gonna pull the whole oh sir that plan does not exist any more and to upgrade you need our streamlined data plan. From now on are we going to have buy our phones outright to keep the old plan?

  • Anonymous

    Verizon news moto.

    Pay more. Get less!

  • Has it been officially released that you can upgrade from 3g unlimited to 4g unlimited with a new phone in the next few months?

    • Anonymous


  • Glad I was granfathered.  Racking up huge data downloads after switching to 4G

  • Nic Paolini

    What do you think of the following reasoning I received from an in-store rep? I’m paraphrasing, but this is how I understood it: Tiered plans will encourage customers to monitor their data usage, so that they won’t splurge and just use data needlessly. This way, customers who need to use data more, and pay for it (of course), will not be slowed down as much.

    I’m not saying it’s perfect, and obviously it screws over new customers, but as a current customer, it got me thinking. What are your thoughts?

    • Its logicalfrom a business view but as a consumer this sucks…..

    • Its logicalfrom a business view but as a consumer this sucks…..

  • Erick

    This is a big fat FAIL on Verizon’s part…
    I know I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on whether or not I need to switch to another company. Sad too since I’ve been a customer of theirs since 1998.

  • Hey Verizon streamlining means you make it simplier, it doesn’t get much more simple than unlimited.  Yes there will be MORE options, too bad they all benefit you and none of them actually benefit the customer.  How about a plan that is less than $30 for people who use less than 2GB.  At least they are leaving current customers alone, had to do something right I guess. 

    • That’s what I’m talking about I would probably be set with 1. 1.5 for under 30

    • Inkster09


  • Anonymous

    Now that it is “official” can we stop hearing about it? It’s your site, but…If anyone who reads this site doesn’t know about this, that’s their fault 😛

    This is borderlining on *phone news on engadget…. hehe 😉

  • will there be a family data share plan?

  • Anonymous

    I guess Verizon is spinning the saying of “Less is more”

    • Anonymous

      they might as well be a toilet paper company

  • Guest

    Classic Verizon…I once had fios TV and they sent me a letter stating to better serve me they are going to take channels away from my TV line-up. Nothing new from Verizon to take away from the customer and try to make it sound good.

  • Business 101:  Why your company should not have a Facebook page with commenting enabled.

    • Inkster09

      Lol alot of comedians today funny

  • TTA1326

    What if all the lines on my contract are not Smart Phones?  I have an unlimited data plan, but my wife does not.

    • Anonymous

      aafter tomorrow those lines won’t be able to get unlimited.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, if it allows me to share my usage with my family for one price, I’m all for this. $50 for 5GB is less than $60 for unlimited on 2 devices, where we rarely go over 4GB together (and never over 5GB). For people who use even less data (read: iphone users), this is even better.

  • )v(urphy

    I can’t imagine that post getting any likes,

  • Its funny how they try to make it sound like a good thing.

    • Flashfist22

      No matter what they try and make sound like, most of us will only hear “tiered data” and 30 for 2gb. I smoke through 2gb with ease. They couldve at least made their monthly plans cheaper to offset the data

  • Carbja23

    What if switched from BB to Android?

  • Guest

    Moer options, Please. Yes there are more but more isn’t always better. Nice since were in a recession that that made the plans cheaper *sarcasim*

  • Anonymous


    Wow! Who writes this junk?

    • EC8CH

      Keep polishing that tierd data turd VZW facebook department till it shines!

      • Inkster09

        ALL u guys making very valid points.

    • TheAndroid1

      It’s annoying how they make this seem like it will be good for users.

    • Anonymous

      i thought the exact same thing i dont know how users will be able to use 6gb at their slow 3g speeds lol

  • Flashfist22

    Will this affect users that are looking to upgrade their phones? Ex: My wife is looking to upgrade from the LG Dare (don’t ask) and I want her to get the best device she can get and I want her to get unlimited data. She’s currently under my account as another line. Will she be able to get unlimited data if she were to get a smartphone tomorrow?

    • they didn’t have the balls to do it on their site apparently 

      • Well they technically aren’t their plans yet. But tomorrow morning there will be a press release.

    • 0mie

      Nope, you HAVE to order the device today…tomorrow you’ll pay $30 for 2GB data

      • Flashfist22

        Man this is lame. Who the freak decided that tiered data plans were a good idea?

        • Anonymous

          0mie is right – you have to do it today.

          • Flashfist22

            Thanks guys. I know what I got to do then.

          •  Just order a free smartphone phone. Then return it within 14 days and get a phone you want.

          • Restocking fee is $35

          • Anonymous

            Better than paying $30 for less than what you would get for the same $30 today.

        • Anonymous

          Verizon. They want money, and they’ll get it.
          It won’t affect me, so whatever. As long as they get better phones, I am fine with VZ. 

    • Anonymous

      If she doesn’t have unlimited data now, then no, tomorrow she can’t. Do it today.

    • Anonymous

      Go in and buy a phone NOW!!! It has to be activated tonight and buying one online to ship to you won’t work.

      • Guest

        Not sure about that…If you sign-up online then you lock in your contract that day.

        • Anonymous

          No usually it is a day or two befoe contract gets locked in