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DROIDX2 Sees First Custom Recovery, Now We Wait for ROMs

Yes, the DROIDX2 still has a locked bootloader that will likely never be cracked unless something magical happens, like say a dev build leaks out (just like with the Atrix) or Motorola decides to become customer-friendly.  Until then though, we’ll all be forced to find work-arounds which appear to be well under way as of yesterday.  RootzWiki member ericerk managed to force a custom recovery onto the device, making ROMs seem oh so close.

There are no instructions to get this going on your on DX2, nor do we know if they’ll find a similar loophole (2nd-init) for ROMs like they did on the original DX, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.  Now if only we could get some devs to start really cranking away on this thing, the DX2 world might turn out to be grand after all.

Via:  RootzWiki

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  • Manicfof

    Can you people stop bitching about locked bootloaders already..  GEEZZZ.. its getting old. we get it.. Moto has locked phones. MOVE ON!!. 

    • someones just angry cuz they never owned a D1…

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  • Just in time for me to ditch this for the Droid 3!

  • CM7 PLZ!!!! Asurion screwed us all… lol

  • Rayman411vm

    Locked bootloader= no custom kernels; no thanks to anything moto

    • Actually, they found a way to side-load custom kernels, so even that point is moot now.

      • Rayman411vm


      • Anonymous

        Even if they did, it took a year for the X. I won’t buy a new phone knowing it will take that long to do something it should do out of the gate. And that other phones do.

        Makes your point moot.

  • Scottholstein Sh

    I wish the bootloader were unlocked and the screen was the quality of some of the galaxy s series phones, but I must say this device is tremendous. I believe it is the most overlooked device that is out there right now. It is unbelievably quick. As a former rooted OG user with CM7, I am completely satisfied. Even the stock Blur is quite good. Really an overlooked and underated device.

    • Lfkiter

      I agree Scottholstein, lot of haters for the x2, i won’t have 4g in my area for a year or two, and I didn’t want a hardware keyboard, so I got an x2 and I love it, great phone.

      • Anonymous

        There should be no reason to hate a DX2. Seems to be a fine phone. Locked bootloaders and such only matter to those that it matters… lol  If you don’t care about stuff like that this would be a great phone!

        Moto does make a good phone!I am sure they will get some roms on this thing soon enough to play with. 

  • Toky_neg

    Why a mirrored image??? 

    • RW-1

      Because a lot of these posters while knowing the phones, don’t know how to use a camera.

      • EricErK

        Cuz i was on a mac, don’t be mean

  • PyroHoltz

    Let’s all hope the D3 doesn’t have a locked boot loader. Although, I’m not so naive to actually think Moto will allow it.

  • PyroHoltz

    Let’s all hope the D3 doesn’t have a locked boot loader. Although, I’m not so naive to actually think Moto will allow it.

  • Anonymous

    Not yet back to stateside but went ahead and locked in an unlimited and still waiting for the Bionic.

  • Mr.Joe

    So then why are people bitching about locked bootloaders?

    All these moto phones (X, X2, etc.) all have this OMG naught bootloader.  YET there are ROMs out for it.  SO if you can still install your precious ROMs on it why the bloody funk are you bitching about the bootloader being locked?

    • Up until 2nd-init was implemented a few weeks ago, yes, we could install ROMs, but they were all based on Motorola’s framework, not compiled from AOSP. And even with 2nd init, we still have to use Motorola’s kernel, and can not flash our own custom ones.

      So…there is a great deal of potential being locked away along with that bootloader.

    • Exactly. Now with the work arounds even AOSP ROMs are able to be done on Moto devices. I guess people just complain because of all the hoops we have to jump through.

      • Anonymous

        The X has been out for about a year now. The 2nd init has just been figured out and still cant run custom kernels. On the D1 that was UNLOCKED you could install custom everything from day 1. That is what people miss and what every Moto phone since the D1 has denied us.

        The DX still can’t do what the old D1 can. It’s not a matter of complaining about jumping through hoops. It’s that the hoops still can’t be jumped through.

        Yes at least the roms give something to play with. But they will never reach their full potential. 

        You need to go back and do some reading to understand why people care about bootloaders…. it’s not as simple as just saying you can run some simple roms.

        • I know exactly why people care about bootloaders. I had a D1 and now a Thunderbolt so I know exactly what an unlocked bootloader entails. Custom kernels are great. While I realize that locked phones are limited in their ROMs, it’s better than nothing. I didn’t mean to sound like I don’t want Moto to unlock their bootloaders because I definitely do.

          • chmcclellan

            I think its probably your comment that “I guess people just complain because of all the hoops we have to jump through” that made it seem as though you didn’t understand the difference.

            I for one would not buy a phone without an unlocked bootloader because I can’t afford to upgrade more frequently than my plan allows and kernel tweaks have proved to be one of the keys to future proofing my og droid.

          • RaptorOO7

            Custom ROM’s are great, custom kernels are as well, until some newbie fries their phone because they don’t know what they are doing.  Bootloaders are the safeguard against warranty claims that the mfg should NOT have to eat.

            That said I have rooted every phone I have had in the Android world over the last year and I have learned with each one what is and is not safe to do.  I have been fortunate and patient to let the Zen Masters of the droid world to make it safe and make it great.

            I do hope that Moto does allow the bootloaders to be unlocked going forward and including the Droid 3 & Droid Bionic, if they don’t they will continue to see the enthusiast market go elsewhere.

          • Anonymous

            Cool, then you get what we mean. We are happy that we at least have some ability to customize. But coming from the D1 we are upset with what they took away. They made it so difficult and upset so many when they could have continued to ride the happy wave from the D1. I loved my D1 so much that I would have never left Moto if they hadn’t done what they did.

            HTC never locked their phones until their first attempt with the T-Bolt and then Incredible 2. But at least they have officially stated they will no longer lock their phones. Moto keeps playing this game that they will leave it up to the carrier. Seems like nonsense when other phone manufacturers can seem to not lock their phones.

        • yeah its annoying that bootloaders are locked, know what else is annoying? bitching about it on every freakin moto post on this site

          • Anonymous

            I agree and look forward to the day when I can stop “bitching”. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      You didn’t have a D1 did you? When you have a locked bootloader you can’t run custom kernels. And it takes a long time to slowly churn out the limited roms that can be made. But for those that don’t know what they are missing it’s fine.

      I LOVED my D1, then moved to D2, then X. Only those that had the D1 understand why we were so disappointed with the D2 and DX. 

      I have owned my last Moto phone until they actually unlock them again. Of course there are plenty of people like you that don’t care or know the difference….and that’s fine. If you are happy with whatever phone you own…. that is all that matters.

    • J Ridd

      C’mon man. It is a custom ROM, but it is still built off the Moto build (bits and pieces), not straight from source like we could on the OG Droid. The guys at CM7 have done their best at a work around, but it is still not the “complete” AOSP that we all hope for. 

    • J Ridd

      C’mon man. It is a custom ROM, but it is still built off the Moto build (bits and pieces), not straight from source like we could on the OG Droid. The guys at CM7 have done their best at a work around, but it is still not the “complete” AOSP that we all hope for. 

      • Anonymous

        These kids just don’t get it!

    • RW-1

      Because it is just a workaround, not a true full AOSP ROM with the latest code.

      But the big issue is:

      You can you install your own kernel of choice that might run faster, but more importantly, you could install a lower voltage kernel, which not only runs faster, but with less toll on the batt, and less heat gerenated by the device.

    • Maybe someday Moto will realize we’re getting ROMs onto the devices anyway, so they shouldn’t bother with the locked bootloader. That’d be the day.

  • Anonymous