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DROID3 Dummy Units Start Arriving in Stores

The DROID3 is on the way, my friends.  Dummy units have started to arrive in stores to meet the July 7 and 14 dates we first reported to you last week.  You probably won’t be able to get your hands on them just yet, but don’t worry, Thursday is just around the corner.  And we’re expecting a Verizon announcement of the device at any time now.

Via:  Twitter

  • Hello,this a very nice set of dummy i like this so much.It is clear my all doubts.Now i purchase this set as soon as possible.Thanks for the information.Keep it up.

  • Justin

     i like turtles

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  • it’s dumby dummy pretty monkey

  • ever since I gave back my Atrix n left ATT’s awful network..I cant buy another moto phone with awful crapblur!

  • RW-1

    It was nice when first announced, it was even better when we first saw it’s PKB images, but alas, while 3G/4G is not a breaker for me because I don’t fall into that marketing plan of faster is better, there are other troubling issues with it that make it a pass.

    Jha knows what they are.

    The bionic will be the phone that either continues the tradition (that the OG did) in saving moto’s a$$, or they will go down the mobile toilet. (I hate to say it but it appears, unless proof is given as I’ve indicated before, that it is the latter).

  • Djstar2k2

    nope ill pass and see whats out when oct. roll around and my contract up. why? cuz it seems to me that the things that made android so anti icrap are slowly disappearing like stock and keyboard. is it me or you cant get a high end android with all the specs and a keyboard in one place.1) out of hundreds of android phones on the market the only vanilla is Nexus 1,nexus s, xperia play(yes stock),g2x but no keyboard. G1,og Droid and the G2 vanilla and keyboard but all old spec wise. idk crazy how after these android out in the wild 7 run stock and 3 stock and keyboard its like all what a lot of us signed up for is becoming a thing of the past

  • Deardean

    Verizon says 4g will be available country-wide by the end of 2013. Why would anyone who cannot receive 4g NOW buy a 4g phone NOW? There will be so many NEW phones (maybe 5 or even 6g) available in the coming year and a half. I will buy a DROID x2 now and upgrade AFTER 4g is established nationwide.

    • Good luck with the X2. I can’t wait to get rid of mine.

  • nessa

    this + launcher pro+sense widget add on=mine

  • nessa

    this + launcher +sense widget add on = mine

  • max

    i miss the og droid og meaning old good phone 

  • jbonics

    Ship me your Droid 3 and I will install LTE on it for a kidney or your first born.

  • Anonymous

    Meh I will wait for reviews and more importantly XDA before I make any purchases. I love the hardware (RAM and screen aside) but Blur makes it so ugly I wouldnt ever want to use without first removing that. If it is locked down as I suspect it is I will just wait for the SGSll and skip all the Bionic hoopla.

  • Mr.Joe

    Me like!

  • Anonymous

    LOL you hater people crack me up! Always hatin’ on something; nothing is ever good enough! This is a really awesome phone which I am buying as soon as it is available. 4g is overrated and not necessary for me at this point, plus here in NM we won’t have it for a while. Motorola Application Platform (not Blur folks) is a better stock UI than TouchWiz or Sense IMO. Besides, how many people here use stock UI? I have been using LP or ADW since forever. So who cares! Root it, remove bloatware, and most of all enjoy the PHYSICAL keyboard!! I get so pissed off at touch keyboards I almost throw my DX on a daily basis, so this is a welcomed device into my hands! 😛

    • LionStone

      4G overrated? Not if you have 4G… Enjoy your new Droid, it looks really nice!

      • RaptorOO7

        As he clearly stated, his market does not have 4G yet and won’t for some time.  Also 4G LTE is still is still plagued with issues, transitioning from 4G to 3G without rebooting is one of them.  The next gen of 4G LTE phones next year will be the ones to get with ICS.

        So yeah, I too am getting the D3 and I already have unlimited data so it doesn’t affect me in the least.

        • TheRealBeesley

          “plagued” with issues.. lol   

          I’m assuming you dont even own a 4G phone and/or aren’t in a 4G coverage area.  I had 3 reboots on my Bolt (in the MONTHS ive had it)  and NONE of them were from a 3G/4G transition.  I’m in a 4G “test zone” right now, where they are flipping the 4G switch on/off semi-daily and I never have a problem.  D3 should be a nice phone.. but once you’ve had 4G, you’ll never go back to a 3G phone.   Its like 1X compared to 15MB/s Wifi.   

          • Blackmagick20

            I disagree. I’ve actually switched back to a DX from the TBolt and I honestly don’t have any desire to go back to 4G. It’s not like I get texts or phone calls any faster on 4G. My battery also lasts a heck of a lot longer, too…no matter how fast the network you’re on is…it won’t do anything when it’s always dead

    • Blackmagick20

      It’s nice to actually see someone with common sense for once. I made a MASSIVE mistake in buying the Thunderbolt on release day for 4G and to be grandfathered in to an unlimited plan. I can’t stand not having a physical keyboard and the fact that I go home from an 8 hour work day with less than 5% battery left with MINIMAL use. I like actually being able to use my phone, instead of being tied to a charger or worrying about checking my text messages because of how much the battery will drain. I can’t believe people are whining about some of the stuff on here about this phone. I remember a time when no one cared what was in the phone…they were excited about having a color screen, mp3 ringtones, and…oh yea…that it would send and received calls and texts!

    • Anonymous

      Likewise, a physical keyboard is a must-have for me.

      My one-year contract on my D2 is up in August, so I’m debating between three options:

      1) Get a Droid 3
      2) Get a MyTouch 4G Slide
      3) Wait for a dual-core LTE phone with a physical keyboard

      Right now, I’m leaning toward Option 3, but I’m wondering how long the wait will be…

  • tjhrulz

    That screen looks crappy, and yet it is still nicer than the real pentile screen the droid 3 will have

  • Anonymous

    Hey. The people signing up for Verizon’s overpriced data plans may not be very bright, but calling them dummy units in your headline is uncalled for.

  • RaptorOO7

    No doubt Apple will claim it looks like the iPhone, it has curves, and 4 icons across the bottom of the display.

    • LionStone

      Did you see the note on the bottom? “Display is simulated and subject to change”

  • ImJoeNYC

    At least the droid 2 looked kinda sexy. this one has weird curves, green, gray, and black keys and blue motorblehhhh interface let alone small speaker hole, awkward positioning, and more… I am disgusted 

    • Granted

      Did they give it the DROIDX speaker slit? Man that’s disappointing, because the original had a kickass speaker, and I was so dismally letdown with the DROIDX’s speaker.

  • Stephen D

    I might be getting my hands on a real one today or tomorrow. I’ll take pictures and videos and send them in if I do.

  • ImJoeNYC

    Eww… Green keyboard — on blue motorblur interface.. mega FAIL

    • is it green?  or yellow?  the “official” pic leaked a few days ago look like they are yellow.  😐

      • Anonymous


        • wtf?  why yellow?  lol. at least stick with red…blue.. android-green…   yellow is so out of left field, imo.

          still gonna get the phone on the 14th, but i was hoping for a keyboard with a little more continuity to it.


  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it sort of odd that the Euro, Yen, and GBP symbols all have prominent placement?  I guess it’s a global phone, so…

    Also bummed to see that the question mark has been demoted to an Alt position.  It’s been so awesome having it on its own key on the OG.

    Annoying that there’s a huge Tab key as well.  I’ve never figured out how to use the one on my OG.  But in awesome news, an ellipsis (…) key!  Alt-P in the picture.

    • ImJoeNYC

      How many people do you actually think are going to buy it for the prominent global feature. I have the D2G and I don’t even have a passport! People will get it for the specs and occasional traveling, but IMHO, no one needs a Yen, Euro, and GBP symbol. I’d rather have one key that you hold down to get them and a no-alt-key question mark

  • Anonymous

    Also no Droid 2 Global on droiddoes.com anymore either.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, I think I’ll keep my droidx

  • Anonymous

    They are putting in a 1540mAh battery in this model, but it is also has a dual core processor.  What do you guys think the battery life is going to be with this model?

    • John


      • Anonymous

        Same as…

        • John

          as og battery i imagine.

  • Anonymous

    After owning a Droid, this looks like a real successor to it vs the Droid 2. Unfortunately, I bought my Thunderbolt while waiting for all these cool non-4g phones to come out, and I’m not regretting it in the least even though this looks to be a killer phone lol! 

  • And the keyboard looks just as poor as the original Droid.

    • Anonymous

      it’s actually more like the D2/D2G.

  • Chris Norris

    I really hope the keyboard on this Droid is better than the OG Droid. Mine beveled up after a year and is hard as crap to type with. We need Droid Pro buttons on this.

    • Anonymous

      Did you ever use a D2?  I found the keys to be quite a bit improved over the OG so hopefully this D3 is a progression on that front.  That said, it didn’t take me too long to get used to the OG keyboard and I’ve never really minded it.

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Is it just me or is each Droid getting progressively uglier? 

    • John

      i agree. not getting any better

    • Anonymous

      But it’s… rounder… now! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      looks better than the the D2 & D2G IMO. It”s truer to the OG Droid form which I really like.

    • I personally like how this one looks better than the Droid 2 and OG Droid

  • Ugh this sucks, i want this phone so bad but no LTE is just a waste of an upgrade. I love my physical keyboard 🙁

  • Anyone know when the D2Global was removed from droiddoes site?

  • Anonymous

    Kind of wish my contract was up

  • Anonymous

    Moto really needs some tips from HTC on hardware keyboard design.

  • dj ABE K


  • Hamholla

    those yellow accents on the keys are not exactly attractive… but it could just be a weird photo

    • Yeah they should have stuck to blue like on the Milestone 3

  • dj ABE K

    wait… first to buy one in line??? dudue just wait for the Bionic! duh.

    • Anonymous

      to each their own..
      but for anyone truely interested in the D3, the bionic is just out of the question. For most ppl who’s just looking for the next best phone on the market, you probably dont want the D3 when it’s time to upgrade. So for those of you, yes, you probably shudd just wait until Aug4 for the Bionic.

      Im likely to upgrade my 2 OG’s to this once it’s out. & to be honest, Im not exactly excited abt it. The internals are nothing to brag abt since there’s nothing “futureProof” abt it other than a 16GB Internal Memory, but that does very little good w only 512MB RAM.

      If you’re going for a slider, then your’re going for a slider. & motorola makes the best looking slider. Im more of a Function over Fashion kinda guy but when it comes to my Smartphone, I need a little xtr Fashion to it, but not down to the iPhone level of lackluster Functions.

      • Granted

        Now where did I put my illiterate post decoder at?

        • Anonymous

          You left it in the last place you would ever look.. in your empty bag of common sense.

  • First bitches!