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Dolphin Apologizes for Releasing Email Addresses of Beta Test Group

Dolphin, one of the more popular browsers on Android, accidentally released a number of email addresses that belonged to members of their beta test group this weekend.  While no passwords or other personal information was included in this screw-up, we did want everyone to know that as a part of the group, your email address could have been made public.  They have offered an apology and an email address ([email protected]) that they can be contacted at in case you had any questions.

Via:  Dolphin

  • RW-1


    I cannot stand the fact that in today’s world of technology, the written or typed emails, posts, and blogs of some major companies I have applied to besides this response of Dolphin’s end up being indeed like it were written by children.

    You all have spell check, and can have someone else read it for grammar before posting it right?

    I found it funny that Dolphin’s own blog finally fessed up to the ongoing “private” beta test on the 30th, when 4 days prior I found the APK’s thru several search sites leading to tech blogs that had posted the information. I had tried out the beta2 apk and unloaded it prior to ever seeeing their own blog own up to it’s existance.

    You have to wonder in what child’s basement in a unknown third world country this developer is located.


  • Mr. Joe

    OH OH Spaghetti!

  • Jimmy

    This is the sad,sorry excuse for an apology I got.  It sounds like a 12 y/o foreign exchange student wrote it.  I’m really pissed off:

    Hi, *******Thank you for letting us know about this issue.
    We sincerely sorry about this incident through an unfortunate error by one
    of our colleagues. Some recipients were able to see the e-mail addresses of
    others who are also our beta testers.
    We did not collect any of your data, and we are handling your privacy with
    confidentiality, care and respect.We sincerely apologize for this error. We
    promise this will never happen again.

    Re: unfortunate error by one of our colleagues –>  Um.. we are stupid

    Re: We did not collect any of your data, and we are handling your privacy with confidentiality, care and respect. –> Um.. u collected my email address… and you obviously DIDN’T handle it with privacy because you leaked to everyone.

    Re: We promise this will never happen again. –>  What are you, 12?  Like you got busted for climbing out the window?   Why would I trust you?  Maybe your “colleagues” will screw up again?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I got the e-mail, but it contained nothing but strange code and e-mails, which is rather lame. What kinda business they running, anyways?

  • now that I run CM7 I have no reason to use an alternate browser. lovin’ it.

    • John


  • Ginai

    Another reason to not use their buggy, slow browser!

    • Cephas003

      What do you recommend instead?

    • John

      lol. you’re prob a ff mobile user.

      • Ginai

        Nope, I hate FF for Android, it puts Mozilla to shame. Skyfire is better, as is Opera. I tend to prefer those two over Dolphin.

    • tjhrulz

      Their browser is not slow with 4G

  • I was a tester, anyone know where they released them/how can I see if mine was released?

    • Scratch that I see. Should have clicked through before posting!