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Samsung Slider Heading To Verizon Pictured?

All of us here have a love for slider phones by default. Unless you came here recently, then I’m sure that we have all owned an OG DROID at one point or another. Recently pictured is Samsung’s newest contribution to the “Red Army” (Verizon), and it looks just like an Epic 4G. The device just got its Bluetooth and WiFi certificates, so we’re possibly looking at a couple more months for release.

If you’re feeling Samsung sliders, then this might be the device you’ve been waiting for. We’ll keep you posted if we hear any more details. Anyone down with sliders, or was that “so 2009”?

Via: PocketNow

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  • Anonymous


  • Hdhfhjd

    I just want the best phone with slider available. I want the closest thing to a phone size computer, so yes, phisical keyboards all the way!!!! Swype suks compared to a real keyboard.

  • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous


  • “Anyone down with sliders”

    Depends, is it LTE? Because if it’s LTE, I’ll be as down as is humanly possible.

  • Apk91

    this so called new phone has the EXACT case style, shape, and placement (speaker, logo, side buttons) of my almost 2 year old Samsung Rouge. As for the menu screen i have no idea the OS and what phones its for but The only similarity I see between this and Epic 4G is the keyboard. The front speaker is not against the top like the Epic 4g and the top half of the slider is chrome-ish and the bottom half black plastic the OPPOSITE of the Epic. Though with the incredibly low picture quality i could be wrong but when i looked at that picture l reached in my pocket and pulled out my poor old Rouge i was seeing a very similar phone.

  • Anonymous


  • If this is 4G, then it’s GOODBYE MOTO. {{o_0}}

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting for the hTc Merge for the mom-in-law…the D2 or 3 is too much for her..but maybe this may be the only alternative.

    I used to be a staunch keyboard user…used to also think I could type faster…switched to the Incredible and now TB and these phones now are so fast, they definitely can keep up!

  • Landonpatew

    The choice of physical keyboard for me really came down to (oddly) the idea of being in a bad wreck and the virtual keyboard being too screwy to make an emergency phone call after impact. Working EMS makes you think a little differently…

  • Anonymous

    Who wants to take bets that this phone is jam packed with last year’s technology?

  • Anonymous

    Been rockin sliders since 2004.

  • lotus

    I’m feeling sliders but not Samsung. With their buggy software (GPS to name one) and slow updates, it’s going to take me a while to pick up another Samsung phone again.

  • Stephen D

    Too bad this isn’t a Galaxy S2. It’s rumored to have the Hummingbird and 512mb of RAM. Yet another 2009/2010 phone on Verizon in 2011. BRING ON THE GALAXY S2 BEFORE I SWITCH CARRIERS!

  • Stelv81

    Verizons version of the GS2: 600mhz processor underclocked, 128mb ram, body made from styrofoam, black and white screen from the OG Gameboy, lol

    • Stephen D

      And 1x…no 3g. 150 extra dollars if you want a 2g model. 

      Does 2G even exist? *googles*

      • Stelv81

        Actually it doesn’t even come with 1x. You have to plug the SGS2 into 56k dial up modem.

        • Stephen D

          Ah. And if you want the model with the port to do that, it’ll cost extra. Then you need to buy an accessory to make the port work. Then you need to buy a special proprietary cable to use it. 

          • Stelv81

            Lol : ) Verizon has jaded us all.

          • Stephen D

            Indeed they have. I wanna switch carriers, but they all suck in comparison.

    • And rotary dial.

  • MJ

    I am also in an affair with the physical keyboard on my OG Droid… and I doubt I’ll ever be tempted by the allure of power when I know that I’ll have to take it so much slower. Touching screens just does not compare to tactile feedback.

  • I loved the keyboard on my OG Droid.  Especially since I upgraded to the TBolt.  I really miss the keyboard.  I could text so much faster with it.

  • Stelv81

    Lets just face it. Verizon is never going to get the Galaxy S2 or the Bionic. They are just myths that we all cling too.

    • That would be completely soul-crushing.

      • Stelv81

        They have to release something this fall at least I would hope. We need something to make up for this summer of disappointment.

  • Knightcrusader

    I was waiting for a sliding 4G HTC phone, but if this baby is 4G, I may jump on board with my last upgrade on my family plan until next year. I…. must…. have…. keyboard….

  • Stelv81

    Flat keys. Awesome another keyboard phone that no one can type on

  • EC8CH

    Only reason I’m here is to read all the:

    “Why the Hell isn’t that the GSII?!”


  • Raven

    I love the physical keyboard on my Droid 2 Global and I will never buy a phone that doesn’t have a physical keyboard.  Not only can I type way faster on one, it also doesn’t take up 3/4 of the screen real-estate while you are typing.

    You will have to pry my physical keyboard out of my cold Droid hands.

    • Hurfdurf

      Amen to that. People just don’t understand that not only is having a keyboard better, it’s the screen real estate, stupid!

      • Anonymous

        Us “people” understand perfectly that we don’t want a small brick in our pockets just to have a keyboard.

        I had the OG Droid up until Oct. of last year and have a fascinate now. I type MUCH faster on the fascinate than I ever did on the droid and am much happier with my overall screen real estate than I was tyvm.

        To each his own, but don’t insinuate people are stupid because they don’t subscribe to your point of view. 🙂

        • Stephen D

          Agreed. I loved my Droid, but ever since Swype, I haven’t wanted a physical keyboard. And the Fascinate shipped with it and there are all kinds of themes. I’ll take the thin, light profile of the Fascinate with Swype over a thick phone with a keyboard any day. The only time I would use the keyboard would be when playing emulators. 

          • Anonymous

            Totally agree. Can type just as fast on my incredible as I could on the Droid 2. I’d rather not deal with the thickness/ugliness of a physical keyboard.

          • Anonymous

            Physical Keyboards are great and I have no problem with the bulkiness. I still use my OG physical keyboard a lot. 

            But that being said my next phone will be all touch. The good thing with all touch screen phones is there are no moving parts to get dirt and sand in and it is much easier for otterbox to make me a big bulky box that makes my phone a tank!

    • Morenoc12

      I agree love the just waiting to see if Motorola does what it did with the d2 and d2g but with the d3 and d3 4g 🙂 that’s what I’m waiting for

  • I would love a slider…but they always skimp on the specs for slider phones. The Droid 3 would have been my dream phone if it would have had LTE and at least 1gb of RAM. I just don’t see why sliders always get mid to low end specs all the time.

  • 1TallTXn

    I’m a OG Droid user and picked it for the keyboard (that and the Droid Eris sucked)
    When the wife upgraded, she went with the Droid 2, again for the keyboard. She doesn’t know how to use the soft keyboard.

    Being in IT, its nice to have a SSH terminal, and having a physical keyboard is very handy in that regard.
    Not enough reason to buy a phone with a keyboard, but certainly enough reason to consider it.

  • tanknspank

    Mr. Blurry cam strikes again..

    • Jason Cone

      Must have taken it with his “fruity” phone!

  • Anonymous

    i really hope this is not the verizon version of the GS2, because part of the reason i’m heavily considering the GS2 to replace my OG droid when i upgrade is that fact that it is the thinnest smartphone on the market, and i’m tired of my thick OG droid. if the verizon GS2 is a slider, that defeats the whole purpose of the thinnest smartphone thing, please no samsung

    • EC8CH

      relax it’s just another pos phone…

  • I want a slider replacement for my OG Droid. I was thinking Droid 3, but I really want 4G LTE, which my city is supposed to get any minute.

  • Sapan Dhora

    I need a physical keyboard because these crap display only phones can’t keep up with my typing speed.

    • tanknspank

      and your crap keyboard typing can’t keep up with our swyping 😉 plz, if your phone is that slow that it can’t keep up with your typing on screen, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

  • sparty569

    If it has the same specs as the SGS2, with 4G…I will be all over it.

  • Dash Speeds

    If this is the Verizon version of the GSII, I will be sooooo happy. The one reason I’m considering the Droid 3 over the SGII right now is because of the keyboard, and with that gone it will be Samsung all the way. 

  • Anonymous

    Me personally I own a OG Droid and hardly ever use the slider. I perfer the on board keyboard. Your always going to have a slider group out there and there will be slider phones to satisfy that market.

    Example the D3, if the D3 was the Bionic or better I would buy one hands down and still hardly use the slider keyboard.  

    So, Slide Baby Slide 😛

  • I really was hoping for a non-slider SGSII


  • I have an Epic 4G and the keyboard is a pain to type on, and the slider feels cheap. Both the Droid and Droid 2 had a much smoother feeling slider. I rarely use it though, the preloaded Swype is much better.

  • I *WISH* this was a modded version of the SGS2 heading to VZW, but alas I fear it’ll be a less powerful older version.

  • Xdroidx

    if i had $1 for every pixel this picture has, i’d have $1.

  • Interstellarmind

    …so 2009

  • As long as it has 4G I am onboard.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I appreciate my OG Droid, the physical keyboard is one of my regrets. It just takes up space… I am just as likely to make a typo on the physical keyboard as I am the touch keyboard. I’ve never caught on to the “magic” of it. But I know there will be many a dissenter….

  • David Butler

    Im done with sliders…I love my original droid but there is no need for a physical keyboard.

  • Test

    yeah more 2009 phones on Verizon in 2011

  • Anonymous

    Seriously. This better not be the Galaxy S2 variant that Verizon is getting. I will be sorely disappointed if they ugly up the design by adding the thickness of a keyboard.

    • I hope it is. I have an OG Droid Incredible (had it for about a year), and the keyboard is so annoying, that its amazing I haven’t run over the phone lol

      • Anonymous

        You know you can change the keyboard …

  • My wife was a fan, but I’ve moved on with the touch keyboard revolution.  Better Keyboard ftw.

  • um this story is a couple days old isnt it?

  • Slllllyyy

    Looks fugly.

    Like most samsung devices…

    • tjhrulz

      Probably plastic too 

    • Stephen D

      I think the Nexus S and Galaxy S2 look awesome…

      • Slllllyyy

        I have to disagree with all (imo) but the Nexus S. I like the look of it.
        The Galaxy S2 is alright in design. Not great, but not bad on the other hand.

        • Anonymous

          The GS2 is just a large iPod Touch (in terms of looks anyway), but I still like it. I agree that most Samsung devices are ugly (except the S and the GS2 of course)

        • Stephen D

          The Nexus S has a very nice and unique design and I wish I could have one with the Galaxy S2 hardware and an LTE radio on Verizon.

    • But no touch wiz. Thats a plus!