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ESPN Scorecenter Receives Hefty Update on Android: Panel Swiping and Extra News Tabs Added

The original release of ESPN’s Scorecenter on Android was pretty weak – there is no denying that.  As of today though, the app stands up to the best of them with its new panel swiping abilities, drop down menus for additional coverage of your favorite sports, video feed and performance tweaks.  Using this app used to be extremely frustrating, but after having the latest update for just a few minutes, I’m starting to find a new attraction.  Now, if only we could get a tablet version?    

Here is the full changelog:

  1. Smooth card swiping to easily slide from screen to screen to view new leagues
  2. News and standings for dozens of leagues, conferences, divisions, and tours + aggregated local news coverage for your favorite teams
  3. New video coverage of the biggest breaking stories in the sports world including a ScoreCenter video widget for one-touch, on-demand access to exclusive ESPN video!
  4. Massive performance updates to improve speed and reliability of the application

Market Link

  • Anonymous

    DX w/liberty. Not found.????

  • any chance someone could post apk to the new espn app? i mean its free so its not bad. it wont show up on my gingerbread thunderbolt

  • dosent show up on my thunderbolt running gingerbread….gay

  • Anonymous

    yeah… i’m not seeing it in the market. following the market link in the article gives me a 404. 
    Droid X CM7. hmm.

  • tinyurl.com/3p4aqqw

  • Bump47

    Wow, it’s saying that the app is incompatible with your Droid. Whatsup with that?

    • I have the OG Droid and mine updated just fine.  i am running CM 7.0.3

    • Chrisdashley

      I’m getting the same with my droid incredible… wtf???

    • Bump47

      The app isn’t even in the market for me on my Droid 1 running SS 5.4. Any ideas?

    • Bump47

      The app isn’t even in the market for me on my Droid 1 running SS 5.4. Any ideas?

  • Kellex have you been to a Timbers game yet? they look epic!

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  • Anonymous

    Still sucks compared to Scoremobile. Scoremobile did it right. Espn is just a lazy POS.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully they’ve fixed the battery consumption of this beast with this update.  Also, if they could just fix the NFL lockout, I’d pay them $$$.

    • Anonymous

      Is this updated app only for certain phones?  I just tried to go into the market and update and there was none to behold.  I even uninstalled my TiBu’d version and install a fresh version from the market, still the same old junk.

  • ramifications

    Great! I’ve been using this forever and am really looking forward to this update. The old version while lacking some functionality did get the job done, so this will just make it much better.

  • Anonymous

     I guess I’ll give this another shot

    • Anonymous

      Same here. I’ve been using Score Mobile.

  • Still no score notifications though.  I don’t see why that would be so hard to add.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with ya.  Would be nice.

    • Steve Jobs

      @scorecenter said it would be out by Q1 2011. Just ridiculous iOS has had it forever

    • It wouldn’t be hard to add.  Makes me wonder if they have some sort of deal in place to keep score notifications exclusive to the iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    A lil late, I was using this all basketball season.

  • MJZ

    about time. 
    I might give it a try again. 

    been switching between sportstap and google scoreboard lately

  • Anonymous

    The new mobile website (doing away with the ugly, unimaginative iOS clone) is great.