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New Motorola XOOM LTE Nears Launch, Receives MAP Along with DROID3

It looks like the Motorola XOOM with 4G LTE (aka the Motorola XOOM LTE)  is about ready to launch, along with the DROID3.  Both devices have been added to Verizon’s MAP (minimum advertised price) list, which is one of the better indicators that a device is about to be released.  There is no telling if this is the mystery device that we first spotted from a VZW tablet commercial last week or just the same ol’ XOOM with an LTE radio in it.  We’re going with the latter.  Oh, and this is a pretty good sign that we should be hearing from Motorola about sending in our current non-4G XOOMs for upgrades.  (/Fingers crossed.)

The DROID3 on the other hand is still headed for July 7 until we hear otherwise.  It was just announced as the Milestone3 in China, so you’ve got to figure that Big Red and Moto are just looking for the perfect spot to make it official here in the U.S.

What do you guys think?  Finally ready for 4G in a XOOM?  Is this a newer version of the XOOM or just the current version with a 4G radio in it?

Cheers ___ and  ___!

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  • My Droid is running strong as ever. Not a daily driver anymore, but couldn’t resist the spotty buggy 4g….follow this link

  • Galaxy S2, new nexus isn’t verizon is it? click on this link

  • JasonBurns8

    Droid 3, Samsung Galaxy S II, or the new Nexus?!?! AHHHH!!!!
    Gosh I wish I could just know every device that would hit in the next 6 months so I could decide! 😛

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  • It had better be the original xoom with a 4G installed… Being I have my WIFI only xoom and am still waiting for full functionality on it… They had better finish what they started with the original xooms before they start pumping out upgraded ones…

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  • The original droid is still easily one of the best phones out there, despite the fact that it’s well over a year old now. Just gotta find something that actually wows me enough to make the switch.

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  • My Droid is running strong as ever. Not a daily driver anymore, but couldn’t resist the spotty buggy 4g.

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