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Video: Galaxy S II Gets Fingered in French Commercial

I promise that this Samsung Mobile France ad for the Galaxy S II isn’t as dirty as that title makes it out to be, but is still definitely worth a look.  It’s just a dude sittin’ in a chair, bustin’ out moves with his arms and fingers in ways that would really impress your girlfriend.  Again, I promise it’s not dirty.  


Cheers Adam!

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of things I used to do…

    12 years ago….

    at raves…

  • Anonymous

    I bet he has some killer spirit fingers

  • Somewhat off topic, I wanted to vent. It’s really ticking me off how slow VZW is to get us the newest, greatest phones with the latest features. I’ve seen for the past year phones still shipping with Froyo, and I’ve seen sense 3.0 which is mind blowingly amazing, yet not a single HTC phone on Verizon has it. Now, we’ve got the new Motorola stuff getting ready to be released with sub par hardware which is very disappointing.

    Point is, start shipping phones with the latest software, the latest UI, and the latest and greatest hardware.

  • slappynutz

    hip hop and stuff like this doesnt mix when trying to sell something.

  • I just wish we had commercials that represent the main stage, the phone. Apple’s commercials work because the main theme is the object they are selling. The video is neato I suppose, but it doesn’t show the phone.

    This in my opinion is why the DROID brand worked. People know/knew DROID DOES. The commercials staged the phone first. It shows the phone doing things, it shows it was powerful, it told you it was awesome and why.

    Android commercials as a whole suck. It won’t help sell the phones. The phones happen to be selling themselves right now and until we have another successful marketing campaign the majority of buyings will have no idea why they want an Android phone.

  • Amenemhat1

    Thanks to CGI for making that somewhat bearable….

  •  That guy will finger blast your girlfriend, no questions asked.

    • Mike

      finger blast..     lol

  • I don’t know about the commercial, but the phone in the Pic looks unbelievable.

  • NikonD300

    Terrible, terrible commercial. Very un-memorable. These guys need to hire Apple’s advertising firm.

  • inx.lv/Z2

  • Anonymous

    I liked the commercial. I could have enjoyed it more if i would have been on psychotropic substances. But crack is whack. 

  • Anonymous

    I recommended the +1 button to Kellex and he never thanked me -.-, anyways I just love when that little button turns blue ^_^

    • You and thousands of other people sent in that tip.  Stop acting butt hurt.

  • chris!

    some one get this man some light gloves!!!

  • David Jesse Moody

    I thought American commercials were unrelated to the actual product.

  • I’d be curious to see how this guy lists his “finger” skill on his resume!  LOL.   I’d bet he’d be really good at slight-of-hand magic.  Pretty cool video although it does lack a great deal of information about the product it’s advertising.  I’ve seen lots of good commercials on TV that I talk about to my friends and yet I seldom remember what product or service the commercial was for.  From a marketing stand point that’s not a good thing.  =p

  • joe1138

    They were selling what in this commercial?

    …damn France sucks.

  • BillyBOB

    uh….where was the phone again? I will never get that time back thanks for nothing.

    • Anonymous

      some people are really negative. 

  • Anonymous

    Precisely the proof we need to confirm France sucks.

  • Britboy3000

    this dude a beast at finger tuttin and tuttin in general..

  • I thought it was actually kind of neat. It reminded me of the LSD days in the 70’s dam I am old;)

  • Anonymous

    Imagine how many people who were looking for the stuff you picked up with this post…

  • chrisi

    I can’t believe ANYONE on here would say anything negative about that commercial. For all those people who trash the commercial, you need to record yourself doing something with your hands/fingers like this guy did, but it needs to be cooler, and then post to Youtube for all of us to see. True, the commercial doesn’t incorporate the phone, but it’s a commercial to remember, and that’s all that counts in the marketing world.

    • Yttonaz

      Thank you, you said what I wanted to say.
      Everyone hates it yet everyone is going to remember it.
      That’s all that matters.

  • Illinipoke98

    Dude’s dad is probably some bigwig at the ad agency.

  • Anonymous


  • What a worthless commercial…  Hopefully more thought has gone into the device than the advertising… 

  • Eric

    Possibly the dumbest commercial of all time.

    • Anonymous


  • J Dub

    The next freaking thing I see about the GS2 better be it’s release date on VZW. Other than that little tid bit I don’t want to see anything else about it. I want this beast of a phone.

  • Dmota25

    to long

  • Anonymous

    This… this is a cellphone commercial? 

  • Impress my girlfriend? It says it will UNleash my fingers, so I’m guessing this phone will make my girlfriend break up with me.

  • Anonymous

    God damnit Samsung

  • Dunkr49

    like it better when he just did the finger gestures.  no need for those stupid motion graphics.  god do i hate motion graphics.

  • Anonymous

    Actually I was wanting to see how he was going to incorporate the middle finger 😛  American Style 😛

  • Anonymous

    If I am not mistaken, that’s not David Copperfield

  • Anonymous

    You lost me at France.

  • mcaf.ee/b5e0c 

  • EC8CH

    I stopped watching before I ever saw a phone.

  • I like how it ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to with the phone……

  • Rizzidy

    Reminds me of an old Chevy Chase Show episode:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4gfF02nucE


    • Frankdicosimo

      wow… i feel old. but thats not as bad as i felt when i saw this show debut…

  • Keyan Riddick

    does anyone know this song?

    • Jim Dandy

      Right. I got to see the ladies dance to this beat 😀

  • weird but kinda cool. Even though it tells me absolutely nothing about the phone I still want one.

  • Goblueboy

    I found this hard to masturbate to.

    • Thatsjared87

      I didn’t.