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Thumb Keyboard Goes On Sale for $.99 at Amazon

We’re not sure how long Thumb Keyboard will be on sale at the Amazon Appstore for $.99, but we suggest you jump on it right away.  This is hands down the best app you’ll buy as a tablet owner – that’s no joke.  And even if you don’t own a tablet, you might as well grab it so that it’s locked to your account forever in case you do some day take take the plunge and buy one.


Cheers Andrew!

  • Anonymous

    They are so nice
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  • Anonymous


  • mcaf.ee/b5e0c 

  • Scijohn

    Excellent keyboard for the Flyer.

  • Guest

    I’m a tablet owner and, while it seems a lot of you might disagree, I wanted to say that I don’t really understand the point of this keyboard, truth be told. But, maybe I’m biased. Instead of making use of the whole screen for the keyboard like most do, this basically brings you back to typing on a phone, with your thumbs. To me, that’s not easier and, especially if you type a lot, it’s definitely not easy on your hands. Take it from someone who’s prone to tendinitis in their fingers, it helps to spread the stress of typing across all of your fingers. That’s why you’re not taught to peck the keys with one finger when you type on a computer, you’re taught to use all 10 fingers..

    Personally, I much prefer Swype for Honeycomb and possibly even the Stock Keyboard

  • Bruce77064

    I have an Acer Iconia A500 10.1 Tab and I just downloaded this new keyboard, wow what a difference.

  • How does this compare to the Swype Tablet Beta?

  • don’t own a tablet, but buying this on your recommendation in case i take the plunge and grab one which i’m sure i will eventually. can already see why this would be so useful just by looking at the pic.

  • Agreed — on Xoom, this is killer.  Awesome keyboard!

  • Agreed — on Xoom, this is killer.  Awesome keyboard!

  • Toky_neg

    Totally outside of the subject .. but DROID-LIFE.. check this out..
     https://market.android.com/details?id=com.slooh&feature=search_result we are having a Lunar Eclipse right now.. and is being broadcast using an android app. Here is the link to the site also:http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2011/06/lunar-eclipse-webcast/

  • Has a great phone sized keyboard as well. Looks just like honeycomb!

  • Guest

    “And even if you don’t own a tablet, you might as well grab it so that it’s locked to your account forever in case you do some day take take the plunge and buy one.”
    Unless they make it a free app of the day down the line. But at only $1 its not a big deal either way.

  • At just $.99, I’m buying this just in case I end up with an Android tablet down the road. My favorite keyboard on my X/X2 is Smart Keyboard Pro.

    • Anonymous


    • Smart keyboard pro is innately smart. Drfinitetly one of the best keyboards I used

  • T Hall

    Too bad this happened two days late for me…. Could have saved like $1.67!

  • tjmonkey15

    This is my favorite keyboard for my Droid X (doesn’t have to be in split mode) as well as my Asus Transformer.  I’ve used SwiftKey, SwiftKey X, Better Keyboard, HTC Keyboard, Gingerbread Keyboard, and the stock Droid X blur keyboard, and Thumb Keyboard is my favorite so far. 

    • This is also my favorite keyboard on both my Xoom and Thunderbolt. I’ve tried all the others as well but Thumb Keyboard is hands down the best of the bunch.

    • tjmonkey15

      Not sure why that posted twice.  My bad

  • Anonymous

    Glad I could help!

    And seriously you need to buy this if you have a tablet.

  • Anonymous


    • Dbldwnlvn

      I’d love to pick up this app but I don’t have an android device yet and amazon won’t let you purchase without one!