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Tuesday Poll: Front Facing Cameras, Anyone Actually Use Them?

What happened to everyone saying that a front facing camera was a necessity when purchasing a smartphone? With the delay on Skype, lack of front facing cameras on many new and upcoming devices, are they still such a big deal? Sure they’re cute from time to time, but are they really needed? You be the judge.

Feel free to let us know what your favorite video chatting apps are, too.

Do you use your front camera?

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  • J_Chorzempa_Jr

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!Yes! Yes! Yes!
       And not just a pissy-ant 1.5 meg or 3. meg. We’ve needed them to watch out children, for classes, conferences when were working on our cars, or watching out our window at our bird feeder, for interviewing potential employees, posted live casting interviews, and thousands of other chores. I’ve spent hundreds of hours trying to contact any designers, CEO’s, and production engineers for all the major commercial and non-commercial manufacturers and all the “so called” custom Laptop manufacturers from Lenovo to Falcon Northwest. They put plenty of salesmen between themselves and their customers.
        Only Sony ten years ago with their Picture Book had a “Half-sense” understanding of the functions of society  and produced the first sub compact, now an icon. a quote “netbook”, utilizing a rotating camera.
        If Verizon can put 8 meg cameras facing forward, “Away” and 3 meg to record our mugs in a cell phone, why in Gods name does it take anyone who has any intelligence or common sense, or better yet a decent business sense to understand the usefulness and marketability of laptops with camera’s, [possessing decent quality camera’s], facing both towards and away from us.
        “How many decades old is Split Screen Television? And why can’t we catch a video conference call and record our baby’s activity in the playpen in front of us, or right notes of questions for a conference speaker while watching and or recording what he is saying that we paid so dearly for, or watch and record a manual technical chore of a trainee while we produce our inventory stock order for next week?

  • Anonymous

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  • Minroolz4

    asians use frnt facing cams all the time… just saying….

  • Anonymous


  • Mrwildman1

    “The application camera (process.comandroid.camera) has stopped unexpetedly, please try again.  how about, it wont work, but if it did, I would use it.

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  • Daddy_Bird

    I use Qik quite a bit on my Atrix to talk to my wife and kids while I’m on the go.  If you get a good signal and are in a well-lit room the video looks decent.

  • BillyBOB

    I just want a phone without blur or a skin on it. I will not get another phone until Verizon gets a phone similar to the nexus s! I would leave Verizon but there are no other carriers out by me so for now I am stuck with a phone that I don’t really enjoy. I feel like Verizon is controlling me the customer and that’s BuLL SHIT!

  • Rain_king46

    I still have a year on my DX, but I feel that the Android phones need to keep up with the important Apple feature offerings. Front facing camera and higher quality screens are important to show the Appletards that Apple isnt doing anything all that special. 

    • Rain_king46

      Plus just because the technology is still shaky today doesnt mean it will be tomorrow. If Google adds video to the mobile g-talk that could change the game overnight.  

  • theBlob

    My biggest gripe about front facing cameras is the lack of a light, if you’re in a semi-dark room you look like a dark blob on the far end of the call.

  • Everyone cries to have one and why x phone does not have one yet no one uses one anyway. LOL

    I have one, used it once by accident.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Still waiting for skype, front facing cameras on any phone aren’t that great right now cuz they’re only 1.3 megapixels…

  • Anonymous

    I use video chat in Google Talk all the time on my laptop. If I had a front facing camera (and other people I chat with also had them) I would use it all the time. It would probably replace voice calls for those people for me.

  • Granted

    I use one on my iPod Touch to take pictures. I also attempted to use it for talking to my business partner in Japan but skype would never work and I couldn’t find Google video chat top use on it. Which is what I use on my laptop and my imac all the time. So it would be truly awesome to have one on my smart phone that could utilize Gchat, and I look forward to getting a new phone that can. But actually….- according to the Verizon in store rep that sold me my Droid X, I already have a front facing camera. No embellishment what so ever, he assured me multiple times when I purchased the phone that “yeah look on the right side there on the top where those black bars are, that’s where your camera is” “you sure? Everything I’ve read and seen says there is no front facing camera on the Droid X” “no don’t listen to the internet, it has one just like this phone does (referring to my original Droid at the time)”.

    I think they hire people born without eyes and get some googlely eyes and staple them into their employees heads and make them touch everything and walk the their store, and get them to rehearse company lines. They do this so they appear to be knowledgeable about the products they are selling. And I was behind my local store smoking a cigarette and I heard this weird noise near the dumpster.. and I opened the lid and their were like three eyeless humans writhing around screaming “help me! I remember my lines! I’m not obsolete! Verizon has the best coverage! How can I help you today! Don’t listen to them I work here I would know!” And it was creepy, they had “VOID” and “MALFUNCTIONED” stamped onto their head. I felt bad for them a little, and I was going to call the police, but a rep stuck his head out the back door and said “hey that new phone you’re looking at just got updated with a molecular transporter, and only Verizon has that feature!”… so I went back inside.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    My DI2 is still on Froyo and skype has no video support. So what is the point?

  • Anonymous

    Whats retarded is that there’s no program that will work to let me with my Xoom talk to my buddy with his Charge with the FFC’s.  Skype isn’t there. Tango and Fring both don’t work and gTalk wont work until the Charge gets Gingerbread – which since its a Samsung crap phone – wont be until next year.

  • Cadillachanley

    I have a front cam and would use it if the people I knew had front cans so if everyone had them I think they would be used much more

  • I did one time with my buddy. It turned out to be super awkward. Only real use I have found is a personal mirror.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to have one as I have only seen my family 3 times in the last 4 years due to distance. They would then be able to see my kids live constantly. It will be great.

  • If the damn skype video app would be available, I’d use it all the time!

  • Indra Kusuma

    The main purpose of the front facing camera is for video calling. But I don’t think people use it much. For me, it’s useless as 3G networks here is damn slow. I don’t have it, and don’t want one!

  • Anonymous

    I think I use mine as a mirror more than anything.

  • Fg2srt4

    I’m still rockin og droid and I want one for a phone. I have the gtablet running the alpha honeycomb build where the camera is broken (lack of drivers). But if I had a front camera, or working one I would definitely use it.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t have one the DX.. have one obviously on my i*hone4, NEVER use it for chat, did it once like most people when I got it to see if it worked, surprise it did… since then on occasion use it as a mirror 😉  but nothing my DX’s blank screen couldn’t do

    however, if any of you guys have careers requiring online meetings such as livemeeting.. check out Adobe Connect.. I’m in I.T. and we are implementing Adobe Connect, it is absolutely amazing as a livemeeting replacement, and unlike livemeeting you can connect to meetings using your phone, and your FFC streams your image to the rest of the meeting attendees, and it is iOS AND android compatible.. simply awesome (works over 3g no issue)

  • Andrew92090

    I can video chat on skype from my Thunderbolt. I just downloaded it from : http://www.androidpolice.com/2011/04/11/download-skype-with-video-chat-for-the-htc-thunderbolt/

  • I would use it constantly to communicate with my beautiful wife and baby if the audio on tango when doing thunderbolt to thunderbolt chat wasnt screwed. I bought 2 TB just to do video chat and it doesnt work… WTF

    • Daddy_Bird

      Could use qik, works fine for me on my Atrix.  

  • There should’ve been a “I don’t give a %#@&” option for the poll.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never used mine.

  • Anonymous

    I use mine for Skype a couple of times a week. I’m not looking forward to the MR2 update killing it. For christ sake Verizon and Skype just need to release the damn thing.

  • Special occasions = video sex.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not just video calling. We’ll see apps we haven’t thought of yet…

  • Never. Its good in a way because it trivializes a feature when considering a new phone. When Droid X3 is released, I’ll probably have a use for it then. Considering Skype enables video of course. Its a bit of a hassle to get friends to join some other service when they’re already a universally accepted service like Skype.

  • Pat Morton

    maybe if skype added video calling to the android version or if verizon or some other big company released more apps that use the front camera the “Yes, all the time” option would go from 7 % to 70% (or higher) really quickly. I chose yes all the time since i downloaded the skype with video apk online for my android phone but would still like the official version

  • Don4Tech

    Well, not all the time but pretty often, mostly with Tango but sometimes using Qik and fring. This G2x works with all those. More of my contacts use Tango, do that’s my first choice.

  • Anonymous

    Mostly just for fb or texting. I don’t know about video because I don’t know enough people who actually video chat so have never even tried. I guess I would rather have it and not need it then to need it and not have out.

  • Jeremy

    Yes. With family on their PC’s using ooVoo.

  • I’d love to see Google finish their Talk with video enabled.  It seems like front-facing-cameras are an Achilles heel for the carriers.  We say AT&T push the iPhone FaceTime off on WiFi.  I doubt carriers will want 3G or even 4G enabled video conferencing while they are still charging for data and protecting their bandwidth by locking down phones.  

  • Anonymous

    Yea I do all the time for facebook pics, a mirror, video chatting, sometimes youtube videos

  • Djstar2k2

    i agree great tech but everybody don’t have it yet and it needs. to be unified like with google vid and all others so u can vid anybody. I have her to use the one on my Acer tab cuz idk anybody who has google vid

  • I wish more apps supported it.  The two in which I’d be most likely to use it, Skype and Adobe Connect, don’t enable it.

  • Carmen Diva

    I use it to take pictures of myself

    and I use it often for chat 🙂
    I love it. But it’s not a deal breaker if i don’t have one on a phone like
    a lot of people try to make a big deal when a phone doesn’t have one
    (Droid X2 etc)

  • OGD!!!  I want a front cam, but I will wait until there is a Worthy successor to THE best phone of all time.

  • Wmsco51

    More phones with ffc as standard and more apps for video calling if my love ones had a ffc I would use it regularly

  • FortitudineVincimus

    no video on Skype on VZW.. so no care

    seems like a novelty, but not sure I would even use it.

  • Anonymous

    I would probably use mine more if the Thunderbolt actually came with an app, I would even buy a webcam to use at home so I could see my wife and kids while I work the late shift. Even with that, I would probably only use it a few times. I don’t even like talking on the phone, much less taking the time to orchestrate a video chat. 

    • The Thunderbolt does come with an App, its called Talk (aka Google Talk). You can chat with anyone logged into a Google account, including on their desktop computer.

      • Anonymous

        I use Talk constantly, with some friends it’s my primary means of communication. Unless you’re on one of the recent Gingerbread ROMs, however, it absolutely does not include video chat. 

        • I’ve not tried it on my phone (OG Droid, no FFC), but the Honeycomb version on my Transformer does have the video chat option. I’ve never used it though, I’d prefer to use Skype.

          ETA: I hadn’t realized that the different OS versions killed the video chat.

          • Anonymous

            Its not that some killed it, it’s that talk didn’t include video chat until gingerbread 2.3.4. The TB is still on 2.2.1

  • Anonymous

    Can’t say since I’ve never been able to use mine. I could never get Skype to work.

    • Don4Tech

      Try Tango. There’s a version for android and for iOS. It’s easy and works better than any other. Fring allows video conferencing – I’ve connected with three others at once but it’s sometimes a little buggy.

  • Bigsike

    I love the one on my DX 😛

  • I’ve used mine like….twice since I got the TB.

    Tango is what I use for Video chat. Epic chat app.

  • greenblattsam

    I think the install base for the front facing camera is too small at the moment.



    USA is a noob place to finding new technology.all the technology comes from ASIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!people in asian countries already using the front facing camera phones to use video calls with the wireless phone service (provider offers a service).
    i would say, if they make it that has video call service, USA will put another few dollars to use the service to make money.

  • soundwave1026

    I’d probably use Skype on my TB if it supported Gingerbread. 🙁

  • soundwave1026

    I’d probably use Skype on my TB if it supported Gingerbread. 🙁

  • Jsuli

    If you don’t want one and say you don’t have one then your vote don’t count…. You don’t even know about it.

    Ps got one and use it all the time

  • Cwpit81

    Don’t really use it but makes my phone that much cooler

  • I use the Xooms front facing camera with Google Chat enough.

  • Woojoo83

    Qik is a good video chat app. the only flaw i found is that it does not support the function of toggling between front and rear facing cameras. i use it over 3G all the time to video chat with other Qik’ers. the volume is not great though, so your surroundings need to be quiet or you need to have earphones. (DINC 2)

  • Ace87

    You should also add an option: “I want too, but Skype won’t let me”

  • pj

    I know I wouldnt use it much, but I’d love to have it for my wife and kids when I’m away. Probably be nice if my parents had one too so they could chat with the kids. I think if a phone had an ffc that was much much higher resolution with decent audio it might change how much people use it too!

  • I think that it’s awesome for video chats, but until that’s pretty much universal, there’s no point. 

  • Rccrod

    if anything only females when they take those mirror or bathroom pics lol

  • They are necessary, but the problem is there just is not an app out there that bridges the gap between all users.  With everything isolated with Tango, fring, and the very few of us that have the working Skype, then iPhone with facetime, we are all cut off from eachother.

    Video calls will happen, but there needs to be a standard for it to really take off

  • Anonymous

    I would probably use it more if I made more phone calls. The vast majority of communication on my phone is done through texts. They are so much less intrusive and time consuming than phone calls. I can only see video chat being used in place of a call, rather than text, and I have a feeling a lot of people are in this category.

  • Anonymous

    I would probably use it more if I made more phone calls. The vast majority of communication on my phone is done through texts. They are so much less intrusive and time consuming than phone calls. I can only see video chat being used in place of a call, rather than text, and I have a feeling a lot of people are in this category.

  • Anonymous

    Used the one on my Transformer once just to test it out on Gtalk. I don’t think I’ve ever switched on the one in my Evo.

  • DBK

    They are not really needed (unless you are hearing impaired, then you need them). They are just a fun feature. They are probably more useful on a tablet than a phone. Can definitely do without one.

  • Gee

    This is missing 2 choices (meh never thought of it…) and (Front facing camera is that what that thingy on the front of my phone is???)….

  • KHodge

    I would use it if skype would ever come over to Android!

    • Dion Bradley4

      I have it on my T-Bolt, with working camera.  They have an .apk.  http://www.droid-life.com/2011/04/11/download-skype-with-video-on-android/

  • caseyisajim

    Only Facebook users.

  • meh

  • Anonymous

    Would be much more useful if the people I usually talk to had them as well (as well as a fast connection) I’ve used the leaked skype beta for TB when I want to talk to some of my friends. Also used it for self portraits, but I rarely need those

  • Anonymous

    Front cameras are awesome for the iCrap.  Why is it taking so long to get them up and running for android considering we have much smarter people?

    • Anonymous

      What do you mean??? There are a good number phones with them built in.

      • I think he’s referring to app support. There just currently isn’t anything mainstream on android that does video calling. A built in google app would be amazing though. I’d be happy with skype too

        • Anonymous

          Tango is pretty awesome when you have a 4g phone or WiFi available. It automatically pulls your contacts that have Tango as well and lets you talk with iPh*one lovers too 🙂

          • Granted

            You keep repeating something that sounds like a corporate form that you copied and pasted and then added a few lines of personal touch at the end.

          • Anonymous

            …Do I hear a hint of jealousy  in your voice…

        • Marcelo Burrieza

          Google Talk in 2.3.4 support video and voice calls to any pc with chrome or tablet with honeycomb, even without a FFC. Time to switch to cyanogen, my friends. works even in the OG Droid

      • I think he’s referring to app support. There just currently isn’t anything mainstream on android that does video calling. A built in google app would be amazing though. I’d be happy with skype too

    • apparently not then

  • Great for a mirror!!

    • FortitudineVincimus

      or taken good self porn images so you dont have to do the take-a-photo-in-the-mirror trick.

      Just image if Weiner had a front facing cam

  • Anonymous

    Skype needs to stop being a bunch corporate douchebags and enable video 

    • Anonymous

      Just use Tango 🙂

      • Anonymous

        No one uses tango

        • Carmen Diva

          yeah considering all the downloads that it has not to mention it allows a lot of people to chat iphone to android, that’s not true. A lot of people are using tango

          • Agreed, I think Tango has a decent user base. I’ve tested Tango and Fring.  Both good apps,  I like how Tango automatically lets you know who in your contacts has the app installed. 20 of my friends have it on their devices.  That’s way more than I expected.

            Obviously, I am not a regular user due to my rear cam only….it was merely for testing.      

          • Anonymous

            I absolutely love that it pulls my contacts with Tango out of thin air. There is no guess work as to who is logged in. It’s actually pretty awesome…Maybe someone should let kimir know 🙂

          • djlevine

            You can use the app regularly w/ only back-facing cam. Just carry a pocket mirror wherever you go. 

          • Granted


          • Anonymous

            Genius =D!

          • “A lot of people are using tango” A lot is pretty subjective. Thats like saying a lot of people bought the Moto Xoom

        • Anonymous

          Funny…I have a list of contacts that do…Not to shabby when you have a phone like the Thunderbolt 🙂

      • tjhrulz

        that only works on the HTC thunderbolt tried it on several other devices on its release none worked except thunderbolt

    • you mean Microsoft…

    • Skype works great on my iPhone. So does Facetime. It’s like the commercial says “if you don’t have an iPhone…”

      • Anonymous

        …then you don’t have an i*hone. And thank goodness. I hate Apple.

        Go troll somewhere else.

  • T Hall

    Used it on the Xoom once.  It was really cool for Google Talk, surprised I just never use use it cause it is kinda cool.  

  • Ryan Clayton

    If there was a decent video chat app for Android, I’d use mine more.  They all work fine for video for me but the audio is either static or just silent.  

    • Anonymous

      I have been using Tango pretty successfully. It is best to either be on 4g or WiFi.

      • Bob

        needs to be an app that does android to pc chat and does it well.  unfortunately nothing exists yet that isn’t cost prohibitive (clearsea)

  • the FFC on TB is very crappy…

    • Ssplawson

      It’s not just tb u tard

      • Carmen Diva

        that’s uncalled for.

        HTC’s camera(front and rear facing) are always crappy

    • Anonymous

      No it isn’t…

  • Mentalspaz

    like the thought of them, but dont use them