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CyanogenMod 7 Finally Makes Its Way Onto the DROIDX (Updated)


No, that’s not a misprint in the title.  Our buddy @cvpcs has finally done what many considered to be impossible – he’s successfully ported/installed/awesomed CM7 onto the DROIDX.  A device that has seen developer almost come to a halt due to limitations may have a second life that is only getting started.

Back in January when he announced through Droid Life that he would be joining the CyanogenMod team, one of his goals was to get the DX into the CM family; it appears now as if we are closer than ever.  So how did he do it?  I’ll one quote from his post on the matter:

…this was done using my recently new-found-knowledge of 2nd-init, which I will describe later in a blog post (don’t want to get into it here). This still runs on top of the original motorola kernel though. I repeat, the bootloader is still locked, and you are still forced into using moto’s kernels, but that doesn’t really prevent us from doing all that much. 😀

While “2nd-init” means nothing to me, it sure sounds like the breakthrough that we’ve all needed in order to take DX development to the next level.  We’ll be eagerly awaiting his explanation.

…no, this means we are able to restart init and run a clean system using the currently existing kernel

Oh, he also plans to open up a testing period in the very near future, so stay close as we’ll definitely have more on that.  For now though, please let your feelings be known to the world – how does CM7 on the DX sound?

Update:  CVPCS offered some additional details in the comments to help clear up any confusion on the white M logo and whether or not this is Gingerbread:

Ok there seems to be some confusion.  CM7 is gingerbread.  it always has been gingerbread.  it always WILL be gingerbread.  The reason there’s a white moto logo is because it has to boot off of the 2.6.32 kernel which shipped with froyo.  That does NOT mean that it IS froyo.  That just means that it’s the 2.6.32 kernel instead of the 2.6.35 kernel that shipped with gingerbread.  This is NO way affects gingerbread, as the D1 is currently running gingerbread off of a .32 kernel as well.  Hopefully that will clear up some confusion.

Via:  RootzWiki

Cheers zepfloyd, Daniel, James and everyone else!

  • I wonder if this means we’ll finally be able to use MIUI on the Droid X. I moved from the Incredible (loaded with MIUI) and I miss it quite a bit.

  • does this mean that developers can work on a rom like the miui rom, that was available on the original droid?

  • Sam Freedlander

    You are awesome!

  • Ddddddd1o

    droid 2!!!!!!!!!!!

  • so two things
    1. “ok some news on CM4DX. 3g/data is confirmed to work. bluetooth audio/calls work.”
    2. “oh, and did i mention that CM4DX won’t need D2Bootstrap or DXBootstrap? the ‘hold power button…..click reboot….select recovery…’ works”

    I think someone needs a HUGE thanks from the entire Droid X custom ROM community

  • rishi

    CVPCS – Thanks for everything!  I’d love to test, if you’re looking for them, hit me up on twitter with the name 

  • Anonymous

    What if we’re already on the new kernal, would we have to sbf back?

    •  You would have to SBF back to Froyo

  • Tyler Cunning


  • BillyT

    How come none of these brilliant devs and leakers can figure out how to focus a camera?

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to respectfully disagree with you here. You are certainly allowed to have your own opinion, but I think you’re wrong. Now I don’t have a DroidX, I’m using an OG Droid, but all versions of CM have been fantastic. In fact, without the work that CyanogenMod puts into its ROMs, we wouldn’t have many of the other ROMs we all enjoy. For the OG Droid, even those that aren’t CM based, but instead are AOSP, have CM parts, tweaks, and work-arounds. The same will hold true for DX ROMs. Once a complete and stable version of CM is ready for everyday use, the development for the X will explode because of the work that CVPS and others on the CM team have done. I currently am not running a CM ROM, but without the work of their talented developers most of the ROMs we all use wouldn’t exist.

  • Windsorhollow

    This is really amazing news !!!  i love my droid X, and will be keeping it for a long time. I always felt like i was Tiger Woods 3rd string wench by not having cm7 available to me. i cannot wait to have this on my phone !!!  thanks guys !!

  • Ozzzmosis

    is this a rooted thing?

    •  Short answer, yes.

      • Ozzzmosis

        cool, im stock rooted, ive been waiting for this to come out

        • you may have to keep waiting…seems like there’s still some testing to be done before the release…

          • Ozzzmosis

            i just rooted my phone last week so im fine with waiting

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking of trading in my DX for something that runs CM7 – now I don’t have to – YES! 

  •  I’m certainly interested in this.. Not too impressed with APEX or Liberty. Liberty, lots of functionality (lots that is hit or miss as well) but a tad too buggy for me. I could improve the product by posting the known bugs but right about now I want a ROM that just works. APEX is more of a straight google appeal but there are some conveniences that have been built into “Gingerblur” that I really enjoy and in the few months I have had it can’t really do without.

    Partially I am to blame because I always have to be an early adopter but since I have been on the Team Black Hat rooted release of .596 I am very happy with the functionality of “Gingerblur”.

    Hopefully I will see my “addiction” to ROMs and modding revived when CM7 is released and thanks to all the guys that spend sleepless nights keeping us on the bleeding edge..

  • Meandrak

    They’ll never take our Freedom!! Er, I mean Liberty!

  • tjhrulz

    This is what happened when I read this article 

    *Wakes up*
    *Grabs Computer*
    *Opens up Chrome with Droid Life as homepage*
    *Sees first article*
    *Sh*t Bricks*
    *Pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming*
    *Got coffee to make sure I was awake*
    *Sits back down and read article*
    *Now wants it for droid 2*

    • tjhrulz

      Also Kellen why is this not listed under breaking 

    • *realizes it’s a pipe dream and we may never see the download link*
      *Shits another brick and thows it at the nearest Verizon store window*

      •  Why throw a brick at Verizon, Motorola locked your bootloader.. This has been a project in the works since last year. The fact that we are even this far amazes me.

        The reason their is probably no download link for Tom, Dick, and Harry is that we are a fickle community and when (if) you* get this loaded then you are left with a magically piece of equipment that cannot perform like every other phone because the project is not COMPLETE. Patience is key…

        *When I say “you” I mean just the average everyday joe, not necessarily YOU.

        • Got it. Thanks. I still suggest shit brick at Verizon, just for fun and general chaotic effect.

  • I’m not even going to bother asking about work on the DX2 since I’m getting rid of it anyway. Not even Motorola seems to be supporting the device right now and they’re just telling you to return the phone lol.

    • Jordan

      What’s wrong with the DX2? I don’t have one just curious.

  • blue

    Its the same thing like in Motorola Milestone? Couse we, milestone users we had Cyanogen Mod for over one year. And we have CyanogenMod 7 from february. 

    • Isn’t Milestone an X from a back east carrier? Is the bootloader unlocked?

      • Anonymous

        The milestone is a locked down, European version of the OG droid

  • Anonymous

    D2G?? Anybody? Anybody?? Damn.

  • YES! I ran CM on my PG Droid and was discouraged when it was said that it wouldn’t be on the DX, So glad this has changed. Have ran cvpcs ROMs in the past and loved them, so the fact he is involved makes this even more exciting news. Can’t wait for it to be released. I would love to be a tester when it is opened up for testing.

  • Michael Aiello

    im a little confused I not huge into ROMs but did use Liberty for a little while what makes this so great

  • Nom Bacon

    Credits to Darth Vader for the video’s sound effects

  • Can’t wait. I am tired of hearing Liberty is a god send.

  • Dskneon

    When will we get some dev support for th DX2 the phone been out almost a month now and still no dev love…

    • Moto isn’t even supporting it. Don’t expect the devs to. I’m bailing from mine.

  • Anonymous

    Put simply…hell yes!!!

  • Ufish2

    it will use froyo kernel,but will run 2.3.4 gingerbread which we will oc to the best that we can on our x’s and all the nice stuff that CM7 has with it so will be cool.had that on my nook color and it is fast @stock 800 so OCed to 1.2 (where my X seems to run the best) should be smoking :):):).. THANKS cvpcs..great work!!!!:) and he said there will be cake with this too!

  • kakapoopoo

    I’m so excite!

  • Anonymous

    I sold my DX and I must admit to being a bit jealous that the X is getting Cyanogenmod before the Thunderbolt. Yes Slayher has released a semi working pre alpha for the T-Bolt but it is only something you can put on to get a bit of a taste since it really doesn’t work all that well.

    I really wish the Cyanogenmod team would lend a helping hand and get it released for Verizons FIRST 4g phone…………  (Thunderbolt)

    But good job!

  • Anonymous

    CM7 is waaaayyyy too over-rated.


    • Ddddddd1o

      and your gay

    • Anonymous

      I disagree, I just think it is thoroughly embraced by those of us who want a stock android experience, with a lot of extra tweaks. For me, the biggest thing is just the speed. CM7 is just blazing fast, and i haven’t found anything yet to match its speed, or its features.

    • kakapoopoo

      Maybe you should explain why instead of making a broad statement like that.  You do realize that this will lead to other roms too right?

  • GotFragz


  • Patrick Da Silva

    can someone tell me
    why is this so exciting?
    is this a good root?

    • kakapoopoo

      Because it opens a whole new avenue for custom roms.  Before this, we were stuck with a hacked version of  GB with blur.  Now we can have a full, clean, android experience.  Basically a rom with no moto framework whatsoever. 

  • Interesting. So if the Bionic is locked CM might still be a possibility using the same method? Might convince more people into getting the Bionic.

  • Mii

    If only CM7 would come to the epic 4g fully 🙁

  • SleekDX

    Madafing #WINNING

  • Anonymous

    Ok there seems to be some confusion.  CM7 is gingerbread.  it always has been gingerbread.  it always WILL be gingerbread.  The reason there’s a white moto logo is because it has to boot off of the 2.6.32 kernel which shipped with froyo.  That does NOT mean that it IS froyo.  That just means that it’s the 2.6.32 kernel instead of the 2.6.35 kernel that shipped with gingerbread.  This is NO way affects gingerbread, as the D1 is currently running gingerbread off of a .32 kernel as well.  Hopefully that will clear up some confusion.

    • Ddddddd1o

      i love you……lol(:

    • Anonymous

      thanks much! keep doing what you’re doing, can’t wait to test it out!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you sir.  Added to the post.

    • kakapoopoo

      Awesome!   Thanks for the clarification. 

      Will the DX version still have all of the kernel tweaks and functions like a Nexus phone?  

    • I LOVE YOU CVPCS. Question though, how will the update process work? Would you have to port each version of CM for us to get it, or would we be able to update when all the other CM7 users get it?

      • Anonymous

        once some of the kinks are worked out, it will be merged into the mainline CM tree as an officially supported device

        • kakapoopoo

          Did anyone mention that, YOU’RE THE MAN yet?

    • Hey cvpcs, does your version have the brightness increase bug after switching screens that OTA GB has?

    • cvpcs, after you complete this and get it stable on the DX are you going to port it to the D2?

    • Isn’t the kernel what let’s us use wireless tether, and prevents Hulu Plus from working?

    • Hello

      lol i hate you 😀

  • kakapoopoo

    super awesome news!!!!

    I have a question though.. Since the bootloader is still locked and the froyo kernel is still untouched, will it be a full version like on the unlocked phones?   I know that it somehow runs the GB version but since the moto kernel is still running, will that cause any issues?

  • John

    do = due* 

    drink your coffee already kellex!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait.  After dumping Liberty a while back for stock when GB came around it will be nice to have a new alternative to stock that will offer something compelling.

  • Anonymous

    How come these programmers can’t use a focus button.
    Congrats by the way. That is good news.

  • Ddddddd1o

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    • Jonathan Carnesciali

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  • Toky_neg

    Why was the M logo white?? not red.  Froyo or Ginger??

    • Ddddddd1o


    • Ddddddd1o


    • Toky_neg

      So we have to SBF back to froya to get CM7?? .. ouch.. 

      • Ddddddd1o

        its running gb 2.3.4 but a froyo kernel so no

        • Toky_neg

          ah.. thanks for the info. time to fall in love yet again with my DX. : )

    • Rsims26

      OG Droid, CM7 is white as well.

  • It’s gonna be interesting to see what it’s capable of seeing as there won’t be any custom kernels.  But it will still be an amazing ROM!

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t think about that.  Hopefully the kernal limitation doesn’t affect any of its best “parts”.

      • kakapoopoo

        that’s what Im wondering too.. But I’ll take what I can get.  🙂

        • Anonymous

          CVPCS seems to think that 2nd-init allows him to do a lot of things even with that stock Moto kernel in there.

          • kakapoopoo


          • That’s the kind of stuff I like to hear!

          • Anonymous

            Agreed…It will be interesting to see what the real differences are. Maybe this takes the bitterness of having a locked bootloader down a tiny bit.

          • Anonymous

            I’d also like to think that CVPS’s progress here gives us hope for future locked Moto devices – such as the Bionic.

  • Bobsaget

    lol lots of ppl want it for d2….. i do tooooo! lol

  • Rain_king46

    Congrats to cvpcs! Great job brother! I cant wait for him to post details on how he did this and let all of those other crafty devs in on the action. With all due respect to jrummy16 and GB Liberty, I for one cant wait for a stable CM7 for my DX. 

    • kakapoopoo

      Im sure jrummy is just as excited as everyone else.   He’ll bring us some new stuff as well.

  • John01

    he neeeeeeds to port to d2!

  • Lol11

    d2 would be nice

  • Kkk10

    i want for d2

  • bn

    droid 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Adam Metzner

    I will test this for sure!

  • Anonymous

    Goodbye Droid Charge, welcome back DX my friend 🙂

  • Phillips1847

    Droid 2 now please

    • kakapoopoo

      I think birdman is looking into it

      • Anonymous

        He is. Hes trying to buy a D2 cheap if anyone is interested. Cvpcs said on rootzwiki that it will work on almost any locked moto phone with a .32 kernel, which the D2 has, so I think itll happen.
        *Crosses fingers*

  • Markopolo1022

    Finally first … I think. . N it sounds great … awesome.!!! . Great job,!

  • what about D2?

  • This is great news!  I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time.  I will be looking forward to the release.

  • Ddddddd1o

    i will donate him $50 if he gets it on the d2 (((:

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait!!!!!

  • Wyveryx

    it’s time for donuts!

  • Mathew Emmert

    Have been waiting for this for a long time.

  • It’s about time! I want some CM on my X 😀

    • Thats the most amazing progress for the Droid X.

      I hope that there will be some progress to Droid 2 and Droid X2 also!