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Video: Angry Birds Gets Real

We love us some cult classic Angry Birds here at Droid Life. Our lovely little pissed off avian creatures just got the serious life size treatment recently in Barcelona when a huge set up was made for the game. Users could control the game on a phone hooked up to the life size version. Needless to say it looks pretty intense. All brought to you in part by T-Mobile.

Video after the jump: 


Cheers RecursiveNature!

  • Anonymous

    i missed it man even i got a chance but i was in the middle of something, could not join..

  • Anonymous

    you guys love angry birds, don’t you?

  • Jayrosen1576

    Seriously? Phone-controlled? I think not: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgsyCHdIiPg&feature=player_embedded

    This is Hollywood, folks…don’t believe everything you see on tv/the internet.

    • Good find. I feel betrayed! lol

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for ruining such a magical video!

      (By the way, anyone with half a brain should have already known that that video was fixed from the start…lol)

      Still a fun video, nevertheless!

  • I love angry bird.Now even can play with Google chrome.

  • Anonymous

    What Conan did was NOT like this. What? You didn’t happen to notice the exploding birds?

  • LPMeteoraremix

    I dont really like angry birds, but this is a great commercial

  • Fineesmendez

    I feel bad for the guy that has to keep rebuilding the levels….

  • KerryTheBeast

    what kind of phone is that looks like a pre3

  • LionStone

    Yea that’s a party! The one Conan did looked like it was put together by 6th graders…

  • I was beyond enthused until I realized which carrier made this. That and Conan did this 3 months ago.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap =O!!!

  • Jason Patterson

    you think they would let me aim the sling shot at the building and shoot birds at the windows? or would they get a little annoyed?

  • Anonymous

    Conan already did this… Still awesome though.

  • Jacob Bowen


  • nice im gonna build this and make it a fundraiser at utsa 🙂 

  • wow very cool

  • DBK

    That was ridiculously awesome!!!! We need them to do that here.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    Very cool… kudos to T-Mobile for understanding what customers really want, giant Angry Birds!

  • Nice ad . 

  • this just plain rocks!

  • this just plain rocks!