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Team Tiamat Releases First Deodexed Xoom ROM

Could this be the start of something great? The first deodexed XOOM ROM by Team Tiamat has arrived. The team states almost all XOOMs can flash the ROM (yes you must be rooted) and in most cases you won’t even have to wipe your data. With the arrival of the first flashable ROM, can we expect more to come and maybe even some themes? List of features and instructions after the jump.

ROM features include:

  • Packed with Tiamat 1.4.4 stock GPU. Flash OC’d gpu version is you wish.
  • Rooted with SU and superuser, of course
  • Desktop UA string, CRT Screen Off Animation, Call setting with SIP, and SMS capable enabled.
  • Supercircle 100 point battery mod
  • Wifi Ad-Hoc mod enabled
  • USB Mass Storage Enabled. Use Dinomight’s Mass Storage Tool or activity manager script. I’ve got some truly epic things lined up for this now that I can unleash the brd|smaliBeast !
  • Init.d boot scripts enabled.
  • Busybox built in
  • local.init.rc enabled in system/etc
  • openVPN binary and script from CyanogenMod. untested but with tun.ko included, should win. Also grabbed Wireless Toolkit binary with built in symlinks from CyanogenMod
  • Added Quickboot, Estrongs File Explorer, and Flash Player hulufied brdizzled in data/apps. This was included so users coming from full wipe can be up and running. Feel free to remove from zip before flashing.

Instructions on flashing:

Back up your device’s apps and data and nandroid to be safe.
Put ROM (download) on root of MicroSD
Flash ROM
Determine if wipe is necessary

If your device bootloops, which is not likely, you will need to wipe. Once booted, attempt to install an app either from the Market or a side loaded apk. If the install fails and borks out, a wipe is necessary. If it is determined you have to wipe, do a Factory Reset in Android Settings menu. At this time do not use Clockwork Recovery to wipe. Once wiped, flash ROM again and reboot.

If you’re planning on attempting this, please do your research and BACK-UP any and all data! For any questions and to learn more about the ROM, please visit the XDA forum thread.

Cheers Luis!

  • Here is how to do the same thing but for galaxy tab 10.1 – Galaxy Tab deodex

  • MrToTo83

    HAs anyone been able to flash this and have 3g still work? I would ask on the forms but i guess since i havent posted enough I cant. 

  • Anonymous

    The first for xoom?  Wow, the Transformer has had a deodexed rom almost since the tab’s release.  Really feel the pain of xoom owners – first they had to overpay, then to deal with non-functioning microsd, and now slower rom devs…

  • rob

    I have a us wifi that was running the newest tiamat. I used brd’s method to upgrade to 3.1. 
    I tlashed this rom, got a bootlop, flashed a recovery did factory data reset inside honeycomb. Rebooted and the market looped (hung downloading apps, spontaneous roboots..)
    Re flashed new recovery, boot patch via somebody one the xda forum….reinstalled the rom…now market works but I have no sd card access.  (no longer shows external…shows Micro sd, CWM cant even see my sd card anymore)
    I did not wipe data in cwm…followed all the instructions to the t…..
    I am posting this here because xda will not let me post anywhere ……

  • Bboogieman

    This will break your 3G… be patient until a fix is released

  • Upyourstoo

    “Droid-life: A Droid community blog, all about Android and the Droid lineup of phones, rooting, apps, reviews and videos”      I guess I missed the fine print where it says “A Tech blog”. I thought I was  an Android enthusiast but I guess I don’t qualify for this “Droid community” if I don’t know what “Deodexed” means.   

    • Guest

      No, you don’t qualify because of your apparent lack of googling abilities… :-/

    • Interstellarmind

      you know, all this energy you wasted deriding the site in these comments, you could have just asked someone on here what deodexed means. or better yet, googled for an even quicker answer.

      the cool thing about the android community is that information is readily available by people who WANT you to know what things mean and what they do. no elitist, screw the n00bs mentality here.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t access google movies?

    Thanks but I’ll pass.

  • Interstellarmind

    call settings with sip? will this let me make phone calls with my xoom 3g? can someone explain?

    • To make calls on a XOOM 3G or even XOOM WiFi, just get GrooVe IP from Android Market.  You can make and receive calls on the XOOM using a Google Voice number, be sure to go to Google Voice settings on the web at: http://www.google.com/voice and access the settings and set forward to Google Chat under phones.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad a new ROM can’t fix the crap screen. 

  • Upyourstoo

    A competent editor would not approve a headline using a technical term like “Deodexed” without at least including an explanation of what “Deodexed” means.   Only an arrogant inconsiderate editor would require the non-techie reader to go look it up himself.

    • Wow, chill out man. This is a tech blog, primarily for people who are Android enthusiasts. 

    • Anonymous

      If you can’t at least go Google “Deodexed” you are on the wrong site. 

    • qbert

      We don’t want you here anyway. Bye.

    • MrToTo83

      They have explained plenty of times to inform us what it means. stop being a lazy ass and look it up. not there fault that you dont pay attention. no need to bash the writer.

    • CmonNow

      You must suck to be with in real life.

    • Anonymous

      You’re very angry about Deodexed.  Basically means you can put custom themes on top of the ROM (different battery widgets, fonts, etc)

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


  • 855turbo

    Sweet, i just put my ipad 2 on ebay tonight to pickup a xoom, while it does not have the best screen on the market it still to my eyes looks better than my ipad 2 and just to me feels so right in the hand, just industrial and rock solid. So glad motorola did the right thing and unlocked the bootloader on this device. If they kept it locked the xoom would be long gone.

  • 855turbo

    Sweet, i just put my ipad 2 on ebay tonight to pickup a xoom, while it does not have the best screen on the market it still to my eyes looks better than my ipad 2 and just to me feels so right in the hand, just industrial and rock solid. So glad motorola did the right thing and unlocked the bootloader on this device. If they kept it locked the xoom would be long gone.

  • Pretty impressive for not actually having the source code.

  • Jason Patterson

    would this Xoom rom work on my OG Droid if i connect it to a toaster for extra power?

  • worked great for me!

  • worked great for me!

  • BigRed4X15

    Will this work for other honeycomb tablets? Mainly my Acer Iconia?

    • 855turbo

      Sorry acer customers acer has locked the bootloader and are not being cooperative at all with unlocking it. Most users at xda dumped thiers for xooms and transformers.

      • BigRed4X15

        Where were you a week ago when I was still within my return period? I didn’t realize it was locked, but it cab be rooted correct?

  • There have been themes for the Xoom flashable in Clockwork for several months now… I know of at least 3 different ones, not counting color variations of those three.

  • i wonder if this will help get a better 3.0 ported to other devices now…

  • FortitudineVincimus

    great news… maybe it will prolong the life of a tablet that is dying off and will be out of date in the next 3 months

    • DroidzFX

      Still hating on the Xoom. Now if we could only use that energy for good

      • 855turbo

        Its the cool thing to do i guess, hate on the xoom without ever laying a hand on one,
        Atleast I took the effort to purchase an ipad 2, use it for over for a few weeks and then make my decision to sell it and buy a xoom. Im so done with even bashing apple, its just sad that you cant even see most of the internet on an ipad 2, the hardware is just soo crippled without a jailbreak it feels totally useless,

        • ApplesNAndroids

          ” Im so done with even bashing apple” THEN”you cant even see most of the internet on an ipad 2, the hardware is just soo crippled without a jailbreak it feels totally useless”

          You’re an intelligent one, aren’t you? It’s also Obvious you’ve never owned an iPad. Can’t see most of the internet? Really? You do know HTML5 is becoming the direct standard. What did you do before Flash on your device last year? I really enojy my xoom, but I also LOVE my (original) iPad. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, troll.

          • Booboolala2000

            You do know that apple has the second to worse performance of rendering html5 with its current Ios web browser don’t you? Flash or no flash, the Ios browser sucks.

    • Kind of like how everything gets outdated in less than a month? But good thing we have choice of what to buy and when to buy it unlike other fruitful slaves. 

      • 855turbo

        I love how even in an Android blog us “Fruitful slaves” are brought up. You must have a huge case of penis envy.

  • On an unrelated note, you guys need to stop using this picture of Honeycomb. Its old and inaccurate. The Home, Back, Multitask, Browser, Music, and Apps icon’s have changed.

  • Goblueboy

    Am I wrong to think that the xoom has been out for a long time and it allowed to be unlocked. Why is this just now being done?

    •  It has already been done in varying degrees but the biggest issue now is that Android HC 3.1has NOT been released to the public for modders to get their hands on it. this is the tip of the Iceberg

    • Because the Honeycomb source code has not been released, so it is difficult to create a ROM.

      Flashing this right now… 😀

      • Goblueboy

        ah that makes sense now

    • Mii

      Another big set back is the no sdcard unless your using tiamat or something , i still dont think google or moto have released a patch for the sdcard yet have they?

  • Got rid of my Red XOOM Theme… Hurm. I was a little buggy on the last drop that was Over Clocked to 1.7 but I will see how this one stands up.  

    • Larry Paseornek

      Yeah I tried the 1.7 again this time and bootlooped.  Thankfully I didn’t save it as a boot setting lol.  This ROM is ok and certainly a great step in the right direction.  However, It doesn’t do anything you probably already have (except the deodex — battery indicator), if you’ve been flashing tiamat for the past few months.  Even so, I’ve got it up and running and it seems fine (after reflashing Full Throttle with gpu oc).

  • Gdogmcstyles

    I can confirm that this ROM is, in fact, packed to the brim with WIN!!!   Tiamat is KING!!!