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ROM Manager Updates, Brings Infrastructure For Cloud Backup Storage

Well our boy Koush looks to be up to something with his newest update of ROM Manager. Cloud Storage for our backups? That would be a very pleasant update indeed. The update also brings with it a few bug fixes, but beyond that we’re just concerned about the cloud backup storage. Will be quite interesting to see how that will be integrated into the way we flash ROMs and store our files. Plus no more taking up half of my SD Card with 8GB’s worth of backups. As soon as this becomes more of a reality, be sure that we’ll let you all know.

Cheers Chris!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    IMO I think cloud based backups are worthless unless you have a 4G connection. You’d have to download and upload a few hundred MBs each time you wanted to backup or restore, which would probably take about a half hour or so on a 3g connection.

    • Harrisons004

      Thats probably a good time to turn on wifi then

    • Harrisons004

      Thats probably a good time to turn on wifi then

  • Anonymous


    (not a virus, i swear!!! hehe)

    • Anonymous

      RickRoll anybody? 🙂

  • Love that the device is running Synergy Theme

  • Anonymous

    I have at least 1 backup of every ROM I’ve ever tried and liked, so this is a welcome option.

  • Romma1

    I like this idea. It is a great easy and quick storage option. I am looking forward to the update. Even if it costs a few $$ more.

  • SynErgy

    Tim-O-Tato is running the SynErgy theme…nice!

  • What ROM has this theme for the market? Or where can I get this market theme?

  • EC8CH

    I love that this is the 2nd most popular paid app in the Marketplace.

    • GotFragz

      I would also love to know. 

  • Kronikings

    Why do you have 8 GB’s worth of backups?? you know you can delete the older ones right Tim? lol. just wondering…

    • RW-1

      Agreed there, you only need your last one you were on, others I move to my Laptop …

    • I flash A LOT of ROMs 🙂

  • Rizzidy

    Who all has access to the cloud-stored backups?

    • Crazydog

      Hopefully anybody with the full (paid) version! 😛

      • I don’t think he means who has access to the service…I think he means where in the cloud are these backups going and who can see them once they are their?

      • Rizzidy

        Uhh..why would you hope for that?  I don’t want tons of people having access to my backups, why the hell would you?