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Samsung Galaxy S II Headed to Verizon in July (Updated)

A Verizon spokesperson confirmed via email today that they plan to sell the Samsung Galaxy S II in July, but that no firm date was available.  This is really one of the first acknowledgments of the device by Big Red and I’d be lying if I said that “July” didn’t sound a little early to me.  I won’t be complaining though, as the Galaxy S II has taken the rest of the world by storm as the device to beat in 2011 and we can’t wait to get a hold of a couple.

Update:  ComputerWorld is now reporting that there was a mix-up by the VZW spokesperson.  They actually meant that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be available in July, not the Galaxy S II.  Sad.

With it’s 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus screen (same as the DROID Charge), dual-core processor (it’s a toss as to which one specifically), 8MP camera, and incredibly slim design, this phone has been pretty groundbreaking.  There is no word yet on if it will be 4G LTE, but with the newly announced Galaxy Tab 10.1 sporting this super fast technology, it wouldn’t surprise us if they somehow found a way to sneak one in.  That’s pure speculation on my part though.

The other unknown is what the final name will come in at.  You may remember that the original Galaxy S series hit all of the major U.S. carriers with different names, so we’re sort of expecting that to happen again this time around.  The word “Function” has popped up as a possibility because some random accessory site used it, but we’ve been told that it will likely just be dubbed the Fascinate II instead.  I guess we’ll know soon enough.

So, is this your next phone?  Slap a 3rd party launcher on there and it would be hard to turn down.

Via:  ComputerWorld

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if the rep confused the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with the Galaxy S II. Verizon is never very clear about upcoming devices. Sounds out of character.

  • RedOne1

    Don’t forget Bing on it 😀

  • Anonymous

    My next phone.

  • Anonymous

    If this does indeed come out next month, and if it does come 4G, I will probably get one just so I can lock myself into an unlimited contract for 4G. I want the Bionic, but I’m fearful that tiered data plans will come out just as they release it 9 (whenever that might be). Root, ROM, and get LauncherPro on this phone and I think this will be a good choice.

    • James

      Haha phones are becoming like cars to some people. As soon as you get a new one, there are already plans in place to modify it in some way. 

  • Anonymous

    Looks like an iPhone from the front…

  • Trooper

    This will be a tough decision, this or the Bionic.

  • If this becomes a 4G LTE devices it will easily be the most powerful android phone on verizon for quite some time. This thing is a beast.

    • Nothing beastly. Just another dual core.

      People can’t read between the numbers.

  • Anonymous

    Wish they would have this ready on July 7 when I’m up for ne2 after buying the ogd on release day. Add LTE and NFC and it would be near perfect. HDMI would give it everything I could ever want. Though the chances of any of that happening except LTE is about .0001%…

  • I don’t believe that Verizon will get this in July. Their testers might, but the consumer? We’re looking at late August at the earliest. Typical Verizon fashion: add 40-60 days to the speculated release.

  • Dean2359

    I have to believe that this high end phone is going to be an LTE phone. Not doing that would be like putting a Focus engine in a Ferrari.

  • I WILL buy this phone. root it and slap a rom on there and it’s second to none. I had the droid charge but returned it due to some issues and I gotta have a super amoled plus screen again.

  • now its either this or the bionic, if it comes with lte then this will be my upgrade from my OG

  • looks nice.  I’m not really feeling the button in the center…

    • ChrisI

      No one is feeling it yet. It’s not out in the U.S.   =:)

  • Rizzidy

    July works for me.  This is my next phone.

  • Mr. Joe

    I’m getting 4G in a few months.  I’m NOT wasting my upgrade on a 3G device.

    Sorry Samsung but for me and my region 3G was SO 2010.

    • ChrisI

      Wait…this phone won’t be a 4g device? I did not know that. It’s hard to imaginesuch stellar components in a smartphone, but then don’t make it 4g. Can anyone confirm this?

      • Stelv81

        No one knows if it will be 4g or not. Some people say no because of it being too thin. I say yes because I think they will change the form factor to fit 4g. Without 4g this device will be crippled.

        • Kevlew70

          Let me see, samsung just realeased the charge like 1 month ago as their 4G device on verizon. So you dreamers think they will release another 4G device 3 months later. Keep on dreaming. No one would ever touch the charge again. And they are going to redesign the whole form factor for one carrier? LOL.

  • Thomas Clinard

    looks like ill be jumping on the samsung bandwagon..

  • Anonymous

    Looks like July will be a good month, there has also be a rumor of the Sprint version releasing in late July by an internal Sprint rep.

  • Anonymous

    So i am in Europe right now if I got the 2 s could I bring it back to the us and get it to work on Verizon?

    • Thenew3

      No.  Europe uses GSM radio, Verizon uses CDMA/LTE the two are not compatible

  • Stelv81

    Bionic killer!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I was considering switching to T Mobile for the Sensation….but now I’m staying put.  LTE or not.  

  • Bob G


  • Mr. Joe
    • Anonymous

      I dont think they have any idea since they claim it has 4G in the breakdown. Claim both and cover your bases I guess.

  • Anonymous

    If it comes with LTE, they’ll lose that incredibly thin profile they’ve been trumpeting.  Time will tell if they sacrifice one of their major selling points on this phone – form – for functionality that a lot of people would want – LTE.

    • Anonymous

      What is the difference in size between a 3G radio versus a 3G/4G?

  • Anonymous

    Must find way to sell t-bolt to switch to this!

  • Two kidneys.

  • Tyler Vallely

    SHIT! YESSSSSSSSSS! WAHHOO! WAIT! HOW much is it??????! (On vzw)

  • Anonymous

    … droid3, bionic, SII take that apple … this will be an android summer & fall

    • Anonymous

      Most likely winter too!

    • Mr. Joe

      Too bad when the iPhone 5 hits it will have lines all over but none of these phones will have 5 people in line.

      Sad but true.  Wish it weren’t though as these deserve more praise and attention.  I just wish people saw that instead of thinking the iPhone is the phone to beat. 

      OH I can dream a sweet dream can I not?

  • I really don’t understand why they removed the search button. I use it a lot 🙁


    Just in case most of you are wondering and hoping and want to know. It’s Official.

    • Anonymous


      • Tyler Durden

        Look how thick the Droid Charge by Samsung is compared to this phone. If
        it was going to be LTE equipped, why would Samsung even waste time with
        the Droid Charge?

        • Mr.Joe


          Samsung is all about the thin.  Reason why the iPhone most likely won’t be LTE for a while.  

          Thick = BAD
          Thin = GOOD

          Unless you’re talking about meat where plumpness is a virtue. 

    • MFG

      Hey Jakub Palka, STFU or give us evidence.

  • Between this and HTC phones (and possibly Sony-Ericsson), I actually have some good choices to pick from.
    Really happy that the manufacturers are paying attention to the niche crowd’s demands. We’re a vocal minority, but that’s all that should count to them.

  • Anonymous

    This Galaxy is hitting 3100 on quadrant!!! FAST!!!

    • Kevlew70

      Wow, Super speed with 3G download speeds. Have fun waiting on your data to catch up to your processor. I guess if your on Wifi then it does’nt really matter.

  • Kevlew70

    Sorry folks this is too thin a form factor to carry a 1st Gen LTE radio. So its going to be 3G. So its either this and 3G. Or a Bionic and 4G. Think ill stick with the 4G if im forced to sign a 2 year contract.

    • Anon

      You a lie.

    • MFG

      The Tab 10.1 is 8.6mm thin, the GSII is 8.46mm thin. They can make the GSII a TINY bit thicker to fit a 4G radio.

      • Kevlew70

        The tab only requires a 4G radio, not a 4G and 3G at the same time. Thus enabling its thinner profile.

        • BillyT

          Say what?

    • MFG

      The Tab 10.1 is 8.6mm thin, the GSII is 8.46mm thin. They can make the GSII a TINY bit thicker to fit a 4G radio.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    Its pretty I cant lie… but its way too light for me. Playing with the Infuse 4G had me wishing there was a little more weight behind the phone. Even the Charge is heavier and its still a  feather compared to the Droid line and my Thunderbolt. I guess what really matter to me more than anything is who is actually gonna get the phone. If theres no development community like the rest of Sammies phone then I won’t be getting it.

  • Anonymous

    I hate to steal someone else’s bit buuuut:
    Dear Moto,
    You made me like your hardware with the Droid X, especially since it’s how I adopted the Android platform almost a year ago.  I was very willing to ride with you on the Bionic, even with the possibility of a locked bootloader as I assumed your hardware would be the best at the time.  However using all info available today you now will likely have an inferior device to the G2 and a locked bootloader and brand loyalty only allows for one strike as in the end you don’t care about me anyway.


  • Scott

    I’ve been planning to switch to Sprint for the Evo 3D because I need to upgrade my OG Droid, want a dual-core 4G phone and don’t want to wait until August for the Bionic. But if this is out next month and has LTE, I may stay with Big Red and get this.

  • Knightcrusader

    I’m guessing this won’t be a slider like the Fascinate wasn’t?

  • Anonymous

    …and the first thing I will do on Day 1 after I buy it is STRIP Touchwiz off the device. I hate brand-UIs so damn much. I wish they would all just die. 

    • Anonymous

      No reason for them to die, just unlock the bootloader to give you a choice.

  • Portareaf

    Well things just got interesting, but I will reserve judgement until I can see Sammy pull off a decent software update in a timely manner (ice cream sandwich I see you)…and don’t give me it’s the carrier BS…Moto got Froyo on DX on the same network as the Fascinate did several months before Samsung.

  • Nick

    I don’t know, I need CyanogenMod 7. I want a 4g phone with CyanogenMod 7.

    • Mr. Joe

      Then the Bionic seems like your kind of phone!

  • Jared T

    I had a demo Fascinate for a couple weeks and I became sold on Samsung. If this is 4G LTE I’ll probably choose this as my next phone. Droid Bionic would be okay, but I don’t like Moto — or those ugly pics of the new Bionic posted on DL.

  • Steve Schneider

    Sounds like everyone is also forgetting that the processor is unknown. The real question aside from LTE is it’s dual core, but what processor? GTab 10.1 is sporting a Tegra2, but will this device? I love the hummingbird processor for graphics, but you have to wonder… Can samsung compete with nVidia in graphics? We’re talking Flash/games/UI fluidity… 3D Effects, even if this has LTE, the processor is still going to weigh HEAVILY on rather I throw out my TB for a Bionic or SGS2. 

    • Meach

      Tegra 2 isn’t the end all be all. That Exynos processor seems to outperform it in a number of ways.

  • Anonymous

    If it is unlocked and there’s still no word on a Nexus for Verizon by then it would be very tempting assuming it is LTE.

  • Anonymous

    My next phone. Glad I didn’t burn my upgrade on one of the recent LTE phones.

    Since it came out the GS2 has basically been the standard all other high end Android phones are reviewed against. If it has LTE, I feel bad for Charge owners because that is basically EOL. Samsung has really been on a roll lately.

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah, this is my next phone. I dont care about LTE. 

    • I wish i could say the same but i live in an area where all but one major city has gotten LTE coverage and I’m closest to the last one. So though i don’t have it now, i don’t want to be stuck with a phone for 2 years and miss out when it launches here

  • Michael DiDonato

    This is a definite possibility with or without 4G. The bionic has great specs, but I fear the battery life will suffer badly and a 4.5″ screen is too big.

  • T Hall

    It is either this or the bionic.  Whatever is out first and has 4G, will be my next phone 🙂

  • Anonymous

    LTE or not, this will be my next device. (I SERIOUSLY doubt this will have LTE by the way)

  • Kpurdu1

    will be my next phone as long as it has LTE, too bad my upgrade isn’t until september.

  • SA

    I know to take this with a big grain of salt, but a VZW sales rep called me last week to try to get me to upgrade to the Thunderbolt. I said I was holding out for the GS2–if it turned out to be LTE. He told me “I’m not supposed to tell you this, but it will definitely be LTE.” Again, I know, this may or may not actually be the case. Just telling you what the nice VZW man told me.

    • Sappyswami

      Got I hope he is riiiigggghhttt

    • Mr. Joe


      They all say that.  Call in and say “OH I’m hoping the Droid 3 will have LTE” and you’ll get a:

      “I’m not supposed to say this but… IT DOES :-)”

  • Anonymous

    Apple should sue Verizon for using the naming convention of 2, 3, 4, etc on their Droid brand. They obviously did it first.

    • Tyrian

       Yeah, and I guess Google should sue Apple for copying such things as…

      Notification Center
      Tabbed Browsing
      OTA Software updates
      and whatever else Apple is just now adding to iOS 5

      • Anonymous

        An idea, not a blatant copy of a name. Why not just call it iFascinate?

      • Mr. Joe

        UH… No offense but shit like OTA have been out for ages on phone.

        Google did not invent any of this or even debut it.

        • Emily


        • Anonymous

          Not on the iphone. Iphone is falling behind thats why they need to take things from android to try and close the gap a little.

          • Mr.Joe

            The iPhone lacks a lot of stuff.

            IN fact some of the stuff in the iOS 5 that is new I surprised they didn’t have before.  I though it was just common. 

      • Well you know if it was the other way around Apple would be suing Google or whoever.

    • hfoster52


    • EC8CH

      don’t forget their use of letter as well, apple invented those to.

      • Anonymous

        That’s an excellent point. Maybe Google should come up with a new alphabet too. It aren’t that hard.

      • they also invented shoes and oprah

    • Inkster09

      Alittle off topic but all these battery issues is due to skins and bloatware. My nexus s 4g lasts about 12 hours moderate/heavy use like my og droid did. If they keep pumping menaining vzw of course 1500mah batteries your gonna keep getting 4 hour of use anyway.

      • There’s an Android OS process bug that drains the battery.  I doubt TouchWiz is a big culprit.

        • Cite your sources please?

          • Anonymous

            It’s called 3rd party task killers and MotoBlur (also Sense, but I like to pick on Motorola since they suck lately)

    • Tweek

      Great idea, lets just copyright numbers… give me a break.