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Photobucket Releases Snapbucket For Android

If you’re one of the millions of users on Photobucket, then prepare to smile. An application was just released called Snapbucket which allows you to take pictures then easily and instantly upload them to your Photobucket account. But that’s not all – You can also edit and add awesome effects, frames, and other little things to your pictures before uploading, or sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, etc. I was actually having some great fun with my cats using the app, so I know it was worth the price tag. Free! After the jump, check out my cats Mylo, and Leo and our photoshoot. 

Market Link

  • click here for more details http://www.photobucketmobile.blogspot.com

  • Geoff

    I’ve been looking for something like this since i got my OG Droid. Looks like it doesn’t upload the full resolution. Does anyone know of an auto-backup that will upload full resolution?

  • Anonymous


  • adam

    Show your face god damnit!!!! >:O

  • That theme is still SEXY!

  • Anonymous

    I just got the Lightbox app (still in beta).  Everyone should go get that app.  It is awesome.

  • LarryL

    Yay! Downloaded the app and works fine so far. I took a picture of these two random cats I found online.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been having fun adding effects to photos with PicSay Pro ever since it was the free app of the day in the AAS.  This looks like it does most of the same things, but with a cheaper price tag.

  • Likmonkeyball

    Ok gay

  • Likmonkeyball

    Wow really cats..any man that owns cats is, nevermind

  • App looks handy.

    BTW, Manhood is not justified by Pitbulls.  Nor is it taken away by owning a cat or 2.  


  • Blur lets me hit the upload button and send the pic right to my photobucket account, no need for this app to me

  • DroidX_Owner

    how is this better than Little Photo?  I have been playing with the Little Photo app and it seems pretty cool.  May give this a shot.

  • Using this since last few weeks…

  • Mctypething

    Cats? Really? Turn in your man card immediately.

    • Inkster09


    • Cats are funny as hell and extremely low maintenance, unlike damn dogs, always needing walks and baths and being let outside pfftt nonsense.  Cats will do their business in a box and stfu.

    • Pfft. Banhammer

    • Mctypething

      Nope. OG Droid and Xoom owner. And I frequent this site. Nice try though.

  • Mr. Joe

    CATS Mr. Tato?

    I always imagined you with pitbulls or some kind of power dog.

    • Hah I live in S.F. and it’s really hard to walk around with pitbulls here. In fact I think it might be illegal 😛

  • SugaShane

    Kellex would have had some “great fun” using this app with his pet lions.

    • Those are my cats……

      • Mr. Joe

        Sorry Mr. Tato, but everything on DL is from Kellex even if it has your name on it.

      • Anonymous

        How do you tell them apart?!  

        • One is fatter than the other lol Leo (fatty) is the older brother to Mylo (skinny) 😛

    • Mr. Joe

      More like fun with his OSX Lion.

      The arbitrator!

  • I can haz effects!

  • Anonymous

    Photobucket still exists? Can I upload images to my Friendster account?

  • So the only difference is adding a border?

    • No………there’s a lot more than borders…

      • Waknatious

        They had a straight-up Photobucket app last year that I had for a while… didn’t use it much.  Is this a replacement of that or a separate app?

  • FIRST!