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Drop Test Of The Galaxy Tab, iPad2, And Motorola Xoom – Prepare To Cringe

What happens when you drop a Samsung Galaxy Tab, an iPad2, and a Moto XOOM? Some people would cringe, some would laugh, some would even cry. Well the lovely people over at ElectronicsBreak decided to see what would happen when you drop these tablets waist high onto a marble looking sidewalk. Unfortunately, there are no winners in this match up. Let’s just say I won’t be walking around with my XOOM in hand downtown anytime soon after watching this. Who would have known this would be a great way to sell warranties for your tech. Great video after the “break”! (See what we did there, again?)

YouTube Preview Image

Cheers Jeph!


  • I would be interested in seeing corner drops. Seems like a more likely scenario based on how people would probably carry a tablet. Face down seems like a worst case scenario (although probably results in the most damage, and therefore is best to sell their warranties).

  • J fish

    The cover that saved my iPad came from CovertShield. Two weeks after I
    put the shield on I dropped my iPad on a people mover in the Philly
    Airport. I had the standard flimsy Apple case and the CovertShield. It
    survived without even a scratch. Best investment I’ve ever made!

    Their website is http://www.covertshield.com.  Best investment ever!

  • Clumzy

    Im going to fess up and admit I have dropped my Xoom twice now. The first time it was in a soft zip-up case cradled in my arm while I got out of my car. It flipped over my arm and landed on the corner, at a 45 degree angle, glass side more up than down. It left a flat spot on the corner and thats it. The second time, it fell from a toilet dispenser (haha Xoom is better than any magazine!) that was also about waist high. It fell on the same corner at almost the same angle. So now I have two flat spots stacked on on the same corner. Thats it for damage though.  One of the speakers seem to pop periodically but that stopped after I rebooted it. Been working fine for a month since the last drop…

    My current OG has suffered numerous drops, one even face down and it has the scar to prove it. Oddly enough, I broke one before it dropping it on the face in the same way and it was brand new at the time. I think it all depends on exactly how the device lands, at what angle and what force.

    Yeah I guess I drop things a lot. I plead the fizzifth to insurance….

  • Anonymous

    surprised you all didnt catch this though…for all you apple haters out there, android tablets are much higher screen glass strength…another reason to not get the ipad

  • Anonymous

    Great video, some people think that nothing will ever happen to their devices but it’s true a slight accident can bring you to your knees lol  i am wondering why the OEM’s don’t use Gorilla Glass and a stronger frame to atleast hold against a waist high drop??

  • johnnstl

    Thats pretty crazy considering the vids you see of bending the glass when it isn’t on the front of the tablet, though I wonder how it would fair if dropped on say it’s back or side instead of straight on the glass.

  • thats stupid i was expecting one of them not to break lol